Belina 2

Belina 2 – batch 11


Season 2


Oyinade frowned as she
stared at the screen. She
jumped up when the
realization of what had just
happened hit her. They had
murdered the wrong
person. It ought to be
Ronke and not this Adejoke
girl being displayed on TV.
She became slightly dizzy. It
had taken a wh0le lot of
will-power to attempt
murder and now to
complicate issues, they just
murdered the wrong
person, meaning Ronke
was still free. She hadn’t
called for the past three
days but that made her
even more dangerous, not
to mention the fact that
they just killed her favorite
step-sister. She
remembered Ronke talking
about her extensively
countless number of times.
Oyinade grabbed her head,
roaming the sitting room.
She called Tikes but his
number was not going
through. She threw her
phone on the chair. Ronke
just got more dangerous.
She had known that Ronke
was too clever to be
eliminated so easily but she
also knew that Ronke
would not have expected
her do anything so stupid.
What would Ronke do
when she find out? She
could not begin to imagine.
Ronke got tired of shedding
tears. She could not imagine
that she had lost her step-
sister, the only family she
had left. She still saw her
yesterday looking so alive
and happy. Why had she
asked her to go over to the
house? If she hadn’t done
that, she would be alive
now. She wiped her eyes
after hours of wailing and
crying. There was no one to
comfort her in the hotel she
was lodged in and she had
to comfort herself.
She engaged her thoughts
now. Who could have
wanted Joke dead? She is
the liveliest person she
knew and could not think
of anyone trying to harm
her. ‘Wait. What if I was the
target?’ the thought
slammed into her, making
her dizzy. It could have
been her obituary on the
screen. She shook her head
vigorously, dismissing such
evil thought. Silently, she
thanked God for her life.
She poured herself another
shot of whiskey and
downed it at once. ‘who
could have wanted me
dead’ she wondered. The
old man crossed her mind.
It was a possibility but she
felt the man could not be as
stupid as to do that; killing
her would mean he would
not get his money back.
That dismissed, only one
person could have done it –
Oyinade. She remembered
that the deadline she gave
would have ended
yesterday, meaning, the
truth would have been out
today. ‘So that useless pig
wanted to kill me ehn? She
killed my Joke, my own
Adejoke.’ She shook her
head. She couldn’t come out
of hiding because she was
still wanted for theft,
making her quest for
revenge h-rder. She still
couldn’t kill her. Even
though it hurt so much, she
could not imagine herself
murdering a human being
and not a fetus.

“Ok. Let me
give her exactly what she
was preventing.” She said
out loud.
Oyinade’s phone rang and
she ran to pick it. It was a
hidden number and only
one person call with a
hidden number.
“Hey you…. What rubbish
did you do” she yelled.
“Would you shut up?” she
heard over the receiver. She
froze. She never expected to
hear that voice again. She
should be dead but by
sheer luck and braveness,
she was still alive. She
“Hey R…Ronke… I… I heard
about your ehmm… your”
“Would you shut your dirty
mouth you murderer. You
think I am so dumb as to
not know who did this?
Just listen; you just stepped
the lion’s tail, get ready to
go down. After you go to
jail for the fraud you
committed, you would then
hang for murdering my only
family. They should be at
your doorstep now. See you
in hell”
The phone dropped from
Oyinade’s hand and
scattered all over the floor.
Ronke had reported her.
She was almost peeing on
her body and her body
shook so violently that you
would assume she just had
an encounter with Titanic’s
iceberg.  She picked her
purse on the chair,
gathered the ruins of her
phone, took her car keys
and dashed out. She drove
out of the house without
closing the gate.


