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Episode Thirty
“Really??” Michael said as he looked at Williams “You can’t show him that” He added.

“And why can’t I show him” Williams said and it made Michael angry immediately.

“I said NO!!” Michael yelled and it got Williams angry.

“Who the hell are you shouting at!??? Huh!!!, You will keep that your mouth shut until am through with what am saying” Williams said pointing at the remorseful Michael who is now regretting letting George’s doing get the better part of him, he kept quiet as his boss has instructed him “Fine, you are his younger brother, fine the family made you not to feel as if you were adopted, but he is your client and you gotto tell all this that is happening, the guy needs to know… A man needs to know his enemies, I know George is not very sentive and careful, but when you have a strong evidence like this you gotta let him know for goodness sake, so he would understand what you have been telling him, do you understand that???” Williams said and Michael nodded his head “And keep it down, your rage and anger seems to be coming back to you again, you gotta calm it Okay????” He added.

“OK boss” Michael answerd.

“Am gonna leave to show him, I will get Nick on my way out” Williams said and walked out of the room, as he entered into Ashley’s ward, he saw George sitting down at the other side of the room, while his kids were watching a movie with Nick.

“Hunt….. I mean Nick, am done with Michael” Williams said, as Nick had looked up from the movie he was watching with the kids, he nodded his head and headed out.

“Mr Darlington, can I have a word with you???” Williams asked looking at George who seems some what sad.

“Sure, no problem, since you are Michael’s friend” George answered, as he made space for Williams to sit, which Williams took glady.


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did like to show you something but Michael was against it, thinking you did be disappointed and sad along side angry” Williams said and paused waiting for a response, getting none, he continued “I will like you to watch this video to know the main reason why you guys have to leave for somewhere good and some what secretive and this will be the opportunity to get to your own country since you haven’t been there ever and get to visit you parents’ grave and also relax from this blood thirsty bastards” Williams said he open his laptop and started to play the video with an earphone plugged to his ears by Williams, seeing the people in the video he got shocked.



Sitting on a sofa was Kelvin (boss) a popular mafia, criminal and not just any criminal but a wanted one, sitting next to him another man who was a bit older then Kelvin and opposite them was Anthony Woods.


want him dead and gone” Anthony said, George couldn’t believe his ears.

“But he is a friend to you” The Man beside Kelvin asked, whom Williams called Mark.

“No never, I have always been a friend to him so he could trust so I won’t be a suspect when he dies, and when he dies, including any one who he could share the companies with, so that what I seek will not be divided with me and I also came here because you wanted to avenge your friend, so here is the deal, kill George and his family, you can have his friend while I give money” Anthony said again but with a more deadly stare.

“OK, it’s a deal” Kelvin said after looking at Anthony for some minutes.

“Thanks, we will see for other information but now I have to take my leave” Anthony said as he stood up to go, the men also stood and shooks hands with him.

“OK then” Kelvin said and Anthony left.

“Kelvin, how could you believe him just like that, what if he’s trying to rat you out to the cops, seriously!!!” Mark exclaimed.

“Chill, when someone comes looking for a more dangerous person, Someone more dangerous then him then he is definitely looking or want something, and when we both have something to benefit then we are good to go, he knows I could kill him any minute but still stayed, that means he meant business” Kelvin said.


” was all Mark could say.

“Clara!!!” Kelvin called and a very beautiful African lady appeared.

“Yes boss” She answered and soon she walled and stood before the two men.

“I have a job for you, it’s George Darlington, I want you to ruin him and take the companies away from him, I mean everything and also find ways to get his friend too and we will be in touch with you” Kelvin said and the lady nodded and turned to leave.

“Heard anything about Natasha???” Mark asked, Clear smiled but immediately turned it into a blank expression when she turned to look at the men.

“Yes, she is fine and has succeed in the task you gave her, she did be back before we know it” Clara said.

“OK, get to work immediately” Kelvin ordered and she nodded and also bowed before walking away.

*****The Video stopped*****

“I…..I….Uh…..”George was so shocked and shaken that he didn’t know what to say.

“There are many more, wanna watch” Williams asked looking at George, but he shook his head in the negative “okay, have a good day Sir” Williams said getting up, he cast one look at George who was still in shock, he left the ward with his laptop in his hands, after waving at the kids.


“Uhmmm…. Nick???” Michael called out because ever since Nick came back into the room, he has been acting strange.

“Yes???” He said without looking at Michael who was still sitting on the table in the room.

“Did I do something wrong???” Michael asked and Nick looked up.

“Nothing” Nick asked as he wanted to returned his graze to were it was, that was book he was reading.

“Cmon, you silence isn’t helping matters, okay am sorry, very sorry, I will be more careful, am really sorry” Michael apologized.

“Okay” Nick replied not sparing Michael a look.

“Nick, Hunter, talk to me” Michael said.

“You are too careless Michael, you don’t care about yourself, death is something that won’t be good for you because it will effect so many loved ones, those kids love you so much, they talk about you alot, and you are here feeling good about dieing, I know you can protect whoever you wanna protect without dieing” Nick said looking directly into Michael’s eyes. Michael was so shocked that he would he said he was dreaming, An hit man saying this???

