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Can love be perfect episode 34

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What brings Joy to our mind after a long stressful day is to have Stars on our crown

Which means to be been successful at the end of our efforts

And what next is celebrating and thankful party with Families and dear ones

In a big cottage House beside the sea is lots o f dear ones smiling and d talking happily as different foods and drinks is been served and they ate with lots of joy written on their faces

Xavier pulled his father’s wheelchair to the midst of the people and served him food and drinks too and want to feed him when

Someone pushed him away

“I do that”he sighed and


“Okay miss”he said and wanna moved away when

Crystal put her leg in his way and he fell face down

He hissed

“Oh shit!”he said rubbing his his half broken nose

Crystal stuck her tongue out at him

“Stop calling me miss and give me a sweet name like those sillies dating too”she said

Sandra turned to her

“And who’s the sillies?”she asked her

She laughed

“I didn’t mentioned anyone but I you’re silly,then sawry”she said

Mrs Rosa nodded

“She truly didn’t mentioned anyone right?”she said

Crystal’s mom eyed her

“Do you know we too called each other sweet names,miss crazy ?”she asked her

She covered her mouth

“Oh oops!”she said laughing inside

Brenda walked up to her

“I should beat you for saying that,crazy”she said

She gritted her teeth togw

“Let me finish feeding dad and let’s us fight”she said to her

Jeff shook his Head

“For real huh?”he asked

She pointed at him

“You’ll be the referee and Jeremy will be the one to give the winner the watch “she said

Vanessa laughed

“And what about US?”she asked

She clapped

“You’ll be the spectator cheering for the winner”she said winking

Her father turned to them

“If you’re looking for a scarecrow who can talk and act crazily but can’t fight is our crazy daughter, miss Crystal King”he said

Granny slapped him lightly

“She’s a Supergirl”she said and

Grandpa nodded

“Who dare beat our cat lady?”he asked in a husky voice and evryone laughed

Crystal winked a him

“I owe you good eyesight when you become more old than this grandpa and Granny,I owe you dark hair for old ages”she said confidently

Fred threw meat at her

“Will you stop sprouting crazy stuffs huh?”he asked biting on his meat

She took the meat and put it inside her mouth

“I owe you nothing player so face your miss crush huh”she said glaring at him

Jeremy slapped her head

“Shut up,girl and feed the man”he said

She kicked his chair and he fell down

“I’m not your worker again,mister Willy so keep that slapping hand”she said

Mr Cyrus laughed and Vanessa’s eyes glowed

“Dad just laughed,mom”she said happily

She too turned to him

“Oh love!”she said rubbing his head

Xavier scoffed

“Why won’t he laughed when he sees a crazy girl feeding him?”he asked

Crystal put the food down

“Come here,Xavi”she said

He shook his head

“For what?”he asked

She beckoned to him

“Just come and let me slap you just once”she said

Xavier stood up walking away

“NO WAY!”he said exclaiming

Sandra chuckled

“How will you want to beat someone and ask them to come and they’ll come truly huh?”she asked

Vanessa scoffed

“Except crazy someone like Crystal”she said and they all laughed

They chatted happily and laughed at their jokes especially Crystal’s craziness and Xavier just couldn’t say how happy he’s seeing her getting more close to him and she too couldn’t say how happy she’s too

And even tho LOVE IS NOT PERFECT among them all,they still stick together no matte what

It night already as the old ones stayed together talking happily,the guys swimming despite it late night and the ladies sat on the sea side making images with the sea sands

