A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 10)

© Oby Chinyere

Clara locked the door firmly, and went to the room, she removed the fake moon bomb she put on her stomach to make it big, she breathed out, she was loving this game, and she was a good actor, she was never pregnant for Ryan and can never be to irresponsible man like him, she just want to frustrate his live and drain in dry, she has lots of money in her account now, all thanks to Ryan, she has started charging him both money for baby upkeep and herself, Even though she knows is all a game, and Ryan has being paying, he has sold somethings in the house just because she insisted that she must collect the money, and when he doesn’t have he finds a means to get it, she has more than enough now, Ryan thought he was smart, he met the wrong woman, and she has acted so real with the pregnancy that even a blind man will believe that she’s pregnant, she try everything possible to make the pregnancy seem real, even defending the fake baby whenever Ryan says something wrong, just to make it seem so real, she was too smart to become pregnant for somebody like Ryan, she will empty Ryan, she will make sure that he is Left with nothing, the next thing she wants to do is to ask him to buy her a car, she can’t be pregnant and be stressing herself, trekking, she need to make him do it fast, even if he doesn’t have money he should go and borrow, and he has to rent a fine apartment for her, and pay off 5years rent in it, everything must be in her name, Ryan will be willing to get the apartment just to get ride of her, but he may not have money for five years rent, but she will frustrate him until he finds it, she will make sure he get into deep debt because of her, and with the fake baby thing she have more advantage, she will make sure she make lots if money before dumping him, and she has exceeded her target but she still wants more, More money in her account, when everything is set she will break the saddened news to Ryan that there was never a baby, she can’t wait to see Ryan’s face when he finds out he has being deceived, she can’t wait for his painful cry, she can’t even allow a man like Ryan to tire her down with pregnancy, when she is not stupid, she doesn’t care or love him all she is after is the money, she have a mission which was still on motion, she thought of Becca and smile, while Becca is busy doing lover girl she is here making millions from her man through her fake pregnancy, she knows Ryan still goes to see that girl called Sarah, and he knows he hides to talk and chat with her, she knows every of Ryan’s move but she doesn’t care, although she still threatens him about other women but that’s just part of the game for her, she stopped caring recently when she realized that with her account balance she can travel to any country of her choice or buy whatever she wants to, Ryan pays her and her fake baby every month, while her balance rises his own diminishes, she knew Ryan is frustrated and confuse and he is using Sarah to heal, Sarah is always his way of escaping from her claws, in few months time she will be done with him, she was suppose to be six months pregnant now so Ryan has only two or three months to get her a car and apartment and she will kick his ass good bye.

