Bad Boys B-Kay High

Bad boys b-kay high episode 22 – 23

( Crazy Cinderellas… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



“You don’t have legs?” Richmond asked, looking questioningly at Kingsley

” The doctor told me in her presence that i should always bring my arm for treatment, and for the fact that she’s the one who invited the doctor, she should be responsible for taking me” Kingsley replied

” Kingsley I’m sure you can go by yourself” Jewel said

” No, take me or I won’t go” he replied

” Damn, Kingsley you’re…. something else” Jewel said and grabbed his ear

” Ouch!, Witch that hurts!’ Kingsley winced as she pulled him by the ear and took him out of the place

Pearl had to hide when she saw them coming

“Witch my ear!” Kingsley continued shouting as she took him out of the place holding his ear

Richmond sighed and climbed up from the base, he saw the back view of a girl leaving hurriedly through the door and wondered who it might be

He stopped for a while and thought about what just happened

“Is Kingsley… into her?” He wondered


Luckily no student saw how Jewel pulled Kingsley by his ear to the clinic, maybe because classes are already on and students aren’t in the corridors

They got to the front of the clinic and she let go of his ear

“Are you crazy?, How can you pull my ear like that?” Kingsley said, rubbing his ear that’s now red

” Cos you deserve it, must I be the one to take you?” She replied

“Of course, what were you talking with Richmond about anyways?” He said

” None of your business” Jewel replied

” I’m still your senior, show some respect when I ask questions” he replied

” Senior my foot, we’re both eighteen” she replied

” Oh really?, I’m sure you turned eighteen this year” he said

” Yeah, I turned eighteen January 3rd” she replied

“I turned eighteen last year October, I’ll be nineteen next month” he replied

” But for now you’re still eighteen, till next month you’re still same age as me so stop talking about seniority till then” she replied

” Witch” he said

” Jerk” she replied

” Let’s go” he said, leading the way in

“At least I followed you here, go in yourself” she said and started leaving

He looked back and grabbed her hand then started pulling her in forcefully

“Kingsley Brown all these things you’re doing will land you in trouble” she said, following him reluctantly

“Trouble from who?, My parents own the school so I have no trouble to face” he replied

*From me” she replied

“Kicking my balls again or pulling my tie?, Or saying I have a small d*vk?, I’m used to everything” he said

” Whatever” she replied as they entered a ward

He sat on the bed and she breath out hærd

“Stay here, I’ll go get the doctor” she said and left

Kingsley smiled and brought out his phone to check the school blog, the video has been deleted

“Bloody Jenna” he thought as Jewel came in with the doctor

“How’s the arm faring?” He asked

“Getting better” Kingsley replied

Jewel rolled eyes at him and he only looked away

His eyes w¡dened when the doctor brought out a syringe for injection

“You’re gonna use that on me?, I’ll be injected?” He said

” Yes, it’s an antibiotic injection that’ll make it heal fast, I already gave you a shot of it last night” the doctor replied

” I was almost unconscious then but now I’ll be looking at how you’ll inject?, No I can’t” he replied

” Unless you wanna take it as drip, you’ll have to stay for two hours” the doctor said.

Jewel checked the senior class timetable on her phone

“You have three classes within the two hours, are you just going to miss them?, And mind you, I have two classes too, I’m not ready to miss any” she said

” Oh f*ck” Kingsley said

” Injection please” Jewel said and the doctor loaded the syringe with the shot

“I’ll have to do in intravenously on your wrist vein just like last night, it won’t hurt I promise” the doctor said

Kingsley closed his eyes after taking off his shirt, he pointed his arm forward, the doctor found the suitable vein and Immediately he injected the syringe…

“Oh my goodness!!!!!!, My arm is about to cut!!!, This hurts a lot! f*ck you doctor you told me it won’t hurt aaarrrrgg!!” He scre-med

Jewel almost laughed out her intestines and and quickly recorded his video

The shot was supposed to take less than a minute but it took more than three minutes when Kingsley refused to be stable

“This will be my first and last time in this hospital, I’m never coming back” he said as the doctor started applying treatments directly on the wound too, it’s healing up fast

“It won’t scar with all the treatments I applied” the doctor said, dressing it with another bandage after finishing the treatment

He put on his shirt and left the ward first, Jewel followed behind and won’t stop giggling

“Embarrassing, that can happen in front of anyone but not her, damn!” He thought

Jewel continued laughing behind him and that prompted him to look back

“Why the laughter?” He asked

“Kingsley you should sign up for comics, you’ll make it” she laughed

Strangely, hearing him calling his name clearly for the first time made him smile secretly

“Stop that annoying laughter” he said but that only increased her laughter

She did the worse by showing him the video on her phone,his eyes w¡dened at what he’s seeing

“You recorded how I was shouting?” He said

“I’m posting this on the school blog” she winked and rushed off

Kingsley faced the wall frustratedly

“Why did I insist on letting her take me here?, F*ck the shit!” He said and rushed out of the clinic but she’s gone

“That witch” he said, smiling without realizing


Junior class**

“Where have you been?, One class has been done” Love said Immediately Jewel came in

” I had to follow jerky nuthead to the clinic since he insisted” she replied

” Insisted?” Veera said

” Yes” Jewel replied.