The pain coercing through
me is so unbearable. It felt
like the end of the world
was just a breath away.
Everything I thought of,
everything I saw, everything
I felt was pain. My water
broke just as I played chess
with my step-mum. She had
been staying with us for
two weeks now. Richærd’s
mum wanted to stay also
but Richærd still could not
see eye to eye with his
mum. Through my efforts, he has been able to release
some of the hurt he felt but
he still could not handle
having his mum helping me
through the pregnancy
period. He lamented that
some of her promiscuous
nature could be transferred.
I felt he still held a level of
grudge against her. Months
flew by without me actually
noticing it. My belly rose and
rose and with each passing
day, my joy increased and
anticipation rose. Richærd
stayed at home most times,
leaving the hospital in the
hands of doctor felix.
Something I never
anticipated happened: we
became friends with Kelvin.
The past was buried and
we became family friends.
Life is a lot better when we
forgive. I had always said
that most women always
exaggerate their labour
pains. Even when Prisca
was heavy and in labour,
something still told me that
it could not be that painful.
Experiencing it now was
giving me the first hand
idea of what it is all about.
Richærd drove in like a mad
man, after the gateman had
opened the door for him.
He did not even kill the
engine or shut the door of
the car, instead, he rushed
to take over from my mum;
Prisca’s mum to be precise,
who rushed in,side to take a
box filled with baby clothes.
The scan had confirmed
Prisca’s suspicion, I am
expecting a boy. I tried to
be brave, holding back the
pain but I let out
exclamations unconsciously
every now and then. He
murmured endearments,
slowly moving me to the
backseat. Mum ordered him
to hand her the keys and
seat with me at the back.
There was really no time to
argue, so he obeyed
immediately. She drove in a
sane manner, still on top
Richærd’s face was carefully
guarded as he car-ssed my
hair, dropping k-sses on my
forehead. He was visibly
worried. I looked at him
and smiled through the
pain. Even in pains, my head
still worked to capacity.
“Honey” I whispered and
gasped as another wave of
pain seared through me.
“Yes baby. You would be
fine. Just take in lots of air.”
Even as a doctor, he was I
nodded filling my lungs
with air.
“Would you make me a
Richærd looked at me with
dread. We had watched so
many movies with this line
of action, they don’t always
end well.
“Don’t scare me Bell, please
don’t. You would be fine”
he murmured, his hands
shook as he held mine.
I smiled weakly.

“If our son
comes out and he happens
to be as handsome as you
are, especially possessing
your blue eyes, promise me
that you would forgive your
mother. Totally”
Richærd heaved a sigh of
relief. “I promise, just
promise me you would be
fine. We are meant to grow
old together, remember?”
I smiled. “I love you”
Richærd paced the waiting
room restlessly. He could
not even sit down for two
seconds. People who were
also nervous were trying to
calm him down but it did
not work. His parents, step
mother, tony, Prisca, Mr. and
Mrs. Jegas, and Kelvin were
also with him. All the BRH
workers were also in
anticipation and seeing
Richærd so distressed made
them even more anxious.
Everyone had a prayer in
their mouth. Doctor Felix
was with Belina along with
four nurses. They had
refused to allow Richærd in.
Richærd had wanted to go
in, even if only to hold
Belina’s hand through it all
but doctor Felix had
Mr. Branson, Richærd’s
father went and held
Richærd in a tight hug. He
had watched his son move
restlessly and felt the deep
urge to reassure him.
“She would be fine. God is
in control. She needs your
faith, now more than ever”
he patted Richærd’s back
while Richærd nodded. He
has never been in this
situation before and now
that was, his heart has
changed location and is
now residing in his mouth
but that did not stop him
from praying.
“I remember feeling this
way when you were to be
born” Richærd smiled when
he heard that.

“It is well”
Mr. Branson whispered.
Richærd heaved a sigh and
said, “Amen”


