My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 8

My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 8
Anne’s POV continues
Omg, I can’t believe I’m hugging the school cutest, how can he hug me when he knew I’m a piece of trash, I mean, what is he even thinking? In the front of the class and Lisa his girlfriend he is hugging me,
I tried breaking the hug but he held me more closer to his body,

 Jeremy’s POV
I cuddled her close to my body not minding the raw egg which spurts all over her, my heart kept beating loudly, my wh0le body trembled in an inexplicable s-nsation which left me feel great,
I don’t know what is wrong with me, I don’t just know, but all I know is that this very girl who everyone hates is making me go gaga, everything about her is enticing to me, looking into her eyes gives me joy,
I don’t just feel like breaking the warm hug which was making my heart throb,
“Please release me, I’m suffocating” I heard her say,
I broke the hug and held her palm making her face me,
“Don’t allow people control your emotions, don’t let them play with you, do you know why? It’s because you’re far more than them” I said softly with a smile, her l-ips also crooked into a sweet smile which made her more beautiful,
“Let’s go” I said to her and we head out of the class ignoring the shock stare of the students,
I could feel her got tensed up as she sighted Lisa glaring at her badly,
“Don’t be afraid of her, she can’t do anything to you” I soothed while she nodded almost immediately,
We both walked palm to palm to the school restroom where we separated, she went to the female ward while I went to the male ward,
I hastly wiped off the little streaks on my shirt and walked out immediately, I am already getting unease staying with bunch of Nigerian all over the place,
I walked out and stood aside waiting for Anne to finish up, after sometime, she walked out looking fresh and new, she was wearing a new uniform which really fitted her, I stood there admiring her dreamly, her face had less makeup but at that, she still look like a goddess, her long black hair, light fair, pink l-ips and nice curve, I can’t keep myself from gazing at her, she is so beautiful and gorgeous,
I walked to her from behind and covered her eyes with my palm making her flinch,
“Guess who it is?” I inquired with a feminine voice,
“Even if I’m blind, I’ll still know it’s you” she said with a smile,
“Really?” I said removing my hand,
” Yes, your colongne and soft skin says it all” she said making me smile broadly,
“You look so beautiful” I blurt out without even knowing when I said it,
“You yourself is always the cutest” she said and started walking away,
“Where are you going to?” I asked with a frown
“To the class” she said
I rushed to her and held her hand,
“Don’t you think, we have a lot to discuss?” I asked confusedly,
“I don’t want to be talking to you again, not like you’re an enemy, but I don’t want trouble, I don’t want any kind of pestering from anybody please” she said and looking into her eyes, I saw it glisten, it was as if she was about to cry, I knew without doubt that she feels insecure, she was emotional,
“Nothing will happen to you, trust me” I said calmly,
“Jeremy, what I’ll never want at this time of my life is fight of love, I don’t want these struggle, just go away from me, I’m a poor girl who got into this school by luck, I don’t want to be expel, Lisa is the right person for you, she is beautiful, s€×y, rich, sophisticated, classic, everything one needs in a girl is in her, show her love, I don’t want any relationsh¡p now, not with you” she said and ran off,
I still there staring at her, my heart was really hurt, her words pained me so badly that I feel like crying,
Why I’m I this hurt? Why did it pain me, she is not my girlfriend..

 Anne’s POV
Slowly with anxiety, I head to the class, the school bell had rang a little time ago, I’m really agitated on what would be the reaction of the students in the class especially Lisa,
Why did he even hug me, why? Why does he wants to put me in trouble?
I sighed and kept going, I’ve to face what ever it is,
Just suddenly I felt my heart ache, I felt my heart become heavy, I saw myself getting unease, the face of Jeremy crossed through my memory, I could vividly see how happy his face was when he holds my palm, I am sure he is really in love with me, but why me? I’m not his class,
I felt sad with myself for saying those words to him, there is no doubt it pained him so much,
I felt like going to him and ask for forgiveness then accept his friend request, I feel like making him mine alone, showing him great love and passion, being his one and only girlfriend but I can’t, that would means endangering my life, that would cost me a lot, and I’m not ready to carry the cross, I’ve alot to tackle..
Walking into the class, a teacher was already teaching, I took permission and entered the class,
I walked to my seat and sat down without glancing at anybody,
Not long after, Jeremy walked in, his face was drawn and pale, he sat on the seat without looking at me, I just kept quiet and faced the board listening to the teaching,
In no distant time, the teacher was done and she left,
“Anne!” Lisa called me, my heart flinched, I was really afraid,
“” I stuttered
“Follow me, I have something to tell you” she said with grim,
I swallowed the lump in my throat and glanced at Jeremy who was acting unconcern,
” You hear me right, so don’t waste my time” she urged and I felt like crying,
I walked out with her, we both walked to the school field far away from the class,
“Your name is Anne right?” She said placing her left hand on her wa-ist,
“Do you called your stay in this school?” She asked and I nodded numbly
“Staying in this school and befriending Jeremy, which do you prefer?” She asked and I took a deep breath,
I love Jeremy, no, I like him, I want him, he is like my breath, I always think of him everyday of my life, I dream of him, my heart beats for him, but he can’t be mine, I cant show it to him, I can’t allow him know I love him, I’m afraid,
Now at this place, I’m confused, deep in my heart I know I prefer Jeremy, I prefer spending the rest of my life with him but I have to say my stay in this school so I can evade Lisa’s trouble,
“I prefer my stay in this school, I prefer my education, I don’t love him and can’t love him, stop all this you are thinking, he isn’t in my heart, he is the one forcing himself on me, please make him love you and stop maltreating me because I’m innocent, you are beautiful, you have all it takes is to make him love you, do it and he may fall for you, you are the most beautiful, make him notice you, I’m gonna leave that seat for you, you can occupy it, I will stop talking to him if you wish” I said with tears, i feel like I was betraying my heart, the words I was saying was killing me deep, I was saying something contrary to what my heart wants, I just feel like I’m betraying Jeremy, I pray he doesn’t hear this words,
“Okay then, you are free, I’m not gonna disturb you again, be a good girl and stay away from him” Lisa said showing me a recorder,
“I just recorded all you said so he will know you don’t love him” she said with a lopsided smile and I felt like dying,
I love Jeremy.


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