Becca asked the taxi man that dropped her and go, she paid him off and the taxi man drove off, she can see Oscar’s car which means Oscar was in there, she has also seen Ryan’s car from where he do hide and park it, which also means that Ryan was in there too, she will find out today what exactly is going on, she needs to know why the two friends are mostly in this girls house, who does she really belong to, if she’s for Ryan then she will so deal with her, the last time beating is small compare to what she Will do this time to her, she will disgrace her and non of the men Will be able to hold her down, after that she will go for Ryan, she Will so deal with Ryan for ignoring her all this while and cheating on her, she also need money, her money has being poured into her two weeks investigation on Ryan, she has to find a means to get money from Ryan.
She walked fast to the house and noticed that the door was half way open, she quietly went in,side, she saw a gifts bags on the table in the parlour and knew that one of the men probably Oscar who was always buying things for Sarah might have dropped it, she took a peep in,side the bag and saw one has foods the other has wears, shoes and cloths, Becca frowned and thought within her that Sarah is a very lucky girl to be getting presents when is not her birthday, she deep her hand in,side the bag with packed food and took out a donut, she unwrapped it, it was covered with chocolate, it smells so fresh and nice, she started eating and the taste was great, “this girl is really enjoying, let me enjoy small before I start my mission”, Becca thought within her, she looked round the house, it was cool and clean except for the cloths on the floor, it was a room, parlour, toilet and kitchen kind of house, it was very portable, the house was quiet except for the bedroom noise she was hearing, she wondered what was going on, “is the two men having s€× with one girl”, what are they all doing in her bedroom, she tiptoed to the room and saw Oscar by the door, he didn’t notice her presence as he stood, with tears in his eyes watching something keenly, Oscar was really handsome, she has always knew he was but she was not comfortable with him then staying in Ryan’s house, but looking at him now she has a soft s₱0t on him, Clara fell for him in her first time of seeing him, who wouldn’t fall for such a good man, who is not like Ryan, she knew Sarah was very lucky to have gotten him, she’s a lucky girl. Becca quickly realized that she was admiring Oscar forgetting while she came, she move closer to the room to see what is making Oscar to have a teary eyes, she opened her mouth in shock as she saw her Ryan on top of Sarah and none of them has even noticed Oscar’s presence or even her,
Oscar was startled to see Becca beside him, he shock as he wonder what brought her to Sarah’s house, maybe she was tracing Ryan, he saw chocolate crumps on one side of her mouth, Oscar wiped his eyes, Becca was a beautiful girl, he has never liked her because of her bad attitude towards him, but he knew she must be broken right now, watching her man makes love to another woman just as he is feeling even worst, she looks vulnerable, she tried to go in,side but he stopped her, she wanted to shout he covered up her mouth, Becca bite Oscar’s hand and Oscar scre-med in pain making the two entangled lovers to loose up in hærd shock, Sarah was in total shock as she tried to use the bed cover to cover up herself, she has forgotten to lock the door, if she has known Oscar was coming she would have asked Ryan to hide somewhere just like the last time, then can continue when Oscar leaves,


“Please continue, or are you done, I love blue films so go ahead, Ryan, you foolish cheat, so this is why you have being avoiding me…and you bastard…unfortunate fool, I thought you are for Oscar, so you have being cheating on him with my man…you
Becca was about to jump on Sarah but Oscar stopped her from attacking Sarah,
Oscar who has being transfixed into a s₱0t couldn’t even move his leg again as keep staring at Sarah who’s head was bent, Becca really wanted to deal with Sarah but Oscar’s firm gripped her and she couldn’t move, she was boiling and turned, she pulled out from Oscar’s hand and ran to the kitchen side looking for a weapon,
As Becca ran out, the only thing Oscar could say was
” Sarah… Oh Sarah…Why…why
“She wanted me not you Oscar, she Will never love you like she loves me, she is mine so deal with it..
Ryan who was also afraid before wanted to defend Sarah and it landed him into a serious beaten from an emotionally wounded Oscar,
Oscar beat Ryan, hitting his head on every wall, even when he saw blood pouring from his head he didn’t stop, Oscar was covered with rage as he beat Ryan mercilessly, inflicting wound all over him, Sarah was scre-ming, she tried to pull Oscar away from Ryan but Oscar gently pushed her aside, she fell back into the bed,
She stood looking for something to use and hit Oscar so that he will leave Ryan alone, before he kills Ryan, she couldn’t get her hand on anything, she picked up her hill shoe and threw it at him, it landed on Oscar’s head, blood started pouring down in no time, despite the wound Oscar was still using the wh0le anger to unleash on a weak Ryan who was lying helplessly on the floor, weak from Oscar’s beating,
Becca came back with a kitchen knife in hand and rushed towards Sarah who scre-med so loud in terror, Oscar on seeing Becca trying to attack Sarah, Left Ryan and rushed to Sarah, Oscar pushed Becca away, Becca fell on the floor and immediately stood back up, Oscar pushed her out of the room, he left with her,
Immediately they left Sarah quickly attended to Ryan’s wound while still crying,
As they stepped outside Becca pulled away from Oscar’s grip,


