Amaka the house help

Amaka the house help – episode 1

Amaka The House Help

Episode 1

Mama: Amaka! Amaka (her mother’s voice woke her up, she sluggishly stood up from the bed and went outside and saw her elder brother and sister peeling cassava, she hissed and passed them and went to the kitchen to answer her Mum.)
Amaka: Mama you called me?
Mama: yes Madam Chiamaka, i did!
Amaka: good morning (frowns)
Mama: it is now that you remembered to greet?
Amaka: what did i do again?
Mama: come on will you shutup! Your brother and sister that are older than you never replied me in that manner and it is you that is just 16 years old that will do it, try it next time, and I’ll show you what you don’t know, foolish girl!
Amaka: Mama am not foolish!
Mama: chineke, there’s nothing i won’t see in this house, don’t worry, it is because you’re living with me, one day I’ll send you to someone and then you’ll know that people have different life styles.
Amaka: me am not going to stay with anyone oo.
Mama: get out of my sight (she picked her slippers and threw it at her and amaka ran out)
Night came so fast, their father came back from work and instead of amaka to go and help her mother and siblings in the kitchen, she went and sat outside drawing what noone knows on the floor, and suddenly she received a slap on her head and she stood up immediately and saw her father standing there.
Amaka: Papa what did i do?
Papa: you don’t know what you did?
Amaka: did you tell me?
Papa: you’re possessed!
Amaka: i am not!
Papa: come on will you go to the kitchen!
Amaka: am not going!
Papa: then you won’t eat this night.
Amaka: me I’ll eat this night oh.
Papa: we shall see( the old man left her, he later had a discussion with his wife, one of his friends had told him that his son needed a househelp, the man suggested that amaka would go and stay in the city with the guy they were talking about, when they told her, she refused but later agreed saying that she was even tired of staying with her family, they ignored her words and two weeks after the discussion, she left for lagos……


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