A Night With Him

A night with him episode 8 – 9



🍂Chapter 8


📞This person is ready to pay your stepmum’s surgical bills and also sponsor your brother’s education!” Madam Perse announced happily.


“Wh..at are you saying?” Irene asked in disbelief.
“I’m serious here, Irene ” Madam Perse said.
“Who wants to pay my mum surgical bill and also sponsor my brother’s education?” Irene asked,still finding everything confusing.
“You need to come now. Let’s discuss”
“Now? Im on my way home” .
“I’ll be waiting for you” Madam Perse said and dropped the phone.

Irene sighed.
“Please can you drop me at Persephone Bar?” Irene asked the driver.
“Mr Harold told me to drop you home” The driver said.
“I know but i really need to get there now and cab might be difficult to get at this time of the night” Irene said.
The driver sighed.
“Please, just drop me off and go. My house is close.” Irene said.
“Okay but i don’t know the directions” The driver said.
“I’ll direct you” Irene said.


“Goodnight and thank you” Irene thanked the driver as she alighted from the car, in front of Madam Perse bar.
He only nodded before driving away.
The bar was buzzing as usual when she walked in.
All eyes fell on her but she was less concerned about that.
She sighted Ethan Weston in the VIP section of the bar and quickly removed her gaze.
“She’s only here to see Madam Perse not for any other businesss” She thought as she rushed to Madam Perse office…
She got there and knocked.
“Come in Irene” Madam Perse said and Irene opened the door and walked into the small office..
“Hi madam Perse” She greeted as she took a sit opposite her.

The office is just occupied with three chairs surrounding a middle table, a ceiling fan and a wardrobe.

“So I’m sure you must have been so excited after hearing the news” Madam Perse said.
Funny enough,she had not been excited,she had been confused.
Madam Perse looks like she’s the one excited here.
“What’s the deal? You got me confused” Irene said.
“Well, this billionaire just came in and offered to solve all of your problem” Madam Perse smiled.
“A billionaire?” She asked and Harold suddenly came to her mind.
It’s just been hours and she missed his face already.
“Yes. Ethan Weston” Madam Perse announced happily.
“Ethan Weston? Wants to solve my problem? What brought about that?” Irene asked.
She doesn’t like the man, she could vividly remember the night she spent with him, she couldn’t wait to leave the next morning.
“Babygirl! Aren’t you excited?” Madam Perse asked.
“I can’t be yet, cause i don’t know what’s going on? You mean a billionaire suddenly appeared to solve my problem. Why does he want to help me?Did you tell him anything?” Irene asked.
“Well..yes. I did” Madam Perse said.
“Why?” Irene asked.
“He wanted to know more about you and i felt there’s nothing wrong in including your problems”


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does he suddenly wants to know more about me? And you know how much i hate sharing my problems! Everyone has responsibilities too”
“He’s a billionaire! And i feel he can help you. I care about you baby girl and that’s why i did that”
“Thanks madam Perse but i don’t need his help” Irene said.
“What! What are you saying Irene? Isn’t that the reason you’re doing this job?” Madam Perse sounded surprise.

She never thought Irene could reject the offer.
She had given Ethan the reassurance that Irene would be so excited.

“Why is he suddenly interested in me? How can he offer to help me without wanting anything in return? And i can’t accept that huge amount of money from someone all in the name of help, you know i prefer to work for money” Irene said.
“Then you can be his personal s£x worker. That’s work too, you know” Madam Perse said.
“That was what he suggested?” Irene asked.
“Not really” Madam Perse said and Irene laughed.
“Even if he wants to give me all the money in the world,i can never be his personal s£x toy!” Irene said.

“So, you’re rejecting that sumptuous help?” Madam Perse asked.
“It’s no longer help if you want something in return. I don’t involve myself with such people. Even if he had wanted nothing in return, i still wouldn’t have accepted his help”
“Why? But you really need this money Irene” Madam Perse said.
“I really need it but I’m not desperate. ” Irene said and Madam Perse sighed.

“Irene, every other girl would jump at the offer” Madam Perse said.
“I am Irene Noris” Irene licked her lips.
“Irene, this job you’re doing would never fetch you the surgical bills and your brother….”
“Well…” Irene smiled.
“I now have a job that can pay my mum’s surgical bill and also help with my brother’s education ” Irene said happily, she’s glad she accepted Harold’s job offer, she can’t just wait to get back to the mansion tomorrow.


