A Lie In The Church

A lie in the church episode 2

🌹A lie in
The church⛪️

(Love 💖 and lies 🤥)


💞 chapter 2 💞

“What the hell?”
I stared at his hand then his face.

“Are you confused or do you need a microscope to see clearly?”
He smiled sweetly at me like I just complimented him.

“I know you’re mad at me for taking the wedding this far, I’m sorry.”
He said softly that it sounded so true, darn he was a good liar.

I heard Grey’s voice.

“Grey, you know he is lying, I’m just seeing this douchebag for the first time.”

“Ohh hi Grey, Chloe told me a lot about you.”

“When?” “She did”
We both said at the same time.

“Yeah, you’re the cover she told me about, we needed a cover for our relationsh¡p thanks for being there.”
He said smoothly with that smile I was starting to hate.

“What?” I stared at Tristan, what was he playing at, was this a prank show. I looked around for any hidden cameras or mics but was met with a hundred pairs of eyes.

“A cover?”
Grey cocked a brow at me, I can’t believe he was buying his expensive lies.

“Chloe Simpson?!”
Sofia’s voice shut everyone up. I turned to look at her as she marched toward us holding the bottom of her wedding dress for easy movement.

My eyes caught a glimpse of Ciara, she looked like she was having a hærd time breathing. She looked so shocked.

I turned to a scary-looking Sofia.

“Sofia, I swear he is lying.”

“Chloe, there’s nothing to be afraid of, we can’t keep it a secret anymore.”
Tristan’s smooth voice came from beside me.

“Hide what? I don’t even know you!!!”
I yelled and he smiled again.

“Really? Cause I’m starting to think this is all true.”
I was surprised it came from Grey, I saw a smirk on Tristan’s face.

“Grey, you’ve known me for a long time, do you really believe this guy?”

“Yes,” What a straightforward answer.

My face went pale and I could hear a few people murmuring.
I was kinda hoping this was part of the wedding and Tristan and Sofia would laugh at my face and tell me it was all an act to entertain the congregation but I didn’t get why I had to be the main character.

If Ciara planned this with them she should have told me but the look on my sister’s face told me otherwise.
I turned to Grey to try to get some sense into him, how could he give in to his lies so easily?


“Maybe he is the reason we don’t go past k!$sing, I always thought it was because of your parents but now I see the reason.”
He said stepping away from me.

“Are you for real? You’re an idiot if you believe every word that left his mouth.”

“Am I, Chloe?. Given your history, we both know what you’re capable of. I’m out of here, I hope you’re happy now.”
He glared at Tristan before walking away. Wow, he was using my past mistakes against me.

“Are you breaking up with me?”
I held back my tears.

“Were we ever in a relationsh¡p? I was just a cover remember?”

Seriously? Was he for real?

He didn’t wait to listen to whatever I had to say, he walked out of the church.

I bit my l-ips to hold my tears back. There was an awkward silence in the church, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“Well that was easy, I figured it will be hærd for you to tell him the truth.”
Tristan said behind me.

I turned around to face him, at that moment I wanted God to grant me one wish, I wanted Tristan dead this instant.

I clenched my fist, I hope he could feel the anger radiating from my body. My blood was boiling, what was this arsehole up to and why me?

Don’t punch him, Chloe, don’t break his nose, Chloe, don’t knee his crotch, Chloe, just stay calm and convince everyone he is lying.

“Why are you doing this? What did I do to you?”

“You should calm down babe, it’s not good for the baby if you’re angry.”
He said with a worried tone, his blue eyes looking at me like he adores me.

“What baby?! I’m still a v-rgin Tristan!!!”
I s¢ræmed.

“Babe, I understand you’re scared that everyone knows about us now.”
He said trying to touch me but I moved back giving him a death glare.
God, this guy was a good actor, why was he wasting his talent.

“Who would’ve thought the innocent-looking little sister to my best friend is this evil?”
Sofia made herself noticed, I turned to look at her and immediately wished I didn’t.

“Sofia I….”

“Is that why you avoided me every time I came to visit?! Because you were sleeping with my boyfriend?”

Eww gross…I know he is hot and all that but he’s a psychopath and a disgusting Liar!

“No!” I snapped, someone has got to believe this was all a lie.

“I had homework and projects from school and my….”

“Oh please enough with the excuses, the truth is out already so stop denying it. How could you be so wicked?”
I was totally speechless, why was everyone believing him.

“I’m really sorry Sofie, I wish I told you earlier.”
Tristan said with a tone that could convince anyone this was all true and real.

