November 29, 2021

Black angel epilogue


(A New Tale of an angel of love)

.🙏ON GOD 🙏




‘What are you waiting for Zohar , it right now ,kill Phoebe or aunt Marianne or i will do it for you ‘

‘Before you make Zohar kill me ,can i ask you a question?’

‘Well if that’s your last wish go ahead’

‘Did you or did you not kill Madison? ‘ i asked

‘Ohhhhh, about that..yes i was the one ‘

That day ,madison had gone to my apartment just to reason with me ..but then she actually overheard my little conversation with Tony.

Did you know that tony and i teamed up to destroy you and Zohar . When dear auntie Marianne arrived on earth, tony and i were immediately aware of this and then he kidnapped aunt Marianne before she could get to Zohar and then transferred all of her powers to me but you see i wanted more powers …i want ed to be more powerful than Zohar so i can destroy you .. then i was so lucky that I found out that the only way to kil Tony is to stab him in the earth with an enchanted dagger called *teos* ‘ she said as she brought out a golden dagger which left Zohar with a big shock on his face ‘ and we all know that this golden dagger is the only thing that can destroy you too Zohar ‘

‘ so that is why Madison made me promise to stay with Zohar no matter what just before she died’


see that is why i really wanted to kill that girl ..even at the point of death ,she was still playing the role of guardian angel. You see ,just before i killed Tony, he wanted to overpower Zohar and take over Konica as the real king of Konica and the only way to do that is to keep Zohar away from you ….Zohar being the black angel of love who gave his heart to you can only be strong as a king when he is with you and he will be weaker when he is not with you… so tony gave me all of Marianne power and then i disguised myself as Marianne to trick you guys back to Konica and guess what he worked…you grew weaker when you were in Konica very very far away from Phoebe but before Tony could end you ..i finished him with the golden dagger ….well Zohar somehow managed to find out that i am not the real aunt Marianne and then he made me expose my secret but i was able to outsmart him as i threatened him with his aunt’s Marianne and made him dance to my tune …Phoebe, i knew the minute i was coming here that you were following me but i decided to act likeni didn’t know that so i can bring you to this deserted place and as usual i knew that Zohar will somehow manage to find out where she is which is good cause it just complete my master plan…now you have heard the whole story …who you gonna kill ,Phoebe or the woman who raised you Marianne


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it doesn’t matter who i kill ,you are still going to press that button ‘ Zohar said as with a smirk

‘So what?’

‘So this ‘ Zohar said as he pointed the gun at her and shot her in the hand making the remote fall from her hand

He unfreezed Kendall who ran to release Phoebe and aunt Marianne while he quickly grabbed the remote from the floor …Catherine was in pain as she fell to the ground …while Kendall finally managed to untie Phoebe and Marianne and also managed to remove the bomb jacket from their body …Phoebe grabbed the golden dagger and ran towards Zohar

‘You will pay for this ‘ Catherine said as she removed the bullet from her hand while the wound immediately closed up


have to run, we can’t face her ‘ Kendall said ‘am not strong enough and you are too weak Zohar ‘Kendall said

‘But Phoebe is with me now…i should be strong right ?’ Zohar asked

‘It doesn’t work that way ,you will have to spend atleast days or weeks close to her before you can be strong again’ kendall replied

‘Well of that the case let run’ Phoebe said as they all took to their heels

‘Well that is great ,i like it when they run’ Catherine said as she went after them

‘ we have been running for minutes ..where are we ?’ Phoebe asked as they were in the middle of nowhere

‘I am not sure Phoebe…let go there’ kendall said pointing at another old abandoned warehouse

‘Yea let go ‘ Aunt Marianne said

We were now lost in the wood in the middle of nowhere .All Thanks to Catherine, she is so evil and right now only her death will make me happy

‘I am so sorry guys ,we are in this mess because of me ‘

‘Well thanks to you ,we were able to find aunt Marianne, so there’s really no need to be sorry ‘ Zohar said and i smiled

