A Tale Of Music

A tale of music Episode 41 – finale




By; Cinderella A.🥀

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✰[Mine forever…]✰


“You ready?, let’s go in!”she walked in, feeling glum and disenfranchised.

Dawn was wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and a twin set of smoky blue cashmere sweater.

Her long hair was pulled back at the nape of her neck, secured with a barrette.

She made unremarkable to mediocre grades, smoked dope, and hung out with other low sorts, undistinguished people.

Had she attended Maybelline college, ji-ho, aiden, and the others would more likely have been a friend of hers than nightingale, and crystal.

While ji-hu was no longer a varsity hero, he was a descent, hard working guy with a wide, and triplets on the way to support.

Gracious was a full-time singer, she had no time for anything else.

Ricardo now worked as an administrative assistant in the middle~school he attended, and has a wife and two children to fend for.

On their way to her mother’s grave, walking north, dawn caught a glimpse of a stranger’s presence.

She glanced at the back of his head, and realized who he was instantly.

“Dad you’re here?”he paused and turned to face her, a wide grin appeared on his face when he noticed the person beside her.

He studied him with puzzlement…

“About him, dad I’d like to introduce you to someone really special to me. Meet blame, my boyfriend”he bowed respectfully, and shook hands with her dad.

Ramon fixed his gaze on the young man for quit sometime, he looked a responsible, sweet and loving guy, a perfect match for his daughter.

Neither of them said a word, until ramon reached out, and put a hand on dawn’s arm, and both of them stood stick still.

He smiled…

“Am happy that you’ve finally decided to settle down with someone, bringing him here is a brilliant start, your mum must be able to meet with the guy that stole her daughter’s heart”he grinned, leaning on a tree.

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Dawn’s cheeks were flushed, and her eyes bright and excited.

“It’s really nice to meet with you sir, dawn has told me a lot about you, nice things though”they chuckled, and strode towards princess’s grave.

“Do you come here often?, hehehehe someone’s still in love with mum!”a tear streamed down her face, she’d have given anything to meet her, but faith they say throws many things at us.

Roman clasped his hands together, and crouched, arranging the bouquet of flowers he’d dropped earlier.

They were her favourite, red roses, a sign of “LOVE“.

“I miss her so much, my one and only wish is to be able to turn back the hours of time, and meet with her again. I badly want to do that, but no time like the present!”dawn rubbed his shoulder and squatted too, blake joined in.

“Hi princess, am Blake, the cute one that swept your daughter off her feet”dawn smacked his head playfully, he always finds a way to make her blissful when she’s blue.

Her cellphone vibrated in her purse, alerting her of a message.

She jammed her hands in, and slipped it out, fixing her gaze on the screen.

“WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?, IT’S ALMOST TIME!!”she gave a reply, then placed it back into her purse.

“Dad we’ve really got to go, do you mind tagging along with us?, it’s about time you attend a concert”she rose to her feet, and so did they.

He shook his head…

“I’ll meet up with you guys, i want to spend more time with her!”she pecked his cheek, blake bowed once again, before entwining his hand with hers.

Ramon clapped his hands because the wind picked up, as he watched the two continue on to the road at the same unhurried pace.

He turned and watched them, as they did, until they disappeared from view.

“Hmmm”he sighed, ruffling his hair, and staring blankly into thin air.




“Ma’am your name isn’t written on the system, i can’t let you in just like that, my job would be at risk”amber frowned, and ruffled her hair frustratedly.

All her opportunities had ended six years ago, and one of the decisions she’d made had been her last.

Life has been really hard for her, she even receives help from friends, just to be able to eat there square meals a day.

She decided to go hunting for a job, and much to her dismay, she was strictly rejected.

“Can you listen to yourself?, what do you mean by my name isn’t written on the system?. Do you know how many times i applied for this job?, you’ve got to be kidding me!!”she tried to force her way in, but was restricted by two hefty guards.

She scowled…

“Get your filthy hands off me, let me go!, let me go!!”she yelled, as they gripped unto her tightly, trying their best to throw her out.

She’s a wild one…

The sound of approaching footsteps were heard, and slim s*xy legs came to view.

Her cute, upturned nose, and magic pixie cut blew in wisps and tufts in the late summer breeze.

She has grown out her longtime pixie cut for a longer, and softer one

She’s wearing a really clingy dress, without a br* [the horror!].

With exaggerated patience, she paused and scanned the room, before gesturing for the men to let amber go.

She chewed her gum briefly, and then her face brightened.

Amber re-arranged her messy clothes, only to turn right, and meet the greatest shock of her life.

Her eyes widened in horror, she bagan to sweat, her mouth turned dry, and her skin pale.

“Am.. Am..a..n..d..a?”she stuttered with dilated pupils, clutching her purse to herself.

She was extremely frightened, her heart was pounding hard against her chest.

Amanda smirked…

“Oh, hi big sissy, how have you been?, missed me?”amber tossed the interview files on the desk, and made to run off, but was prevented in time.

