November 29, 2021

Broken episode 4 – 5


(Forbidden love 💔💘)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 4.

I knocked on Cleo’s door when she didn’t open the door, it’s the fifth time am knocking on the door after countless ringing of the doorbell.

“There seems to be no one inside” Rachel said after she checked the windows.

“Where could they be?, Isn’t it too early for lunch or something?” I said looking around the house.

“Over there!” Lang Yan said in his Korean accent pointing at the two young women coming towards the house.

He’s a kung-fu fighter, well known to be good in karate and judo fights, he has never lost a fight and for two years, he has worked under me as a personal trainer to all the new members of our fraternity, he has sworn an oath of allegiance to us.

I also have with me, Saga. He’s the one person that trains new members how to use gun and dodge bullets, he’s known as the King of gun.

He’s once a secret assassin that has killed many government officials and wealthy men surprisingly, in public places without being noticed, he was marked most wanted criminal in Jacksonville, Florida.

But, last year after summer ended, he swore in with us and he became as free as the air, untouchable, uncatchable.

He has with him, his lover, Sly Sassy.
She’s the s£xiest lady I had ever come across, with her body, she tempts men into her web and destroys them completely.

She’s in charge of teaching the ladies how to use what they have to get what they want….

“Good day sir, I’m sorry….we …I…she…”Cleo’s voice trailed off when she couldn’t find a good word to explain her keeping us standing.


didn’t say anything, she stood akimbo and looked at us like a fearless lion.
Like, nothing happened.

Maybe what happened had made her loss her memory and sense of thinking, I chose to ignore her anyways.

“No problem, we have come to take Brianna to the camp for training, your presence will be required because I and Rachel will be out to take care of some other things. This means she’s yours to care for, Cleo”.

“Okay sir” Cleo accepted.

“Brianna, go get ready,we leave in ten minutes!” Rachel said to Brianna when Cleo went inside and she kept glaring at her.

“You don’t have to say anything!, I have got ears!” Brianna snorted and walked past into the house.
Rachel looked at me and squared her shoulders.

“She is a perfect recommendation for the next mission” Sassy commented with a smile.

“Yes!…..she is!”.


Brianna stayed at the training camp for three months.


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three months, she tried escaping six times when she’s certain she can’t bear the pains anymore, none of her escape trials were successful.

Even in the desert they referred to as a training camp, cameras are situated at every tree around the place.

The only noise one could hear is birds singing or wild animals roaring, every phase of the land were covered with dirty water, no normal human being would come anywhere close to that place.

Brianna thought she might die of hunger and thirst when she was only given food every four days and water once in a while, she wept.

Their beds where the trees and you could imagine the sort of cold that pours out through the woods to graze her skin every night, she kept calling her father to save her but she isn’t ready to give up on life yet, she has to live and settle a score with someone.

Cleopatra was a good help, she helped her heal when she wasn’t able to dodge a bullet and it caught her arm.

She gives her part of her own food and water secretly when she’s too hungry, she gives her strength when she’s too weak.

Cleopatra gave Brianna her clothes so she would stay warm while she stayed cold. Brianna would never forget that, at least someone feels for her.

When it became obvious that she can’t be able to escape, she accepted her fate and trained all night.

“When I become a demon, I will suck her blood first” Brianna kept reminding herself that she has to become a devil in order to pay Rachel back in folds with evil.


since they came here, neither Rachel nor Marshall has paid a visit or called to know how the little girl is taking it.

Brianna was more at ease with Sassy, she wasn’t too strict with her, she taught her how to seduce men with her body and corrected her when she is wrong.

Lang Yan wasn’t any help, her skin is decorated with his finger prints, whenever she misses to dodge his attack, his hand leaves a trail on her white skin.

Saga doesn’t seem to mind firing her all in the name of training.

His bullet has left three holes on her left arm, all he does is removes the bullet and orders her to keep firing with the pains, if she misses a target more than two times, he fires at her, if she wasn’t able to dodge, she gets another hole.

“We leave tomorrow!” Saga announced and took Sassy to shelter.

“Oh! Finally!”Brianna exclaimed as Cleo helped her climb up behind her on a tree.
A few wounds on her legs makes it hard for her to even walk.

“Hope you will be alright?”Cleo asked her when they’re settled ontop of the tree.

“I have never been alright,does it matter now?” She scowled.

“See, Brianna,I know how hard this must be……”

“You don’t know!” Brianna cutted her off “I don’t think you will ever know how hard it is to have a mother who cares only about herself!, Or how painful it is to see her live well while I suffer!!”

Cleo took her hands into hers and drew her into her arms, it felt awkward because of their position on the tree.

“You will be alright, one-day you will remember this troubles and laugh” She advised.

“Maybe when I must have soured my hands with blood, or probably when I must’ve been shot dead” Brianna said quietly not wanting to believe Cleo’s words.

Cleo kept patting her on the back and prayed that this little beauty finds the peace she craves for .


We left for the white house early the next morning, I chose to call it the white house because of the paintings of the beautiful house.

Everything inside is all white except the golden colored table and the black television.

I can’t remember any other material that is used to decorate the house that’s not white colored aside the stairs railing.

I like the house, not because it’s beautiful but because the presence of that woman doesn’t lurk around it.

We took a scow to cross over to mainland before hiring a private cab just like we did when going there, it took us to a garage where a driver waited for us and we drove quietly back to the house.

On the short drive to the white house, Sassy and Saga shared the same sit with me on the back sit, they made out.