Oyinade rolled and tossed
on the uncomfortable
mattress in her one room
apartment. The mattress lay
on the floor without a bed
and the more she laid on it,
the more her discomfort.
She had rushed out of her
own house some months
ago and since then; her life
has been a living hell. She
had heard of the visit of the
officials sent to her house
to get her barely five
minutes after her departure
and she had thanked her
stars for leaving early
enough although her
leaving happened to be the
worst thing that had ever
happened to her. Her
account was frozen so
there was no way she could
withdraw any money. Her
house was seized and she
was left with only one
thing: her car.
She had to pawn her
expensive car for two
hundred thousand in order
to secure an apartment. Due
to the fact that she was on
the run, she left Lagostotally
and got an apartment in
Ogun state. She was only
able to secure a one room
apartment in order to buy
some foodstuff and clothes
cos she had only left her
house with the cloth she
had on.
Hunger raked her tummy
and she grimaced. All she
had left from the bag of rice
she bought months ago
would not last her a week.
All her foodstuff was on the
edge. Getting a job had
proved to be a futile effort
because she had to lie low
for fear of being arrested.
All these happened because
of Belina. That little witch.
Oyinade hissed, combing
her hair with her fingers.
She had watched Belina on
television barely a month
ago attending a red carpet
even with Richærd, Tony
and Prisca. She almost used
her eyes to abort the
pregnancy through the
screen. She made a pledge
to have her revenge. She
definitely would do that,
even if it happened to be
the last thing she did, she
Tears rolled out of my eyes,
going in the direction of my
ears. I lay on the hospital
bed, in labour. Sweat
covered my face in the air
conditioned room and a
nurse was mopping my
face, with words of comfort
floating out of her mouth. I
gasped as I took in enough
air, as directed by the
“Push”, I heard the doctor
say. I gathered all my will
and gro-ned as I pushed
hærd. I gasped, filling my
lungs. I had been pushing
and pushing but it seems
like the baby would never
come out. The pain was so
unbearable that I started
doubting my ability to go
through it all. I held on to
God, the only one that could
help me through it all. I
envisioned God standing
there with me and I got a
renewed strength. The echo
of ‘push’ rang in my head
and I gave it all I could. I
could only feel pain
coercing through me like a
thousand knives.
The cry of a baby pierced
the room and swallowed. A
weak smile was displayed
on my face as I weakly took
the baby from the doctor. I
laughed weakly in tears as I
stared at the tiny creature I
was holding. The love I felt
there and then is one which
I have never experienced
before. Even though I felt
weak and semi-conscious,I
knew that I would not leave
my baby for anything in the
world. The second I held
him in my arms, I knew I
would love him forever.
Ronke grimaced as she
stared at her profile in the
mirror. She did not believe
she could be dressed so
moderately. Her usual bum
shorts p-nt and showy tops
were not the ones she had
on. Who would have
thought that change could
locate her? She had been
visited by the person
known as Christ and
everything about her had
changed. Even though she
had been spending stolen
money, she hadn’t been
able to get happiness. She
felt more miserable by the
day. She hadn’t even spent
quarter of the money.
One day she just stood up
and started walking on her
street in Abuja. What
prompted her, she could
not even pinpoint. She had
entered the church that
always caught her eyes.
Since that day, her life had
changed. She stopped
spending the money and
started a teaching job.
Returning the money was
foremost in her mind but
she was too scared to do it.
She hoped that she would
gather that courage after
meeting with the pastor.
She hoped that the people
waiting to see the pastor
would be few, being a mid-
week service. She grabbed
the small bible she
purchased some weeks
ago, put it in her bag and
marched out with a song
on her head.
Richærd was becoming
more restless by the minute.
He could not understand
what could be taking them
so long. He swallowed hærd
as he stared at the door
countless number of times.
If he hadn’t been so
worried, he would have
known that the time he had
spent, waiting was not
over-stretched.The time
only seems longer when
you are involved with the
patient personally.
His heart skipped several
beats as the door opened.
He rushed there, along with
everyone. Doctor Felix had a
smile on his face.
“Congratulations sir, you
have a bouncing baby boy”.
The once quiet room
became noisy with

“And Bell?”
Richærd asked.
Doctor Kelvin smiled. He had
expected that.

“She is
resting now”
Richærd unleashed his joy
as he yelled happily. He knelt
down there, giving all the
glory to God. He started
receiving hugs from
everyone. He even hugged
his mother without noticing
it. The last person he
hugged was Kelvin. Prisca
lifted Patricia in her arms,
turning round and round
until she became dizzy,
saying ‘now you have a
baby brother’. Patricia
giggled and giggled, like
she knew what had just
Kelvin felt genuinely happy
for Richærd and Belina.
Belina definitely deserves
happiness and no other
person can give her apart
from Richærd. He had felt a
sickening dread during the
waiting period and seeing
Richærd that worried gave
him cause to panic. He had
kept his extreme worry
hidden even though his
restlessness often took over
him. He still loves Belina. He
has accepted that they
could be only friends but
that did not stop him from
feeling the way he did. He
was content though. It is
better to be her friend than
have her as an enemy.
Richærd finished his display
of gratitude to God, and
headed towards Belina’s
room. All the workers in
BRH were full of rejoicing.
Not only is Richærd the best
employer you can have, he
is also a friend. The most
humble man you can ever
come by. They had all
prayed for a day like this for
him. Belina was more of a
friend to them than a boss.
If there is anything like a
perfect match, the coming
together of Richærd and
Belina would be their own
description of a perfect
match. Their childlessness
had affected everyone and
they never failed to pray for
them. Individually, they
started thinking of what to
wear to the naming


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