November 29, 2021

A Wife For My Son episode 16 – 17




โœ๏ธโœ๏ธ Sharon obasi โœ๏ธโœ๏ธ
(This very chapter contains sยฃxual content,๐Ÿ”žโœ๏ธ).

He suckled on her [email protected] from one to the other,he moved his mouth from her [email protected] and trailed kisses along her belly to her pvssy.
A m0an escaped her lips again;
“Oh David!”

She thought she had actually enjoyed countless sยฃx before,it just dawned on her that there’s a big difference between fvcking and making love.

She was overwhelmed with emotion.
She never thought someone can be able to take so much pleasure within.

She couldn’t take it anymore,she mindlessly made to stand up but David didn’t give her a chance,he was quick to crush his lips on hers,he slipped his tongue deliberately into her mouth and felt her squirm as he took her left n!pole and squeezed gently.

He slid his tongue from her mouth to her neck and slowly moved it to the hollow of her [email protected]
He wanted to taste every bit of her.

He was so hard,his d!ck almost tore his pants as it pressed on her lower abdomen.
He rose quickly and tore his clothes off,his eyes piercing hers.

When she tore her eyes from his to look down his [email protected] body,her eyes widened.
He was just as horny as she’s wโ‚ฌt.

“This is what you have been doing to me Diana, from the very first day I set my eyes on you,I wanted you,I tried fighting what I feel for you but I think I wasn’t strong enough to send you away,I would have come looking for you because I love you”he said as he joined her on the bed.


slid down her cheek.
Will he be able to take the truth?
“Take me now!”she pleaded as more tears ran down her cheeks.

“What’s the problem Diana?”he asked as he used his thumb to wipe her tears off.

“Nothing,I just didn’t expect this……”

He crushed his lips on hers and knocked the breath out of her;

He slowly slipped inside her just then while his lips where still on hers and his hands did magic to her [email protected],he thrusted at a slow pace,……easy,steady and careful at first.

He increased his thrusts bit by bit until he lost control of his mind.
He plunged deeper and his thrusts became faster and harder.

She lifted her arms and wound it round his neck,then pulled him to deepen the kiss.

A m0an made to escape her lips but it’s caught up and it died in her throat.
The ecstasy is too much to take in.


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David!.”she shrieked.

“Yeah b-baby…am coming!!!”

Their bodies cried for release.His name on her mouth was a combination of plea and approval as they reached orgasm.

He fell limbly on her soft body and gasped in air,his eyes tightly closed.Heat dripped all over his body,he wondered if his AC is still working.

He slid off her body and fluttered his eyes open,she wasn’t moving and her eyes are closed.

What?..she was groaning, m0aning and calling out his name,now she’s all quiet,he’s not even sure she’s breathing…..

“Diana?!!”he called loudly as he placed a finger on her heart to feel her pulse.

She bursted into laughter.

“Gosh…you scared me!”he said kissing her lips lightly.

“You always do that to me……,you knocked breath out of me !”she replied still laughing.

“You were awesome baby”he complimented as he played with her n!poles.

“Can you please stop doing that?!”she said pushing his hand away.

“Mmm…it’s so soft”he acted like a little baby as he teased her [email protected] with his tongue.

“If you keep doing that,there won’t be any milk left for our babies”she joked smiling at his reaction.

“Babies?!”he eyed her contemtiously.

“Oh yes babies!…don’t you want one?”she asked.

Diana rose quickly and climbed untop of him,he seemed surprised at first,he didn’t expect her to do that.

She sat down on him and rocked him slowly.
He closed his eyes and answered;

“I want many….how many would you want us to have… yee-yee”
She felt his d*ck hard on her butt with that little teasing.

She smiled at what she’s doing to him.
He made to stand up and take control,but she pushed her down and placed her palms on her chest.


worry honey, I want to show you what I can do”she said turning to take him with both hands before replying his formal question;”I want us to have as many as you want honey”

She rocked him with her palms,he rose quickly before she got a chance to push him down again,he lifted her up and placed her on him.
They moved rhythmically.
Slow. steady…

She stood and turned to face him again.
She sat herself directly on him and buried her fingers in his hair and placed his head between her [email protected] as she drove him mad with her moves.

She’s in control.
His arms circled her waist possessively.
He lifted his face to look at her face,she smiled at him as she bent to kiss his lips.

“You are too dangerous Diana”he smirked.

“I know right?!!”she said and pushed herself deeper…..

“Ouch….jeeez!!”he groaned and turned to take control,in a second,he’s the one in control as he thrusted quick and furiously into her.
They cried out each others name.

“This is what you want right?!!”he asked and pulled her legs widely apart as he plunged deeper.

“David please!!!!”she cried out .
His lips captured hers roughly and his tongue skittered all over her face hungrily.
Taking. Exploring. Tasting. Savouring her inside out.

Their mouths separated for just a second, giving them both enough time to gasp in air, before once again he claimed her lips.

