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Allison’s diary episode 12


(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Jonas POV✏
My gaze stayed unwavering on her, lots of thoughts running through my mind and at the same time doubting I heard her right.
Her stare didn’t leave me either and after the long silence that might’ve seemed rather strange to her, she raised an eyebrow up, her palm caressing the sides of the cup. She tore her gaze off, bringing it ahead and wearing a sad face. She gave me a glance, probably in hope and quickly I gave her a nod, a not-really convincing nod. She gave me a brief smile and stood up.
“I should go now, I’m starting to get sleepy” she said.
“Y-yeah, same here” I said, setting the cup aside and standing up as well.
She walked to the door, opened it and stepped out.
“Goodnight” I said as she began walking away.
She paused, “yeah, goodnight” she said and walked out..
I closed my door and rested my back briefly on it, letting out a very audible sigh.
The next day, Allison was out before I could call her and she assisted in getting the table ready for breakfast. After breakfast, we both settled on the couch.
On Allison’s request, I fetched my laptop, connected the wireless USB drive and played the video, the screen was blank for a few moment and then it came up with exactly the same scene as it had the other day.
Gavin pulled on the mask, I glanced at Allison to read her expression and I found deep curiosity fixed on her face and with a sort of impatience.
“The volume-
Allison was about saying.
“Oh right!” I cut her statement off and increased the volume
Gavin stood in front of us. “Where’s-
“He forgot something in his car so he took an excuse to take it” Zoe answered and I needed no one to tell me they were talking about me.
“Indeed” Shane scoffed, taking off his mask and Trevor followed; bearing the same mockery look on his face.
I walked in and the camera moved to me, revealing my whole self and letting my heart take an unusual leap. Unconsciously, I glanced at Allison but she didn’t seem to suspect anything as her expression didn’t falter. Gavin gave me a scolding look.

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“Anthony McDowell, first vice president of the Lambskin company” Gavin started, giving a picture to each of the member. “He’s the target. My rival and of course, enemy. Diego plans on giving the ownership of one of his biggest company’s to either of us that he feels is *more competent* and it’s going to be by vote. He’s such an asshole, I know” he laughed hysterically and briefly. “But that isn’t an issue, the issue is that I feel Anthony is more loved in the company than I am, even by Diego, I mean he chose him to he his first vice president even when I was there so it’s pretty obvious that he prefers him to me and damn, I hate being in second place but then, the best part is, I want Lambskin for myself and for that to happen, I want Anthony executed” he said plainly and Allison suddenly gasped..
“Anthony McDowell?! They killed him?!”
“You know him?” I asked.
“Yes..I mean no but I’ve seen him on TV. I heard he died on his way to a charity event..he killed Anthony! Oh my goodness!” She said in exasperation. “And he’s Anthony’s competitor!” She added sadly.

“Lambskin will be going on it’s annual charity function. And I heard that Anthony is going to try to steal the spot by acting all flawless in a bid to get the people on his side. I want him dead before he does that and it won’t be like the usual way-
The video suddenly began shaking and almost immediately, a big palm covered the screen, I noticed some prints of blue ink on it and it was kind of illegible , I suspected the video was coming to an end but Allison quickly paused it, inching her head closer to the screen.