Amanda chuckled loudly…

“What were you thinking, that i’d let you go scot free?. No, big sissy, you’ve got to get punished for your crimes, your accomplice is behind bars right now. Well, I’m curious, were you so d**b to trust him to dispose my body?. As the saying goes, where there’s will, there’s always a way. Thanks to you guys, i met the most wonderful man on earth, my husband, who blessed me with cute babies”devon stepped in, fully dressed in all black, with his hands sunk in his pocket.

He walked like a true prince charming, the wind did no justice to his hair, it flew in the air, making him look extremely h*t.

Amber’s mind went numb, she was nearly speechless.

“Please forgive me, i wasn’t in my right state of mind, i wasn’t thinking properly!!”she fell to her knees, amanda rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“You seize to being my sister from today onwards, i have no living family member, you’re all d*ad to me. Get her out of here, and vivian get me the stacked up reports”she gave amber a quick glance, and strode out, with an emotionless face.

The cops handcuffed amber, and dragged her out with them, she couldn’t help but cry.

Oh dear, there came the tears, but she blinked them back.

“Are you alright?, what you did back there was preety hard!”amanda pulled him into a hug, nearly crying her eyes out, she held them in back there.

She couldn’t just forget about them like that, it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

“It hurts, it hurts!”she placed a hand on her chest, and hugged him tighter, as tears streamed down her now pale skin.

“There there, everything is going to be alright, i dislike seeing you this way, please stop crying!!”he patted her back, and placed a kiss on her hair.

She’s his greatest treasure, watching her sob makes him feel hurt,and a lot.




Cheers and screams filled the room, as gracious stepped up on stage, looking so gorgeous.

A warm, calming feeling enveloped their body as you, and the hundreds if not thousands of people surrounding them whilst they were ready sing along with one of their favorite artists to their biggest hit.

Being there in a moment like that felt dream-like.

The most striking trend was the peaks before the song.

It turns out that clapping, and cheering was the most arousing part of the concert, likely because everyone’s response was amplified by the responses of the people around them.

In comparison, listening to gracious voice was comparatively relaxing, and the GSR levels declined through every words she spoke.

The group effect reinforced the positive audience response, and wss one of the many benefits of the small, intimate live concerts performed.

From her purple off-the-shoulder dress, to her hair that was knotted with a ribbon, and her face bathed in make~up.

Everything looked perfect, her skin was glowing brightly, almost all the guys present drooled.

“Am so happy to be here, ill start by thanking my dad who wasn’t able to get here in time, my best friends and my boyfriend who hasn’t gotten here yet!”she faked a smile, and put on her ear piece.

The questions that haunted her mind was…

Where was ji-ho?, and why wasn’t he present in her concert?.

“We love you, gracious!”that was november, sitting beside her was her good-looking husband.

They got married months ago, and now she’s heavily pregnant, with triplets.

“How are my babies?”ji-hu teased, placing a kiss on her belly.

She shrugged…

“Until my demands are cleared off, you have no right to touch me. Get me three bowls of chicken, grasshopper sauce, and a novel.

Ji-hu’s eyes widened…

“Grasshopper sauce?, what’s that?. And what do you need the novel for?”she bursted into tears instantly, rubbing her belly.

“Babies your daddy doesn’t love me anymore, because am fat and ugly!!”she sobbed, ji-hu sighed exasperatedly.

That’s what he’s being going through for the past few months, her pregnancy hormones were acting beyond normal.

She craved for things that did even exist, grasshopper sauce?, like seriously?.

“I need to smell new books, it makes me feel alive!”she pouted.

“Ok,ok, i’ll get it after the show!”her face brightened up.

She cleared her throat, and closed her eyes, singing with the most perfect voice ever.

🎼 You’re the one that never lets me sleep, to my mind, down to my soul, you touch my lips.

🎼 You’re the one that i can’t wait to see, with you here by my side, i’m in ecstasy.

🎼 I am all alone without you, my days are dark without a glimpse of you.

🎼 But now that you came into my life i feel complete, the flowers bloom, my morning shines, and i can see.

🎼 Your love is like the sun, that lights up my whole world i feel the warmth inside, your love is like the river, that flows down through my veins i feel the chill inside.

As the song played, gracious heard other people singing along just as loudly as she was.

It made her heart swell to know that people loved her song just as much as she did.

She din’t know why that surprised her, really all throughout the night, the entire audience had been screaming the lyrics along with her and moving their bodies to the beat of the song.

Then audience members who were perfect strangers who were screaming loudest would turn to each other with knowing glances and smile because they were sharing the same excitement and connecting with one another over their love of her music.

There was no pushing, or shoving to get closer to the stage, it wasn’t that kind of crowd.

Instead, there was mutual respect for one another’s space within the confines of the too-small venue.

Nobody wanted to be the person who ruined it for someone else.

