Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 15 – 16

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

“1-0, c’mon stand up Bernie Han, ” Lovelyn folded her fists again, bouncing like a wrestler.

“Ya! Lovelyn Jeong, are you crazy?” Bernie said, struggling to stand.

“After getting stalked and followed by a psychopath like you, you expect me to still be in my right senses? Huh? You even planted a tracker in my hair, and that’s why you were able to trace me home yesterday” she replied, and he finally stood.

“You finally saw that?” He chuckled.

“Of course! Found it in my hair while bathing this morning, freak” she replied, dropping her fists.

“You should be on your knees right now, begging me to keep your secret safe, but you suggested a fight instead. Obviously, you’ve got some nerves, but the nerves aren’t smart enough to tell you that I’d never fight with the opposite gender” he replied.

“Why would I beg you? Is it a sin to be poor?” She said.

“If it’s not a sin then why are you hiding it and pretending to be rich? Poorness is a sin in this school and you know that, why do you think Hwasa gets bullied by Mabel with no one to save her?” He replied, and she bit her lip as he scoffed.

“I’d have only posted it on the school community if you hadn’t kicked me, but you kicking my priceless face is what’d make me upload the news on Seoul TV, and once the parents and school authorities find out they’ve been getting fooled by you, you can imagine what’d happen. I bet you won’t be able to stay in this country anymore cos we both know how the rich families cherish this school” he said and smiled knowingly before turning to walk away.

Lovelyn closed her eyes as her knees became bent. She went on her knees.

“Please” she said slowly, rubbing her palms together.

“Don’t do it, I’ll do anything you want, I promise” she said, and he turned back.

“Whoa!” He clapped when he saw her on her knees.

“Cool, anything I want?”

“Anything” she looked up, and he nodded.

“Then, we have a deal” he smiled and went down the stairs.

Lovelyn went from her knees to her butt with a funny look on her face, and her right hand went into her hair

“I’m in trouble. Why did it have to be Bernie of all people? Why did it have to be that bastard!!! Why did I kick him and ask for a fight when I know the type of guy he is? Why Lovelyn!!! Why!” She shouted.

“I promised to keep my temper on a low till I graduate, but I’m slowly losing it” she muttered.

She stood hurriedly when she remembered she’s only wearing a singlet, and she rushed to get her shirt.

She dressed up again and removed the band from her hair before carrying the pail containing the shoes.

She rushed downstairs as cautiously as ever till she got to a waste bin where she disposed the heels at.

She inhaled and tiptoed back into the class afterwards, bumping into someone.

“I’m sorry!” She quickly said to the guy and she went to her wall locker where she got her sneakers.

She put it on in place of the heels, and someone tapped her from behind.

“You scared me!” She held her chest when she saw it’s Mira.

“Why are you being jumpy? And what happened to your heels? Why are you wearing sneakers?” Mira asked.

“My eyes were turning on their own earlier, so I figured out taking off the heels would help” she replied.

“Are you sick?” Mira quickly checked her temperature.

“I’m fine! Isn’t it time for lunch? Where’s Ruby let’s go to the cafeteria” she replied, taking her out of the class.



Hwasa sat alone on the stairs that led down, and as usual, she’s with her earpiece, and she’s wearing a hoodie on top of her uniform, covering her head with it.

Being alone is her thing, at least she’s not getting bullied right now.

She darted her eyes to the boys playing football on the field, and she saw some of them walking towards the waste bin nearby.

They threw in their sneakers and left, making her eyes widen.

She stood and went down to the bin, bringing out the sneakers.

They’re three pairs and brand new, but the only thing is that they’re dirty as a result of how they played football with them

“Wait … They’re throwing these away? They could have just washed them” she muttered, but then she saw money in the bin, dollar notes which got stained with dirts already, makeup kits, textbooks, even backpacks.

Hwasa sighed as she checked them all out. So because they’re rich, they dispose even new things when they don’t need them anymore? even money?

“Nice life they’re living” she muttered.

She was still at it when a ball landed on her head, and that jerked her forward, making her fall into the waste bin headfirst.

Mabel appeared with Yuri and their gang, and they began laughing as she struggled to come out of the bin.

“Look! She’s taking the trash!” Yuri laughed harder.

“She’s trash herself, wasn’t expecting less” Mabel replied, getting herself a cigar.

Hwasa finally got herself out, but her hair was already tangled with dirts, and her face has black stains from the bin, even her uniform got soiled.

“Just look at her!” Yuri mocked, and Mabel stepped forward.

Hwasa shifted back, but Mabel grabbed her hair

“Argh!” She gasped painfully.

“I see you got an A in the test too, that’s disrespectful, don’t you think? How could you be graded same thing with me in the test?” Mabel said.

“I just read and passed, I did nothing wrong” Hwasa defended, and Mabel pushed her.

