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I agreed to Loan Ladi th£ money and h£ promise to pay [email protected]¢k. I told h¡m never to ask me for money aga!n to add to h¡s bus!ness.
h£ nodded and thanked me before leav!ng that day.
I don’t ¢ar£ if h£ pays me [email protected]¢k or not but all I wanted was for h¡m to be able to get [email protected]¢k on h¡s feet.
Maybe I was born not only to be h¡s wife but to also h£lp h¡m succeed no matter what h¡s flaws maybe.
Is always difficult for me to watch h¡m suffer or overlook h¡s troubles.
Th!ngs turned sour b£tweeΠ us real quick. Ladi used to be th£ love of my life, my h£ro and my all !n one. I love h¡m way too much than I ever love anyone. It was as if we were made to live happily togeth£r as one family and j√$t !n a tw!nkle of an eye, everyth!ng change so f*st.
I never imag!ned that our lives will reduce to th¡s. Liv!ng apart from each oth£r, hav!ng to settle with th£ fact that I have a co wife, that Ladi has anoth£r family.
It took me time to settle with all th¡s but do I really have a choice?
I don’t have th£ h£art to divorce Ladi like my sister has suggested. $h£ wanted to proceed and make all th£ papers ready which was a good advantage for me hav!ng h£r as my lawyer. But I couldn’t divorce my husband and th£ fath£r of my children.
I was tempted at a po!nt to do that but I refused to yield to such thoughts.
Ever s!nce we separated, I take my m!nd off anyth!ng !ntimate b£tweeΠ me and Ladi or with any man. I can’t even bear th£ touch of anoth£r man who is not my husband.
Life thought me to not only rejoice wh£n th£ go!ng is good but to also remember that noth!ng is certa!n.
Enjoy prosperity while you can, but wh£n [email protected] times strike, realize that both come from God. Noth!ng is certa!n !n th¡s life.
Life strike me !n an unimag!nable way, !n a way I never expected but I managed to scale through it and bounce [email protected]¢k aga!n.
One day, I decided to visit Ladi’s plaza to see how th!ngs were go!ng with h¡s bus!ness.
Ladi was surprise to see me, h£ smile as h£ u$h£red me !nto h¡s office. h£ expla!ned that h£ was [email protected]¢k to bus!ness fvlly and work!ng [email protected] to make sure th¡s time it will grow !nstead of collaps!ng. h£ po!nted ©vt h¡s mistakes, h¡s extravagant lifestyle with Santi and said h£ has already told h£r clearly that h£ will no longer be responsible for h£r flashy lifestyle, $h£ can do that with h£r own money s!nce $h£ has a big shop of h£r own, car and a nice place to stay.
Ladi said th£y had anoth£r battl!ng quarrel and h£ did not let h£r use any weapon on h¡m like before, h£ threaten to throw h£r to th£ street and collect everyth!ng from h£r if $h£ cont!nue with such irritat!ng attitude.
Anytime $h£ ask for someth!ng if h£ doesn’t provide it for h£r it will become a problem and will lead to a fight.
But is been over three months h£ stopped such and h£ is sav!ng up money for all h¡s children’s fees.
Ladi also mentioned that Santi is now calm and different ever s!nce $h£ suffered a miscarriage for th£ second time.
Santi was h£artbroken that period and [email protected] talks to anyone.
$h£ automatically changed from how cruel $h£ used to be. accord!ng to Ladi
Ladi thanked me for be!ng different and very understand!ng and also for tak!ng charge of th£ kids wh£n h£ was foolishly misbehav!ng.
h£ said h£ will resume pay!ng all th£ children’s fees aga!n and oth£r expenses on th£ir h£ad. h£ will also pay me [email protected]¢k th£ money I loaned h¡m by next month because bus!ness is beg!nn!ng smile [email protected]¢k at h¡m.
With time h£ will extend th£ bus!ness to anoth£r shop mak!ng it three shops and h£ will ma!nta!n that number.
We talked extensively, someth!ng we have not done for years, ever s!nce I m©v£d ©vt.
Ladi went on apologiz!ng aga!n for everyth!ng h£ did to me and also th£ kids.
I walked round th£ shops with h¡m, po!nt!ng ©vt th!ngs that needed to be changed and few oth£r th!ngs that requires renovation.
Ladi took notice of everyth!ng I po!nted ©vt and promise to see that is all done.
As Ladi was walk!ng me to my car, I saw Santi and h£r daughter approach!ng us.
h£r daughter shares !n Ladi’s facial features. Is been four years I saw h£r last and I was taken [email protected]¢k at th£ speed $h£ has grown. $h£ has Ladi’s resemblance !n a beautiful way.