I wish I had that tone to convince everyone this was all a lie.

“You just ruined my life Tristy….”

Tristy? I tried not to laugh even with the situation at hand. It sounded like a name someone would give to a candy bar.

“You just disgraced me and my family in front of 600 people.”
She said sobbing.

“I’m sorry.”

“I hope you have a miscarriage and die in the process.”
She lashed at me and stormed out of the church.

Well, that was harsh and I hope you trip on your heels and smash your face on the ground to the point no one would recognize you.
I wanted to yell after her but stopped myself.

Her parents stood up and walked toward us, her mother was already in tears. I felt so guilty like it was really my fault.

“Mrs. Nova…”
I kept my mouth shut when her husband shot me a cold glare. They walked out of the church quietly.

I guess it wasn’t a wedding drama, it was real but I was hoping I was dreaming or maybe I was being pranked.

“Are you happy now?”
I turned to Tristan with teary eyes but a mean look.

“Yeah, I’m happy we finally got to tell everyone the truth and we can be together now.”
He said with a short smile that made his stupid blue eyes stand out.

“Truth? You know yourself that this is all a lie!”

“Babe, we can’t keep hiding.”
He said softly, placing his hands on my shoulders. Even on my five-inch heels, I felt so short.

“Babe,” He called looking straight into my eyes. He was a pro in this I must admit, the way he said the word sounded like he’d known me for a long time.

He just ruined the meaning of babe for me.

“I love you and we are gonna bring up our baby together.”
He maintained eye contact and smiled softly.

My eggs are still untouched dude, they have never seen a sp×rm.

“What are you gonna gain from this huh?”
I asked, pushing his hands away.

I knew everyone was watching us, it was like acting a r0mantic scene on stage but this was real.

“Is this a joke to you?!”
Something flickered in his eyes, I was starting to piss him off.
I must prove to everyone he was lying one way or another, maybe if I pissed him to his breaking point he’d reveal the truth.


“Don’t babe me!”

“I get that you’re upset…”

“Ohh am way past upset.”

“Aren’t you tired of hiding Chloe?”
His acting mood was back, he looked so serious.

“We keep hiding because of our age difference, because of what people will say about us. Well, I’m sick of that.”
I shook my head in amazement, he was damn good.

I never thought I’d come across an award-winning LIAR.

“I stopped the wedding for us, for you, for the baby. I know you’re scared about what people will start saying but I will always be by your side.”
He said it like he was saying his vows.

I was surprised when the congregation chorused,

Come on people, this was not the time to fall for his charms!!!

Tristan smiled and stepped closer. He took my hands, I tried to pull my hands away but he held them tightly.

“We’ll get through this, Chloe, I promise.”
He said it like he meant it but this was all an act, why was he doing this? If he didn’t feel like getting married anymore he would stop the wedding and leave, no need for more drama.

I turned my head to look at everyone in the church, they were all staring at me like they wanted me to admit everything was true.

Some were smiling and others gave me a disgusted look.
My eyes stopped moving when they landed on my sister, I noticed her hands were fisted by her sides.
Our eyes locked and I felt like I found my Savior, I knew my real saviour was in the church but my sister could prove him wrong.

She’d known me her whole life, we shared every secret with each other. She knew this was all lie.

She started walking toward us in her white Louboutin T-strap pumps that clicked on the marble floor and I smiled, at least I have someone to save me from whatever Tristan was up to.

I pulled away from him as she got closer, she wasn’t smiling and I suspected it was because of Tristan, kick his ass sister! Tell him not to mess with your kid sister.

I smiled more when she stopped in front of me but what happened next I didn’t see it coming.

Ciara gave me a slap, the sound of the slap echoed in the church. I heard people gasp, I was shocked too.

It was the first time in five years she ever hit me. I touched where she just slapped me and stared at her with wide eyes.
She didn’t look like she regretted it.

Tristan moved to my front hiding me from my sister.

“That’s enough, if you touch her again I will charge you for assault.”
He sounded very angry but I knew better.

I stared at his broad back as his tall frame shielded me from my sister’s wrath.

A tear rolled down my left cheek, at this point, there was no need trying.
My sister believed everything too, my sister I shared everything with.


“Stay out of this Tristan, this is between me and my sister.”
She sounded very upset

“She is my girlfriend and I won’t let you hit her again. I swear to you if I see any mark on her face, I’m suing you.”
I should applaud this guy.

I had to face her, hiding was only gonna make everyone believe all this was true.

