A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 15)

© Oby Chinyere
Melinda was getting tired of Oscar’s cold behaviour and he has refuse to say what the problem is, he kept on saying there’s no problem but she knew that something was bothering him, Melinda thought of Sarah again and wondered if she was the reason Oscar was acting cold, Oscar was cool in the beginning, they were both fine and later he changed, unexpectedly, and has being cold ever since.
Melinda was just sitting at the hospital cafeteria, with her coffee that was almost getting cold, she couldn’t lift it to her mouth as she kept thinking of Oscar, she loved him very much but his attitude is pulling her away, she doesn’t want to be hurt again by him, she hate to see him sad or act fine when all isn’t fine with him.
Binta pulled her away from her thought, as she comes to join her table, they were both on the same shift today.
“I know I will find you here, I thought you were going with doctor Phil, he is looking for you.. Mel, doctor Phil loves you, he begged me to speak to you, if you can consider him for a date…
” I’m in a relationsh¡p Binta, Phil is the last on my mind right now…
“We all knows that, you complained that Oscar has nor being himself, see babe I wouldn’t want you to get hurt again, he is working you up already, just look at you, sitting down all by yourself thinking about him with your cold coffee, does he really Worth all this trouble, remember the last time you told me he chose another Lady over you and said he doesn’t want to be friends with you again, you locked yourself up crying for days, and Phil was there for you, you were able to put Oscar behind you just because of Phil showed up and just when Phil thought he was almost winning you over Oscar showed up and you totally forgot your past pain and rejection and followed him and now he is misbehaving again and you are sitting out here all by yourself thinking about him, Mel, I know your mother did not raise you to be stupid, so stop acting as if you are in a blood covenant with Oscar, stop being stupid, I want the best for you and if Oscar is giving cold attitude is probably a sign that you should take serious, don’t wait until your heart is shattered before you have sense to move on, I know you love Oscar but you are going through emotional break down because of him, does he really worth it, I like Oscar too, he appears calm and jovial but I can’t watch him traumatize you again, Phil is th…. here he comes, you better be nice to him…
Binta stood up on seeing doctor Philip coming, she smiled greeted him and walk away
“Hi Mel, i was looking for you, are you alright..
” I’m fine.. Just came out for a coffee..
“Can I get you another hot one, maybe hot chocolate instead, this seem cold, you look dull, excuse me let me get a hot cup of chocolate…
Doctor Philip went across the counter and ordered for two hot cup of choco and he was quickly served, some nurses came to say hello to him and he responded to all of them with a smile, expressing his White dental teeth, he was popular in the hospital and many people likes him, after responding to the people that came to say hello to him he brought the drink down to Melinda who was watching the way he was responding to people with a deep smile like hers, a smile that comes from his heart, she knows many ladies Will like to date him but he has a soft s₱0t for her, she has tried to discourage him but he kept pushing, she likes him but her heart belong to Oscar and she still want to try to see if Oscar can snap out of whatever was bothering him,
” I lost count of times I asked you to go on a date with me, I know you got somebody who wasn’t there when I started begging for a date, I’m not saying I’m better off, is totally your choice Mel, but all I ask For is just one chance for you to go on a date with me, it will really make me happy,
“Okay…fine, I Will go out with you, I will try to keep to my promise this time…
” Mel, you said same thing last time, like i said earlier, i lost count of times you have agreed to go out with me and then you cancelled it, sometimes I Will be all dressed then just at that dying minute, i call to inform you that i’m parked outside your house and you Will tell me that you can’t make it again and i have to drive back home, frustrated, pull off my cloths and sit back more sad than I planned to be, then I will still try another time and get disappointed, but something keep pushing me to keep trying, just someday my wish maybe granted, I love you Mel, and I can prove it in a thousand ways if you can just give me a Chance…please
“Phil, I will let you know by tomorrow, I don’t want to promise going on a date with you again and fail, but I will try to keep to my word, I will call you by noon tomorrow to let you know…
The next day Melinda went over to see Oscar but he met his absence, his door was locked, she picked up her phone and started calling him, she called severally but no respond, she found a place to sit and Wait for him,
Oscar parked his car and stepped down, he walked up to the house and started knocking but no respond came, he tried calling but her line was off, he stood at the door Post not knowing what to do, after sometime he started going back to his car, he saw her neighbour who was coming out from the next apartment and quickly approach her