‘Wait guys did you hear that?’ Kendall asked

‘Hear what?’ I asked

‘Footsteps, everyone hide ‘ Zohar said and we all found a hiding spot

The footstep got louder and louder as i saw the shadow of this anonymous person

‘Come on guys ,i know you are here …i can smell you ..come and play ‘ Catherine voice filled the air as i gulped

‘Oh now you all want to play hide and seek …no problem ,i am here to seek ‘Catherine said ‘where are you guys?’sje asked still walking around ‘ well gotcha ‘she said as Aunt Marianne voice immediately filled the air ..we all came out if our hiding spot and we were absolutely shocked to see Catherine grabbing Marianne by the neck as she lifted her off the ground

‘Put her down right now’ Zohar said

‘No can do Zohar.
.now say your last word Marianne ‘

‘Take care my kids ‘she said as tears rolls down her eyes and it was immediately followed by a snapping sound as Catherine threw her lifeless body on the floor

‘NOOOOOOO!’ Kendall and Zohar shouted as they ran towards her…Catherine used mind control to lift kendall from the ground and hit him against the wall continuously but she couldn’t do the same for Zohar who also grabbed her by her neck and lifted her off the ground

Catherine Struggled with him while choking and Zohar on the other just tightened his hand around her neck ‘i told you i would kill you if you hurt her ‘

Catherine might be strong but Zohar is still stronger even though he is loosing some of his powers for staying away from Phoebe for so long

Catherine started turning blue from choking as a string of blood rolled from her mouth down her chin

‘Arghhhhhhhhh’ Zohar groaned in extreme pain as he fell on the floor while i ran towards him …he was feeling extreme pain in his head

Catherine gasped for breathe as she stood on her feet

‘That what happens when you try to use your powers Zohar ‘ Catherine said as she stood on her feet still trying to catch her breath as she cleaned the string of blood from her chin ‘now Phoebe am afraid it your turn to die
She said as she grabbed me by the neck


struggled to stand on his feet but he just couldn’t as he was too weak too

‘You see Phoebe ,you always love everything i love but sadly this one …i can’t give him up …so Phoebe if i can’t have him cause he loved you too much,you can’t have him either…now you going to die like your guardian angel hope you watch Zohar and i enjoy our lives as a couple from heaven’ she said as she tightened her hand around my neck

‘No…ca..Catherine…you ….wi…will watch…us ..en…enjoy ..our lives …fr…from hell’ i said

‘What?’ She asked

‘Adios bitch ‘ i said as i stabbed her directly in the heart with a golden dagger

‘Argghhh’ she screamed as she she let go of me and fall on her feet still screaming

‘Goodbye Catherine..hope you rot in hell ‘i said as she screamed one more time before she fell on the floor…black smoke came out of her and went directly into me as her body decayed

That must be all the power she posess

‘Zohar ‘ i called his name as i ran towards him and hugged him …he also hugged me really tight …Catherine is gone ,now the storm is over.

Months passed and Zohar soon got over the death of his precious aunt,Tony was power was taking from me by Zohar cause it a dark power thati might not be able to handle while aunt’s Marianne power remained in me ..Kendall found a nice girl in Konica that he fell in love with…just like i predicted Zack fell in love with Warren and now they are a couple..just like every typical love story the boy and girl meets…hate each other and fall in love later on .

‘Where are you taking me to Zack ?’ I asked Zack who blindfolded me taking me somewhere i do not know

‘Just calm down pheebs we almost there ‘Zack said

‘Okay we here now’

‘Where?’i asked as i removed my blindfold. The place was decorated with candle lights and roses as i smiled to myself knowing who planned all this. I looked around but couldn’t find Zack anywhere

‘Hey ‘ A voice called as i turned around to see who it was

‘Zohar…why am i not surprised ‘i said with a smile

‘Well suprise’

‘Why did you plan all this..what the occasion ?’i asked

‘You see years ago..i met the most beautiful human …we started off on a real rough cause i was a total jerk
Phoebe started having flashback of the past as tears rolls down her eyes while he continues his speech

*And who are you ?’ He asked again but all I could do was stare At him like an idiot

‘Are you deaf ?’ He asked in a very low cold tone

‘Make up artist ,I am your make up artist ‘*
ZOHAR: cause i saw her as the key back home then

cause i saw her as the key back home then

*He moved his mouth to my ear and whispered ‘I want your body ‘ his hand slowly went to my butt and grabbed it softly

