Black Angel

Black Angel episode 14 – 15

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Black Angel👺

Writer: Anonymous❤️

Sequence 14

I sat d©wΠ nurs!ng my broken f!ng£r after th£ fight…th£n someone threw a clean towel at me… I looked up and saw h¡m… j√$t!n
h£ nodded with©vt smil!ng and turned away….j√$t!n Was Th£ number one top fighter that deals with kill!ng with j√$t break!ng of bones and sp!nal cords
h£ was also good !n shoot!ng from a far range….h£ was a very great sniper… h£ was [email protected] and Wicked…
h£ fights with©vt mercy dur!ng tra!n!ng…
Remember I said that ©vt of 75 students only 5 survives…..
We rem!ned only 50…25 had died dur!ng tra!n!ng and j√$t!n had killed 10 h¡mself dur!ng th£ tra!n!ng… Many feared h¡m
h£ was one of th£ most likely a$$a$$!n to graduate alive…h£ was a Spanish and I guessed h¡s age should be @r0vnd th£ range of
26 or 30…h£ didn’t m!nd whom h¡s opponent was… Male or Female… [email protected] Beautiful or Ugly…Sick or h£althy…h£ would def!nitely fight with th£ person like h£ was fight!ng with h¡s deadly enemies
!n th£ Academy… Nob©dy made friends…every
one was oth£r’s enemy
So, I was surprised to see j√$t!n throw!ng a towel at me…i looked closer at th£ towel before us!ng it to clean my sweat for th£ fear that j√$t!n might have placed poison on h¡m….
Unknown to me, j√$t!n was busy look!ng at me from a distance… Smil!ng at me
” Balance your foot Angel!!!….Balance it… Yes.. Yes… Now lift your right arm !n a curved form and sw!ng… Yes babe… You’re do!ng well… That’s th£ sh!ng tan Zü… Also known as
“허 미친 진짜 너무 좋아 이” h£ said speak!ng th£ Korean language fluently….j√$t!n wasn’t only good at fight!ng.. h£ could speak 36 foreign languages and write th£m properly as well
One way we became friends….it was ridiculous and strange but we kept it a secret…we had a secret hide©vt wh£re h£ tra!ned me specially and started teach!ng me all sorts of Martial Arts…!n 3 months I was already match!ng h¡m because I learnt very f*st and j√$t!n was a great teach£r…h£ was better than most of our tra!ners
h£ never asked me ab©vt my life story and I never told h¡m m!ne as well nor did I ask h¡m
To cut th£ long story short… We started develop!ng feel!ngs for one anoth£r
Th¡s fateful day after tra!n!ng… As I was pack!ng my bag… j√$t!n came beh!nd me and ₱v||ed me up and started klzz!ng me with high pa$$ion…
At first, I was still… I had never had a proper s€× before and it felt all strange… I became s¢ar£d of mov!ng and it seemed like j√$t!n understand me…h£ hugged me t!ghtly and said
“With time babe.. One day at a time ”
So everyday after secret tra!n!ng.. h£ would ₱v|| me !nto h¡s arms and klzzed me tenderly
It went on for weeks until one day I responded th£ klzz
I opened up my m©vth and l¡ps and klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k s1©wly and shyly
It was my first normal klzz…i took my time… klzz!ng and explor!ng h¡s l¡ps
h£ ₱u$h£d me to th£ wall and started explor!ng my b©dy
Start!ng from my neck… h£ klzzed a particular spot on my throat that made me $h!very
Plac!ng h¡s two [email protected] on my b©©bs and started giv!ng it a gentle sqv££se….i [email protected] a bit as j√$t!n tore open my shirt… Rem©v£d my b©©bs and started ₱|@y!ng with my n!₱₱!es… Rubb!ng th£m !n b£tweeΠ h¡s f!ng£rs… Th£ feel!ng was so cool…
“Hmmmmm” I said…
h£ klzzed me aga!n and cont!nued undress!ng me… Soon I was [email protected]£d !n h¡s arms and h£ was [email protected]£d too
h£ ₱u$h£d me flat d©wΠ on th£ floor and $pr£@d my laps but th£ moment h£ did so…
My psychological problem slot !n… !n my m!nd eye… I saw j√$t!n as uncle T try!ng to rape me aga!n…
I tried my best to conv!nce my bra!n that I was halluc!nat!ng… I was see!ng th£ wrong th!ng…
My h£art knew I was see!ng j√$t!n but my bra!n was see!ng someth!ng else
Tears of frustration started dropp!ng from my eyes… I knew I was go!ng to do someth!ng wrong
I tried warn!ng h¡m
“”j√$t… j√$t!n… I… I… Please… Please stop… ” but h£ couldn’t listen… h£ didn’t
What I did next was unexpected.

Is Sandra halluc!nat!ng?



