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Wrong romance episode 25 – finale


Wrong Romance ?
…. Episode 25…..

I got home that day and I wasn’t myself. God how am I going to survive all this.

No friends, no finance or boyfriend, my parents have disowned me. God please I need your help this minute.

How can I beg for forgiveness or even dare call my parents am so scared.

I picked up my phone and called perpetual, to beg for forgiveness but I wasn’t going through maybe she has changed her line.

I dialed my mom number and called her because I won’t dare call my dad.

Mom: hello

Me: hello mama it’s me ebere your daughter.

Mom: what is it.

Me: mama please don’t hang the phone please I beg you in the name of God. Am so sorry for all that happened, am sorry mama, I’ve come back to my right senses now.

Mama: you see your life, how you threw away your opportunity because of money and wealth. You would’ve been in your husband house now.

Me: I know mama please I beg you can you help me talk to nick, i’ll a nd you his number.

Mama: talk to who, you are very senseless, you want to beg him now that you have realize yourself, haii ebere you are disgrace to your entire family. If it was because of money why did I marry your father. Did I marry your father as a rich man. Now see your life.

Me: mama please OK, can you help me talk to papa please.

Mama: your father won’t even listen to me, he said you are no longer his daughter, I sent you to school to make me and your father proud but you brought disgrace upon us.
Now nick we see us as the parents of a harlot. Keep on with your life, and continue enjoying non sense.

Me: mama please listen to me please….
Phone hangs…

I wept bitterly like never before. What have I brought upon myself, I can’t even go back home to see my parents.

I’ll go to nicks hose to beg him, maybe he can still accept me since his wedding ring is still with me I said to myself.

The next day, I got dress for nicks house, I dressed so s£xy and hot at least to still attract him.

I entered my car and zoomed of to his place. I got there and knocked on the door waiting to get on my knees and beg.

The door opened and an elderly man came out, it wasn’t nick at all.
Good afternoon sir, I greeted.

Good afternoon my daughter how are you.

Am fine sir. Sir please am looking for Nicholas.

Nicholas which Nicholas.

Sir the one who lives here.

No such name like that the man said. I live here now and with my family. No one is called Nicholas. Maybe its someone who lives here before.

Ewo.. Where can I find him now, God. Sir please do you know where he stays I asked.

Not at all my daughter. Maybe you can find someone else. Thank you. The man said and went inside.

So Nicholas have left this house. Where can I find him. I don’t even know where to go.
Maybe that sales girl might know where he lives I said to my self.

I wen into my car and zoomed off to the boutique.

I got there and went to meet her.
Hey girl how are you. I asked.

Am fine aunty good afternoon.

Afternoon how is everything inasked.

Fine oh. What do you want to buy
Because we just received new products.

Uhmm nothing exactly. I came to ask foe a favour. Please that your boss do you know where he stays?

My boss, hope all is well.

Yeah, sure, we have a little business conservation which we didn’t finish. So I need to know his place because he asked me to come over.

Hmm, I think I have to call him to confirm.she said.

Noo. You don’t have to do that, am innocent. Trust me.

It took a long time to convince her. But she finally gave me the address.

I went to my car and drove to nicks place thinking and praying for a miracle to happen.

I got to the place and couldn’t believe my eyes. Is this the right place or what I said to myself.

I came down from my car and knocked on the huge ironngate.

A boy came out and from his dressing he look like a security or gateman.

Good afternoon ma, he greeted.

Good afternoon, please am looking for Nicholas.

Nicholas OK my oga. The boy said.

Yes I replied.

He is inside, but I need to inform him first oh say you dey here. So he will know weather to let yyou in.

OK OK no problem. I replied.

Wait for me am coming.

N?Wrong Romance ?
…. Episode 26……

The gateman left and returned in few seconds.
You can come in, the gateman said.

I walked into the compound praying in my heart for a miracle to happen.

I raised my head and looked at a Marvellous building.

Nick has really changed times two. He now lives in a story building, from small to big.

I looked by my left hand side and there was a car park, with about three extra cars. I wonder if his the only one that rides them.

I was really ashamed, how am I going to start my statement.

I go to the door and hit the door bell. I quickly move backward to create space between me and him.

The door finally opened and nick came out looking at me like he’ve seen his enemy. I know I was one of them though.

What are you doing here nick asked in a angry manner.

I went on my knees and started begging.

Am sorry, please forgive me, I know I’ve done alot of harm to you, I beg you in the name of God, please forgive me. Tears began to run out of my eyes.

Hmmmm, you are sorry, after all I did for you, just because of what happened you ran after money. Now you came back here and tell me you are sorry. I wonder who gave you

Please nick (I said in tears), I beg you in the name of God our creator to please forgive me, please forget about the past I beg you.

Of course I’ve forgotten about the past, I’ve forgotten how you insulted me when I had nothing, how you left me when i have nothing, and most of all I’ve also forgotten the love we shared.

His words where piercing me like q sword and tears rushed out of my eyes the more.

Nick please, please I beg you, we can still set things up please.

Set what up? He asked, well its like you haven’t heard. Honey he shouted and a female voice replied from inside. Please come with the card on the table.

Who is he calling honey, is he married, I said to myself as I waited for the person to come out.

The door opened and who came out made my eyes widened and my mouth opened wide making me to stand up to my feet.

It was perpetual, she was the one he was calling honey.

Hey Sandra she said waving her hands.

I was really ashamed of myself, how could perp go for nick.

Well Sandra nick continued, since you are here, this is my fiancee and wife to be, perpetual.

I was shut of words, I couldn’t say anything as tears began to rushed down.

Hey Sandra how is Gabriel and Nancy perp asked.

Is she your fiancee, I asked nick.

Yeah and since you are here you are specially invited to our wedding, as the guest of honor, at the end of thus month,or you can be her brides maid if you want. here you go he said giving me the card.

But honey you engaged me, am still your fiancee am still with your ring I said raising up my left finger.

Hey cut the honey part nick said, you were my fiance not until you left for greener pastures as you said. So you can keep the ring cause I don’t need it.

And remember I forgive but I can’t accept you, go looks for more greener pastures, pasture finding. He said and went inside while perp stared at me for a while and followed him.

I couldn’t control my tears, this is the worst thing that have ever happened to me in my life.

I ran out of the house in tears, I banged the gate opened and rushed into my car.

I couldn’t control my driving, my fiance is now getting married to my friend, Gabe too my Virginity and made me lost all because of Nancy.

I was driving really rough and couldn’t control my spedd.

My hands where shaking and it slipped off the stery and I landed on and electric pole which feel down and smashed the car.

That was how sandra’s life ended. What a pity?. In this life beware of bad friends, always think for yourself to know if you are making the right decision, always think ahead and imagine the consequences ahead before taking your decision to know if its right or good.

Go after true love not moNey love,
because Love, and peace of mind don’t have a price which can be bought with money.

Ladies and gentlemen of the group this is the end of wrong romance. Hope you enjoyed it.

Love y’all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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