Believe season 3 episode 16

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Believe Season 3 Episode 16πŸ‘‘πŸ’š

Episode 16πŸ’š

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Β© adesola adeomowole.

with a shaking hand,
I took the spoon and eat a spoonful do that king lotanna won’t smell anything fishy.

“your highness,I ate” I said slowly.
“why are you shaking…anyways eat like 15more spoonful”he said and I dare not obey.
after all the syrup might have a remedy.
I ate 15more spoons.

“5more”he said.
my heart was pounding fast as I ate five more spoons.
Lotanna still looked at me as if he knew what’s on my mind.

ife took her spoon and wanted to eat since I ate.
until the kings special adviser came in.
“your highness the car is ready,your flight is in the next two hours”he said.
Ife dropped her spoon and stood up.
a maid in white uniform carried ife’s bag while the others wheel out two traveling bags.

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I rush out to the toilet immediately they left and try spilling it out into the sink but it didn’t.
“is anything wrong?”Adapuruche came in.
“nothing”i said and left.

I hastily rush to prince Jedinna’s suite.I met him outside his suite door with a single traveling back.
he was on phone.
I think he is leaving already.

what have I gotten myself into?.
I felt like crying but I held it.
“hey did you put a drop in her food?” he asked.
I sob quietly.

“my prince does the pills have remedy?”I asked as I was starting to feel discomfort in between my legs.
Jedinna looked at me with a bad eyes.
“it doesn’t have a remedy,too much of it damages the womb that was why I asked you to use a drop”he said.

my tears fell,
I got useless for the second time
everybody left,only me is alone.

“wait did you—-
“yes queen ife didn’t,his highness asked me to have a taste of it before his wife can eat*I said with tears.
“why would you eat out of it,you should have said you want to use the toilet as an excuse and besides hope its a drop you added.

“no,I p-oured everything”
“waaaatttttt” he said.
“I wanted to make it faster”I said

queen chiamaka approached,
I felt so much discomfort as I can feel a h-ot liquid falling on my p-nties already…
my future is just ruined

“my son! queen chiamaka smiled as she touched jedinna hair,
jedinna smiled.
“ohh what are you doing here?”she turned to me.
“my queen…I…I…”I tried to say something but the pain held me was as if something is cutting in my lower abdomen.

“are you alright?”the queen asked me with care…
“she is…umm mom common,
have you forgotten that’s how dirty commoners lime her do once they need attention,
she’s nothing already” jedinna said.

my mouth hung open in bewilderment, he just describΒ£d me like that.
I watched like a fool as the guard handed him his car key.

“chioma what’s there in between your legs”ihuoma asked.
i looked down,it was blood.
“come I will help you”she said .
I wasn’t myself,she helped me to the room then went to call a physician by the time she returned,
I already lose so much blood.

“what type of dangerous pills did you take–
see your womb is affected,am sorrt you don’t be able to conceive again except heaven will come down to rain” she said..
my tears stream down,
ihuoma sighed and consoled me although I refused to tell her what really happened,
I lied I tried abortion.

Olamma’s p.o.v
my eyes shut open weakly and I found myself in a verrrry strange place,
there was two little huts,
the place was somewhat dirty and doesn’t look like my father’s fansy house.

now I think am in another kingdom..
my smell already reduced and I wonder what happened cos I know how bad I smell.

I heard footsteps and I quickly close my eyes. Something was forced into my mouth,
it was so bitter.
I coughed and opened my eyes,it was that old man in the forest.

“after 3days,you’re lucky” he said and uncovered my have to see my palms.
ummm is he a soothsayer.
“Nkeiruka(the future is brighter) the moment she let go of all grudges” he said and dropped my hand,
it mistakenly hit the place that I was sh-ot.
I winced in pain.
He helped me sit and helped me stand…

“Ebuka! Ebuka!! Ebuka!!!!!!! he called
the boy ran out in a pair of animal skinned w-rapper.

“take her to one of the huts” the man said avd the pretty boy supported me to walk in.
Soon we were in the hut.
it look so empty except for the bags hanging on the wall then a mattress on the floor.