“I think there’s some writing on that palm” Allison informed me and I nodded. “Can you zoom it?” She asked. I nodded and used the mouse to zoom the picture, it became more large and the message got a little clear but it was enough.
On his palm was an incomplete phone number and a very short message beside it..
❣️Allison’s POV ❣️
‘The last two digits are your favorite number, Sam’ the brief message read and absently, I gave Jonas a questioning look.
“Sam?” He repeated and I stared back at the screen, as if giving me a hint, I peered closer at it, my mind recollecting.
“Sam..uel” I said and looked at Jonas. “My dad, his name was Samuel. Could it be him?” I asked rhetorically.
“Do you know his favorite number?” He asked.
“I-I don’t know but I can try. Can I use your phone?”
“Sure” he said and fetched his phone, I studied the number and dialed it on his phone. I remember dad telling me he loved having five slices of toast cos he has a special likeness for the number and he had always stuck to it. I added ‘5’ to the dialed number and on instinct and a bit on recalling, I assumed the last number to be ‘9’. I called it and placed the phone on my ear. It began ringing.
“It’s ringing” I told Jonas. It rang for a while.
“Yes, who’s this?” An impatient voice answered.
“Uh..m-my name is Allison, I’m Samuel’s daughter and-
“Samuel?” He cut me off coldly. “I don’t know who that is!”
“But I was t-
“I don’t know who the fvck that is, you’re not deaf!” He cut me off loudly and disconnected the call.
“Some psycho” Jonas said irritably and I nodded, letting out a soft sigh.
“Let me switch the numbers,” I said and switched the last two numbers, I clicked on the call button and it began ringing, I put it on speaker. Almost immediately, it got answered but no word was said. Ten seconds passed..
“Hello?” I said. “My name is Allison, I’m Samuel’s daughter” I said but got nothing in response.
“Took you long enough,” a cold voice said, more like mumbled and it came with some sort of relief.
“What?” I asked, unsure.
“Guillermo Town. Reine’s road, block 35. Passcode is the last four digits of this number. 1pm. Come alone” he said and immediately the call disconnected.
I took the phone down from my ear and gave Jonas a look.
“I’m coming with you,” he said and I nodded without hesitation. “Guillermo Town is a four hours drive from here, three hours if we meet a less busy road, we should go now if we want to make it on time” he said, standing up..
“Um.. okay” I stood up and got my jacket, we were out of the house and in his car few minutes after and he began driving to the destination.
The drive went on for hours and Jonas stopped twice at a gas station to fill the tank. We were on the road for hours, more than Jonas had said and the day was gradually fading. Finally, we reached a tarred road and I sight a block with number thirty on it.
“That’s thirty” I informed Melvin and he nodded, it wasn’t up to a minute before we found block 31, 32, 33 and 34 but not thirty five.

My brows curved but Melvin kept driving, we left the road and arrived at an unconstructed one. It was rough with many portholes and dirty, muddy water. It looked deserted and bushes surrounded both sides of the road..
“It should be around here” Jonas said.
“But why should it be hidden? Is he hiding or what?” I asked.
“Probably” Jonas answered. The drive went for an extra hour before we finally found a slum house within the bushes. It had a fading 35 on it and the whole surrounding was as quiet as a graveyard. Jonas stopped the car and got down. Skeptical, I followed and he urged me to go ahead, I stepped into the bush, Jonas at my back and we walked to the house.
It looked more like an abandoned house.
We got to the rusted metal door and it demanded a passcode. Jonas fished out his phone and typed the number and it made a click sound; unlocking.
We arrived in what I’d call a very large sitting room but it was empty. It had a very strong and strangely familiar stench.
“Hello?” I called, looking around but got no response, I repeated the call but got nothing in response. I sight a door and was about moving towards it but Jonas held my wrist, stopping me. I gave him a look and he shook his head negatively and began walking to the door instead but stopped abruptly. I gave him a questioning look but my face straightened at once when I saw a red dot light on his forehead, he must’ve seen it too because his iris was rolled upward. My body froze- it was sniper.

“Uh, please don’t shoot..w-we mean no harm, I think you’re expecting me. I’m Allison, I called-
“Alone” the familiar thick voice cut me off.
“Um..yeah but he’s a friend. We’re really close and I trust him. You too can” I said, my voice pleading.
A brief moment passed and the light lowered. The door opened to reveal a man, fully clad in what I’d say was like an overall, except that this one was thicker. His face was covered as well, only his eyes wasn’t. I noticed thick burns around his eyes and his upper eyelid was glued to a place very close to his eyebrow and when he blinked, that eye didn’t completely close as a part of it was stuck. He walked out of the room to meet us.. Jonas drew me close and held my wrist, giving the guy a suspicious look.
“Uh..um-” I stuttered, developing an unusual feeling.
“Hi,” he said, giving Jonas a look. “I didn’t mean to scare you both, I was just being cautious” he said.
“Cautious about what?” I asked.
“The enemies” he answered and I thought I saw a glint of smile in his eyes.
“Who are you?” Jonas asked and he was quiet for a while.. darting his gaze constantly from Jonas to I.

“I’m Anthony McDowell” he said and I gasped, Jonas eyes dilated in extreme shock.
“W-what?!” He stuttered, his eyes popped wide open.

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