Palace Or Prison

Palace or Prison episode 8 – 9


Palace or Prison

Episode 08🍷
Nora changed to a swimming suite because of the heat she’s feeling due to the soul transfusion when Uncle Rick decided to talk again as if she didn’t hear his last words
Uncle Rick:Are you wearing clothes?Why?
Nora:Humans are expected to wear clothes.. what else should I wear?
Uncle Rick:You’ve forgotten your night duty already?
Nora:Oh you want me to teach you how to swim?I’ve forgotten totally I’m on my way to the swimming pool as well
Uncle Rick:Doing it outside is cool but it’s kinda cold
Nora:Trust me you will love it.
Nora held uncle Rick’s hand and went to the swimming pool. Nora dived in like an expert and she did a fish style which makes Uncle Rick to be fully aroused. He removed his clothes and jumped in.
Uncle Rick:Hmmm(smelling her hairs)I know one day you will accept me
Nora:You have no idea how long I’ve been planning this.
Nora gave him a knee kick on his nose and his nose start running with blood
Uncle Rick: Addison what’s wrong with you?
Nora:Sorry uncle I thought I could develop a new s£x styles since I’m a novice… Wait let me try the second one
Nora went out of the swimming pool and jumped on Uncle Rick punching him really hard like a group wrestling match that needs just one survivor. Uncle Rick fell deep into the pool and Nora push his head down into the water to suffocate him
Nora:How dare you ruin my life.. today I’ll kill you
Uncle Rick:No…n.(Suffocating)do t do this don’t(in a muffled voice)
Nora:pardon? Uncle I can’t hear you speak louder the network here at the pool is bad
She will raise his head up and then push it back in not allowing him to talk. This Continued for 2 minutes until he lost his strength
Nora:I won’t kill you.. who will I punish tomorrow when I’m bored?
Nora came out of the swimming pool and tied her short scarf to the waist.

Addison carried the shrimp soup that Nora rejected with both of her hands and gulp it down.
Kira:I thought you said it was rubbish
Addy:Mom I never said that. In fact I love it.

New York 🗽
The next morning during breakfast,Nora applied the strawberry jam on her cookies and set to eat when Troy came in with bouquet of flowers.
Troy:Good morning Mrs Leone,good morning Addy
Mrs Leone:Oh Troy morning to you come join us
Troy:Thanks for the invite but I’m just here to give Addison a message.
Nora: What?
Troy:The class are organizing a get together party.. more like a sleepover next week so I just wanted to let you know
Mrs Leone:She’s not going
Nora:why ?
Mrs Leone:The last sleepover you were almost raped by that bully in your class the rich spoilt son of the prime minister. You came back home with bruises
Nora:Sounds fun…Mrs Leone please allow me just this once also Troy will be there
Mrs Leone:I don’t trust anyone…but if you can agree to take Daniel along he’s more matured and dependable
Nora:but I’m also dependable (she thought it’s Addy in here. Just wait to hear news)
Troy:I will take that as yes.
Nora:I will be there thanks… Mrs Leone I’ve not seen my uncle since I woke up today
Mrs Leone:He travelled early this morning for a business trip
Nora:Really?so funny


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/> Mrs Jack:Nora You’re returning back to the Marks house today.
Addy:What???! why

