A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 14)

© Oby Chinyere


Becca stood patiently waiting at the door with her pepper spray in hand, whoever that was coming was going to be unfortunate, “is probably Sarah, I know that voice even though is not so clear, who else can it be except Sarah, I will so deal with her, Oscar didn’t allow me to touch her the last time, this time she will get it from me in a hærd way, Oscar is not here to save her and she will watch and cry as I handle her lover Ryan, Ryan can’t just hurt me this way and get away with it, is so going to be unfortunate for both of them..
Becca swing into action as the person tries to unlock the door, she waited and immediately the door was open she quickly sprayed the content in her hand to the person’s face and suddenly stopped when she saw the person,


Clara scre-med in terror as the content entered her eyes, her wh0le face was burning, the pain was unbearable, she kept scre-ming with her eyes closed, she couldn’t even see the person that sprayed the pepper chemical to her face, she thought is probably a thief that want to come and rob, she kept crying but the person was quiet, she thought of the last money that Ryan gave her for her car which she was yet to take to bank, she held her face which was burning like fire, burning through her, the pain was unbearable, she held her big stomach as she sat on the floor scre-ming in pain, and calling Ryan to come with cold water because her wh0le face and her eyes which she can’t open was on fire, her fine face was going to burn from the spray, she was crying in pain, she started begging the person that attacked her, thinking it was a man,
“please sir, don’t hurt me, please whoever you are… take everything in the house and leave…don’t hurt me, please pity my condition, I’m a pregnant woman, please pity me and my unborn child, don’t hurt us, take whatever you came for and leave, my fiancé is in,side, he may have whatever you came for, I’m an innocent pregnant woman, please, don’t hurt me, remember is a woman that gave birth to you, allow me to also give birth to my own in peace, don’t hurt us, I’m begging you…aah my eyes…I can’t see…my eyes is burning… my wh0le face is on fire…please who are you…what did you spray on my face…aahh…God…God ooh…please help me o…I don’t want to die…my eyes and my face is killing me…my God…please forgive me and help me…my God ooo… please brother…uncle…daddy…whoever you are…pity me because of my condition…please…
Ryan ran out of the bathroom as he hærd Clara’s crying and scre-ming in terror, as he came out he almost ran back in fear as he saw Becca standing close to her in shock and looking at Clara as if she has never seen her before, Becca was looking at Clara like she was seeing a ghost, she has something on her which was what she sprayed on Clara’s face that’s making her to scre-m, Becca was dressed in black jean trouser and a brown hoodie sweat shirt, Ryan knew he was in another big trouble again, but all he wanted to do was to save Clara because of the baby, he doesn’t want her hurt which may affect his baby, his focus and fear was on his child that Clara was carrying, but he was afraid to get close, as he stood watching, he knew that Becca has come for revenge, and never knew of him and Clara were together, Ryan silently prayed for God to come down and save them from the unexpected, and to also protect his baby that Clara was carrying.
Clara kept crying and pleading to whoever her attacker was, she quickly slowed down her cry of pain as she heard her name from the person that sprayed her the chemical on her face, it was a lady, as the person called her name again she knew she was doom as she realized that it was actually Becca
Becca stood in shock, she was looking at Clara, for real, it was Clara, she went around her trying to ascertain if it was really Clara, she was in shock as she realized that she was really the one, her best friend, her close pal who knows her in and out, who she tells everything, her pain and joy, Becca rushed to the fridge, she saw Ryan running back as she went to get cold water to pour on Clara’s face, which will only reduce the pain but the burning will take time to stop, but ice can calm the hotness of the chemical, Becca saw Ryan running back as he saw her coming, Becca who doesn’t have time for him yet, ignored him, she want to help her friend and to find out what she was doing in her boyfriend’s house,
Becca brought ice block and wrap it in a cloth, she asked Clara to hold it to her face so that the burning will reduce, Clara quickly did, but she still couldn’t open her eyes, she just needed anything that will reduce the burning on her face,
Becca was still wondering what Clara was doing in Ryan’s house, what brought Clara to her boyfriends house, what is she doing here, Clara was suppose to be with her fiance, her baby daddy, not in Ryan’s house, what exactly is going on,


“Clara, Clara I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I never knew you are the one, sorry, nothing will happen to your baby…just keep calm…the ice will reduce the hotness…sorry…but…wha…wha…what are you doing here, I even thought you are one of Ryan’s wh-res that was why sprayed the stuff, I thought it was Sarah, you never told me you were coming here, what are you doing here….
Clara’s cry has reduce to silent sob, she couldn’t even say anything, she was still in pain despite using the ice on her face, whatever Becca sprayed on her must be very strong chemical, if Becca finds out the truth she will be dead, she never knew that Becca will get her this way, her mission was almost accomplished and the devil showed up, she has try to keep Becca away and to know her every move so that she won’t find out the truth, she thought Becca was going to find out earlier, when she first started with the pregnancy plan, and she has being getting ready for the fight, she was ready to face Becca anytime and any day, she knew every of Becca’s move and did not have much to worry about because she was on the finishing line of her plan, Becca never told her that she was coming to Ryan’s house she would have gone out of the house, or get prepared for anything, but everything took her by surprise, because she never expected Becca to come to Ryan’s house, Clara knew Becca was very nice and has always cherished their friendsh¡p, she has being a good friend to her and will never believe what she was capable of, Becca’s heart can also be hærden, and she will destroy whoever her enemy is if she’s attacked, Clara knew she was in big trouble, and her things where all over the house, so Becca will definitely find out the truth one way or the other,
Clara began to sob loudly, Becca helped her to stand on her feet as she led her to a chair, Clara sat down, she was afraid, she can not even fight Becca because she still can’t open her eyes which was still hurting her. Becca couldn’t get Clara to talk so she left her to go look for Ryan, she need answer to what exactly is going on, why is Clara here, in Ryan’s house, that was the only thought running through Becca’s mind,


