Sisterhood episode 56




Elsie’s first birthday made Nkem visit Lagos again. Funke had thrown a party for the twins’ birthday and then threw another for Elsie’s. When Nkem asked why she didn’t combine the two birthdays, Funke said they wanted the children to have their special days.

Uloma attended the twins’ birthday but didn’t attend Elsie’s. Nkem was disappointed in her. She had refused to acknowledge this child even though she had given her up. She felt Uloma should have created a bond with her so in future when she finds out she is her biological mother, there would already be a relationship but Uloma was closer to the twins. Funke advised Nkem not to force it. She knew with time she will come around. She was still ashamed.

Nkem watching how Funke and Ebuka showered love and attention on Elsie broke her heart. Their families accepted Elsie and loved her. Such love and commitment were rare. She knew Funke married the man meant for her. Ebuka had proven to be a man who loved with his heart and had stuck by Funke. He was a hands-on dad who partook in the children’s daily routine. He bathes them, foods them and changes diapers when necessary. When he returns from work, he spends quality time with the children before he has time for Funke. Funke was complaining he was sharing his love. They looked very happy and very much in love.

Nkem spent a night with Esther at her home. Jake had travelled and would be away for three weeks on business. Esther looked amazing. She had taken very good care of herself after having the babies. She also dressed to kill all the time. Nkem admired her looks. From her skin to her hair, clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery, she was outstanding. She didn’t need to do too much to stand out. The last time Esther visited Nkem in Abuja, Nkem had advised her to tone down on her dressing, especially the jewellery. She said to her, “Less is more. You are dressing like those rich market women that have no education. You are highly educated you don’t have to prove anything to them. You are not competing with them. Dress like a boss.” Esther had always listened to Nkem’s advice. She decided to tone down. When she did, she was more respected. She dressed less flamboyantly and more like a CEO. The transformation gave her a seat amongst the men. They were amazed at her intelligence. They counted her husband lucky to be married to her.

This visit made Nkem and Esther bond further. Esther had a concern. She hadn’t spoken to anyone about it but she needed to so she doesn’t take the wrong step. She confided in Nkem. “I think Jake is cheating on me. I have been struggling with a recurring infection that is stubborn to go. I asked Jake to get treated to so it doesn’t occur again but he blew it out of proportion saying I am accusing him of cheating. I never said that. So, I decided to pay more attention and find out what is happening. Nkem, Jake has been cheating on me. I asked him not to have strippers in the club but he insisted. I allowed him. He is sleeping with the strippers. He has sex with them before he employs them.”

“Well, are you surprised? Did you think Jake would change? Jake can’t change, he likes variety. But that shouldn’t be a problem. He respects you and treats you well. He provides all your needs. He is a good father and husband or doesn’t he do his husband’s duties?”

“He always did until the infections. I told him the doctor said I have to be treated for three months and I couldn’t have intercourse. He has to run tests and get treated if he wants to have sex with me. He didn’t answer and since then we haven’t had sex.”

“Good for you. At least you won’t get infected.”

“Nkem, he chose his cheating over me. He chose to sleep with different girls outside our marriage than to sleep with me. Don’t you get it?”

“I get it. Esther, do you prefer infection and STDs? Stay on your own. If he was not alive won’t you survive?”

“But I need him sometimes. I asked him to wear a condom with me but he said he can never do that with me. I am infection free but I am scared he will reinfect me.”

“I don’t know what to advise you. I know if you decide to leave him now, there would be battles to be fought. He knows that too. You are accustomed to this lifestyle, can you cope with nothing? If he finds out you have been with another man, Jake I know will kill the guy. Please just have a heart-to-heart with him and see how this can be resolved. You are married and you can’t be with another man.”

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Esther accepted Nkem’s advice. Her anger was that he travelled with one of those girls on this trip. Even though she was pissed, she wasn’t angry that he was with her but rather because he wasn’t discreet about it. She had sent him evidence that he travelled with the girl and he had been begging her. She didn’t tell Nkem about it. She was irritated by him now. She couldn’t stand him touching her when he had been with those street girls. She wondered what he found fascinating about them. Why couldn’t Jake be faithful to her?

Jake knew he had messed up. He cut short his trip and came back to Esther. Esther refused to shout or scream, she just ignored him. He didn’t like it. He begged her. He knelt and begged her. He promised her it would never happen again. He blamed it on the issue of them not having sex because of her infection. He agreed to go for the tests and treatment. He did. He used injections to clear his infection. He swore to her, he would never meet another woman.

