Belina 2

Belina 2 – batch 4

Belina 2

Season 2


Kelvin left his abode despite
the inner battle he was
fighting. He told himself that
it was best to have nothing
to do with Belina but he
neglected that voice in his
head. He had received that
phone call about five days
ago and hadn’t been able to
rest from a strange lady
whose name he could not
remember. She had called
on Monday evening,
mentioned her name which
he forgot immediately, and
talked about things that
were none of his business.
He already had his thumb
on the red button of his
phone when he heard her
mention the name he had
tried hærd to erase from his
memory. His interests had
been pricked and, try as he
may, he could not turn
down the offer of meeting
the lady in person. Though,
she did not mention the
real reason for calling, he
surely wanted to find out as
long as it had to do with
The very day she had got
married, about two years
ago, he had drunk himself
to stupor knowing that he
had lost a good woman. He
was finding it hærd with
women because he always
compared them with her.
His hatred for Richærd
Branson grew at an
alarming rate but there was
nothing he could do against
a public figure. ‘I don’t even
have any rights over her’, he
He arrived at Da Queens
Hotel and asked for Room
45, following the
instructions sent to him via
text. He was at the door
barely two minutes later
and he gave the door a
slight pat. The door flung
open and directly before
him stood two exceedingly
tempting ladies.
His eyes roamed their
bodies hungrily. “Hello
ladies” he said breathlessly.
They smiled and invited him
to the bed to sit. He
cautioned himself and put
up a passive front.
“Can you make this weird
meeting as fast as possible?
I have an appointment”, he
Oyinade moved in her
micro-mini gown to the
chair opposite Kelvin, sat
down and crossed her leg
intentionally. Kelvin’s breath
became caught in his throat
and he diverted his eyes
towards another direction;
a wrong choice of direction
because the other was
virtually unclad. He had had
He jumped to his feet
instantly. “What is the
meaning of all these? Did
you call me here to be
Not the reaction I was
expecting, Oyin thought as
she said calmly. “We are not
sed-cing you, you are
probably imagining things.
Please sit and let’s get down
to business”. She said.
“Then, make it snappy”, he
said sitting down forcefully.
Oyin removed a piece of
paper and handed it over to

“Everything is written
there. I don’t want to say it
because the walls have
Kelvin scanned the paper
and looked up. “You girls
must be crazy. I won’t do
this to her, and even if I
tried, she won’t make it
possible. She despises me
and even if she didn’t, I
won’t do this to her” he
said with a straight face.
For the first time that
evening, Ronke spoke.

c’mon, we all know that you
are in love with her. Yes,
you offended her but you
apologized right? Everyone
needs a second chance. All
we are asking is that you
try to get her back while
she also tries to get Richærd
back. As you have read,
Richærd was her boyfriend
some years ago and she
loves him so much and
wants to get him back. I am
sure Belina still loves you
because you are her first
love, you just have to try”,
she said. Amazing what the
mixture of lies can do.
Kelvin was silent; probably
thinking. Oyinade decided
to back her up.

“I am sure
she would accept you back,
with the right approach. I
am also willing to pay you
five hundred thousand if
you accept”
Kelvin looked up.

money is too small, do I
look broke to you?” he said
“We don’t have more
money”, Oyin said
“Let’s make another deal. I
take the money and bed
both of you together four
times for a month, meaning
once a week. Do we have a
deal?” he said hoping that
this would make them
change their minds.
Oyinade looked at Ronke
who was busy with her
phone. Getting a signal, she
looked at Kelvin and said.