/> “Yes, i now work as a nanny…”
“A nanny?” Madam Perse interrupted with an irritated look.
“Yes, I’m ivory’s nanny. Harold Marshall daughter” Irene said proudly.
“Harold Marshall!” Madam Perse exclaimed.
“Yes and my pay for two months already covers my mum’s surgery bills”
“Oh .. my, really?” Madam Perse asked with her eyes widely opened.

“Yes, I’m sorry i didn’t tell you earlier. I just resumed today”
“No, it’s fine” Madam Perse smiled.
” And congratulations on your new job” She added.
“Thanks, i need to go now cause i really have to be there early tomorrow morning” Irene said.
She got on her feet and glanced at the wall clock.
“Whoa, it’s late already” Irene said.
“I’m so happy for you Irene” Madam Perse said, getting on her feet .
“Thank you” Irene smiled.
“And do tell Mr Harold to patronize me more often” Madam Perse said, smiling happily.
She knew Harold Marshall is more wealthy than Ethan Weston.

“I don’t think he’s the bar going type though” Irene shrugged.
“Well.. thanks for everything Madam Perse, i really appreciate” Irene hugged her.
“It’s fine. Gonna miss you around here” Madam Perse said, a bit sadly.
People had liked Irene,the girl was always fetching money for her. Wealthy people do go for her and Madam Perse always had her huge share.
But she’s so happy that she now have a more decent job, she wasn’t happy with the job initially but she had to do it since nothing else was working out.

“Bye” Irene waved before walking out of the office.


Ethan Weston sat in the VIP section of Persephone’s bar, sipping a quite expensive wine with four bodyguards guarding him.
He had seen Irene go in and he was impatiently waiting for her to come out with Madam Perse.

He had made that offer so she could leave Harold’s mansion.
Alex had told him it seems Harold has a special liking for Irene.
He had made her dine in his personal dining room and that says a lot cause Harold does not allow his workers in there,he hates being interrupted while eating, according to Alex.

His plans to pull Harold down the mud keeps failing!
So, taking everything he likes should hurt him.
He knows the so called lady would accept his offer, all he needs to do now is aim for Harold’s daughter.

Ethan laughed out loud, imagining what Harold’s life would be after that.
He so much hate the fact that people love Harold Marshall than him.
Harold Marshall always get the highest vote in everything!
Ethan covered the frown on his face with smile when he saw Irene approaching.
He wondered why Madam Perse was not with her.
Well..she looks sumptuously s£xy and he’s gonna have her tonight.
“Someone is coming to sit on that chair” Ethan said, pointing to a chair opposite him.
One of his bodyguards quickly wiped it clean.

Irene walked past his table without sparing him a glance.


He turned to confirm if she’s truly walking out of the door.

“What the fvck!” He cursed standing up.
He headed towards Madam Perse office and his bodyguards trailed behind him.
He was close to her office when Madam Perse walked out..

“What’s happening? That lady walked past my table without even sparing me a glance”
“Well..” Madam Perse sighed.
“She rejected your offer” She said.

“What?” Ethan Weston asked in disbelief.
“Yeah, that lady is not like most ladies. She prefers to work for money” Madam Perse said.
Ethan Weston looked shocked,he hadn’t even thought she’ll reject that huge offer?
Who rejects such amount of money to continue being a nanny.

“Do you need anything else? If not, I’ll be going to attend to other customers” Madam Perse said,waited for few seconds and then walked away.

Ethan stood in awe, he had thought every other lady was like Carrle but…

“Let’s move” He said to his bodyguards.


“I’m home” Irene announced happily, walking into the living room.
Damien and her mum sighed in relief.

“Hi mum” Irene pecked her mum.
“Welcome Rene” Mrs Neave smiled.
She’s so happy to see Irene wearing such a huge smile.
It means the day had gone well..
“What took you so long ? Is this how you’ll be returning home late?” Damien asked.
“Hi Damien. My day was good. Thank for asking” Irene rolled her eyes.
“Ohh…I’m sorry but i was so worried and i don’t want you returning by this time of the night everyday” Damien said.
“Fine, get me a glass cup of water first, there’s something we all need to discuss” Irene said sitting on the couch.

“Ok sis” Damien stood up and walked to the kitchen.

