All The Wrong Places

All the wrong places episode 14



That morning, the signals had been restored when they
woke up. After dressing up, Jin called the security to rescue
them from the glass house. He escorted her back to her
room. They were both quiet, each one lost in their own

Before she went to her room, she thanked him and he
just nodded at her. The look on his face was serious,
somewhat dark and humorless, and she had no idea what
was going on in his mind. He looked different from the man
she slept with last night. He looked cold and reserved now
when he had been so unguarded last night.
As soon as she got inside her room, she checked her
phone for messages or missed calls. There was none. She
decided to call Adrienne.
“Is Jared okay?”
“Yeah. How about you? Everything okay? Is the
weather better there?”

“Yeah. I’m coming home,” she replied.
“Okay, no worries. Everything is under control here.
We’re doing fine. Jared is doing fine,” Adrienne assured her.
“Thank you, Yen. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to
work these long hours. But I’m a single mom and I have to
work doubly hard for Jared’s future.”
“Don’t feel guilty about it, Ian,” Adrienne said to her.
“You’re a superwoman. Not many women can do what you
do, being a father and a mother for your kid at the same
“I will do anything for Jared,” Julianne said firmly. “He
deserves the best. I grew up having the best things in life. I
want my child to lack for nothing.”
“You’re doing a good job, Ian. We all think so,”
Adrienne said. “Anyway, I need to go. I’m cooking. Justin is
craving for some stroganoff.”
“Don’t you have at least two cooks?” Julianne teased.

“We do. But you know, I’m the cook that Justin liked
best. So, I have to finish this before he comes home from his
“Okay, go. I’ll see you later.”
After taking a long bath, Julianne dressed in a long-
sleeved turtleneck sweater. She was thankful that she
brought it because she needed to cover a great deal of skin
around her neck and shoulder area. They were full of kiss
marks—courtesy of Jin Starck!
Then she took a concealer and foundation to cover the
bruise near her lip—the one that Patrick gave her.
A few minutes after, she heard a knock on her door. It
was room service. Jin had sent breakfast for her.

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eating, she packed all her bags, ready to go. The
weather was calmer now and the storm had passed.
The roads were clearer and she called Justin’s driver
to pick her up. The sooner she got out of this place, the
sooner she could clear her head. She still could not wrap her
head around the fact that she had slept with Jin Starck—
She decided to go down to the reception to settle her
bill. She waited while they checked out her room. The lady
at the reception looked confused when she looked at her
screen. Then she picked up the phone to talk to her
manager. After a minute she turned to her and said, “You’re
clear, Miss Sanders.”


I haven’t paid yet.”
“Well, there is no bill,” she said. “The room that you
stayed in was not supposed to be rented out. So, we can’t
bill it from the system.”
“What do you mean it’s not supposed to be rented
“I’m saying that room personally belongs to Mister
Starck. And you are his guest. So, we can’t bill you. You can
take it up with him, if you wish.”
“Alright,” Julianne said, shaking her head slightly.
“We hope you enjoyed your stay with us,” she smiled
at her brightly.
She took her bag and walked to the front entrance to
wait for her driver. She would find a way to thank Jin later.
As she waited for her car, Jin suddenly appeared
beside her. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a black
hooded jacket. His hair still looked damp from the shower.

Without a word, he took the bag she was carrying in
her hand.
“Wait, what are you doing?” she asked.
A green Ferrari stopped in front of them. Instead of
replying, Jin handed her bag to the valet and then he
opened the car’s passenger door.
“Get in,” he said.
“No. I have my own ride, thank you very much.”
“Yeah, you do. Me,” he said. “Get in.”
“No. I’m waiting for my driver to come.”
“And he’s not coming. I told Adrienne that since I’m
here as well, and on the way to their house, I could drive
you home instead. She agreed,” he explained. Then he
motioned for her to get into the car. “So, will you get in by
yourself or will you need me to carry you?”
Julianne groaned as she got inside the car. When Jin
started driving, she looked out the window and refused to
look at him.


/> She had no doubt that Adrienne was ecstatic when Jin
offered to drive her home. After all, they’re like one family.
Well, how was Adrienne to know that the nephew-in-
law that she so adored was actually related to her, not just
by affinity, but by blood?
This is screwed up!
She felt Jin touch her hand. He gave it a gentle
“Relax, Arabella. I don’t bite,” he said. “Well… except
in bed.”
She glared at him and to her surprise he just laughed.
He pulled her hand towards his lips and gave it a gentle
“You smell good,” he whispered. “Like last night.”
“Jin…” She snatched her hand away from him. “Can
we just…”
“What? Forget what happened last night?” he asked,
cutting her off. He raised a brow at her.

“You’re crazy if you think I will forget what happened
between us last night, ma belle,” he said.
“But didn’t we agree this morning that no one can
know about this? And that it can’t happen again? For the
sake of our families?”
He raised a brow at her for a brief moment and then
he looked straight ahead on the road.
“Yeah, I heard you saying that. But I do not remember
agreeing, ma belle,” he said.
“Jin Starck!” she raised her voice as she glared at him.
He chuckled, “See? Just now, I think you’re the fiercest
and most beautiful creature on earth,” he said. “No. Sorry. I
can’t promise what you ask of me.”
She sighed in frustration. “This is so screwed up.”