She crashed on the waste bin , hurting her elbows badly.

Mabel kicked her on the neck, and she bled from the mouth, coughing loudly.

“You don’t get to decide when you’re wrong so far you’re in this school, I’m the boss ok? F**k you” Mabel said, and Yuri carried the waste bin this time

She poured everything on Hwasa, then she threw the bin on her too.

“Let’s move” Mabel smiled, smoking as she led them away.

Hwasa looked up with a red neck and neck, her elbows were already bleeding too. She wiped the blood on her lips slowly, sniffing painfully.



Mira, Lovelyn and Ruby were already seated on their table, but Ruby and Mira wouldn’t stop glaring at each other.

They have their lunch in front of them already, but the glaring has been on since two minutes, and none is ready to start eating.

“Ok guys, I’m tired of having to settle fights between you everyday. You did this frequently last semester and you’ve started again this semester, you both should stop” Lovelyn said.

“She started it. Mira is too bossy and I hate it, how could she get angry at me just because I read expos with Mabel? I passed and that’s what matters, not like I’m Mabel’s friend” Ruby said.

“Hahaha, funny! I’m not bossy but you’re the one who’s always not ready to listen to the truth just because you’re the only VIP among us, you’re proud Ruby and that’s it!” Mira replied.

“I’m proud? If I am, you think I’d be friends with you and Love? Fine I have high standards but it’s different from proudness, you’re only being like this cos you’re jealous of my VIP tag!” Ruby replied.

“F**k you Ruby! Ok? F**k you!” Mira said and carried her food tray, leaving the table.

“F**k everyone!!!” Ruby shouted, leaving the table with her food too.

Lovelyn rested back on her chair and exhaled.

“Alone again, gosh! How can they be doing this to me? I don’t even know what to do” she muttered.

👥 The Fabulous!!!!

👥 Aww! Are they eating here today?

👥 Yes!!!

👥 OMG!

Girls began screaming as the hotties came into the cafeteria, and some even started retouching their makeup just to get noticed.

They settled on their reserved table, and Savage smiled.

“I still don’t understand why you want us to eat here today, we’d have gone to Bon Appetit, I had plans to taste their steak today” he said.

“You can taste it later, today’s lunch is gon be special” Bernie replied, getting his phone.

Mabel suddenly appeared, and Vista looked up when she whispered something into his ear.

She kissed him, and he winked at her before she walked away.

She walked past Mira’s table and stuck out her tongue at her.

“He’s now mine, another evidence to tell you that anything Mabel Lee wants, she’d get” she said and walked out.

Mira lost appetite immediately, so she left too.

“What did she tell you?” Savage asked Vista.

“That she’d love to give me a blowjob in the library later” Vista replied.

“Brooo! You need a condom? You might wanna f**k her on the racks” Savage replied.

“Condom? She prefers raw, and I c*m in her throat” Vista replied.

“Bad!” Savage laughed.

“I’m only just starting, and it’s interesting” Vista replied.

Lovelyn suddenly got a text on her phone in the middle of her meal, and her eyes widened when she saw it’s from Bernie again.

• Stand right now, serve lunch for The Fabulous. You should come take orders first.

Her eyes were still wide when she looked at Bernie.

“Are you crazy?” She mouthed, and he smiled before standing.

“Hey everyone! Wanna know a secret?”

Lovelyn quickly spranged up and rushed to their table.

“What’d y’all like to have for lunch? I’m your server for today” she asked breathlessly.

“What’s happening?” Vista asked.

“Ion understand, Bernie” Savage said

“Just place orders, she’s like my slave for now” Bernie replied.

“I don’t know what this is, but I’d order today’s signature dish, just that” Vista said.

“Steak” Savage said simply.

“Pasta with the sauce and salad, then any McDowell wine” Bernie said.

“I got it! I’ll be right back!” Lovelyn said and rushed to the food stand.

“Why are you doing this to her though?” Savage asked.

“We had a deal” Bernie replied.

“What deal?” Vista asked.

“Not now” Bernie replied, laughing as he watched Lovelyn running around the stand to get the food.

“You’re a jerk, do you know that?” Vista giggled.

“I’m even going easy on her” Bernie rolled eyes, and Savage laughed.

Lovelyn got the food to them in ten minutes, serving everyone his dish, then she poured the wine in their different cups.

“Any other thing?” She asked.

“Stand beside me till we finish eating” Bernie replied.

“B…b..boragu!” Lovely gasped.

“You can’t do it?” Bernie looked up.

“No! I was born to stand” she smiled, and he chuckled before taking his cup of wine.

“Cheers!” He raised it.

Vista and Savage raised theirs too, and they clinked glasses.

“Still funny” Savage said as they began eating.

Bernie knowingly dragged the lunch till one hour, and Lovelyn’s legs almost fell from her body as a result of excess standing.

