BETRAYED (Episode 3)

© Aaron A. A

Nana Yaw scre-ms and bounds off the bed, losing his er-ction immediately.
He crouches near the lifeless figure of his father, speaking incoherently as he checks for a pulse.
Araba gets off the bed too, already slipping on her p-nties.
She quickly straightens out the bed, and then she crosses the room and dresses quickly, and when she has her shoes on she quickly approaches the two men.
She looks into the staring eyes of her husband without emotion.

Is he dead?

No, no! Oh, God! It is a heart attack! I must get him to a bed immediately!


Fool! Whilst you’re unclad? Get up, get dressed first! And then we’ll call for help and say we found him like that! Hurry up!
He dresses quickly, and they call for help.
Paramedics arrive, and Mr. Kwame Awuah is put on a stretcher and pushed into the elevator, which descends to the VIP Wards.
He is put on a bed, paralysed totally, his mouth slack, his hands bent like claws.
And so, Mr. Kwame Awuah, multimillionaire who believes there is no God, becomes the first patient of his son at the hospital he has built for his son!
As he lies there, unable to move any part of his body, his mind recollects the sight of his son making love to his wife, and silent tears flow down the sides of his eyes!
Machines are fixed to almost every body part of Mr. Kwame Awuah.
Within minutes his private doctors arrive, and they call in other experts.
Nana Yaw Awuah and a host of specialists are all gathered around the bed where Mr. Kwame Awuah is lying immobile.
The verdict is the same:
His body has suffered a total shutdown!
Almost all vital org-ns have been destroyed.
The heart attack has been too massive!
Mr. Kwame Awuah, multimillionaire, staunch atheist, therefore has less than a few weeks to live, less than one month!
Nana Yaw Awuah breaks down completely when he hears this news.
He wails like a baby.
Everybody present thinks that he is mourning the unfortunate calamity that has befallen his father, naturally, and none knows that he is filled with abject remorse.
Of course lying in bed Mr. Kwame Awuah hears the verdict, and understands it, and knows that his millions cannot save his life, and that he is dying!
Betrayed by the two people he loves most in the world!
And this is his end!
His eyes stare fixedly at his wife, and silent tears fall down the sides of his face.
Araba sits by the side of the bed and cries pitifully, heartbreakingly, a pathetic sight of a loving wife losing her beloved husband!
But no one knows that it is all a sham!
She is a really good actress!
But Mr. Kwame Awuah is not fooled, and his eyes stare at her fixedly, filled with such fury that after a while Araba stands up and allows herself to be helped outside.
Everybody leaves the room, and Mr. Kwame Awuah is left all alone.
Shortly afterwards the door opens again, and two senior nurses come in,side.
They are Maame Akosua and Enyonam Klinogo.
Enyonam is weeping as she sits on the bed beside Kwame and gently touches his cheek.

Oh, Kwame Awuah, gentle rich man, handsome man with a heart of gold! What am I hearing? You have less than a month to live? Oh why, why, why, why!! Death, please take your icy hands from this man o!

To be Continued…..

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