Sandra turned to Crystal

“I’m so sorry for everything, crazy”she said to her

She eyed her

“Did you do anything to offend me?”she asked her and

Turned to Vanessa

“Did yiu remembered anything she did wrong to me?”she asked

Vanessa laughed

“Maybe she didn’t or did not”she said

Brenda turned to them

“She kinda snatch a guy crushing on you”she said

Crystal hit her own face

“And that kinda hurt much right here”she said touching her chest

Then faced Sandra

“But still,I forgive you huni”she said pecking her

Sandra rolled her eyes

“I just wish there won’t be TWO of YOU!”she said

Crystal stood up

“No one like ME and there’ll never be someone like ME ever!”she said and

Twirled round the sea with her legs drawing patterns

“Leggo!”she said and

Used her hand to do mic

I am so lucky be ME

I don’t wanna be somebody

But I wanna be ME

Be ME eeee

I wanna be ME ME ME

I don’t wanna be someone else

Cos I’m lucky being ME eeee

So let’s party down

I’m not gonna be someone else

Don’t wanna be somebody

So I’m gonna be ME

Me me meeeeeee

She sang so sonorous and the guys looked up from inside the sea and smiled

“Crazy lady singing huh”they chorused

The ladies tweaked round her

“Oh yeah!”they said

The old ones laughed looking at them and smiled

“Youth is great!”they all said

They were dancing happily when Crystal’s phone beeped

“Hey Pega,hope you’re so much prepare for tomorrow huh..Wish us success”from Speck

She read and read and read it over and over again

“What’s she talking about tomorrow’s preparation?”she asked and put the phone in her pocket then continued singing when

She screamed

“Holy shit,final exam is starting tomorrow and it fiver core subject”she said and

Slumped to the floor

“I never read anything so Crystal’s is finished”she said shaking on the floor

They laughed at her as she eyed them

“Oh mommy,home is damn far from here “she said almost in tears

Sandra turned to her

“Here since yiu know how to study online before”she said giving her her laptop

She snatched it and ran away

“Don’t dare come to my side guys or I read yiu tto”she said and went to one corner to read but soon,my dears….

She dozed off


IT early morning as the door was knocked loudly

“Wake up,Crystal”her mom shouted

She shifted on the bed

“WHY,mom?”she asked

Her grandpa screamed

“It exam day”he said

She woke up immediately

“Holy shit again”she said springing up

She hurriedly took her bath which would have been better if she used her crazy method instead then rushed out,wore her uniform, carried her school bags and hurried downstairs

“I don’t have time to greet so morning to Crystal’s family and how’s your night?”she asked and

Dashed inside the kitchen taking her food then bowed to them as she rushed out again

“But no need answering cos I see with my two eyes and brain that you slept well,dears”she said and waved

Then ran out through the narrow lane leading out and soon,she’s breathing heavily at the school’s gate

“Oh yeah!”she said

A teacher turned to her

“You didn’t come late to school today so let’s hear word”she said eyeing her

She put her teeth together

“Shouldn’t I celebrate that at least?”she said fiercely then


“I’m going to my class ma’am”she said seeing the teacher red eyes

She hurried inside the class and screamed

“I read damn well,Jeans”she said

She chuckled

“You’re crazy also on an exam day?”she asked

She put an V hand on her chin

“I need that to make it in the exam,speck”she said sitting down

She laughed

“Oh OK, Pega”she replied

She narrated what happened last night to her

“If not for your message,model’s world have made me forget I’ve final exam today”she said

Jean smiled

“Five core subjects,crazy”she said

Jack snorted

“Won’t you shut up,crazy lady?”she said angrily

She winked at her

“I love you for calling me that,bully kid”she said and they glared fiercely at each other

Soon,exam started and everywhere was as silent as the graveyard as all eyes and mind were fixed on exam sheet and papers and no one dares talk even the

Crazy girl is so serious with her friend,Jeans

And our crazy girl was so determined to be the Best among the rest for she has won in model’s world so now..

“It remain School’s Life!”she said in between gritted teeth and started to write down again with eyes,mind and brain on the exam papers

Five core subjects straight today?

I must win!

Then my love life even not perfect,we’re gonna be perfect for each other

Wait for me Xavi

You’ll soon be able to be proud of me among all especially high society

Oh gosh,you’re already proud of me

Am now keeping my head up

And standing tall




















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