I wiped the tear that had escaped from my left eye and came forward.


“Get your filthy hand off me!” I snapped, pulling my hand away. I looked up and met my sister’s burning gaze.

“Do you realize what you just did?”

“Ciara, I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Stop with the lies already!”

“You also believe he’s telling the truth? You really think I’m pregnant?”


“You’ve known me since I was a kid, I shared everything with you. We live in the same house, does any of this make sense to you?!”
At this point, I couldn’t hold the tears back.

“Yes, maybe I don’t know you that well and don’t act like some kind of saint.”
She said with tears in her eyes.

“Ciara, this is all a lie! Can’t you see that?”
Did he cast a spell on everyone?

“Stop already, don’t you have any shame left in you? He is older than you and worse he is my best friend’s fiancé.”

“Was and don’t talk to her like that.”
Tristan corrected stepping forward.

“Can you please not say anything?”
I said looking up at his face.

“I can’t just stand here and watch her speak to you like that.”
He said with concern, fake concern.

“What do you think mom and dad are gonna say?”

“I’m going to explain everything to them, at least they will believe me.”
I said giving her a hærd look at the end.

“You’re a tramp.”
She said in disgust and walked away.

I dug my nails into my palms, I might just burst into flames from the anger consuming me.

“Are you okay?”
Tristan asked leaning closer to my right ear. I clenched my fists and turned around and punched him in the nose.

“I. Hate. You.”
I said within gritted teeth.

He touched his nose and stared at me like he wasn’t expecting that from me.

“Hello everyone, can I have your attention, please. I’m sincerely sorry for everything going on, sorry you had to witness this. I’m deeply sorry, I hope you forgive us for wasting your valuable time.”

I turned around to look at who was speaking and saw his mom standing behind the pulpit at the altar.

“You can return to your various homes, thank you for coming.”
People stood up and started
leaving the church but not before looking at us.

Some went to speak to his mother and others smiled at us as they left.

“He is lying!!! I swear on my ancestors’ grave I am not pregnant. If there’s any gynecologist here, you’re free to….”

“Please stop, we have done enough. No more hiding, we can be happy now.”
He cut in holding my cheeks.

“Wow, when are you going to stop.”
I pushed his hand.

“Did you escape from a mental health facility? You know what? All I need right now is a Doctor,” I saw fear in his eyes but it vanished in a second. He smiled and tried to say something but a voice interrupted him.

“I’m thirteen years older than my wife, don’t be ashamed my dear, love has no limit.”
An old couple told us as they left the church.

“What you did was so r0mantic, Tristan.”
A lady with a French accent told him, I wondered why he didn’t pick her.
She looked pretty and I was sure she wished she was me.

Two girls that looked my age walked up to us with a wide smile.

“I was expecting you to grab her hand and run out of the church.”
The one with the Auburn hair said and giggled. It took everything in me not to pull her hair and tell her none of this was funny.

“That was really sweet, Tristan.”
The other girl said twirling the end of her sandy blonde hair, I should have known he had admirers that would believe everything he says.

He gave them an enchanting smile and said thank you.

“Anything for her.”
He added softly and I felt his eyes on me, I guess I didn’t punch him hærd enough.

“You’re so lucky, Chloe.”
I rolled my eyes at her statement.

There was no need explaining to these empty heads that were gawking at him.

“Please don’t be mad at him.”
I ignored them and stared into space.

I ignored the rest of the people that left the church, I was fuming in rage and I wanted the church to be empty before I take it out on him.

Soon the church was empty. I turned to Tristan and he looked relaxed, he gave me a satisfied smile.

His dirty blonde hair contrasted with his blue eyes that observed me.

I opened my mouth to say something but I heard his mom’s voice.

She called, she sounding so calm but there was a hint of anger.

I turned to look at her, she was walking toward us with the girl I saw earlier and an older woman followed. I guessed she must be his grandmother.

His mom looked stunning in her white and gold gown that was covered with a long jacket, the golden buttons were very catchy. He definitely got those blue eyes from her.

Tristan moved closer and put his arms around my w–st then placed a k!$s on my cheek.

I was sure this counted as s-×ual harassment. The charges I would place on him will send him to jail for ten years without bail.

I cringed and tried to wriggle out of his hold but he increased his grip around my w–st.

“Stay calm, please, ” he whispered.

“No! Tell your family the truth.”
I said out loud.

I thought of what his mom would say to me, she stopped two feet away from us.

“Mom, I’m sorry.”

“You should be, do you know what you’ve done?”