” Strange, the few times Kingsley has agreed to go to the hospital, he never allows anyone to go with him, he’ll always go alone cos of just one reason” Veera said and started laughing

” He fears injections and won’t want anyone to see him scre-ming” Jewel said

“He was injected in your presence?” Veera asked

“Yes, it was a funny scene I swear, the great Kingsley Brown was scre-ming” Jewel replied

” Now I think you both are closer than I think” Love said

” I dunno” Jewel replied, noticing Pearl is not around

” Where’s my adorable Pearl?” She asked

“She never came to class after the fight in the morning, Love said she ran out of the place instead of joining you guys in s-cking life out of Jenna, are you really sure she’s ok?, I’m worried” Veera said

” I’ve asked her countless times, but she kept saying she’s ok, I dunno what to do anymore” Jewel replied

“Pearl is not the type to keep secrets but right now I can’t help but think she’s keeping something from us” Love said

” And what can that be” Veera said..

” I’m not keeping anything” Pearl said and they all looked up, surprised to see her

“Pearl where have you been?” Jewel asked, standing to go hold her face

“You’re not ok right?, Tell me what’s happening?” Jewel asked with concern

She took Jewel’s hands off her face and smiled

“I’m ok” she said casually and sat

“Are you sure?, And where have you been?” Veera asked

” Somewhere near the white house, just thinking about some stuffs, I’m really very ok, you guys don’t need to worry” she smiled


Senior class**

” Where were you all this while?” Jasmine asked immediately Kingsley settled down beside him

Kingsley sits in the middle of Richmond and Jasmine, Jasmine owns the right while Richmond owns the left

“I went to the clinic with witch” he replied

“Were you injected?” Jasmine asked.

” Did you ask that just to mock me?” He asked

” Of course, so you were injected in front of her, that crazy girl will mock you like crazy” Jasmine laughed

” She did, her laughter was annoying” he replied

Richmond kept mute allthrough

“Funny, so after school today we’re going for the shoot, no buts, no refusal” Jasmine said

” Ok, I think I should be able to go”. Kingsley said

” I’ll manage” Richmond replied silently

“Manage?, Something wrong?” Jasmine asked

“No, I’m just… exhausted even without doing anything, but I’ll be fine” he replied

His eyes met with Kingsley and they kept looking at each other

“Is this a staring competition or what” Jasmine said

“I’m going home, I’ll meet you guys at the studio later today” Kingsley said and left the class.

” That unserious guy” Jasmine muttered



The ones who are interested in lunch walked to the cafeteria in groups while the uninterested ones stayed in the class

“I need to go get my textbook I’ll be back” Love said during the walk to the cafeteria

” You mean to tell me you’ll read while eating?, Seriously you’re serious” Veera said and Jewel giggled as Love went back to class

They got to the cafeteria and ordered what they’d like to eat

“So what was your score in the math assignment?” Veera asked.

” I scored it all, thanks to you” Jewel replied

“He gave me ten questions to solve” Pearl said

“So it’s your turn, I guess it’ll be Love’s turn tommorow, maybe he noticed the weakness of you guys in maths” Veera replied

Someone suddenly settled down beside her and when it turned out to be Ryder, Veera faced him

“What?” She said

“I mean no harm, just to sit here and eat with you” he replied

Pearl and Jewel left the table immediately

“Now my friends left, what should I do with you?” Veera said

” Eat with me cutie” Ryder replied and suddenly raised his hand to her hair

He removed the strand of hair on her face and tucked it behind her ear

“You’re pretty, very pretty” he said after that and Veera smiled

” You’re so sweet, or are you trying to make me blush?” She said

” I’m candid, you’re beautiful Veera , and though you sometimes behave childish, that only makes you more cute” he said

“I’m blushing” she said, covering her red cheeks with her palms

” Let’s eat” Ryder said

“Sure” she replied and picked her fork, just when she’s about to start eating she saw Ronny on the table across hers

He’s sipping juice and talking on phone, he seems to be too engrossed in the conversation to notice the people around

He’s smiling widely and his smile is just the most adorable thing she has ever seen

She dropped her fork and face-palm herself then continued staring

“If only you know how much I feel for you, I love you so much Ronny” she thought


Love actually bumped into Richmond when she was going back to the cafeteria and she had to follow him to the library when he requested for it

They got there and settled down but he’s not reading, just staring into space

“Someone seems to be bothered by something, Mr restroom is something wrong?” She asked

” If a guy has lost the hope of falling in love again but eventually finds a girl who seems like an angel, who always makes him smile even when she’s not around, a girl he loves her personality so much and a girl he finds different from others, what’s happening to him?” He asked

” Me” Love replied

” You?’ Richmond asked

“Love” Love smiled

“Silly you” Richmond smiled dryly

“He’s gradually falling, tell me is it you?” Love asked

” A friend of my friend” he replied

” A friend of Jasmine or King Kong?” Love asked

“Nevermind, thanks anyways” Richmond said stood

“You took me here just to ask me this?” Love said

Richmond brought out bubble gum from his pocket and ate it after removing the covering

He threw one bubble gum at her too . “That’s your payment for the advice, thanks” he said, leaving the library.