Irene dropped her bag and removed her shoes, she then made her hair fall down her shoulders.

“I’m surprised you’re not asleep yet” She said to her Mum, knowing she sleeps early.
“I can’t be asleep knowing you’re not back on your first day of work. So how was it?” Her stepmum asked.
“It was perfect mum! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow” Irene smiled.
“Yes mum”

” I’m so glad you finally have a job you’re happy about.”
“Me too Mum” Irene said. She’s yet to tell them about moving in tomorrow.
She doesn’t even know how they’ll take it.
Who would stand by her mum when Damien is in school.

Irene sighed…she hadn’t even thought of that.

Damien served her a chilled glass cup of water and she quickly gulped it down her throat.
“Thanks” She sighed.
“Here, check my bag for your cheese” Irene said passing her bag to him.
“Thanks sis” Damien smiled, bringing out the cheese in an instant.
He tore off the seal and started eating.

“I don’t need to ask how your first day was, i can already tell” Damien said.
“Of course it was awesome but…” Irene paused.
“What?” Damien and Mrs Neave chorused.
“I’m gonna be a live-in nanny and I’ll only get to be coming home on weekends” Irene announced sadly.

“Huh?” Damien paused.
“Really?” Her stepmum asked.
“Yes mum, I’m not also comfortable with the idea. Who’s gonna stay with you?” Irene said worriedly.

They all fell silent for some minutes before Damien finally spoke up.
“You’ll be home on weekends right?, there’s no problem with that. I’ll start coming back early from school to take care of mum. Just go work and raise money for her surgery, leave the rest to me” Damien said.
“Yeah, go ahead Rene. Don’t worry about me, I’m capable of taking care of myself and Damien is also capable of taking care of me ” Mrs Neave said.

“Will you guys be fine?” Irene asked,still worried.
“Of course sis. You’re talking like you’ll be gone for years” Damien said.
“This will be the first time I’ll be coming home only on weekends” Irene pouted like a little kid.
“Com’on Rene, we’ll be fine” Mrs Neave said.

“Okay mum. Damien do not think you now have the freedom to bring anyone into the house and end up making them cry” Irene glared at him.
“What do you mean?” Damien rolled his eyes.
“Whatever, come with me to my room,you’ll need to help me pack but first take mum to bed while i go freshen up” Irene said, picking her shoes as she stood up.
She grabbed her bag too.

“Goodnight Mum” She kissed her mum on the cheeks.
“Night Rene” Mrs Neave said and Damien started wheeling her to her room.


Irene laid on her bed after freshening up.
She was scribbling the day event into her diary while Damien helped her pack.

She gisted him some more before they both went to bed .


“Good morning Mr Harold” Irene greeted, she had just alighted from the car he sent to pick her with her luggage.

He looked all dressed up for work.
She never thought he goes to work this early.

“Good morning Mr Harold” Irene greeted again thinking he hadn’t heard the first time.
But he just entered his limousine like he hadn’t seen her.



🍂Chapter 9


“Good morning Mr Harold” Irene greeted again thinking he hadn’t heard the first time.
But he just entered his limousine like he hadn’t seen her.


“What could be wrong?” She thought as she walked towards the door.
She turned and saw that the limo is already out of the compound.
She’s so sure he must have heard her, he even glanced at her but she could tell he was pissed by something.
Did one of his workers pissed him off?
“Well…” She shrugged.

She walked into the living room and met Nola.

“Good morning Nola” Irene greeted.
“Irene, good morning” Nola smiled.
“You’re finally here. I’m gonna welcome you officially later” Nola said.
“Thank you. But did anyone pissed Mr Harold?” Irene asked.

“Yeah, i think so.” Nola said.
“Ohh” Irene nodded slowly.
“He didn’t respond to your greetings?” Nola asked.
“Yeah! How did you know ?” Irene asked.
“I just guessed” Nola said, already knowing Irene is the one who pissed him off, Harold won’t respond to your greetings when he’s pissed with you.
She wondered what Irene did in the space on yesterday night and this morning.

“I should go meet Ivory” Irene said.
“Yeah, your luggage will be taken to your room ” Nola said.
“Okay, thanks” Irene said and started walking to ivory’s room.

