Until I Met You


Episode 5
Writer: NICKY

Richærd and Jane were rom-ncing on bed half unclad. I caught them red handed. My girlfriend and my best friend? No. This is so unfair. They both looked back and saw me. Jane quickly got off him and was covering her body feeling ashamed to look at me. Richærd was also shocked to see me. I shook my head sadly and turned back leaving. I stormed out to the compound in anger. I got to my car and hit my fist hærd on the body. Why? Why’s everything going wrong
for me? Why’s life so unfair to me? I thought to myself leaning my head on the body of my car.

“I heard some footsteps behind me but I didn’t bother to look.
“Dave”I heard Jane’s voice. “I’m sorry. It’s not the way you see it. Let me just ex….”
“Explain what?”I caught her short yelling angrily.
“Jane I just can’t believe you’ll do this to me. I thought you love me. I gave you all my trust. I
gave you all my heart but is this how you wish
pay back? Richærd is my best friend. Why? Why
would you do that?”I asked yelling with tears
almost escaping my eyes. “I’m sorry. I know I
really hurt you. I’m so sorry dave.”she said,
crying. “You don’t have to be sorry. It’s over
between us. We are done for good. You can
continue with whatever you were doing with
that son of a bitch!”I said in anger and get into
my car. I drove out in full speed thinking about
so many things. So Richærd of all people can also
stab me in the back? I must be a fool for trusting
people easily.
Even the ones you love and trusted most can
end up betraying you. That’s life.
I keep driving until I got to a bar. I decided to
stop and go in for some drink just to clear off
my thoughts.
Anna’s POV
After my shift, I changed from my uniform and
was heading to the compound. I met Josh by the
entrance and we were both walking out together.
“Do you live far from here?”he asked. “Not too
far”I replied with a smile. “You’re lucky.”he said
smiling too. “Why? Do you live very far?”I
asked. He node his head head in respond and
waved his hand. “Bye. see you tomorrow”he said
and went to his car. I went to mine too. I sat
down calmly and brought out my phone to call
Rachael. I unlocked it and a strange wallpaper
appeared on the screen. “What’s this?”I said in
confusion. I checked the back of the phone and
found out it’s not mine. “Whose phone is this?
Where’s my phone?”I asked looking confused.
Then I remembered when I bumped into my
strange neighbor. “Oh my God! We swapped
phones?”I said in shock. So it means that guy is
having my phone? I thought to myself. His
phone looks exactly the same as mine
IPhone8+ and it’s gold too except my own has
Dave’s wallpaper at the back. This is a big mixed
I quickly drive home to check if he’ll be around
so that I can swap it back.
On getting home I quickly changed into my
casual wears and planned to step out. When I got
to the entrance, I stopped and decided to call my
phone instead. What if he is not home? I
thought to myself. I walked back to sit on the
couch and unlocked the phone. I went to call log
and dialed my number. It rings for long but no
responds. It’s past 8pm. But has he not noticed
that we swapped phones? He should have called
since morning.
Well maybe he was too busy to operate his
phone. I called my number again and no
respond. I stood up and went to his apartment. I
took a deep breath before pressing the door bell.
No one answered and I pressed on it again. No
one came to open the door and I guess he’s not
home yet.
What’s all this? I need to call Rachael and also
need to check some things on my phone. How
am I going to do all that without my phone? I
thought to myself sadly. The phone started
ringing and I checked the caller. Jane displayed
as the caller but I couldn’t answer it because It’s
not mine. It went off and started ringing again. I
didn’t pick it and let it go off. Soon a message
came on the screen. “Dave please can you pick
my calls at least? I still have something I want to
tell you”I read it and quickly took the phone off
my face. “So his name is dave”I said. “But why is
he always covering his face with mask? Is he a
criminal?”i asked myself. I decided to go to his
gallery to check for some pics just to know how
he look like. I opened the gallery and clicked on
some random pictures. my eyes were widely
opened that they nearly pop out of their sockets.
“Oh my God!”I gasp in surprise. “How can this be
true? No maybe he just have his pictures.
Anyone can have Dave’s pictures on their phone.
It means nothing”I said laughing. “But dave. He
is dave too? How funny. What a coincident”I
said laughing out more louder.
I called my number again to check if there
would be respond this time around and luckily,
someone picked up. “Hello”I heard a man’s
voice. “Hello”I said back. “Sorry. The owner of
this phone Is at my bar. He is so drunk and can’t
get up right now. Am closing soon and can’t just
watch him here like this.”he said. “Drunk?
Where’s your bar located?”I asked.
He told me the address and I went to wear
something warm then set out to leave.
I took the bus and got to the place mentioned to
me. I walked into the bar looking around. I
called my phone and it started ringing. The man
picked it on the table and answered it. “Are you
here?”he asked. “Yes I’m here.”I said walking
towards them. I got there and greeted the man.
He gave me my phone and went back to what he
was doing. I looked at the guy who was resting
his head on the table and tapped him softly.
“Hey. Excuse me”I said tapping him but he didn’t
raise his head. I took his hand and shook him
roughly before he raise up his head. He was not
wearing a mask this time but had a faze cap on. I
couldn’t see the face properly. So I was trying to
assist him up. “Leave me alone. Who are you?”he
asked looking up at me. He tried to Jack off my
hand but staggered and the faze cap removed
revealing his face. I opened my mouth in shock.
“Dave?”I said in surprise. He held the table
before him to gain balance and raised up his
head looking directly at me. I moved back a bit
full of surprises. So he is the strange neighbor?
The annoying guy that never reveal his face or give me attention is really Dave?
I was dumbfounded not knowing what to do next and he was also staring at me without a word .

To be continued…

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