A Little Too Late

A little too late – episode 8

A Little Too Late (episode 8 )

So many people have found themselves in serious life problems that could have been avoided if they simply listened to their heart and followed their instincts. When you always find yourself doubting someone’s character, listen within you, there’s always a tiny voice trying to stop you from investing so much feelings and emotions on that person.

Maria saw it coming countless times but she shut down every voice within that tried to warn her of the disaster that was coming ahead. It’s sad that she had to find out in a humiliating way that Josh was a fraudster, liar and a broke struggling fake guy. It was alot humiliation for her to take at once. Poor Maria!

Immediately Josh opened the door and saw Maria standing there with his friend, he was shocked beyond words. “What are you doing here and why didn’t you call me before coming?” He flared up but Maria was too numb to give him the reaction he deserved. “I asked you a question, what’s going on here?” She repeated with tears already dripping from her eyes.

Josh cared less about how she felt because he didn’t picture their relationsh¡p ever leading to anything serious. It was apparent that he wanted to live in the moment but it’s sad that Maria allowed herself to be led on. He was mute for a while because he lacked the right words to answer Maria’s question. She was already losing her patience so she pounced on him.

“You liar! Big broke lair, may my God judge you for lying to me. Are you even a doctor? Quack doctor like you. Someone that’s still owing me my money for the dinner we ate on our first date, pay up now before I descend on you this morning” Maria angrily said as tears fell off her eyes uncontrollably.

As Maria was already acting like a mad woman, Josh and his friend stood there laughing. They couldn’t help the laugher because of the childish behaviour Maria was exhibiting, but who could blame her? She was just a lady who felt cheated and hurt by the man she thought was in love with her. Josh wasn’t remorseful at all and it killed Maria the more to see him act that way.

Few minutes later, the owner of the house called his gateman to esc-rt Maria out of his property. Maria was treated so unfairly by the man she loved and her heart shattered into tiny pieces as the gateman esc-rted her out. Josh waved her goodbye and entered back in,side with his friend.

Josh’s friend knew the kind of person he was, so he wasn’t moved or surprised at all. He only pitied the naive ladies that constantly fell victims to Josh’s mischievous schemes. “You no dey taya, one day these girls go gather beat you” His friend jokingly said and Josh laughed.

In a short while, they forgot about all that happened that morning but that wasn’t the case for Maria. She cried bitterly throughout the ride home and felt so ashamed of herself. “The writings were so clear on the wall, why didn’t I see?” She asked herself as she cried bitterly. Maria didn’t want to come to term that her dream future of comfort was no more. The fact that Josh was even squatting and wasn’t the owner of the house was something to laugh about indeed. “How could he lie about everything? At this point I’m even in doubt if his name is truly Josh” she sadly wondered.

After a short while, Maria arrived at her house and ran in,side because her eyes were already shinning red. The shame and pain was too much for her to bear, “So no doctor and no house?” She wondered and shook her head in disbelief. She called her friend who introduced Josh to her and sadly told her all that had happened. Maria’s friend consoled her and told her it was one of those things of life.

The sad truth was that Maria saw Josh as a ticket to a good life of comfort. She loved him quite alright but was more in love with the things she felt she could get from him. Both herself and Josh were in the relationsh¡p for their personal selfish gains, as non of them were truly in the relationsh¡p because of genuine love for each other.

After all her anger and strength had been exhausted, Maria laid on her bed and began to think about Nathan. Her mind raced back down memory lane as she remembered the day she turned him down and how she made it obvious that it was because he didn’t have enough money to give her the desired life she wanted.

As Maria laid on her bed thinking, she began to regret everything wrong she did to Nathan; starting from how she looked down on him, how she made him feel insignificant on her birthday, how she never called unless he did the calling and how she didn’t believe in him enough. At that point, she felt like she had lost a trophy. She left diamonds in search of stones, she judged gold simple because it was still unrefined, she didn’t want to put in the work but wanted to reap the harvest.

Every scene of her life since the day she met Nathan, started replaying in her mind. She felt double pain when she remembered how fresh and loaded Nathan now was. “Nathan really loved me, how could I have made such a mistake? Going back to him now will make me look like a gold-digger but I guess I’ll just try my luck, I believe he will understand why things were the way they were” she thought to herself.

Days turned to weeks and Maria’s pain slowly faded away. She regained herself and decided to seek a new beginning with her lost love ‘Nathan’. She began calling him more frequently unlike before and always sent goodmorning prayers to him.

At first, Nathan felt it was nothing to worry about but started feeling otherwise when her messages and calls became too much. She tried to schedule a meet-up between them but Nathan was too busy for that. After much attempt but all to no avail, Maria decided to make a surprise visit at his house.

It happened that Maria called the driver that Nathan sent to pick her up that day and ask for Nathan’s house address. At first, the guy didn’t want to give her the address but had to give in when Maria told him she wanted to surprise Nathan.

That evening, Maria dressed to kill and set out to Nathan’s house. It was a mind blowing white penthouse suitable for a rich bachelor. The sight of the house made Maria swallow her saliva. “I’m so sure he’ll be happy to see me” she said as she pressed the bell button of the gate.

“Who’s that” that gateman asked, “please open the gate to find out, I’m a dear friend to Nathan” she confidently said. The gate was opened and the gateman asked why she was visiting and she said it was personal, “Just tell Nathan Maria is here to see him, that’s all” she said.

The gateman was a bit convinced that she might know Nathan very well, due to her confidence level. He went in,side the house only to find Nathan in the living room watching a movie.

“Sir a lady is here to see you” the gateman said, “which lady? What’s her name” he enquired and that gateman said “Maria!”

End of episode 8 😉

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