She met some workers on the way and greeted them.
They all responded nicely and she couldn’t wait to be introduced to them all.
Nola had said there will be a formal introduction today.
Irene knocked gently when she got to Ivory’s door.
“Who’s there?” Ivory asked.
“Your nanny” Irene said.
“Irene, Come in” Ivory said and Irene smiled as she opened the door and walked in .
“Good morning to you” She said to Ivory who smiled.
“Good morning Irene” Ivory said, she had just finished taking her bath and she had a towel wrapped around her body.
“Ohh..I’m sorry i wasn’t here early enough to bath you” Irene said.
“No, i bath myself. You can only dress me up” Ivory said.
“Really? Is that in your rules booklet?” Irene said.
“Of course, i think you really need to go through it once more. I knew you can’t take it in at once. They are way too much” Ivory said.

“You know that too?” Irene asked.
“Of course”
“Then why did you made then that much?” Irene asked.
“Some nannies do pass their bounds and that’s why i had to set a boundary” Ivory said, passing Irene her body cream.

“Hmm…I’ve not washed my hands” Irene said.
“Ohh…Just apply this on my body but please you should always wash your hands before coming into my room” Ivory said.
She have no problem with Irene touching her without washing her hands.
Irene always look neat, just like her dad and Nola.
“Uh? Okay” Irene said.

She took the body cream from Ivory and started applying it smoothly on the girl’s skin.
She didn’t put pressure on it, ivory skin felt like diamond beneath her touch .
Her skin glowed more after Irene was done.

She proceeded to dressing her up and they were done in a matter of minutes.
Ivory wore her shoes while Irene grabbed one of her hair combs.
“Only Nola and my dad touches my hair” Ivory said.
“Ohh.. okay” Irene said dropping the comb disappointedly.
She had wanted to make a very beautiful style for Ivory.

She picked Ivory’s school bag and helped her wear it.
“So..we’re set” Irene smiled.
“Yeah” Ivory said, glancing at herself in the mirror with a satisfied look .
Irene had dressed her up so nicely.
“Come go have your breakfast” Irene said, glancing at the wall clock.
Ivory nodded and picked a comb before they both walked out of the room.


Ivory finished having her breakfast and Nola helped her comb and packed her hair into a simple ponytail.
She was ready for school.

“Bye Nola” She waved as Irene led her to the door .
“Bye Ivory” Nola smiled and watched the both of them walked out of the door.
Irene saw a beautiful purple Benz parked as they stepped out.
She hadn’t seen this in the compound.
It must have been in the garage.

“Is this your car?” She asked Ivory who nodded.
“It’s beautiful” Irene said.
“Yeah it is, thanks” Ivory said.

Irene saw the driver was in the car already, the backseat door was opened by a bodyguard who looked so fierce.
She wondered where Mr Harold found these hard looking men.
They could scare shit out of someone!

“Good morning Ivory” the man greeted in a deep voice.
His voice is just as thick as his face.
“Good morning Tom” Ivory smiled.
She got into the back seat and dropped her school bag beside her .
“Irene aren’t you coming?” Ivory asked.
“Huh? Am i supposed to go with you?” Irene asked.
“Of course!” Ivory said.
“You really need to study the rules booklet” She added.
“Yeah” Irene said hoping in beside Ivory.

The bodyguard closed the car door and Irene widened her eyes when he got into the front seat.
The driver drove to the gate which opened automatically.
“Is he supposed to go with us?” Irene whispered to ivory who laughed.
“Yeah, Tom is my personal bodyguard, he goes with me everywhere” ivory whispered back.
“And he doesn’t scare you?” Irene asked in a whisper.
“No, he actually has a soft side to him. His heart is not as fierce as his face, he’s so nice and loving”
“Really?” Irene asked.
“Yes. Hey Tom, meet Irene, my nanny” Ivory said.
“Hi Irene, i heard all your whispers” He smiled turning to her.

“Huh?” Irene swallowed hard.
Two things surprised her, the fact that he heard all she whispered and the fact that he smiled.
She never pictured him as a smiling man and she must be sincere he looked less fierce now.

“I’m sorry about that, i never meant to say that behind you” Irene said.
“It’s fine . So, I’m Tom, Ivory’s personal bodyguard” Tom said stretching out his hand effortlessly from the front seat.
“I’m Irene, Ivory’s nanny. Nice to meet you” Irene said accepting his outstretched hand.