‘I want to f**k you’*


ZOHAR:but with time i realized she was the key to my heart..with time i realized she mean’t everything to me ‘


*’I do not want a contract with a bad person, i am a good person you a bad angel we just don’t fit

‘Then why don’t you teach me to be good,forget the entire contract and be my real girlfriend ‘*

ZOHAR:With time i realised that i can die for her


*’I cannot leave her like this …she has to come back ‘ i said as i moved closer to her

‘Zohar stop…this is a big risk you might die while trying to save her’ Kendall said but i turned deaf ears on whatever he is about to say

‘ i do not care Kendall.. ‘I said as i moved my mouth closer to hers *


ZOHAR: we fight a lot


*I owe no one an apology ‘ he said

‘Okay …fine ,since your anger always taking over ,here’s what i do not owe you ….a relationship ‘

‘What?’Zohar asked

‘It is over Zohar …i do not want to be with someone who settles everything with anger’*

ZOHAR: she went through pains and heart break for me


*What is going on ,why should i leave?’

He looked into my eyes and said ‘ because i do not need you anymore, that why i want you to leave ‘

‘Excuse you ..Zohar,what going on,why are you suddenly talking like this ‘

‘What part of leave don’t you understand, i do not want you anymore ,i already got what i need from you anyway ‘he said as he removed his jacket and hanged it *

ZOHAR: she stood by me through thick and thin


‘Well ,believe what you want to, am done with you,i am ‘ i said as i turned my back to leave

‘Zohar until you tell me what is trully going on ,i swear i will not move from this spot and that is a promise ‘ she said and i stopped walking *
ZOHAR: we even got separated
‘I will be back Phoebe’

‘I will be waiting Zohar ‘ He answered as he entered the Portal *

‘ But at the end of the day, despite all the difficulties, we are back together ..we are Phoebe ans Zohar…our love is stronger than ever…i have realise that i am only Zohar because i have my better half…that is why ‘ he deeped his hand into his pocket while i wiped my tears ‘that why is why i am going to go down on one knee and ask you the question..will you marry me?’he asked as he brought out a beautiful ring

Tears ran down my eyes as i stared at Zohar

‘Well Phoebe will you marry me ?’

‘Yes Yes Zohar..i will marry you ‘i answered as Veronica, kendall, zack and the black angels boys came out of their hiding spot clapping and cheering for us

He slid the ring into my finger, stood on his feet and pulled me close for a kiss

Few day after the wedding, i was now in Konica

‘Do you think i look pretty ?’ I asked my maiden

‘You are very beautiful my queen ‘ she answered

This planet is trully a site to behold. it looks absolutely beautiful, with beautiful lakes ,waterfalls, flowers etc and the kings castle was so unique and beautiful even castles in Disney is not this pretty .even the people here are extremely beautiful

‘Are you ready?’Zohar asked as he kissed my cheek

‘I don’t know Zohar, am kind of nervous, will they like me…i am human ‘

‘They will are their queen remember ‘ he said ‘their beautiful queen ‘ Today Zohar is going to introduce me to everyone as his queen

‘Let go ‘he said as he held my hand

I inhaled deeply when i reached the castle exist with thousands of Konicans waiting outside

‘Are you ready?’Zohar asked

‘I am ‘i held his hand

‘Open the door ‘ he told the guards who opened the door as i stepped out

They all were shocked when they saw me but it was soon replaced with a smile as i started hearing words like she is extremely beautiful

‘All hail the king and queen ‘ they chorused while i smiled broadly

This is my life

I got the man of my dreams

The once ugly and simple girl found her prince charming and now she is a queen

I am am married to the most powerful BLACK ANGEL

This is really a happy ending for me 😊

……….THE END …………..

Thanks for reading and supporting me

Hope you enjoyed this story

Who else will miss black angels

Cause personally as the writer, i also miss the story already

comments on the finale please

I deserve it for all the hardwork right guys

Licia loves you all so much

Thank you once again

Good bye to black angel

I believe I gave it a wonderful ending

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