When I said made out, I mean they kissed and romanced without minding me sitting there or Cleo and Lang on the front sit whose attention where on me instead of the guys sinning, I kept wondering why.

I forced my eyes to look away from them as an image of that guy on the beach blurred my vision.

I wish, I just wish and hope that I see him again.
The thought of him makes me feel better and I still can’t tell what it means.

But whatever it means, I pray it lingers there forever, it’s a warm and special feeling.

When the car stopped in front of the house, the first person I saw took the beautiful smile off my lips………


it breaks my heart to see that person smiling……..

(Forbidden love 💔💘)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️


Episode 5.


I stood at Brianna’s doorway, not expecting her to move aside for me to go in, I’m like a weed to my own daughter. understandable.

“I guess you are ready for tonight’s mission?” I asked her, she wasn’t looking at me, she looked sideways.

“I hate you” she choked in her tears and shifted her gaze towards me with so much fierce in her eyes.

“I know, thanks for reminding me baby!” I said and clapped my hands together in amusement because my words caught her off guard and I could see she wants to pounce on me.

Earlier today when she came back with her trainers and partner, she didn’t say a word to anyone, she had simply stepped down from the car and walked inside without looking at anyone.

But, she came out for lunch and Marshall told her about her mission tonight, she had almost shouted this house down and scattered everything on the dinning before heading straight inside.

I know my face is the last thing she wants to see but I have to make her understand some certain rules she must adhere to as a full member of our fraternity, Marshall won’t hesitate to pluck her eyes off if she fails to be a good girl to him.

“Why? what did I ever do to you to deserve this sort of treatment?!……are you really my mother?” She queried as a tear slid down her eye.

“Yes baby, I am your one and only mother and don’t misunderstand, I love you and want the best for you that’s why I have come to give you this….”

I held out a copy of the rules to her, she hesitated a little long before taking it “just be a good girl and make mama proud….”

She threw the paper on the bed and bursted into laughter before commenting “proud? ….make you proud? and the only proud I would make you is when I become a beast and suck innocent blood?! you are a dissappointment to motherhood!!”

She banged the door shut on my face.

I stood immobile for minutes before I found the leg to walk, I wasn’t even two feets away when she stormed out of her room with outdoor clothes and went outside.

Cleo entered the hallway and looked at me in surprise.

“What happened?” She asked me pointing towards Brianna’s direction.

“Nothing much, she’s just pissed off” I told her and she rolled her eyes.

“Whatever” Cleo waved off as we took the stairs down.

“Where’s Marshall?” I asked her.

“He’s talking with Lang at the back” she said and went inside the kitchen.


I had thought the flower at Marshall’s house would be my best friend, but I realized how wrong I am as I ran around the beach.

The beach is my friend now, not just a friend but a great company, as I stopped and dipped my hands into the warm sand, I shut my eyes and tried forgetting the past and the fact that I will be sent on a mission to kill a few hours from now.

I made to stand up but a hand covered my face and blinded me, it’s probably Cleo.

But this hands are strong and large, not a ladies soft and slim hands, I ran my hands through it and thought maybe because she has used the hands to handle metallic objects before.

A hand that controls gun and sword, and kills without thinking is supposed to be strong but she has touched me before, I might not have noticed all those times.

“You don’t have to follow me anywhere I go, it’s not like I would escape, I don’t even know my way around here!” I shouted forcing the hands off me.

“Who knows!” A male voice exclaimed and the hands left my face.

I turned slowly to face him. His horse a few feets behind him.

He smiled provocatively and my heart skipped a beat.

I have always believed my father is the most handsome man in the whole world but I see how wrong I was, this guy is not just handsome but breath taking.

I had talked to him the first time, today I am short of words and I could only gape at him.

“Hey, what’s she staring at?!” He asked pouting his lips and patting me on my forehead, I flushed.

“Oh….” That’s the only sound that escaped my lips as I tried putting myself in order.

“The first time I saw you, you were running around here before going into the water and today again, should I say you’re running away from something or exercising?” He questioned, a smile playing on his lips.

I opened my mouth and shut it when I wanted to tell him that he’s right, I’m trying to escape from evil but I can’t say that, not now.

I don’t even know him!.

“Well…. I like exercising when am free, you?”I said curtly.

“Me?” He looked at me, one brow lifted quizzically “am just here because am here, isn’t it beautiful?” He diverted his eyes and walked towards the water, I fell into step beside him, not ready to miss his scent, all male and full of strength.

“It is awesome” my voice came back to normal and I felt more free around him as we squatted beside the water and dipped our hands into it.

“What’s your name?” He asked me calmly staring hard at my face.

“I asked you your name the first time and you didn’t tell me, why do you think I would tell you mine?” I replied returning his look, he bursted into a comic laughter, the best sound I have ever heard.

I bet, that moment, I forgot about where I am and who I am.

“You don’t forget anything, do you?” He asked and pinched my cheek.

“Not when a guy is playing hard to get” I said playing along with him.

“Okay, fine” he threw his hands up deliberately and said “my name is Frank, are you okay now?”

“No second name?, you might be lying” I said though I believed what ever comes out of his mouth.

“Am damn serious!, that’s my name, why would I lie about it or you actually want to use it as an excuse not to tell me your name, right?!” He said feigning anger.

“And what if I say you’re right?” I said and moved backwards.

“No way!, your name or you remain here!” He came after me, I took to my heels and ran towards his horse.

I kept running around the horse, though he was a fast runner, the horse kept us apart making it difficult for him to catch me.

“Brianna?!!” Someone called my name!.


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