“You’re Adrienne’s brother! I’m Justin’s cousin! You’re
a hotel magnate. I’m a nobody. You’re supposed to be
engaged to some hotel heiress! I am raising a son on my
own. This is very complicated,” she groaned. “And you…
you’re a… monster! You have a heart of stone, if you have a
heart at all! You have no regard for other people’s emotions,
especially women. You don’t do relationships. Everything is
temporary with you. What we did last night, was just a one night stand. Nothing more. We have no future. I know you
that much.” She paused to take a breath. Then she
continued, “It’s better to stop this now… before we end up
hurting each other. Before we end up hurting Justin and
“Adrienne loves you very much! She’s been through a
lot with her previous family. She waited so long to have a
family like yours. And Justin will kill for Adrienne, you know
that. But my brother and my cousins will kill for me too.”
She shook her head. “You’ve decided to marry Vanessa
Bernard to fulfill your promise to your parents. Choose
another playmate, Jin. If you love your sister that much… if
you respect Justin at all… please. Not me.” She bit her lower
lip to help hold back the tears from rolling down her cheeks.

He was quiet all throughout her monologue. He was
looking ahead on the road and Julianne wasn’t even sure if
he had already tuned her out, or if anything she said went
through his head at all.
“I think last night is another secret we should bury
with us. Along with our past.”
He still didn’t say anything, but she noticed his grip on
the steering wheel tighten. His brows were drawn together
and the look on his face was sullen.
“Jin…” she whispered.
He didn’t reply.
“Jin…” she said a little louder.
Finally, he took a deep breath. But instead of replying
to her request, he said, “Rest for a while, Arabella. It’s a
long drive home.”
That’s it? Did any of the words I say even get through
to him?
She sighed and then she leaned back on her seat. She
decided to let it go. She said her piece. He was a smart man
who already had his future drawn out. He knew what was
best for all of them. He loved his sister very much. He knew
the right thing to do—for the sake of everybody.

To avoid further arguments, she closed her eyes and
pretended to sleep. After a while, she was no longer
pretending. The next thing she knew, Jin was tapping her
cheek lightly. When she sat up on her seat, he was looking
ahead, avoiding her eyes.
“We’re here,” he informed her.
They have reached the Adams’s Mansion. Jin went out
of the car and opened the passenger door for her.
“Thanks,” she murmured.
He nodded. “Go ahead,” he said. “Obviously, we can’t
walk up there side by side and look like we enjoyed that car
ride together.”
“Go, ma belle,” he said in a firm but gentle tone. “I’ll
come up shortly.” He took her bag from the trunk. She held
out her hand to get her bag. He shook his head. “I’ll hand
this over to your maid.”
“I can carry my own bag,” she argued.
“I know,” he said evenly. “I just don’t want you to.”

“Go, ma belle! I’m sure Jared missed you!”
“Mommy!” She heard her son call out to her. She
turned towards the direction of his voice.
Jared was descending the front steps. He was wearing
a pair of jeans and a black hooded shirt. He ran to Julianne
and she caught him in her arms.
“I missed you!” he said. “You said you were going to
be quick! You didn’t come home for two days!”
“I know, sweetheart. I’m sorry. I was working and then
there was a horrible storm. The roads were terrible,” she
“I wish you didn’t have to work all the time,” he said,
pouting. “How come Aunt Adrienne doesn’t work at all?
She’s always here with us?”
“Because…” she started but she trailed off, not quite
knowing how to explain to a six-year-old the concept of single parenthood.

“Because Uncle Justin has to work for the family,
kiddo,” Jin interrupted behind them. “Your mom has to do
what Uncle Justin and Aunt Adrienne do all at the same
“Uncle Jin!” Jared beamed, finally noticing Jin’s
presence behind them.
Jared released Julianne and threw himself in Jin’s arms.
Jin caught him, lifting him off his feet.
“You get heavier each day, sweetheart!” Jin said.
Seeing them together was giving Julianne a headache.
They looked so much like each other, it was a wonder no
one ever mentioned their uncanny resemblance. It was an
even bigger mystery why Jin didn’t even ask her who Jared’s
father was.
“Are you going to stay here?” Jared asked.
“Ummm… I might,” Jin replied.
“Really? Will you sleep in my room again? Like the last

The last time? What the hell?
Julianne stared at Jin in disbelief. He glanced her way
briefly and she took that moment to raise a questioning
brow at him.
What was Jared talking about?
Instead of explaining, Jin turned to Jared and chuckled.
He tickled him and said, “I thought we agreed that was
going to be our secret.”
Jared’s eyes widened. “Oh no! Will that get you into
trouble, Uncle Jin?”
“I think so,” Jin replied. “But I’ll deal with it later.
Come! You promised to show me some drawings when I
came back, remember?”
“Yes! I drew so many things! I used the pens you gave
me,” Jared said excitedly. “Come on, I’ll show you!” Jin put
him down on his feet. Jared took his hand and started pulling him towards the house. He turned to Julianne and
said, “Later, Mom!”
“Jin!” Julianne hissed at Jin as Jared started dragging
him away.
Jin turned to her and said, “Later, Mom!” mimicking
Jared, and effectively avoiding her inquisitions.
What the hell was that about?
Julianne watched them walk up the steps and
disappeared into the house. She could hear her son’s
excited voice and Jin’s laughter. They look so much alike.

And until now, Julianne didn’t realize how close they were.
When did Jin Starck sleep in my son’s bedroom? More
importantly… why?
She went up the steps and entered the house. She
was met by Viktor, the butler.
“Good day, Miss Julianne. Happy to have you back,”
he greeted.
“Thanks, Viktor,” Julianne said. “Everything well while
I was gone?”
“Yes. While you were gone,” Viktor replied.
“And now?”
Viktor shrugged.

“What is it, Viktor?”
“It’s not my place to say. But… Mister Justin and Mister
Jac has a… er… important guest in the tea room now.”
Julianne studied Viktor’s face. He looked uncertain and
she got even more curious.
Viktor was hesitant to reply.
“Who?” she repeated.
Finally, Viktor took a deep breath and replied, “Your
And just like that, Julianne’s heart started beating fast
before it dropped to her feet, and she felt another urge to

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