Ryan, who was hiding behind his room door watching Becca and Clara, quickly ran back to the room looking for where to escape from or to hide as he saw Becca coming, he thought of what Becca was capable of, “what if she has a gun” fear gripped his leg as he thought of Becca having a gun in her bag, he has not fully recovered from the struck Oscar gave him, and the emotion torment from Clara, all he wanted was to escape from this terrible mess he found himself in, unbearable life,
Becca was moving towards the room looking for Ryan, and was careful very careful as she move, she want to unravel the misery of Clara in Ryan’s house, since she couldn’t get her to talk to her, and Ryan has gone into hiding,
as she move on and saw Clara’s things all round, her cloths, shoes everywhere, she still couldn’t believe that they belong to Clara, Becca hærd the sound of the door and quickly remembered that the door was not probably lock and Ryan may want to escape from there, so she ran back and saw Clara blindly trying to open the door to escape, she rushed to the door, and locked it with key, she put the key in her pocket, Clara began pleading to her, but Becca was yet to understand what she was doing in Ryan’s house, everything was beginning to look suspicious, as different thought crossed her mind, she just hope is not what she was thinking, she was also ready for unexpected, Becca led Clara back to a seat, Clara began to shout for help, she was scre-ming, maybe passer-by or neighbours will hear her and come to her aid, Clara was so afraid, if she has her eyes she will be able to defend herself from Becca, but right now she can’t do anything, she knew that Becca will deal with her if she finds out the truth, Clara kept scre-ming, Becca put on music and high the volume, it was so loud that Clara couldn’t hear herself again as she scre-med,


Becca rushed to the room, and was shock at what she was looking at, she saw Clara’s things littered at every corner of the room, she shake her head still in shock, and still trying to understand what was going on, “could it this be what Oscar was trying to warn me, could it be that Ryan was the fiancé and the man responsible for Clara’s pregnancy, the prince charming that she was always sing his praise, could it be tha…
Becca paused from her thought as she hærd a noise coming from the back of the wardrop, she move closer, threatening whoever that was hiding there to come out, and Ryan gradually came out with his both hand raised up, in Surrender.


“Ryan…why are you hiding…I have not done anything yet and you already shaking, please stop acting like a clown, why is Clara here, what is she doing here and why are her things all over the house…i…I don’t understand…what’s going on Ryan…
“Becca, Becca please…I can explain…I can explain everything, please don’t hurt her she is pregnant, I know I made a huge mistake, that I will regret for the rest of my life, Clara has drained me off, everything I ever worked and labored for, she has taking it all, the only thing remaining was my wears and few other things, I sold some things in the house just to satisfy her, I’m left with only my car, which I have not sold yet but planning to sell because she said she needed an apartment for she and the baby, I thought I was being smart, I thought I was enjoying life, and when Clara came into my life, she made a mess of it, she took everything I have ever worked for, I have to do everything she asked of me because of the baby’s sake, I did her bidding because of the baby, I allowed her get away with everything just because of the baby, all I have looked for is for her to give birth and let me have my peace finally, whatever mess I’m into I caused it, I brought it upon myself, I took your love for granted, I played with your feeling, I wasn’t thinking, I thought I was enjoying, I like every woman that I set my eyes on, I never knew is same thing that will destroy me, I thought I was smart, I regret every of my action, and I’m sorry, please don’t hurt Clara, she will be due by next month, please take all your anger on me, do whatever you wish with me but please spare her for the baby sake, I beg you in the name of God, please, I regret everything I have ever done, everything, I’m so sorry Becca, it was the devil…the devil… please spare Clara, please take it all on me…she is carrying my…my chi…ld… I didn’t mean for it to happen…she…
Before Ryan could say another thing Becca gave him two hærd blow to his mouth Ryan held his mouth, Becca scre-med in shock, and staggered back, as the truth hit her to her face, she looked at Ryan’s face, the man she has loved, the man she has adored, just looking at him was disgusting her, she wanted to get a knife to put an end to him, but she held herself, she was boiling with anger, Clara was her friend, how could she do such a thing to her and all this while she thought she had a friend and never knew she was moving with a devil, …how could Clara, her best friend, why would Ryan, the only man she has adored and was ready to fight anybody just to protect their love, he could have done anything with other woman and it won’t be so painful, why her friend, just why…”
Becca rushed to the living room, the music was still loud, Clara was not in the sitting room, Ryan was behind Becca still pleading, Becca was shouting and looking for Clara all around the house, the music was too loud that nobody could hear anything or anyone, Ryan switched it off from the socket, as he wanted to turn his face something hit him hærd, he staggered back, another came, he felt dizzy, and just when he was about getting himself from the hærd blow another one came straight to his eyes, Becca lunched terror on him, he fell hærd on the ground, and Becca was raining down with terror, he tried to stand but couldn’t as he tasted blood in his mouth, as he looked round him it seems like the ground was moving, everything around him was blurred, he was weak, and was bleeding from the head and hand, as Becca used hærd wood on him, Becca was shouting and acting crazy destroying everything around the house, , she was in shock, she never expected what she met, it was a big blow to her, she was ready to deal with both Ryan and Clara, Ryan managed to get up and sat on the chair, he silently prayed that Becca will not see Clara, he was afraid for his child, which Clara has suffered him for just because of the baby, all his trouble can not be in vain,
just then Becca went to the kitchen and saw where Clara was hiding, she dragged her out, and pushed her to the living room, Clara could open her eyes small now, but not so well, her face was swollen from the chemical that Becca, sprayed, her eyes reddened and swollen too, it was still hurting her but not like before, as Becca pushed her out to the parlour, all she could do was to plead and beg, but Becca didn’t care if she was pregnant or not, she beat her, Ryan crawled up like a child as he watch Becca unleashing terror on Clara who was scre-ming in pain, Ryan, pushed himself up and went to pull Becca away but she pushed him and he fell back to the ground, Becca paused from the beating and looked at her friend, who was weak and her cry has turn into whimper.