We strolled on the beach
enjoying the fresh air. We
decided to leave the water
play for the last activity as
we chatted, laughed and
made jests of one another,
coconut drinks in hand. The
coconut water itself which
is sold at the beach is so
fun drinking when you
have straw ins**ted in it.
A horse man came in our
direction pulling two
horses. He must have
sighted us from afar and
decided to make some
money out of two
wonderful couples.
“good evening ladies and
gentlemen” he said
approaching us. “Would
you like a ride?”
“as long as it is free” Tony
said jovially and we all
laughed slightly, including
the horseman.
Richærd looked at me

“Well we would
definitely like one” he said
to the man, looking at me.
“What? You know I have
never been on one. It could
throw me over or
something. I could break
my neck, my legs or even
my… my back” I said
He smiled. “Don’t worry
sugar, you would not even
break a nail, I assure you”
he responded.
“Let us have
one” he said to the man
and took one. Before I even
thought of protesting, I was
already off the ground and
was on the horse’s back. I
looked stupefied as I stared
at Richærd on the sand.
“You can’t be serious” I
“Don’t be scared now babe,
I am here with you” he said
and got behind me. His
closeness did two things to
me – it made me feel
protected but it also made
my heartbeat increase its
tempo, not from fear
though. His closeness
always made me feel
nervous. Tony and Prisca
were already ahead of us
with Patricia in Prisca’s firm
Richærd, fully aware of the
effects he had on me,
moved even closer making
my breath ragged. I felt his
smile even without seeing
him and I was slightly upset
but I knew everything he
was doing also had its
effects on him too.
“Shall we go sweetheart?”
he asked and I nodded
nervously and vowed to
retaliate. I moved
backwards intentionally,
relaxing fully in his chest
and he trembled slightly; my
senses told me it was not
from the breeze.
“I need to focus honey, you
are not making it easy” he
said. I smiled. I placed my
hands on his legs tenderly
without warning and the
horse stopped moving
abruptly. I was shocked
initially but later started
laughing. He is not so
powerful after all. He
breathed deeply and said

“that was
not so funny”.
I laughed more.

“It is good
to retaliate”
He scoffed.

“That is not the
behaviour of a good
“What? I beg to differ my
prince, I am sure this
section in the husband to
wife relationsh¡p is
excluded” I said with a grin.
“You can do everything to
make me edgy and you
expect me to fold my hands
and accept it all?”
“I was planning on
teaching you how to ride a
horse but you are not
making it easy for me.” He
said moving his palm
through my hair. The horse
resumed its catwalk again
and I tried to focus on
everything he was saying
about how to propel a
horse to movement. We
caught up with Tony and
Prisca who seemed to be
having a wonderful time.
The horse moved close to
the water and it seemed
like I would be deposited in
it. I told Richærd and he
smiled, reduced my fear by
moving away from the
water. He stopped and
looked at me. I craned my
head backwards to look
into his eyes.
“Did you enjoy yourself
“Yeah, a lot. But for the
record, I would rather not
ride with you next time”
He laughed.

“Don’t tell me I
have that much effect on
you” he said coyly.
“Of course not” I said
looking away.
“Uhn”. Richærd enclosed my
mouth with his and my
guard was thrown
overboard. We k-ssed for a
while and when he released
me, I was slightly dizzy. He
k-ssed my cheeks and my
forehead, gazing into my
“I think I would rather ride
with you next time” I said
and he grinned.
“What about a race?” we
heard Tony say. We had
forgotten totally about them
but they were also too
involved with each other to
even notice us.
“That’s perfect” I heard
Richærd say but Prisca and I
started protesting until they
put us down in order to
satisfy their own desires. I
took Pat from Prisca and
“I think it is good this
way, I want to talk to you
about something Pric”
“Girl, what do you think
about Richærd’s mother?” I
asked Pric as we watched
strolled on the beautiful
sand of the beach.
“Sorry Lina but I don’t like
her one bit. She has no
right whatsoever to come
after Richærd after so many
years. I am sorry to say this
but she is just a gold-
digger.” She said in one
I sighed. “I don’t know if I
am  being stupid but I want
to re-unite Richærd with his
“That is ridiculous. To me,
that woman is more harm
than good. The earlier he
forgot about her, the better
for everyone, including
She might be right, I
thought. The woman is a
bad influence and having
heard so much about
Mother-in-laws,I was not
sure I would like to have

