Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 9)

Am sorry, you went through so much pain and I assure you that the next time, won’t be painful, that’s when you will start enjoying it, okay?” She finished. “It’s okay Aunty, I understand. What we should be worried about now is what to tell Uncle, he seemed furious earlier and am sure he won’t let this go until he gets to the root of it” I replied. She laughed and told me to forget about her husband, that she will handle him, and in case he tries to talk to me about it, that I should never say a word, “he is a man and he will want me to handle everything while he offers his full support, don’t even think about it”. I nodded in confusion, as I remembered what she told me earlier about next time. Does it mean she will do this to me again? I couldn’t help but ask.
“Aunty, you said next time won’t be this painful, I don’t understand, is there going to be a next time?” “Of course, my baby. We are lovers now and we will always make love anytime we want it. You were a V-rgin that was why the first time was painful, the next one won’t be painful and there won’t be any need for carrot again. Try and get some more rest. Pastor Philip and sis Margaret will be coming over by 5pm to pray for you. He called earlier that my husband told him what happened” I said okay and she left the room.
Later in the evening, the Pastor came, prayed for me and gave me counsel. Sister Margaret was with him. She is also a member of the prayer warriors in church, which my aunty is the leader. She is a very rich lady, married to an oil tycoon and they have four children. Two of her kids attend the same school with me. She told my aunty that she will be coming to see me every evening to talk to me until am healed, so that what happened to me won’t mar me, my aunty agreed.
The next day, I didn’t go to school, I stayed at home as my aunty instructed. She told me to rest for a week before I resume school again. I didn’t do any house chores; my aunty did everything and even brought me breakfast on bed. I was still eating breakfast when I heard a car drive into the compound, I looked out through my window, it was Sis Margaret, I was surprised. I remembered she said she would always come around in the evenings, I wondered what was doing here by this time. Shortly after, she walked into the room with my aunty, with an olive oil in hand.
“Good morning ma!” I greeted her, “morning, my love. How are you feeling this morning?” “I feel better now” I replied. Very good! I know you are a strong girl, now come and give me a hug” she said, as she dropped the olive oil she was holding and spread out her hands. I got up and reluctantly hugged her. My aunty stood there smiling at us. Sis Margaret held on to me longer than I expected and I began to wonder when she would release her hold on me, but instead, she turned my face and k-ssed me on the l-ips, I tried to push her away, but……..
To be continued… 
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