Esther knew better. As Nkem said, Jake would never change. She didn’t know how long it will take before he fell off the bandwagon. She loved the lifestyle she was enjoying and Jake with his cheating couldn’t take it away from her. She continued to monitor. Immediately he starts cheating again, she will stop having sex with him.


Esther went to a telecoms conference in South Africa. She was representing her association in computer village. She wasn’t interested in the earlier speeches, she was more focused on the displays. As she was walking around, someone stood closely behind her that she could feel the person. She turned around swiftly and couldn’t believe her eyes. Staring at her, not looking a day younger was Efe. She didn’t know when she hugged him and he hugged her back. They held onto each other for some minutes before they separated realising they were causing people to look at them.

“I knew it was you the moment you stood up and walked out. Gosh, Esther, you look amazing. I had to leave the platform to find you.”

“The platform? What were you doing there?”

“My company organised the conference. It has been years, Esther. How have you been?”

“I have been good. Married with three kids.”

“I can see that the man is taking good care of you. I must confess, he has done a good job.”

“It’s Jake. I married Jake.”

“O, wow! Jake won in the end. I hope you are happy.”

“I am. He is a good husband and father.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“What about you? What’s been happening to you?”

“I am married, and we have two children. We are on the verge of a divorce though. She doesn’t feel fulfilled in the marriage and wants to venture out on her own. I have agreed to allow her to achieve this. She wants to go with the kids but they are the same reason she claims she has not gotten fulfilment. I refused her to go with them which is why we are going to court. She is still at home though. The judge wants to see if we can work things out.”

“I can’t believe a lady wouldn’t want to stay with you, Efe. What could be the issue? Are you working too hard? Not available?”

Efe laughed. He said to her, “We can talk about this over dinner. What hotel are you staying in?”

“Buchi bay. And you?”

“You are a big girl! I am also at Buchi bay. We can have dinner there and catch up. They are beckoning on me. I have to go. This is my card, Can I have yours?”

They exchanged cards and he left. It was because of Efe Esther went back to listen to the speeches. She looked at Efe, he hadn’t changed much. She liked what she saw. She remembered their times together. Their last kiss at the junction before he left. Her body reacted to the memories. She knew she was treading on dangerous waters if she met with him. She was still attracted to him. She remembered how he didn’t keep to his promise of contacting her. She knew if she lets her guard down, it will happen again. She left the conference immediately after it was over. She switched off the number she gave him and enjoyed the rest of her evening alone.

Efe looked for Esther the next day but he didn’t see her. He wondered what was going on. The number she gave him was switched off. He was restless. He wanted to see her again. The conference was ending the next day and he knew she would travel back. He wanted to talk to her. He was drawn to her. There was something about her that made him restless. He knew he had to find her.

Immediately after the conference, he went to the reception of the hotel. He tipped the receptionist and asked if she could give him Esther’s room number. She was reluctant initially but before she could give him the number she saw Esther walking towards the elevator. She pointed her out to Efe. He went after her.

“Esther!” Esther stopped in her tracks and looked back. She couldn’t believe she ran into Efe. “You were not at the conference today. Why?”

“I had a meeting in town, I am just getting back.”

“Where are you going?”

“To my room. Anything?” Esther asked him.

“We were supposed to have dinner. What do you suggest we do about that?”

“I am tired, I have had a long day. I just want to take a bath, eat and then sleep. Today won’t work.”

“Esther, are you avoiding me?”

“Why would I?” she askedpretending it was innocent.

“I don’t know. Take a bath, we can have dinner together. I have a balcony in my suite, you will love the view. Let’s have dinner and catch up. I promise you, we will just talk and that is all. I have a lot to talk about.”

“Can we do this tomorrow, I really am tired.”

“Ok. Tomorrow. What’s your room number? When are you leaving? Tomorrow night?”

“Efe, I am leaving on Saturday. I will see you tomorrow night. You have my number.”

“It is switched off. Esther, if you don’t want to see me, just tell me. I don’t like this game you are playing.”

“Efe, I am married. It is not right for me to have dinner with you. Anyone can see us together and misconstrue it.”

“That’s why I said my suite. Let’s have dinner on the balcony. I have so much to tell you. I owe you an explanation at least. I know you might be upset with me.”

“I don’t need it, honestly.”

They stopped on the same floor. Esther didn’t want him to know her room but he refused to leave her alone. He said, “I need it. My room is the last. I will get your room number and disturb you. I will respect you but you deserve to know why I never contacted you. You are married and look happy. I won’t stain that. I just want to talk to you like old times.”

Esther agreed to meet with him. She went to his room after her bath for dinner. He did have an amazing view. Efe had changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt while Esther wore a short boubou. They sat down to eat as dinner had been served. They began to talk.