“h£llo Miwa, is been ages. Never thought I will see you @r0vnd h£re. I’m glad to see you aga!n. How are you and th£ kids?
Santi asked look!ng at me with a smile. $h£ was not mock!ng me or try!ng to spite me with h£r tone j√$t as before. $h£ was actually ask!ng with©vt grudges.
I replied h£r ch£erfvlly. I also mentioned that Zazi was grow!ng so f*st. $h£ smile before ask!ng me if I will like to come over and ch£ck ©vt h£r shop.
I looked over at Ladi and h£ urged me to do so with a plead!ng nod. Santi also pleaded for me to come over to h£r shop for some m!nutes.
I followed h£r while Ladi went [email protected]¢k to h¡s own side, leav!ng me and Santi.
Santi showed me round h£r big shop and !ntroduce h£r three staffs to me as h£r s£nior wife. We talked as if we have never quarreled before. S!nce $h£ was almost !n th£ same l!ne of bus!ness with me, except that m!ne was m©r£ of foreign mixed with African fabric. I was able to po!nt ©vt some bus!ness ideas to h£r s!nce I have been !n th£ bus!ness for over a decade.
I also got to know that Santi has suffered two miscarriage ever s!nce after giv!ng birth to Zazi. j√$t as Ladi said earlier.
$h£ opened up to me on th£ pa!n and how saddened it was for h£r. $h£ carried ©vt h£r frustration on Ladi but is all !n th£ past now.
We talked for some time before I decided to take my leave. $h£ offered me dr!nk but I decl!ned and told h£r that next time I happen to come @r0vnd we can both have time to sit, sip some juice and talk.
$h£ walked me to my car, as I was approach!ng my car, I guess Ladi saw me go!ng and came d©wΠ.
“I really appreciate you com!ng @r0vnd. It means a lot to me Miwa. Thank you for everyth!ng and for be!ng so k!nd and lov!ng ever s!nce I know you. I’m sorry to have ever taken any of your uniqueness for granted…
Ladi said !n front of Santi who was smil!ng. I gave a nod to Ladi’s words.
Santi stepped !n to say.
“I wish you had m©r£ time to spare, we could have had many m©r£ th!ngs to talk ab©vt. I also do appreciate you Miwa, you are a nice woman. Not many of us have such a lov!ng, forgiv!ng and endur!ng spirit. I don’t know how to be patient like you and forgive but I’m beg!nn!ng to learn. If we must be united and be a one family th£n we should be ready to tolerate, love and over looks wrongs. After my second miscarriage early th¡s year, I have learn to appreciate th!ngs better and thank God for th£ people !n my life. You are a good woman and I can’t even compete with you on that. I thought I can have all it all but your good h£art keep pav!ng ways for you. I’m sorry for all th£ pa!n and tears I caused you. I wish I can go [email protected]¢k !n times and right every wrongs…. thank you Miwa for everyth!ng. You deserve my respect and honor…
I smile with several nod. Th£y waited until I entered my car and waved me good bye. I watch th£m from my review mirror as I drive ©vt of th£ place.
Ladi said someth!ng to Miwa and $h£ nodded respectfvlly before th£y went to th£ir separate shops.
After two months, Ladi transferred [email protected]¢k th£ money h£ borrowed from me and h£ added a h*g£ percentage to it even though I never asked.
Six months later h£ started pay!ng for th£ children’s fees by transferr!ng money to my account every month. Both for fees and for upkeep.
h£ comes @r0vnd with both food stuffs and oth£r items for me and th£ children.
Santi visited one day with Ladi, $h£ said $h£ has conceived aga!n and $h£ is pray!ng that th¡s baby will stay. I also wi$h£d h£r th£ best.
$h£ said I should place a [email protected] on h£r stomach and pray for h£r. I thought it was a joke but $h£ was very serious.
$h£ asked me to place my [email protected] on h£r stomach because $h£ believes that if I do so th£ baby will stay and th£re won’t be any m©r£ miscarriage.
$h£ pleaded seriously.
I did as $h£ said. I prayed for h£r with all s!ncerity so that $h£ won’t suffer anoth£r miscarriage.
$h£ was grateful and thanked me after I was done pray!ng.
Th£ pregnancy stayed and $h£ gave birth to a baby boy. I went over with my children for my steps son’s nam!ng ceremony.
Danladi shuttled b£tweeΠ my place and Santi’s. h£ said h£ was sav!ng up money to buy [email protected]¢k our formal home. And h£ will def!nitely do that.
I and Santi gave h¡m our support !n cash and k!nd.
With!n four years h£ bought [email protected]¢k th£ house that was worth far m©r£ than it was sold.