“Let go of my hand, look at blood all over you, all because of the two cheat and you’re still defending her, aren’t you a biggest fool I have ever seen Oscar, why are you still defending the bastard girl, I would have put a knife to her throat today, and watch her bleed to death..
” and I would have being so glad to watch you rot in jail Becca, if you ever attack her again I Will come for you and deal with you myself, leave here at once and never you come back..
“Why are you p-nting like a dog, I was not the one that cheat on you, you could have killed Ryan and I wouldn’t give a care, I enjoyed the beating you gave him, in his next life he will run away from double dating, by tomorrow I Will go and finish him up, I will continue from where you stopped, he is a dead man, and that Sarah still wondering why you don’t want me to deal with her, I can’t go anywhere because I don’t have transport fare, give me money and still bribe me with extra cash if you really want me to leave the stupid girl alone…
Oscar took out his wallet and counted money, and gave it to Becca.
“Leave here at once you have gotten what you asked for. I don’t want to repeat myself,
“Lover boy, you beat Ryan and yet you look like he was the one that beat you, I saw tears in your eyes as you watch them, I’m sorry Oscar, i’m serious, i know we have never gotten along before, but I see the good man in you as you stood watching the two idiots, I’m also pained too, she doesn’t deserve somebody like you, I mean Sarah, why did you stand there watching their disgusting act…
” uhmmm, I just wanted to know what she See’s in Ryan, how Ryan makes out with her that she enjoys more that I don’t, I want to know why…why does she chose him over me, and hurt me this way, and from what I saw he does nothing different, so does Ryan add sugar to his manh-od, what exactly is wrong… Why…like why
Oscar punched his car hærd and held his hand in pain, he was going crazy, he doesn’t even know who he is any more, he sat on the ground and try to relax back his head on his car, but he also held his head in pain as he realized he might have sustained a serious injury from the hill shoe that Sarah threw at him, he will take care of himself once he manages to drive out of here, he held his head in his hand while still sitting on the ground..
“I’m sorry Oscar, but stop acting like a pregnant woman, let’s leave here, maybe we should also cheat on them, pay them back, me and you…
Oscar stood up and looked at Becca angrily
“calm down Oscar, I’m only joking, even if we do it they will never care anyway, they won’t give a damm about us, two foolish people…I’m dumping that foolish Ryan after I’m done with him, just watching him on another woman every love I had for him disappeared, it dried up immediately, but i Will still pay him a hærd visit tomorrow, is not yet over until I say so, Clara my friend is so lucky, she got a good man who adores her, I’m so unlucky, me and you, love is not fair Oscar…
Oscar ignored her as he checked for his car keys in his pocket, he opened and was about sitting, he saw Becca walking back to Sarah’s house, he came out with force, hitting his head again on his car, he made a silent painful cry before shouting at Becca
“Hey…hey..Where the hell are you going, that’s not the way to your house…
” don’t be scared lover boy, I’m not attacking your cheat girlfriend again, I forgot something in,side, let me pick it up, I Will be right out in a minute
Oscar stood watching, his head was tumbling, After sometime Becca came out with the two gifts bag that Oscar brought for Sarah,
“Hey .. Becca, those are not for you, where are you taking it to..
“They are mine now, she doesn’t deserve it, and she doesn’t deserve you, I’m taking all this with me to My house…please drop me at any nearest bustop, please…
Oscar’s head tumbled again, he sat back into the car, and held his head again, Becca came in,side and sat with him, watching Oscar battle with his head, while eating with a full mouth out of the things that Oscar bought for Sarah, Oscar turned to her
” can you drive, my head is aching too hærd..
“You have lost lot of blood Oscar, you need quick medical attention, I can’t drive, I don’t even want to do anything right now, all I want is to eat and regain my strength, I can’t kill myself over a man, they don’t worth it Oscar, food is bae, food is life, this food is super delicious, that Sarah has really being enjoying…
Oscar ignored Becca who was still talking with her mouth filled with food and started his car, he drove out after cautioning Becca to shut up and not add to his headache.

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