” excuse me madam, sorry to bother you, I’m looking for the Lady that lives over there, Sarah, being knocking…
“Ooh Sarah, she’s has moved out since, over two months, I know your face, aren’t you her man friend, call her on phone na, bend your ear let me whisper something that maybe useful to you,
Oscar was surprise at the woman, gesturing him to bend his ear, he can see she likes gossip and he wasn’t in the mood for that, he was irritated by her action but acted cool
” please say whatever you want to say, nobody is here
The woman looked round before saying
“The walls has ears, but very soon what I’m about to tell you will not be hidden anymore, do you know that she’s pregnant, yes, I can tell when a Lady is pregnant, and Sarah is but was trying to hide it, I just Hope she has not gone to do abortion, because of how she suddenly parked out, and nobody knows where she moved to, and that Sarah has another fine man that use to sneak to her house, i usually watch everything from My window, that one is her main bobo you are her side bobo, there was a day I heard scre-ming, shouting everywhere I even thought the house Will collapse, I thought somebody was dead that day, i saw you and one slim fine Lady standing and talking outside, I was eavesdropping on you people, I found out that you caught her in bed with that her main bobo, hmm, since then I have not seeing you again, I think that pregnancy is For the other bobo not you oh, that Sarah doesn’t even know good thing, how can she chose that woman wrapper over you, see eeh I have a very beautiful daughters, who is in the university, I don’t have husband I Left the useless wretched man, I don’t mind having you as an Inlaw, my daughter is just like me…she I
Madam…Madam enough, I have already gotten what I wanted to know, every other thing is not relevant, thank you any way…
Oscar who has being looking For a way of escape so that he won’t seem rude has to turn and walk back to his car and drove off
He kept driving as his mind travels, he knows his attitude is affecting his relationsh¡p with Melinda, he love Melinda but since Sarah came with her pregnancy news he has not being able to think straight, all he wanted to know is to find out who is responsible, him or Ryan, but with Sarah’s crazy neighbour telling him she has parked out and has probably gone to do abortion, and the pregnancy is for Ryan whom she refers to as the main bobo and him is the side bobo, “what a pity, I hate her, Ryan messed up her life and she decided to mess up mine, I hate her, now she disappeared like thin air, to God knows where, which is even the best, I need to concentrate with Melinda, she has being patient with me all this while, Sarah is just trying to mess up my head, I know the Baby is not mine, I just wanted to clear my doubts, Sarah is so self centered and wicked, how could she hurt me after so much assurance and I believed her, how…aaassssgggghhh…oh my God..
Oscar holds the break in fear, he was breathing so heard, he almost hit an old man who was trying to cross the road, Oscar was thinking aloud and didn’t see the man on time, the old man on seeing the speeding car almost close to him fell down out of fear, Oscar came down apologising and helped the man up, he gave him money in case of any injury, the man was grateful for the money, he thanked Oscar before crossing to the other side, Oscar waited until the Man was safe at the other side before driving home
On getting home he saw Melinda, waiting for him, he wondered why she didn’t call him, he would have suspended whatever he was doing and come back, he picked up his phone and saw several of her miss calls, he bite his lower l-ips, he didn’t even notice his phone ringing, she looks sad and Oscar knows he has enough explanation to do
“I’m sorry Melinda, I didn’t know you were waiting…and I missed your calls
” where were you, I have being waiting Oscar, were you with her.. You went to see her right…
“Mel, what are you talking about, please let’s go in,side, stop this, I only went to.. to
” to do what… Don’t you dare lie to me Oscar, you were with Sarah and that’s why you refused taking my calls, you made love to her right… No deny it, do you go to see her or not
“Mel, you are acting crazy, I…I haven’t touched Sarah ever since the incident, she has even parked out..she
” how do you know she parked out, you have being going to see her right, have you ever seen her, k-ssed her or held her ever since we started together again, have you, k-ssed her or do anything with her…answer me Oscar
Oscar stood not knowing what to say, he doesn’t want to loose Melinda again, he thought of the day Sarah came with the news of her pregnancy, he remembered holding and k-ssing her before he got himself and insisted that she leaves, he wondered why Melinda was asking all this question, but he can’t tell her the truth
“No, I have not seeing her, I have not set my eyes on Sarah, I don’t intend to, I put her behind me, she made a mess out of my life and you brought meaning to My it, I love you Mel, Sarah is not my problem
” then what is the problem, why are you acting cold all this while, I know you Oscar, like the palm of my hand and I know you are lying to me, why are you lying to me..
“Mel please stop all this, I…I
Melinda’s phone was ringing and it was doctor Philip.

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