“Ohh don’t be like that Juliet, he followed his heart.”
His grandmother said with a wide smile.

His mother gr0-ned looking at his grandmother.

“What? I knew right from the beginning he didn’t love that spoilt brat.”

“Mom, that’s rude and we are in the church.”
His grandmother waved it off with no care, the girl beside her chuckled.

“Isn’t she beautiful grandma?”
Tristan looked down at my face asking, I didn’t know why I felt relief that I had no pimple on my face.

“She is a goddess, I knew you had good taste.”
She whispered the last part and giggled.

“Thank God you changed your mind, Sofia would’ve kept stealing my l¡psticks with the excuse of borrowing it.”

“Keep your mouth shut Nora, adults are talking.”
Her mother shot her a glare

“And don’t say that outside.”
She added.

“But you told me on my birthday that I was an adult.”

“I just wanted you to stop acting like a five-year-old.”

“How long have you been pregnant?”
My throat went dry when his grandmother asked me.

“I’m not preg…”

“Eight weeks,” Tristan answered sharply.

“Your stomach is still as flat as the surface of a table.”
She said staring at my stomach.

“That’s because I’m not pregnant, just take me to a Doctor so we can solve this once and for all,” I said but they didn’t believe me.

“It’s okay honey, we support your love for each other. You don’t have to be afraid.”

His grandmother said softly, taking my hand and giving it a squeeze.

I opened my mouth to defend myself but Tristan cut me off.

“That’s why I like her body, she is so fit and grandma it won’t be visible now.”

I stiffened when he placed his palms on my stomach and rest his chin on my head.

What was he up too, he was taking his act too far. He shouldn’t be touching me, he had no right.

“Ohhh,” His grandmother nodded with a smile.

“Can we focus on the issue at hand?”
Mrs.Sanchester said looking tired.

“Nora, take your grandmother to the car.”

“Take good care of yourself and the baby and Tristan, make sure you bring her home sometime.”

There was a long silence after they left, I tried to shrug out of his embrace but he won’t let go.

His mother was tapping her heel on the floor and thinking.
I didn’t even know what to say to her, I wasn’t sure she would believe me and after seeing how his family was, I decided to just keep my l-ips sealed.

She finally raised her head and stood upright, I should tell her to take me to the hospital.

“You should have said something Tristan, we would have cancelled the wedding to prevent all this. I don’t care about our family reputation but the Novas won’t let this go that easily.”

“I know.”

“You’re coming with me tomorrow to see them and when you’re done here, go and apologize to Father Andrew.”

“I promise I will”
She exhaled deeply and her eyes rested on me.

“I don’t know this man, I have no idea why he is…”

“How old are you?”
She cut in not smiling.

She nodded and walked away.

What was that all about? She didn’t even listen to me.

Finally, we were alone, I elbowed him in the gut immediately I heard the church doors closed.

He gr0-ned and stepped back, I faced him with my hands fisted.

“Okay, I deserve that.”
He winced.

“What the hell are you doing? I think I deserve some explanation after the nonsense you just pulled.”

“All I can say to you is thank you.”

“Excuse me? Thank you? You made my boyfriend dump me and I got slapped for the first time in five years by my sister and all you can say to me is thank you?”
I said and chuckled humourlessly.

“You are kidding right?”

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply then breathed out.

I opened my eyes and found him staring at me like he was reading my mind.

“Why? Why did you do that?”

“I’m sorry I can’t tell you.”

“Wow! That’s all I get after you humiliated me.”
I mumbled raking my hair back, I sat down and stared at the altar.

“How can you do that to me and not give me a reason?”
I said still staring at the altar.

“Do you even have a heart? You don’t deserve to be breathing after what you did in this church.”
He came to sit beside me, he leaned back on the seat and stared at the altar too.

He was quiet and it lasted for some minutes.

“Thank you for being here today Chloe, I will tell you when I’m ready.”
He said with a soft smile.

“Take care.”
He stood up and walked away. I sat down there confused and angry.

He just ruined my life like it was nothing and all he could say was that?

I had to see my parents, they were the only ones that would believe me and clear this mess.

I took a cab back home, I gave the cab guy the money left in my purse when he stopped the car at my driveway.

I got down from the car in a rush and headed for my house but I paused when I saw three suitcases, my suitcases on the porch.

My parents stood next to the suitcases with my sister who was glaring at me. My mom was crying and my dad was trying to calm her down.

“Not you guys too.”
I gr0-ned feeling hopeless.


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