Ladi said I should m©v£ [email protected]¢k to th£ big house even Santi urged me but I decl!ned because it will rem!nd me of many sad th!ngs I have forgotten.
That house holds a lot of good and bad memory for me. I can only visit, th£ kids can also visit th£ir fath£r but not mov!ng [email protected]¢k !n.
I was secretly putt!ng my own build!ng togeth£r but did not let anyone to know ab©vt it.
it took me three years for me to f!nally complete th£ build!ng.
I !nvited Ladi and Santi for th£ open!ng of my house. Th£y marveled at what I was able to put togeth£r. Th£y were surprise.
I packed and m©v£d to my new home with my children.
I still th!nk ab©vt how I have to share my husband with Santi and wish th!ngs were different. I still th!nk of how I have to abort my baby at Ladi’s command while Santi gets to keep h£rs. That too makes me sad.
I still th!nk of how I abandoned my matrimonial home and ,m©v£d to a rented apartment with my kids, takes over th£ h*g£ fees and had to work extra [email protected] for th£ first three years of mov!ng ©vt. I th!nk ab©vt how it started and how life took anoth£r r©vte for me.
!n all of th¡s I have come not to depend on my pa!n or dwell !n self-pity. I picked up th£ pieces of my h£art and m©v£d f*st ah£ad. I was able to give a fvll support to my husband and Santi wh£n needed.
My h£art is pure towards everyone and as God has blessed me with so much, I have decided not to ever allow anyth!ng to make me sad.
I still thank God I was not depend!ng on Ladi for every penny, I was [email protected]!ng, I had sleepless night and I still have days I cry silently but my bless!ng is far m©r£ than my pa!n.
My 22nd wedd!ng anniversary came, Ladi said we are go!ng to make it big and grand.
And it was !ndeed a h*g£ and successful party. Santi was th£re to h£lp ©vt !n every way necessary. $h£ was not th£ bitter, disrespectful, rude Santi anym©r£. Th£ children too were all @r0vnd as I and Ladi celebrated our 22nd wedd!ng anniversary.
Salami was @r0vnd, $h£ still have not been able to trust Ladi. $h£ said I should be very ¢ar£ful with all h¡s sudden love and k!ndness towards me.
I spent a week over at my former home with Ladi, Santi and th£ children before return!ng to m!ne.
Ladi wanted me to spend m©r£ days but I j√$t have to go.
h£ visit three or four times !n a week and was always @r0vnd for our children fun fair or graduation, tak!ng up h¡s fath£rly role at every needed time.
Ladi has come to love and ch£ri$h£d me far m©r£ than h£ ever did before but my love for h¡m is not what it used to be and no matter how [email protected] I try to make it come [email protected]¢k is still not th£ same.
While h¡s love for me !ncreases m!ne grows cold. I ch£rish and respect h¡m as my husband.
!ndeed th!ngs has changed and I try to adapt to every change that comes my way. I love my children and I’m focus build!ng th£m to be great !n life.
Th£ love I had for Ladi before was undiluted and I almost died wh£n I found ©vt ab©vt h¡s betrayal. Yes, it was [email protected] for me to admit and live with it all but eventually I did.
Ladi buys me gift and s£nd me money wh£never h£ makes profits. I h£lp h¡m save th£ money and give it to h¡m wh£n h£ needs it to buy m©r£ product.
I don’t want Santi to feel less love or compla!n that Ladi was beg!nn!ng to give me far m©r£ attention. I Told Ladi to always buy two gifts anytime h£ wants to buy a gift or anyth!ng for me.
It has to be two. One for me and one for Santi. Even if h£ has to buy m©r£ for Santi I really do not ¢ar£ and will never feel bad ab©vt it.
I’m used to shar!ng my husband and whatever comes with it.
Ladi tries to argue over that but h£ later agreed to do as I said. Ladi has two children from Santi and three from me and h£ was work!ng so [email protected] to provide for everyone as I also jo!n [email protected] with h¡m !n supervis!ng h¡s bus!ness and h£lp!ng h¡m to save money.
Ladi trust me with h¡s life and I never try to betray or keep some of h¡s money until h£ ask me to do so. What belongs to h¡m will always be h¡s and what is m!ne rema!ns m!ne.
Life got th£ best of me but I did not allow it to break me, I was  able to ₱v|| ©vt and w!ns all my battle with my h£ads up.

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It sound like a story until it happens to me, I still wish for many old days but that is foolishness because I know th£re are better days ah£ad.
Th£ END.
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    I learnt a lot from th¡s story!
    Amaz!ng craft!
    Keep it up!

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