Black Angel👺

Writer: Anonymous❤️

Sequence 15

What I did next was so unexpected of me… I raised my [email protected] and started slapp!ng h¡m rapidly….it seemed like a joke to h¡m at first… But soon I started attack!ng h¡m with all my strength….
My bra!n was already see!ng h¡m as someone else… I started growl!ng like a maniac
“Uncle T… Th¡s is your end…
I will deal with you for everyth!ng you have done to me and my parents and most importantly to Meggie… ”
I was say!ng all th¡s with a cruel voice and was sqv££s!ng j√$t!n’s neck…..
Distantly I was h£ar!ng j√$t!n’s voice “Angel… Angel… Angel… Stop th¡s… You’re halluc!nat!ng… I’m not h¡m.. ” but I didn’t listen… Wh£n j√$t!n saw that I wasn’t ready to listen and was hurt!ng h¡m badly…
h£ took a stone beside h¡m and h£ad me on my h£ad till I became unconscious
I woke up with a splitt!ng h£adach£… All my h£ad was on fire… My t0Πge was burn!ng
As I tried to raise my b©dy… My h£ad started sp!nn!ng @r0vnd and I almost fa!nted aga!n….
“Don’t m©v£.. It will only become worse… ” I h£ard a familiar voice say!ng… Th£ voice showed and I saw j√$t!n with a cup of an unknown dr!nk with h¡m
I tried remember!ng what happened but I couldn’t… All I remembered was th£ klzz
h£ pa$$ed me th£ dr!nk and said
“Take that…it would h£lp…”
Ih£ knelt d©wΠ beside me and made me dr!nk a bit….
After a while… I asked
“What happened to me ..?
Did we fv¢k? ”
j√$t!n looked at me with funny eyes
Wait… You didn’t remember? ”
I nodded and said
“Nope…i didn’t ”
h£ smiled for th£ first time and I couldn’t h£lp myself….h£ looked so [email protected]
“Who’s Uncle T Angel?…h£ asked look!ng calm and soft
“Is h£ th£ reason why you’re h£re?”
I knew that I had done someth!ng terrible… Th£n I noticed scratch£s all over h¡s face…
h£ had a small cut on h¡s foreh£ad as well…
“Wait… ” I said gently…
“Who did that?…it wasn’t th£re wh£n we were tra!n!ng
Did I do that? ”
h£ smiled aga!n and said
“You almost killed me Angel…
I th!nk you need a psychiatrist….you’re halluc!nat!ng…you took me for that uncle T of yours ”
Water filled my eyes aga!n… I hid my face !n shame but j√$t!n gave a small chuckle and said
I’m not a psychiatrist but let me tell you th¡s
For you to get h£aled… You will need to get ©vt of th¡s place alive…
Th£n you must settle th¡s score you have with that man
Only th£n will you be f!nally free….:No amount of th£rapy or drugs will change you….until you fulfill your h£art desire….
Do you know your h£art desire?” h£ asked…
“Yes…” I replied softly…
‘My h£art desire is to kill h¡m s1©wly and pa!nfvlly… I want to see h¡m crawl and beg for mercy…
I want to see h¡m suffer and th£n kill h¡m !n th£ worst way ever
Only th£n will I be okay….
h£lp me j√$t!n… Will you please h£lp me ” I said gripp!ng h¡s [email protected] with tears ₱0ur!ng d©wΠ my ch£eks
h£ h£ld me [email protected]¢k and said
“On one condition… ”
“What is that? ” I asked
” After fulfill!ng your goal…. You must marry me ”
I laugh£d th!nk!ng h£ was jok!ng but wh£n I saw that h£ wasn’t smil!ng I asked
”Are you serious..? ”
h£ nodded
“will you marry me Angel..? ”
I smiled and said
“I’m sorry
I can’t ”
“I will wait for you ” h£ said
“Don’t wait…
I won’t be th£re” I replied
“I love you Angel ”
“j√$t!n… I’m not made for love…I’ve been ru!ned for that and everyone I had ever loved died… Mom… Dad… Meggie… I can’t let you jo!n th£ league and even now. I’m not capable of lov!ng anym©r£
I have no feel!ngs… Th£ only feel!ng I have is th£ hatred I feel towards Uncle T….
Even if it takes kill!ng you to fulfill my dest!ny
I will kill you ”
Th£n I stood up weakly and left h¡m… Hid!ng my face so that h£ doesn’t see th£ tears ₱0ur!ng
We didn’t stop tra!n!ng but j√$t!n never brought it up aga!n neith£r did h£ touch me…
h£ tra!ned me until I almost match£d h¡s strength
Sometimes I felt like runn!ng !nto h¡s arms…
Sometimes I j√$t wanted to forget my past and escape with h¡m to anoth£r country and start all over aga!n
But th£ thirst and crav!ngs for revenge didn’t allow Me
I ₱u$h£d all th£ emotions [email protected]¢k away and faced my tra!n!ngs.
Soon my three year tra!n!ng lapsed and th£ exam!nations began. We started as 75
But at th£ beg!nn!ng of th£ exams… We were 28….
Def!nitely.. 23 students had to die.


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