Strong hands!

She’s so sure those hands could easily break objects into two.

“Same here” Tom said.
“I know you do a good job in protecting Ivory” Irene said.
“I’m trying my best. Ivory is my friend and I’ll make sure no harm comes to her” Tom said.
“He has been my personal bodyguard for three years now and has saved me from being kidnapped multiple times” Ivory said.
“Oh..my! Really?” Irene asked.
“Yeah” ivory said and Irene could see why Harold entrusted ivory to him.

She’s still worried that Harold hadn’t responded to her greetings.
Even if he was pissed by someone,he should have responded to her greetings. She wasn’t the one who pissed him of.

“Meet Eric too, my chauffeur” ivory said.
“Hi Eric” Irene said.
“Hi Irene, welcome to Ivory’s world” Eric said,focused on driving.
“Thank you” Irene smiled.

“We’re almost at my school” Ivory said excitedly.
“Really?” Irene asked.
“Yeah” ivory said putting her iPad back in her bag.

She slipped on her school bag as the driver drove into a wide opened gate.
Tom got down to open the door for them and they both alighted.
Irene marveled at the sight of Ivory’s school.
Looking at it alone would have told you it’s a NO! for the poor.
Students alighted from different posh cars.
Securities were everywhere and the students looked well organized as they walked into a passageway.
The structure is just…

The outer part had left her speechless, and she wondered what the inner part would do to her.
“I’m gonna go with you to your class right?” She asked Ivory.
“No, you don’t have to. Tom will” Ivory said.
“Ohh..okay” Irene said and sat back in the car as she watched them leave.

She sighed, watching the students admiringly.
Everyone sure has different childhood.
“Hi” Eric jolted her out of her thoughts.
“Hey” she responded.
“You feeling bored?”
“Not really” Irene smiled.
“Should i tune in some beats?” He asked and Irene shrugged.

She’s not much of a music person.

Eric started playing a soft music and Irene allowed her mind to wander away.


They got home and she and Tom alighted from the car while Eric drove into the garage.
“See you later” Tom said, walking away.
“Yeah” Irene replied, walking to the door.

She missed her Mum.
She wondered what she’ll be doing now.
Probably knitting.

“Hey, you’re back” Nola said to her as she walked into the living room.
“Your luggage has been taken to your room already,so come with me,let me show you to your room”
“Ohh… okay” Irene said anxiously, walking behind Nola.

She’s gonna accept any room given to her but she loves it when a room is cozy.

After they climbed the stairs, Nola stopped by the door right after ivory’s.
“This is your room” She said handing Irene the key.
“Thank you” Irene said, inserting the key into the lock.

The door opened and Irene took in a breath before stepping in..
The coziness of the room embraced her first.

The room was well furnished and the well spread bed looks so soft and inviting, there’s a bedside table and a lamp.
The floor is tiled but there’s a colourful round rug placed in the middle.
She has a dressing chair and a table! With an oval mirror before it.
The size of the wardrobe looks just so right for the room.
The curtain matched with the color of the center rug and the wall painted with a cool brown totally matched with all the furnitures.
The open window allowed rays of sunshine and everything looks just so beautiful.
“I hope you like your room?” Nola asked.
“I totally love it” Irene grinned.
“Im glad you do, that’s the door to the bathroom and that’s the door connecting to Ivory’s room” Nola said.
“Ohh.. okay”
“Fine then, I’ll leave you now and once you’re fully settled, come meet me so I’ll introduce you to others and also show you round the building” Nola said.
“Okay Nola, thanks so much” Irene said.
Nola smiled as she walked out of the door.

Irene walked towards the door adjoining Ivory’s room, she pulled it open and there was ivory’s room.


She hummed happily as she transferred her clothes from the case to the drawer and the closet .
She gathered her toiletries and fresh clothes before heading to the bathroom.

She put on a more comfortable wear before going to meet Nola.


Irene returned to her room after she was introduced to other workers and also shown her half of the whole building.
The building is damn huge! Irene had gotten tired and told Nola she’ll continue tomorrow.
Though she have to admit that all Nola showed her almost made her cry.
She wondered the amount of money used to set up this place and this isn’t the only building Mr Harold has.
Nola had advised her to go take a nap before ivory comes back and that’s what she’s gonna do .

She laid on the soft silky bed and stared at the sky-coloured ceiling.