Episode 09🎸
New York
Mrs Leone keep trying to convince Nora from going to the sleep over but she insisted.
She packed her pyjamas and ladies stuff she might need. She stayed in her room throughout writing everything that happened down for Addison to catch up once she comes back.
Mrs Leone already called Mr Miles about the sleep over at school that she wants Daniel to accompany Addy.
So Daniel arrived at the mansion and went upstairs to greet Mrs Leone. Nora followed and they drove away to their school.
They got to the gate and see that some set of students are there and they were checking everyone properly so some people won’t lie and enter without invitation. Daniel waited in the car while Nora went to talk to the.
Chloe:Addy?I’m so happy to see you ..but are you sure you wanna take part this year
Nora:Of course ..the school looks interesting and inviting tonight.(she said looking at the decorations)
Benny:It’s going to be fun, after the party we girls have pyjamas party in our own sleeping class while the guys will do what they want as well.
Nora:Ok take care you’re the securities tonight I guess
Chloe:Yeah..go in..wait is that your boyfriend?that’s Daniel the hottest model in town
Chloe:Are you seriously asking me?he’s your boyfriend and you didn’t Know
Nora:I knew.. I was just kidding
Benny:You broke up with Troy already
Chloe:That jerk cheated on Addison I saw them making out on the graduation day.
Benny:Ohhh so sorry Addy
Nora:It’s okay I will see you guys in
Nora went back to the car and they opened the gate for her. Daniel parked in a more convenient place seems he’s not the only one with a car. He parked and opened the door for Nora. Passing students saw this and started hanging around giggling and talking
😍:OMG they look so hot together.
😊:that’s Daniel
😭:So cute he even opened the door for her
Nora and Daniel stood by the car listening to their spy like close talk. Nora smiled and Daniel held her hand going upstairs.
They arrived at the hall and the atmosphere is a killer. Different dresses and girls with their partners. Decorations and soft ongoing music.
Troy saw them and welcomed them but was kind of uncomfortable will them holding hands
Nora:Hiii😃 where’s Cassy? I’ve missed her
Troy:She’s not here yet
Nora:You guys didn’t came together?
Daniel:I thought they are dating
Troy:She will be here soon
Nora:ok we will see you around.
Then Chloe came in with few other students they’ve closed the gate since they are all complete
Chloe: Dancing time is over you may all leave the stage💃🚶 🕺💃🕴👯.. now the part where we’re moving to is the truth and dare aspect. Beware all of you must participate if you wanna bail someone out you must help the person to fulfil the dare or if it’s the truth aspect you must drop a sum of money as bail.
They all cheered at the rules and we’re excited. Chloe signalled to a guy and he turn off the lights they let down the curtains everywhere is dark only the street light of ongoing vehicles penetrated into the hall and since it’s located upstairs. The guy turn the room with light Laylak bulb and red tiny dots of love hung on the far roof it started rolling and it seems so magical and romantic
Chloe:this is the best sleep over mood right?
Chloe:But please make sure no s£x
They all laughed at her remark.
They sat in a circle and a bottle is placed at the center. Chloe turn the bottle and the mouth faced Benny while the bottom end faced Mark. The one with the bottom calls for the T or D while the one with the mouth fulfils or answers it.
Chloe:you’re trapped Mark has been hitting on you like forever
Mark:Truth or Dare
Benny:(he’s gonna ruin my life if I attempt Dare) Truth
Chloe: remember no lies let’s be sincere if you want it to be fun
Mark: Are you a virgin?(he did that to embarrass her since she refused his proposal countless times)
Benny:Why are you surprised?do you mend broken virginity ?why asking
Gina:She gave him really hard(mocking Mark)
Chloe turned the bottle and the mouth faced Daniel while the bottom faced Cassandra
Cassandra:Truth or Dare
Cassandra:Are you really dating Addy
Daniel:(he smirked at her) that’s obvious girl (he faced Nora and winked at her)
Cassandra:Just checking for her
Nora:If you know that you won’t steal my boyfriend
Chloe:Guys no hard issue okay?
Nora:sorry Chloe
They turned the bottle again now it’s Troy and Nora
Troy:T or D
Troy: can we keep our dare for later?
Chloe:not allowed
Troy:I Dare you to remove your top till the end of the game
Chloe:Addy got great body … I think you wanna get high Tonight
Nora: I’m not wearing underwear just my bra
Daniel:I can save her right?
Chloe:Sure it will be good seeing a Model’s body.
Daniel removed his shirt and his fresh body with six packs can be seen, his clear visible veins running through his hands and his muscles so built and hot. Like serious girls start changing position of sitting and crossing their legs even Nora was no exception
This guy got it I’ve never seen a man this hit before I’m burning inside😱😍☺ anyway he’s my boyfriend for the mean time.
Daniel:Pardon me for showing you my Model self but my girl’s body is precious
Diane:So romantic
Troy’s POV
If only you know what she’s been up to you won’t say that… I’m curious to know your reactions once you watch the video of her and her Uncle I still have it anyway. I must have her back.


/> Addison returned back to the Marks house today. Everyone welcomed her except Glenn. So when it was 12:00 in the midnight he knocked on her door. She was wearing a short transparent cloak as her night wears. She let down her hairs and opened the door rubbing her face. The beauty tactics is still with her which Nora has never done. Glenn was surprised to see her like that because Nora has never dressed like a sane girl. He was engrossed in her beauty but his Vegeance part took over
Glenn:Get dressed we’re going somewhere
Addy:Where?it’s midnight already
Glenn:You don’t question me ..if you don’t want to fall into Coma like last time.
Addison got scared and hurried inside to change into a short Jean and a top. Glenn order her to enter the car which she did and they drove off
Addy’s POV
Hope he’s not going to kill me?I heard he’s burning with revenge.. God save me please
After few minutes they arrived at a Club. Goners club is the club he do frequent whenever he feels like flirting. He arrived there and opened the door for her he grab her hand tightly and went inside showing her to his friends that this is the girl,the slave in my mansion she’s making up for her brother’s mistake. Jerry one of Glenn’s friend decided to tease her
Jerry:Hey whoopy….. Slave girl is damn hot. Go and serve this drinks to the people
He handed over a tray of beer 🍺 to her and asked the waitress to go rest. Addy refused and tried to leave but Glenn pull his hair and drag her back
Glenn:I don’t beat girls I kill them..are you smelling death already?
Addy’s POV
Oh God this environment is too dangerous for me how can I go back?
She was thinking and serving the drinks while some men start hitting her butt as she passes.
Roy:Hey Glenn you won’t believe New York hottest stripper is here she arrived tonight and she’s performing live. She’s s£xy her name is Nara
All:Let go look let go look
Glenn: is she that good?
Roy:There she is she’s coming
Subconscious Addy who was thinking about her plight bumped into her and spilled the drink on her. It’s NARA(Daniel’s crush at new York)


🐙Won’t Nara recognize Addy?
🦀What will Nara do to her for spilling on her dress?
🦐Now that Troy still have the recording won’t he expose Addy to DANIEL?
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