“Bubble gum as a payment like seriously?” Love smiled, removing the covering.


Evening, Rosie’s bar**

The girls went to the bar after school to help out with serving customers as usual though Rosie complained cos she has five servers already but they still insisted on helping

“Today will be the last day I’ll allow you girls to serve, i find it improper when I have waiters” Rosie said

” Sure mum” Love replied

Jewel sat at a corner, playing games on her phone since it’s the only thing she found interesting right now

Then she remembered the video she recorded the other time and smiled as she went to her videos

It’s the first one she clicked and she watched it with her earpiece

She started laughing quietly at the funny scene

“How funny, he’s a coward, how can a guy fear injection” she thought and started laughing again

Then her mind went to his pictures she snapped in the hospital the other time

She even forgot she still has it, she went to her gallery and found the three

“Mr jerk” she smiled, looking at the three of it over and over again till Pearl showed up

“Mum says she needs you to come over* she said

” Oh” Jewel said and dropped her phone

She left the place and out of curiosity to know what’s making her laugh some minutes ago, Pearl picked Jewel’s phone and luckily she knows her password


Seeing Kingsley’s pictures on Jewel’s phone, her eyes w¡dened

“Kingsley” she said, staring at his cute sleeping face in the picture, the tempting red l-ips she once k-ssed looks so s*xy in his sleeping pics

Concluding that his pictures won’t be the reason for her laughter, she went to her resents and found the video

“She has a video of him being injected in the clinic?, Must be from the other time in school” she said, feeling the seven lettered thing

She brought out her phone and sent the pictures and videos to it then deleted them from Jewel’s phone and wiped her resents before dropping her phone

She left the place Immediately

Jewel came back to her phone and to her surprise, the video and pictures are all gone and her recents has been cleared

“What’s happening?, Is it because it has cracked on the screen?, Is it now deleting things by itself?, I must get another phone tomorrow” she thought and went to the media trash

Luckily she was able to recover the video and pictures from there


8pm, Kings lounge**

It’s been a while since students came in large numbers to the lounge but tonight it’s full again

Students from different schools even attended tonight cos tonight is not exclusive

Jenna came in in her b*tchy dress and this time, her br@ and her p@nties are showing, she’s only wearing a net gown on top if it

“Holy shit, this is outrageous, she’s getting worse” Love said from her table

She’s with Pearl and Jewel with Veera

“I don’t care, she can decide to come n@ked” Jewel replied

Pearl kept pressing her phone and smiling while Veera kept drinking

“You’ll get drunk at this rate” Love said to Veera

“My baby girl” Veera said tipsily

“She’s drunk already even when the real fun has not started” Jewel said

” And Pearl, what’s making you smile on your phone?” Love asked and Pearl looked up from her phone

” I’m watching comics” she smiled

“Happy watching darling” Jewel winked and Pearl returned to her phone

She’s actually staring at Kingsley’s pictures, the one she transferred from Jewel’s phone

She can’t stop smiling as she stared at his perfect face and that moment if anyone asks what she wants badly, it’ll be k-ssing him again

The loud scre-ms from girls made her look up, surely The Kings are here

They came in looking handsome as ever but Pearl only saw Kingsley, she’s blind to the rest and that instant, what she has in her head is to stand and grab him then claim his l-ips but she stopped herself

Kingsley’s eyes met with Jewel’s and Kingsley gave her the middle finger

“Screw you” Jewel mouthed and he smiled

Jewel pouted and gave him a funny look which got him smiling till he got to his seat.

He came with a brunette while Jasmine came with a Korean b*tch but Richmond is alone, making Jewel wonder if he’s ok.

It’s rare to see one of The Kings come to the lounge alone

When their eyes met, Jewel smiled and drank but he kept staring so she had to look away

“Where’s Veera?” Love suddenly noticed

Veera is truly not on her seat again

Drunk Veera actually saw Ronny just coming with Ryder

She staggered to them and almost bumped into them

“Veera” Ryder said

“You love getting drunk” Ronny smiled

“Stop smiling like that, it’ll only make me love you more!” Veera yelled

” What!” Ronny said

” You don’t know?, I love you a lot, very very very much Ronny” she smiled drunkenly

” What’s that brat doing?” Kingsley said, standing from his seat

” I’m sorry but I don’t like thin ski-ny girls, you’re too small in stature for my liking” Ronny replied and every eyes bulged

” Damnit” Love muttered


Wahala 4 thin girls 😁

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