“Fine, I will be more careful, am sorry Daddy” Michael said smiling, Nick returned the smile.

“You always find a way of putting things out of tensed mode, and I must say I like you for that” Nick said laughing along with Michael. “I have told Piper to be more cautious of her boss and also that if she sees anything that is suspicious, she should tell me” he added.

“Ooooh OK but please don’t put the girl in danger you can assign someone else, don’t put the girl in danger” Michael said.

“Yes of course” Nick said and Michael gave him a knowing smile “what???” He said laughing.

“Two enemies down, we’ve seen something that could lead both Anthony and Kelvin to jail” Michael said to Nick who is very surprised.

“Seriously??!!!” He exclaimed, Michael nodded “wow that’s great” Nick added.

“Let go to Ashley’s ward” Michael said and they both went into the ward, getting to the ward, George wasn’t in the ward, Michael became worried.

“If you are that worried, why don’t you ask for his where are about” Nick said quietly to Michael who shook his head in the negative.

“Hey Nick, Hi godfather” the kids greeted. Nick sat with the kids but Michael was still standing.

“Dad went out the hospital, said he wanna get some fresh air, I wonder why windows were built, he said, he feels hot” Adrian said as if answering the question on Michael’s mind.

“Hmmm….. That’s true” Alexa added, and they both turned back to the games they have both downloaded and are playing it, Nick winked at Michael, who was only smiled and walked out of the ward.


George was pacing to and fro in the hospital garden, pushing away some thoughts which seems to be stubborn to go.

“Seriously!!!! Woods would do that to me??? My marriage to Clara was a lie!! Oh my goodness!!! , I don’t really know what to think right now… So Micky was right after all, Woods is a wolf in sheep clothing, What!!! can’t believe I am a fool…. Have been so stupid to let Woods deceive me, oh my goodness!!!! I can’t believe I called Michael a gold digger” George lamented, he closed his eyes as the sence of him insulting Michael appeared, he opened his eyes hurriedly and shook his head. “We do really have to go to Nigeria, the threat here is becoming unbearable and I think I have to apologize to Michael, Seriously I have been a fool to believe Woods, who else is pretending to be my friend but is an enemy, oh goodness, I feel so bad” George said as he kept pacing to and fro.

“Uhmmm….” Michael cleared his throat, George looked back at Michael to see him standing a little distance away from him.

“Am really sorry, Seriously sorry” George said as he walked to Michael who was just staring at his friend.

“It’s okay, it’s fine” Michael answered with a smile and pulled George into a hug gently because of his wound, George noticed it, they disengage.

“I know you hate lying so I wanna ask you something” George said looking at Michael whose heart skipped a bit, but didn’t show it.

“Of course okay” Michael answered hoping that George won’t ask him things he has vowed never to tell him.

“The tattoo on that Man looks familiar, has he worked with Dad somehow??” George asked, Michael was relived.

“Yes, He took over from Sir Jasper, but don’t tell him I told you” Michael said.

“Oh my goodness!!! That means he work in the secret agency assigned to protect rich families with their lives which is one of their duties, I really don’t know much cause they are secretive and classified, I think the slogan is ‘even till death’ right??” George asked.

“Yeah, very correct, we should really stop talking about them, you know that” Michael said.

“Yes, I do, I think he was assigned to The Darlingtons” George said looking at Michael with a smiling face.

“Hmm mm…. So we are going to Nigeria right???” Michael asked, changing the topic, because George might get too curious.

“Yes, definitely, and am sorry once again brother” George said.

“No problem and please cut this brother stuff, you make me feel uncomfortable elder brother” Michael said and they both laughed.

“I felt somehow seeing those you friends around you…… I…… You know…. The thing is….” George didn’t know what to say, he looked at Michael who was laughing so hard.

“Jealousy, that’s what it is called” Michael answered with a smile.

“No… Not… That.. It is… Uhmmm..” George stammered nervously.

“Wow!!!! I can believe a man in his mid thirties would be nervous, seriously!!!” Michael said hitting the laughing George on his shoulder, George wanted to hit him back but reframe from it when he remembered Michael was injured, he wanted to ask him questions about his injuries but he pushed the thoughts aside.

“Very funny, am still your best buddy right???” George asked.

“Of course” Michael answered and they both returned back to the ward.

“Seeing the smiling faces, guess a female doctor winked at you guys” Alexa said as she saw both her Dad and Michael smiling when they got into the ward.

“What!!????” Both Michael and George said shocked.

“Yeah, I think so too” Adrian added, Nick laughed.

“Just shut up already you two” George said smiling, he went over to Alexa and raffled her neatly pack hair and went back to give Michael a high five.

“Jeez!!!” Alexa said and saw the two men smiling triumphantly, she sprang to her feet, leaving the phone in Adrian’s hands, Nick and Adrian were watching them with smiles.

“Oops” Adrian said, as Alexa charged at the men who didn’t notice.

“Gottach” Alexa said as she held their shirts laughing. They all ended up laughing.


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