But am I not being


I left work very early on
Tuesday, two weeks after
my adventure at the beach.
The work must be taking its
toll on me because I was
feeling physically weak.

physical weakness was not
going to stop me from
going to church but I
wanted some time to rest
so I left earlier than usual.
Informing Richærd did not
cross my mind because all I
wanted was going home,
having a shower and
I entered my car and
zoomed out of the hospital
premises on top speed. I
was just about a half way
through the journey when I
noticed the flat tire at the
driver’s side of the car. I
must have skipped it in my
rush because it was at zero
level. This struck me as odd
and strange because I just
had the tires changed a
week ago.
This is frustrating, I thought
as I parked beside the road
to see what I can do. What
does a girl know about a
mechanic’s job? I dialed my
mechanic but his number
was switched off. I did not
sight any roadside
mechanic so I did what
anyone in my situation
would do – do the job
I got out my spare tire from
the boot, my jack and wheel
spanner. Just as I was
going about my business, a
car parked in front of mine
but I was beyond caring. I
placed the jack under the
car and started pumping it
in order to lift the car.
“Who do we have here?” I
heard behind me and the
voice registered
immediately I heard it.
I turned slowly and saw the
very person who owned
the voice. “what are you
doing here, Kelvin?” I asked
surprised that he was
actually there and even
more surprised that I could
recollect his voice.
“I was just driving by and
saw you. I don’t need to
look twice to recognize you,
even in the dark.”

responded with a smile
which I found increasingly
annoying by the minute.
“That’s great. You can go
now, after all, you can see
that I am busy”. I said and
continued my work.
“No” he responded sharply.
“I can’t possibly leave you
here to do this. I am sure
you don’t have the slightest
idea about what you are
doing. Don’t let me pass the
chance to save a damsel in
distress, especially when
the damsel is you. What
happened between us
should be in the past now.
We are Christians”. He said
and with feeling? I can’t
believe it.
I looked at him feeling
slightly irritated. He gently
shoved me aside and took
over the job without
permission. I folded my
hands across my chest as I
watched him fix the tire
almost effortlessly.
Something told me that this
is no chance meeting and I
kept that thought at the
back of my mind.
He was through about 15
minutes later and I thanked
him for his help but he
blocked me unexpectedly as
I made to enter my car,
causing me to bump into
him. I righted myself and
faced him with a
questioning glare and he
backed down.
“I just… I just thought we
could have a drink nearby,
you know, to catch up on
lost time” he said.
“Oh… I don’t think it would
be a good idea. You know,
having people see us
together might create a
wrong impression and I
would like to avoid that.

am happily married and I
don’t want rumours getting
in the way of my happily
ever after. Seeing that you
are not wearing a wedding
ring, it suggests that you
are not married, so it is best
to stay away from your Ex
in order to encourage
ladies to look in your
direction. Besides, we are
Christians, right? Thanks
again and have a nice day” I
said in one breath and
before he could think of
stopping me, I was already
in my car with the doors
firmly locked. I pulled out
and headed home.

Oyinade moved confidently
towards Richærd’s office to
give a report about some
patients. Her dressing
would be described as
anything but descent.

skirt was tight enough to
display the enormous load
she was carrying and her
shirt was not able to
withhold the overflow of
flesh and her cle-vage was
in public display. She had
decided that the forepl-y
was long overdue; she
needed to get what she
Richærd raised his eyes
when she entered and his
eyes seemed to linger a bit
more than they usually did,
she noted with satisfaction.
She did not wait for
permission before she sat
down, crossing her legs in
front of her. Richærd
noticed all these gestures
but did not say a word.