She jerked against him crying for more.
So much more she cried for release.
The climax came quick and fast.
He slid off her and landed on his back on the bed.
They fought for breath.

They didn’t move for six minutes…
David lifted his head and placed it carefully on his palm as he looked at her face.
He planted a kiss on her forehead,she squirmed.

She’s already asleep,she looked more like a sleeping baby.
She’s his angel.
He rose and threw the sheets up to her shoulder length.

He watched her sleep for somewhile before planting another kiss on her lips,she smiled.

His stomach growled, that’s when he stood to go find food .

They didn’t eat much before his sister’s call.
He looked at the wall clock when he was about opening the kitchen door.

“12:22 am!”…he couldn’t believe it’s so late.
They have made love for almost four hours.


Diana thought the noise she’s hearing is in her dreamland.
She drifted slowly from sleep.
And behold !;

David’s phone is ringing.
She stretched her hand to take the phone beside David.
She looked to see the caller.

Mom is written boldly on the caller ID.

“Hello..good morning Mom “she said when she picked up, yawning heavily.

“Diana dear how’s your night?”Maggie’s voice came weakly from the other side.

“Awesome night Mom,and yours?!”she said with a sleeping voice.

“Good,sorry that I disturbed you last night and now this morning!… I actually called to inform you guys that I was discharged this morning and the doctor requested to treat me from home”she explained.

“It’s fine Mom,but don’t you think it’s better you stay in the hospital?”she asked sitting beside David who’s still very much asleep.

“Well…I hate the hospital, David knows that”

“Oh. Okay..hope you are fit this morning?”

“Yeah…is he around there?”Maggie asked referring to David.

“No..”she replied fast .
If she said ‘yes’ she’s sure they’re going to put facts together and know what transpired between them last night.

“Who’s that baby?”David’s voice broke the thought skittering through her mind and she could swear that Maggie is jumping in jubilation right now….

“Is that David?…did you two share the same bed?!”she felt enthusiastic about it.

Diana signaled at David and his eyes widened.

He took the phone from her and started explaining;


mom…that’s not it… I came to check…no..i actually wanted to tell her that am ready to leave for work..that’s all”

Diana laughed silently as she watched him try to deny whatever Maggie’s mind is whispering to her right now.



Chapter 17๐ŸคžโœŒ๏ธ

โœ๏ธ Sha Ron โœ๏ธ

David threw the phone on the bed and ran into his personal bathroom.

Diana took the phone to check if Maggie has cutted the line before picking up their clothes.

She ran downstairs [email protected] and found her way to the bathroom.

She will do their laundry later.


“Tricia you won’t believe what am about to tell you?!”Maggie said sitting on a stool in the kitchen.

Tricia’s making tea for their breakfast.She never allows anybody make tea for her.

“What Mom, isn’t it too early to start gossiping?!”she replied as she went on tiptoe to get two tea cups from the upper entwined cupboards.

“And it’s too early to start with me!…just guess what and stop being nosy!”Maggie snapped.

“Not good in that”Tricia snorted.

She handed her mother a cup full of tea and sat down on one of the kitchen stools.

“David”Maggie started,she took a sip of her tea and held it between her two palms,”David and Diana shared the same bed last night”she announced as if her life depended on it.

“Mmmm…how did you know?”Tricia asked almost throwing up the tea in her mouth.

“I called David, Diana received the call and I also heard David’s voice,he called her baby…am sure I heard that,he even tried to deny it”Maggie said dreamily.

“Mom how sure are you about that?…reverse must have been the case!”she said rolling her eyes.

“Are you saying that am lying?”Maggie asked dryly.

“No,I didn’t say that,you said it….you have got to stop putting facts together in your head,I trust Diana” she drained her cup of tea and threw it inside the wash basin.

Maggie looked at her scornfully at what she did to the cup.
“Do you actually want to break all my cups before you learn how to stand and go closer to washbasin before keeping a cup carefully in it!”

“Mom this one didn’t break”she made a baby face.

“Oh actually want it to break before you do the right thing?!!”Maggie asked giving her a heavy knock her on her head,she jumped off the stool and shifted miles away from her mother’s before sitting again.

“Mmmm…Mom this is painful!”she winced in pain.

“Oh sorry my baby….is that what you want to hear?!…idiot!”Maggie snapped as she drained her own tea.

She signaled her to come take the cup.
Tricia took the cup and made to throw it again..
“Tricia if you dare …….!….”

“Don’t worry Mom, I don’t want to receive another knock!”she said laughing as she went closer to the basin and dropped the cup in.

“Useless thing,you are playing around with me huh!”Maggie said admix laughter.

They stopped laughing when they heard David’s voice, they looked at each other and changed their expression just then.

Maggie’s mood turned to that of a weak and sick woman, Tricia’s looked dull and worried.

David and Diana were sitted but they abruptly stood up worriedly as they saw Maggie walking slowly down the stairs while Tricia held her to avoid slipping down.