He helped me lay on the matters,I sniffed as the pretty boy turned to leave.
“thank you”I said sadly.
“thank yourself….
should i talk about the fact that you smell sooo badly for good 3days,
I had to stay awake at nights to appease lord igehne to touch the heart of whosoever person you offended…” he said.

he didn’t allow me talk,
he went out…
hmmm why did they save me they should have allow me die.

I tried standing,I did and I held that spot. It’s still healing.
I need to find a river to bath.I wanted to ask the old man but I felt like i might disturb him.

and ebuka,I have put him through a lot of stress already.I don’t deserve his kindness anymore.
i passed the back of the hut and walked till I found a nearby stream.
I hastily took off my clothes and kept them on a stone.

I dipped my body into the stream and bathed, something fell off my hair and floated on the river.
it was the gold chain that bond me and my mother together.
I cut the chain into two,
what’s the use now?

“today mark the day I threw you away as my mother”i said and threw the chain away.
I felt relieved.
soon I was done and I turned to where I kept my cloth,it wasn’t there.

I quickly look front.
whaaaaat the water carried my clothes away.
I stepped out nak-d,nothing to cover my body….

I cleared my throat as I heard footsteps..
“don’t come closer for am nak-d” I said.
“cover yourself up then”I heard ebuka’s voice.
“well my clothes got carried away” I said…
then,he showed his face and came to where I was..
gosh,I feel embarased.
well am not even special.
He covered me well,I smiled.
He smiled back.

Desmond’s p.o.vπŸ‘‡
the Johnson case was successful,
he was sΒ£ntenced to life imprisonment for several rape attempt.
the way I keep smiling justified it,I mean I feel accomplished and proud of Tracy.
even though we won’t go back to what we used to be.

I called her to my newly built house for celebration but she didn’t…
she already said we shouldn’t see each other again after the case

“well cheers to my new life” I said and took a sip of my wine.
“cheers to my unborn baby”I said and took another last sip
“cheers to my superwoman” I said and took another sip.

I was dining alone until I heard that familiar scent,I turned back avd it was Tracy in a long red dinner gown.
I smiled as I stood,
I wuivjlu pull out a chair for her to sit as a gentleman,
she rolled her eyeballs and sat.

“thanks for coming”I said
she tucked her weavon hair behind her ear,I smiled.

a maid came and took her order.
I smiled as I p-oured wine in a glass for her,
we both tried taking it at the same time our hands met
I held her wrist softly…
I felt more fireworks,
she hastily collected her hand I smiled as I watched her sip in slowly

I smiled and passed her a cheque of 5million naira then a new car key.
“are you bribing me in” she said
“umm no,I wanted to say thank you” I said.
“for what?”she asked.
“everything”I said and she smiled.
“what if I say I don’t want that” she said.
I look in her eyes.
“fine”she said.
“I should leave”she added and stood,I also stood.
“good night”she said and carried her bag..
“Tracy*I called and took her hand,she stared back.
“am truly sorry”I said
her face was so soft,I finally k-ssed her.

she k-ssed me back abf locked her arm around my neck.
we k-ssed like that for a sweet long time. i unlocked gently and k-ssed her cheeks into her ear then into her l-ips again.

Tracy’s p.o.vπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
what exactly am I doing?
I know he is sorry and I miss him. I smiled and allowed him lift me up in a bridal style, he k-ssed my baby bump,
I laughed soundedly.
we entered his bΒ£droom

Desmond quickly zip down my gown slowly and when he was done,he lifted me up and pulled it out,I carefully removed his top and unbuckled his belt.

He moved me to the bΒ£d and took my legs,he carefully lift my leg up to my face….
then penetrated.

I mo-ned out.
I felt him deeply inside of me and I mo-ned out as he rode me to heaven while k-ssing my baby bump.

I kept shrieking out my mo-ns,
the cold air made it sweeter.
I mo-ned up and down.

He k-ssed my neck and I felt his h-rdness plundered into me.

After a while,Desmond turned me to my back on the bΒ£d then ate into my neck from behind as he straddled me, I mo-ned out.
He moved in and out of me in sweet ryhtm.
he was so sweet

I moved in one more time then he moved out of me one more time and layed quietly beside me.

We curdled each other.
“I love you”he said,I smiled.
“I love you too”I replied.
he k-ssed my neck..
“so what country??”he asked and rubbΒ£d circles of my baby bump.

my baby kicked,he felt it with his hand….
we laughed into nothing.

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