She’s finally here.

If she had been told she’ll be here today,she would never have believed.
Few days ago,she never even pictured herself to be a nanny in a billionaire’s house.
It takes just seconds for things to change.
She’s so happy to be here but l she missed her family. She had told Damien to call her everyday and she was almost moved to tears when she left them this morning.
She doesn’t know why she felt so comfortable being here.
She just love it here!

Irene helped Nola in the kitchen after she finished napping.
Nola had insisted on making lunch all by herself and Irene had also insisted on helping her.
They talked and laughed like they’ve known each other for years.
“Ivory will be back soon” Nola said glancing at the wall clock in the kitchen.
“Yeah” Irene said, knowing Tom already went to pick her.

Lunch is ready and they were starting to dish it out.

Nola called on two maids to take the lunch to their dining room while she started dishing out theirs.

They were setting the dining table when Ivory walked in.
“I’m back” She said.
Irene smiled.
“Welcome girlie” Nola said.
“How was school?” Irene asked.
“Great as usual.” Ivory grinned.
“Come, let’s go get you changed so you can have your lunch” Irene said holding ivory’s wrist.
“I washed my hands already” She added and Ivory smiled.

The both started walking up the stairs.

“You’ve been shown to your room right?” Ivory asked.
“Yes and i loved it” Irene said.
“Of course! it’s lovely” Irene said.
“I’m glad you do”


Ivory was in the shower while Irene prepared what she’ll wear..
She helped her select a pink blouse and black mini skirt,she picked a pink footwear to match with it.

Ivory stepped out of the bathroom drying her body with towel.
Irene grabbed her body cream.
“I don’t use the cream when I’m at home, i use body oil and it’s in my drawer” ivory said.
“Ohh” Irene said, she opened Ivory’s drawer and pulled out the body oil.


They sat in the dining room after ivory was done getting changed.
Nola started dishing out the meal.

“Aren’t we gonna wait for Mr Harold?” Irene asked.
“He might return in the night” ivory answered her.
“Yeah, he doesn’t have a specific time” Nola added.
“Ohh” irene said and they all started eating in silence.

The dining room door suddenly opened and Harold stepped in..
Irene couldn’t tell why she suddenly felt nervous.
“Daddy!” Ivory called excitedly rushing to hug him.
He smiled and pulled his daughter into a warm embrace, he pecked her cheeks.
“How are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine.” Ivory said, shoving a piece of meatloaf in his mouth.
“You’re dressed up so nicely” Harold commented.
“Yes, Irene did the job” ivory said.
“Ohh, go continue your lunch” Harold said to Ivory.
“Welcome Harold, you’re quite early today” Nola said.
“Yes, how are you Nola?” He asked.
“I’m good and how was work” Nola asked.
“Okay” Harold said.
“Good afternoon Mr Harold” Irene greeted.
“I should go change and join you guys” Harold said, totally ignoring Irene, he walked out of the dining room leaving her confused.

“W.. what did i do to him?” She asked Nola,her appetite gone.
“Sincerely, i don’t know” Nola sighed.
Irene swallowed hard, trying hard not to cry.


Irene sat on her dressing chair,staring at her reflection in the mirror after putting Ivory to bed.

It’s night already and almost everyone has gone to bed but she isn’t even feeling a bit sleepy.
Her eyes lit up when she remembered Nola had shown her Harold’s library.
She loves reading in the night especially beside the fireplace! and the library has a fireplace.

She quickly slide her feet into her footwear before walking out of her room.

So many thoughts filled her mind as she made her way to the library.
What did she do to Harold to warrant such silent treatment?
He was all nice to her yesterday.

She walked into the library and quietly closed the door after her.
She was startled when she met Harold seated, sipping a red wine with a book in hand.

“What do you want?” He asked without glancing up.
“I..i couldn’t sleep so i…” Irene stammered.
“Did i pissed you of?” She asked.
“If you know you’re still gonna continue that dirty job! Then quit being my daughter’s nanny.” Harold yelled angrily and it dawned on Irene.

His driver had obviously told him she dropped off at Madam Perse bar.

“It isn’t what you think” Irene said.
“Whatever! I don’t care” Harold said,slammed the book closed, picked his wine and walked out of the library.

It’s like Harold gat feelings for Irene🤔
Watch out for the next episode!
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