set about her job, using her
most fascinating voice and
trying to be as accountable
as possible. When she was
done, all she heard was,
“Alright, you can leave now”
from her boss.
She stood up slowly and
was at the door when she
heard Richærd calling her.
She smiled victoriously but
faced Richærd looking
indifferent. For the first
time, Richærd faced her fully.
It was as if he was seeing
her for the very first time.
“Why are you dressed so
indecently?” he asked
suddenly. Oyin was
speechless. That was not
the question she was
“You have to always
remember that this is a
hospital and not a hotel. If
you wish to remain in this
hospital, holding the
position you presently are,
you would have to dress
moderately. Do you
understand me?” he said
with seriousness written all
over him.
Oyinade’s throat became
thick. She could not stand
the humiliation. She
muttered her apologies and
vanished to her office
where she cried tears of
disgrace and annoyance.
She picked up her phone
and dialed Ronke’s number.
“Carry out plan B now” she
ordered immediately Ronke
“What is the matter again
girl, that is not our plan”
she heard over the receiver.
“I don’t give a d–n. Do it
now” she yelled and the line
went dead. She started
pacing the office in anger


Richærd could not
understand the ploy of his
assistant. She had been
exceptional with her work
ever since she came but he
could not fathom why she
would dress so exposing.
He had noticed it the
previous day and kept quiet
but seeing it repeat itself
today sent a warning signal.
It was as though she was
bent on sed-cing him or
someone else. He hadn’t
meant to embarrass her the
way he did but he could not
think of a better way to
present it if he wanted a
change. Men are not stones
and if he could control
himself, he could not say
the same about the other
guys in the hospital.

had disapproved of her
immediately she saw her
for reasons he could not
understand but he knew
that she always trusted her
instincts and her
judgements are often
His Phone beeped notifying
him that he had a message
and he stopped what he
was doing to check it. He
also wanted to call his wife
to find out how she was
feeling, so in a hurry, he
opened the message but
what he saw gave him a
chill. It was not terribly bad
but he still could not
imagine it. He read the
message and enlarged the
picture attached to it.
sender of the message was
not identified but that was
not his problem. He stood
up from his chair
immediately and left his

I lay in the bathtub feeling
slightly better than before.
The warm water made my
nerves settle and I felt good
within few seconds.
Remembering my
encounter with Kelvin, I
scrubbed my body clean
because I didn’t want to
have anything to do with
him. We are Christians, I
remembered him say. And
so what? Was he not a
Christian when he tried to
have his way with me,
knowing fully well that we
were not married yet?
he not a Christian when he
got that harlot to his bed,
thinking he would be able
to persuade me with that
ridiculous act? He must be
out of his mind if he thinks
he can come between me
and my husband.
All these went through my
mind as I rinsed, toweled
and left the bathroom. I
remembered that Richærd
always became slightly edgy
whenever Kelvin’s name
came up in a discussion. He
hated what Kelvin did to me
and always emphasized his
desire to punch the daylight
out of his guts for what he
did to me. Thinking of
Richærd, I remembered that
I did not tell him I would
leave the hospital early. I
was about reaching for my
phone when it rang. The
number I.D was hidden and
I hesitated. I did not pick up
the first time but the call
was repeated. I picked and
placed the phone on my ear
without speaking.
“Hello” I heard a female
voice say over the receiver.
“Yes? Who am I speaking
with?” I asked
“Please, is this Mrs Belina
Branson?” she asked
instead of answering my
own question.
“Yes. Who is this please?”
“I would like to remain
anonymous ma. I love you
so much and I have read a
lot about you and what you
have been through. Your
story is very touching and
inspring. I know you but
you don’t know me. I
admire your inner and
outer beauty and that is
why I am not happy with
what your husband is
doing ma”.
I was surprised.

“What are
you talking about” I asked
“Your husband is cheating
on you ma” I heard her say.
“What?” I yelled.

“You must
have someone else in mind.
I am sure of it” I said
confidently already feeling
“No ma’am. He is cheating
on you with the lady
working with him; that lady
with huge buttocks and
br-asts. Believe me ma, I
usually see them together
and I even saw them
k-ssing one day in the
eatery not so far away from
the hospital. I know you
would not believe me but
remember, I warned you”.
“Who are you and who sent
you?” I yelled but the line
was already dead.


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