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Ayomide episode 6 – finale


(A short story)

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Episode 6 ( The End)

I was sitting down watching a movie when I heard a knock on the door.

I stood up as I went to open the door. I saw my mother in-law and a young girl beside her. The lady was carrying a Ghana must go bag on her head as I was surprised seeing both of them.
It’s been a while that my mother in-law came to check us and I thought this is the surprised she has for me by bringing another Lady into my own matrimonial home.

“This is the Agbeke”, I thought.

You’re welcome ma. I said as I welcomed both of them to the living room.
The young girl was just looking all around the house as she was surprise at what she is seeing, I know she was from the village so I am not surprised.

My mother in-law was just looking at me as she was dumbfounded, she did not know what to saw. It seems I am not the one, I sat down as I face my movie that I was watching. I did not even bother to ask her what I should offered her. It is now my turn to show her that my God is more than able.

She did not even bother to ask for anything, she was just looking at me, I noticed her as I just face my movie.

The young lady she brought put her bag on the chair beside her.

” Please, can you help me to put that bag on the floor”, I said to her.

“Okay ma”, she replied.

” Where is that barren, good for nothing wife mama?”, she asked my mother in-law.

My mother in-law did not even answer her as her gaze was just fixed on me, she opened her mouth while still looking at me.

“Mama, please close your mouth ma”, I said respectfully.

” Okay, my dear”, she replied.

“Where is she mama?”,the lady asked again.

” Please don’t disturb me and keep quiet, can’t you see with your eyes”, she replied her angrily.

“Okay oo…”, the lady said as she also face the movie I was watching.

Not too long, my husband came in, he was also surprised seeing mama and I can see his facial expression when he saw a village girl sitting beside his mother.

” Welcome my son”, my mother in-law said.

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I stood up as I hug him and collect his briefcase.

“Darling welcome, how was work?”, I said.

” Welcome dear, and how’re you doing, hope my baby is kicking? “, my husband replied me as he put his ear on my big stomach.

” Yes dear”, I said smiling as I went to drop his briefcase.

“And who is this mama?”, he asked his mother.

” This is Agbeke, the wife I told you I will bring for you from our village, the hunter’s daughter that is in front of our house”

My husband burst into laughter, I was smiling where I was also as I lift up my eyes and thank the God that knows no impossibility.
I remember my what Doctor Joy, my friend said the other time when I went to check myself at her hospital.

“I’m sorry, you’ve malaria”, she said.

I stopped smiling as I thought it will be pregnancy. I almost burst into tears.

” Malaria? “, I asked, drops of tears almost coming from my eyes.

” You better stop crying and start rejoicing “, Doctor Joy said.

” What do you mean Joy,and you know what I’m expecting, you said I have malaria, so I should be rejoicing abi…that I thought you will say I’m pregnant… Please just leave me oo “, I replied.

” Anyway my dear, congratulations, you’re four weeks pregnant

I did as if I did not hear what she says.

“Joy, please if it is play, just stop it, tell me the test result jor”

“I said you’re four weeks pregnant, look at the result here”, she stood up from her chair as she showed me the test result.

Immediately I saw the result, I cried the more.

” After all these years “, I said crying.

” Stop crying dear…you need to thank God…”

“Joy…you cannot understand… I know what I’ve passed through… I know what I’ve faced….I know how I have been humiliated… I know how I have been disgraced… Oh my God”, I wept the more.

” It’s alright dear, we need to rejoice, this class for celebration, but don’t forget to come and register for antenatal so that we can monitor your progress”

“Okay dear, thank you very much, I am really grateful”, I said amidst tears as I left her office.

My joy knew no bound as I drove home that day…I was just thinking how to break the news to my husband.

I got home and I met Daniel at the sitting room, he was reading a book.

” How should I break this news ooo”, I said within myself.

“Dear, how was the place you went to?”, Daniel asked.

” It was okay dear”, I replied casualty, hiding the joy within me.

“Alright sweetheart, everything will be alright”, he said facing his book.

” Guess what dear?”, I said as I collect the boon from his hand.

“You know I am not good at guessing, so pleas tell me”

“Anyway as you’re looking at me like this, I AM FOUR WEEKS PREGNANT!”, I said.

Daniel did not allow me to finish before he jump on me and hug me…he ran around the house as he was thanking God, tears filled my eyes as I saw that he was also crying.

” Thank you Lord”, he was just saying that all around.

We cannot sleep that night as he was constantly checking on me to be sure all is well. He was just touching my stomach and sometimes he will put his ear on my stomach.

“What is it now?”, I said smiling as I carry his head up.

” I was checking if the baby is there now”, he replied.

“Funny you”, we both laughed.

” Mama, as you can see, my wife will soon give birth, her EDD is next week, so there’s no need for any Agbeke in this house “, my husband replied his mother.

“So what will I do now?”, Agbeke said to my mother in-law.

” That is not my own problem, you will know how to get back to where you come from tonight “, my husband replied.

” But she did not know the way back”, my mother in-law said.

“Then maybe you should take her back…you can come when we want to do the naming ceremony at least you did not expect it and God has show you that He is still on the throne, that He still answers prayers”, my husband said.

My mother in-law stood up with Agbeke and they both went back to the village, I was just looking at them. I did not know whether to laugh or to cry, all what I was doing was just to give thanks to God that did not put me to shame.

I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and on the naming ceremony I specially named him AYOMIDE ( My Joy has come). After years of tears, prayers, humiliation, disgrace but at the end God vindicated me and gave me Joy.

My mother in-law and Precious came to beg me during the naming ceremony, I forgive them because I know they did not know what they are doing.

I told them it pays to stay with God, it pays to wait on God and one should not run more than his Shadow.

Thank you very much for reading my story and I pray that the God that gave me joy will always give you Joy, that you will laugh last, that you will smile again.

Only hold on to God…don’t give up…don’t let the devil deceive you…you will laugh last.

Wait on God…be strong…be courageous… Be bold…you will get there…God will make your vision come through.. You will laugh last.


You can share this story to encourage someone passing through a difficult situation out there but please give credit to the writer.

God bless you.

Written by Oluwaseyi Obisesan

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