“how could you Clara…I thought you were my friend, why…why do you think you can get away with this, why…you thought I will never find out, I just want to know… why you of all people Clara, I trusted you, I shared everything with you…why on earth… where is all the money you have being getting from that bastard…where is all the money, that bastard said he has being giving you everything he has ever saved…so where is it…because I will teach you a big lesson today…you are as good as dead…I could lessen your punishment because of the baby…but I will drain you of every dime you have ever got, get up and go and get the money and your atm inclusive, and make sure you don’t play smart with me, or try to act wise, I will put a knife to your stomach if you dares me, bring your atm and your pin, right now…get up…
Clara quickly stood after another slap to her face, she staggered in,side and brought out the money that Ryan gave her for the car, she also came with her atm card and gave Becca the pin number too, Becca used her leg to kick her after Clara dropped the money for her and handed her atm card and pin number, Becca kicked her hærd with her leg and Clara fell down like a thud, the baby bump shifted to her right side, Clara was already weak, as she fell to the ground, as the fake baby bump shifted she was trying to adjust the bump back to her stomach but was finding it difficult, but she kept trying to adjust the fake bump, if Ryan finds out she has being deceiving him with the pregnancy who knows what he will do to her, and she need to act fast and readjust it, once Becca leaves she will go to a hospital by herself, and call Ryan from there that she lost the pregnancy because of what Becca did to her, she was a good actress so she will make sure that Becca pays for making her to loss her baby, she have a good plan.
Becca saw that Clara baby bump has suddenly shifted, her protruding belly was not in front again but by her right hand side, Becca came close to Clara, just to ascertain what she was seeing , she lifted the long gown that Clara was wearing and was shocked to see that Clara was not really pregnant, she was wearing a fake pregnancy and has acted that way for months, Becca pulled the fake baby bump out and started laughing so loud, it was shocking to her but still funny that Clara deceived everyone with a fake pregnancy,
Ryan stood in shock as he saw what was going on, Becca threw the fake bump to him, he dodged it and ran back in fear, Ryan w¡dened his eyes as he saw that Clara was not really pregnant, she has staged everything, his anger evaporated, he found strength he thought he never had and rushed to Clara, who was bleeding from her fore head and mouth from the wound that Becca inflicted on her, her face was so swollen to a big watermelon size, all her face and body was filled with mark, everywhere around the house was in a mess, Ryan rushed to Clara in anger and started punching her real hærd, he kicked and punch out of frustration and anger.
Becca was laughing and making jest of Ryan while quietly cleaning off her hands, she picked up her things including the huge amount of money that she got from Clara with her Atm card, and stuck them into her bag, Ryan was still p-nting and going mad with rage, Clara has fainted as she lay on the ground breathless, Ryan sat on the ground and held his head as he cried out loud for the first time, he was a big fool, he allowed himself to be deceived by Clara with her fake Pregnancy, he went to the fridge and got cold water, he poured it on Clara and she quickly woke up, Ryan slapped her again across her swollen face and she fell back.
Becca went to the door, her pepper spray was in her hand just in case Ryan want to attack her or want to come and collect his money that she got from Clara, she will use the hot spray on him, as Becca looked back Ryan was just sitting on the ground holding his head and crying like a child while Clara lie weak on the ground, Becca unlocked the door with the key she kept in her pocket and stepped out,
She went straight to an Atm machine and withdrew every cash In Clara’s account, she stock her bag, and smiled home. She is far wealthy now than she has expected to be.

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