Diana went to them and helped them walk down the remaining stairs.

“How are you feeling Mom?”Diana was asking.

David watched them sit, Maggie in the middle,the younger ladies at each side of her.
He sat cross-legged opposite them.
“Mom..why do you have to leave the hospital?”he asked looking at her gloomy face.

“You should know how much I hate the hospital with it’s smells..gosh.. I will die if I stayed up till now in that hospital”she said weakly.

Tricia looked at her Mom with disdainful eyes,she covered it with her long lashes so David wouldn’t see it,she stretched her left arm from her mother’s back and pinched Diana.

They exchanged looks that is only understandable to the three women.
The only man in the house didn’t notice the gesture.

“That’s not excuse enough,and Tricia you were there too,why did you allow her get herself discharged?!”

“Well…she insisted and there’s no way I would have tied her in the hospital”Tricia said exactly what came up to her mind.

“Can you please stop shouting David and let’s talk more responsibly!”Maggie said feigning a headache.

“Sorry …but that’s important as well”he said more coolly now.

“How have you too been?”Maggie asked weakly as she looked at Diana.

The woman she’s seeing seems like a satisfied woman that enjoyed herself last night, who are they trying to confuse?, Maggie’s heart jumped in joy.

“Been alright”he managed with a deadly look on his face.

“Well..ehm..have you taken any medication this morning?”Diana threw in.

“Yes…the doctor gave her enough medicine to last for today until she comes tomorrow”Tricia replied.

“Mom I’m actually on my way to work, I just thought I should come check on you before leaving”David said standing.

“That’s a good idea sweetie,have a good day at work..but Diana is staying”Maggie said looking up at him.

“Whatever….bye”he murmured walking towards the door.

“Hey! Baby girl…what’s up”Tricia shouted when they heard David’s car leave.
Diana bursted into laughter.

“Mom tell me,what’s going on,are you really sick or are you making this all up?!”Diana asked looking at the older woman smiling at her.

“I don’t think there’s an answer to that question!”Maggie replied laughing.

“Jeez!…don’t tell me what the doctor told Daniel is a lie as well?!”Diana laughed.

“Well”Tricia snorted wrapping her arms around her mother’s neck playfully.

“Mom am sorry to say this but I must confess that’s a very stupid thing to do”Diana said looking sternly at them.

“Yeah,but that stupid thing is the only thing that moves David!”Maggie said grinning.

“Wow….well…damn right about that!”Diana shrugged her shoulders blushing.

“Hey!…don’t tell me what mom said is true!”Tricia snapped wide eyed.

“And what did she say?”Diana looked from one to the other.

“That you and David slept together last night on his bed!”Tricia said even though her mother is shushing her.

“I shouldn’t have taken that call this morning,I went to wake him up and saw his phone ringing,I thought it right to pick it since mom’s the one calling,that’s all”Diana lied avoiding their eyes.

“That’s a different story from what David said earlier this morning,he was talking about being the one who actually checked on you”Maggie whined.

She’s not ready to succvmb to her words, she doesn’t even know how to tell a good lie.

“That’s just about the same”Diana said lowly as she relaxed on her sit and folded her arms on her stomach.

It’s crazy trying to deny what the woman can see with her eyes right?!!..

Arguing with Maggie is something someone in her right mind wouldn’t want to do.
She could now understand why David is running away from their beautiful family house.

Tricia seems to be the only one who enjoys her mother’s company,they are just about the same in every aspect of their behavior.

“Diana?”Maggie called after some minutes of silence.

“Yeah?”she answered.
Tricia took the television remote control and switched on the television set.

“Tell me about your boyfriend…is it something serious or just a mere relationship?”

“Mom that’s one stupid question to ask!”Tricia chipped in as she sought through the channels.

They ignored her uninvited intrusion.

“Why asking?”Diana asked raising an eyebrow.

“Just wanna know”she said pouting her mouth.

“Well…I can’t say it’s serious but I like it the way it is”she replied looking at the television.

“Today is really gonna be boring!”Tricia came in with a glassy look.

“Can’t you go find something useful to do except being nosy!!”

“I’m going to go get married!”Tricia said laughing at her mother’s expression.

“It will be a huge thing to do, Agnes’ daughter is getting married soon, isn’t she your mate?!..keep making me angry,I will sell you off soon!”Maggie said and they bursted into laughter.


“Hey man,how’s your mother doing?”Harry asked sitting down.He had followed him with his car and they just got into David’s office together.

“Fine!”He sat down as well and looked at the docvments on his desk.

“You don’t seem happy about it..what’s up?”

“Nothing…gosh Harry I don’t know how to explain this to you!”

“Start somewhere man!…common?”

“I…I…jeez!… forget about it man!”

“You must talk today or no work !”Harry said feigning seriousness.

“Wait!…are you threatening me in my office?!…upon my own explanation?! are ready to fvck off you asshole!”……..

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