It was that respect, that made the ‘audience members’ connections with one another that much stronger, they were all there to listen to her music, and see her performance, and, of course, they were there to enjoy it.

🎼 Every time i hear our music play, reminds me of the things that we’ve been through.

🎼 In my mind, i can’t believe it’s true, but in my heart the reality is you.

🎼 I am all alone without you, my days are dark without a glimpse of you.

🎼 But now that you came into my life i feel complete, the flowers bloom, my morning shines, and i can see.

🎼 Your love is like the sun, that lights up my whole world i feel the warmth inside, your love is like the river that flows down through my veins i feel the chill inside.)2ce

🎼 Your lo..v..e is like the sun, that lights up my whole world i feel the warmth i..n..si..de.

After the music had ended, everyone felt slightly empty.

They had waited days, and months for that night, and it was over in the blink of an eye.

Although they was sad that the show was over, they felt completely content.

Now, when they hear her songs, they get to remember what it felt like to hear her perform to them live.

👥 Gracious!, gracious!.

👥 So amazing!!

👥 This is the best night of my life!!

👥 Sing some more, sing!, sing!.

👥 AWWW, her voice is spectacular, and dashing!!.

Gracious waved to them, and blushed, she was filled with so much love and happiness.

The lights suddenly went out, and everyone gasped, especially the ones who were afraid of the dark.

The color red, which elicits romantic feelings and evokes a sense of desirable connection was turned on.

By using the red lights, the tone of the room can become warmer, and more exciting.

Think of how a sunset that shines orange, pink, and red hues throughout the sky is especially charming, that’s what the room liked exactly like.

👥 What’s going on?.

👥 The lights are wonderful!

👥 Awww, so romantic!!

Ji-ho called gracious’s name, she turned around, and he was down on one knee holding this little box.

She was speechless, but before she could utter a word, a look of panic spread across his face, he was saying.

“Oh no, i’ve ruined it, oh no!”he said at that point he had forgotten the ring!.

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He was so upset, he entwined her hands with his, pulling her behind him.

Everyone came with…

They were going back outside, and gracious was just trying to tell him it’s okay, it’s not ruined, what matters is that they wanted to get married.

When they got outside, she heard “Louis Armstrong“ singing le Vie En Rose in the background, there were candles lining the whole floor into her vehicle, plus strawberries and champagne.

She was truly, utterly surprised.

He’d faked forgetting the ring, so he could get a genuine, surprised reaction from her.

It was so clever, she didn’t think she would, cry, but as soon as she saw everything he had planned (with november’s help!), she cried like a kid!.

He smiled, and got down on one knee, a golden box in his hand.

He opened it up, and gracious almost forgot how to breath.

“You are the piece that i had been missing, and i want you to complete me. Though i have lots of things to say, i cannot express them. A simple thing i want to say is, I LOVE YOU TODAY and ALWAYS. You have taken my breath away, and i want to stay in your heart forever. Let all my happiness be yours, all your sadness be mine. Let the whole world be yours, only you be mine!, i can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do i want to. All i dream of is holding your hand and never leaving it again. Will you MARRY ME, and be mine forever?”gracious felt anxious, and nervous, it was the best day of her life.

She felt out-of-her-mind, so overjoyed to be getting engaged to the man she loves.

But although the teensiest part of her was also a bit in shock/freaked out/terrified, don’t worry, it was normal.

👥Say “yes.”!!

👥 Awwwn, tears are prickling my eyes!!.

“I can’t believe this is happening, i’m so happy. YES, absolutely, 100% yes!. Nothing would make me happier!”he slid the ring into her finger, and rose to his feet, claiming her lips afterwards.

👥 Here’s to your engagement!!!

👥 They look so great together, am jealous!!

👥 I’m smiling just thinking about their smiles, in the proposal photo!!

“If ever a couple deserved this much happiness, it’s you two.” november blurted out, giving gracious a warm hug.

“Am so happy for you both, congratulations!!”gracious hugged her too, amanda couldn’t help but smile.

The past is in the past, they are now grown adults, and must behave so.

A familiar scent invaded gracious nostrils, she jumped in happiness.

“Dad!!, you showed up, guess who’s getting married?”she showed him her ring, and hugged him tightly.

Ramon smiled, and sighed sadly…

“I wish your mother was alive to share this special moment with you both, i love you sweethearts!!”he hugged gracious and dawn so tightly, like he never wanted to let them go.

“Can i steal her for a moment?”gracious blushed, as ji-ho pulled her to himself.

“You deserve the world, and all the good things it has to offer. I love you gracious, and so much!”he lifted her in the air, and excitedly twirled her in the air, she smiled for the best.

This might be the end of the story, but be well informed, it’s just the beginning of their story together.


Thanks for joining me in this amazing ride famz, and coming this far, sarangae 🥰.

What’s your saddest scene?.

Funniest scene?.

Favourite scene?.

Who will you miss the most?

Say something please, lemme blush 🥹

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