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Richie was was sleeping peacefully on a bed when someone came into the room with a shinny kitchen knife, walking towards the bed.

He tiptoed carefully till he got to the bedside and raised the knife up.

He was already bringing it down to Richie’s head when he screamed back to reality.

It’s a dream, his usual dream.

He was sweating so much as he quickly got down from the bed.

He rushed into the bathroom and poured water on his head, still breathing heavily with a racing heart.

“When did I even climb the bed?” He muttered, closing his eyes in front of the mirror.

He actually locked the door on himself so Jessica wouldn’t come in, since last night.

He felt horny throughout the night, but he had to stay in the tub throughout just to calm himself down. F**king Jessica is out of it for now, not after she did threesome with some bastards.

He left the bathroom after drying his hair, and he got his phone, dialling the only number he could think of



“My legs hurts badly, who knows what he’s gonna tell me to do in school tommorow?” Lovelyn lamented as she sat on her bed, massaging her own leg gently.

“It hurts” she muttered, and her phone rang beside her.

“New number?” She blinked, taking it skeptically.

She swiped green. “Hello? Who’s this please?” She asked.

“Hey, Love” the cool voice said, and her eyes widened as her ears recognized it immediately.


“Glad you know my voice, what ya doing?” He asked, and she came down from the bed before replying.

Her heart was beginning to race as usual, and it was madder this time, maybe because of how good his voice sounds on phone for the first time.

“Nothing, just idling away at home alone, mum is not back from work” she replied, drawing on the floor with her toes.

“No plans for tonight?” He asked.

“I have none” she replied, raising her lids in anticipation.

“Wanna go on a stroll down with me? I think I need some air but don’t wanna go alone” he said and she smiled.

“Sure, where we meeting at?”

“The deserted arcade, no wait… I’ll come pick you up” he said.

“No! I know the arcade you’re talking about so I’d meet you there” she replied.

“Take your time please, I’ll be waiting” he said.

“Ok, I’ll see you” she replied, hanging up.

She totally forgot about the pains in her legs and opened her small wardrobe, fishing out almost all the dresses before finally settling for a short jean skirt and a hot red net top.

She dressed up in the two and put on the only black boots she has, then she evenly combed her hair, allowing it to fall freely.

She wore natural makeup and carried her small black bag, rushing out of the room.

She didn’t call Jackson to bring a car since it might take too long, she boarded a taxi instead.

It’s a ten minutes ride from her house to the arcade, and immediately she came out of the taxi, he’s the first person she saw. He was already waiting.

He’s leaning on his car, pressing his phone. He’s putting on baggy jean pants, then armless white shirt, showing off his arm tattoo.

Just his posture like that is s*xy, he doesn’t even have to move before claiming it. His s*xiness mystifies her, and it even went deeper tonight. She could even smell his perfume despite their distance.

“Miss, you should pay me” the taxi driver spoke, bringing her back to her senses.

“Oh I’m sorry!” She quickly unzipped her bag and brought out her card…

“No I’ll pay” Richie’s voice said beside her, and she was surprised to see him close already.

“I’m paying in cash, do you mind?” He asked the driver.

“I don’t” the driver replied, and he got some dollar notes from his wallet, handing them to him.

“But this is times ten of her fare” He said surprisingly.

“It’s to thank you for bringing this pretty girl here safely” Richie smiled, and Lovelyn felt her cheeks reddening.

He’s so good with words and it drives her crazy each time.

“You’re so sweet, and your girlfriend is really very pretty” the driver said happily as he drove away.

Richie faced her afterwards, and she was even lost for words as he checked her out, staring at her from her head till her boots, then he looked back at her face.

“I love what you’re wearing, plus you really look hot in red” he said, and she slid a piece of her hair behind her ear as she bit her lip shyly.

“You too, you look…” She said slowly, and he raised his brows.

“Look what?”

“S*xy… everytime” she replied, and he smiled.

“Can I help with your bag?”

“Huh? It’s not really heavy” she replied, and he took it from her.

“I want to” he said, and she smiled as she looked at the arcade.

“It’s more beautiful at night” she said.

“Sure, that’s why it’s my place of nocturnal peace till now” he replied, still staring at her.

“Let’s go then, let’s start the stroll” she said, staring back at him.

“Can I…hold your hand throughout?” He asked, and she blinked.


“It’s ok if you don’t want to, let’s go” he said awkwardly and started walking into the arcade, but immediately he took the third step, he felt Lovelyn’s hand sliding into his own.

He looked back, and their eyes met.

He smiled and made an interlock their fingers, but she gasped softly when he pulled her closer with it, so she’s right in front of him, though she’s obviously shorter.

Their hearts were racing together as he raised their interlocked hands to his lips, and he didn’t ask for permission this time before kissing the back of her hand deeply with his eyes closed.

“Richie…” Lovelyn bit her lip as her heart thumped pretty insanely.


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