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Choices And Chances – Episode 7


Choices And Chances – Episode 7
A Story by Lydia Jonathan

The next day, he was better and was due to be discharged. I had to go home, took a shower and change of clothes and also carried fresh clothes for him to change into as well before leaving the house. I handed him the things I brought when I got to the hospital, and he took it and went to the bathroom to change.

The nurse came in with the discharge papers later, and I signed it, and he entered the room at that moment, and also did Dr Jeremiah. The nurse excused herself and left leaving all three of us in same room since I got here, with Daniel being awake.

“How are feeling?” he asked Daniel

“Fine” he replied nonchalantly

Dr Jeremiah nodded and turned to me

“I see you’re ready to go”

“Yes” I smiled my reply and he smiled also, nodding a “good”

And before he’d say anything else, Daniel walked past us and out the ward

“I’ll be in the car” he said to me before turning to Dr Jeremiah, giving him a final look before closing the door

“I’m so sorry about that” I apologized on his behalf and made to leave the ward also

“Regina?” he called and I halted turning an enquiring eyes on him

“Don’t let him drink or get cold” he warned “I tried telling him, but he didn’t listen. You’re his wife, maybe you could tell him.

Tell him?I almost scoffed at the idea. If only the doctor knew he’d rather listen to him than me his wife. But all the same, I nodded and exited to ward to meet Daniel seated in the driver’s seat waiting for me

“Are you sure you can drive? You’re still recovering, I could drive us home”

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“Fasten you’re seatbelt” he warned putting the car in ignition. I did so without uttering another word, and soon he was reversing out the parking lot and we were on our way home.

We got home and he stopped the car as soon as he drove into the compound and got out the car, not so much as giving me a second glance, even ignoring John’s greeting and went straight inside the house. I got out, carried all the things we used in the hospital out the car, sending John an apologetic smile, before making my way inside as well

I got in and immediately heard his room door bang shut

“It’s good to have you back” I murmured, making my way to the kitchen to prepare lunch as it was already 12noon. About an hour later I was done and I dished it out and placed it well on a tray. Balancing the tray in one hand and a jug of water in another, I manuvered my way up the stairs and to his room

“Daniel? I’m coming in”. I spoke placing the jug to the ground, I turned the door knob opening the door. I picked the jug and entered the room closing the door with the back of my leg as I got in

“I thought I’d bring your food up here”, I said placing the tray aside as I pulled a small table to his bedside and went ahead to place the food on the table, but tripped and almost pouring the contents of the tray on his bed. Thankfully he got good reflex, as he caught the tray, and in the process our hands brushed and our gazes matched. He wasn’t looking away and I couldn’t either, the room suddenly feeling hot as his gaze bore into mine, making my heart beat erratically in my chest. My husband no doubt is a very handsome man, with good manly features. So having him staring deeply into my eyes with that chocolatey brown eyes of his was doing something to my insides.

I immediately averted my gaze, clearing my throat as I couldn’t take another second of his stare, as I wouldn’t know what I’d do, so as not to make him angry, since he has been quiet since the hospital

I kept the tray properly and set the jug of water down and made to leave the room, but stopped halfway out

“I’ll be downstairs if you need anything” I turned to him, but he didn’t respond, rather eating his food his silence. I nodded to his silence and left his room, closing the door on my way out

I got a call later from Mary, and I fed her all that happened. She was glad it went well, and he is fine. We agreed to do the shopping tomorrow since its going to be saturday. I agreed and hung up

Daniel didn’t request for anything, even when he came down to eat dinner, he finished and climbed back up to his room, not saying a word to me,not that I wasn’t used to it already. A year of that can do that to a person


The next day, I drove to Mary’s bridal shop and picked her up as we made to do our “corporate shopping” as she had called it, giggling as she made me try on dresses upon dresses. After five hours of shopping and just having fun with my best friend, I dropped her off after thanking her for the day. ”I really needed it”. She said no problem, and I made my way home.

I finally got home, grabbing all the shopping bags, which had various designer brands and shoes and bag as well. Mary ignored my protest of having too much already at home and made me pick them all.

I got in and made my way to my room, dropping all the bags to the ground before heading back to the living room, but surprised to see Daniel now sitting on the couch, pressing away on his computer on his lap, with his glasses on,making him even s£xier. I swallowed and went to where he was

“You home already?” Have you eaten something? I asked and he looked up, before placing his laptop on the centre table, and brought out a paper and handed it over to me.

“Sign it” he said and picked up his laptop once more. Confusion clearly written on my features, and with a frown, I opened the neatly folded paper. My eyes quickly caught the boldly written “DIVORCE CERTIFICATE” at the top.


The light as a feather paper suddenly felt heavy in my hands as I scanned through its content. This cannot be happening, I thought he was going to forget. My head was already buzzing and I could feel my hands tremble because of sudden weight of the paper in my hands

“What’s this?” I turned to look at Daniel who seemed like he didn’t just hand me a paper that will contaminate our marriage. A marriage of six years at that

“It’s a divorce statement, go through it and sign it” he replied not once looking away from his computer

“I know what it is” I gritted out, my heart thumping in my chest “Why are you giving it to me?”

He finally looked up from his computer at me. We’re getting a divorce, we’ve been over this Regina”. He closed his computer and got up holding it in his hands to leave the living room “Sign it” he said over his shoulders and was soon halfway out the living room

With trembling hands, and a now sudden urge to hit something, “I’m not going to sign out” I sounded out with a shaky voice

He halted in his steps. “What?” he turned to look at me

“I’m not going to sign this” I waved the paper in the air, tore it to shreds and threw it’s remains aside. I’m not getting a divorce, I’m going to make us work. We made a vow Daniel and I intend to keep it”. In a matter of seconds, he was red with anger and his face all schrunched up. He marched towards where I was and each step he took made the beating of my heart faster than normal, in fear until he was right in front of my looking at me like I just promised to make the world go extinct. I swallowed in fear but my gaze not swaying from his

“You don’t get it, do you? He gritted out”

“Get what?”

“This marriage is over, there’s no saving it. The earlier you get that through your thick head, the better

“I don’t believe that. I know deep down you don’t too. I’m going to do whatever it takes to save this, save us”

“Your just been gullible, aren’t you?”He laughed scornfully “You think you can save us, but you can’t. We’re done. He turned on his heels once more towards his room

“It’s because I can’t give you a child, isn’t it? I sniffled. “You told me not to worry, that God’s time is the best, and I believed you” I wiped the tears that escaped my eyes. “Its not my fault I can’t conceive, you won’t even touch me anymore” I yelled angrily

He turned to look at me, his features now less angry.

“I’m right I’m I not” I took slow steps towards, not able to control the tears anymore as I left it have a free fall. His features softened almost as if my tears were hurting him, but at the moment, I knew better and he couldn’t fool me

“Regina” he made to touch me, but let his hands fall limply by his sides making my insides coil as the tears fell of my chin.

“Tell me, what is it? It can’t be just that. What went wrong? I was now staring at him and he looked vulnerable, like he was hurting more than I was, yet I was the one crying

He opened his mouth to say something but the words wouldn’t leave his tongue. Moments passed and he just stared deeply into my teary eyes before finally turning on his heels. And I broke down in sobs.


Crying my eyes out in this big living room was héll. The living room that was once a place filled with our laughters and playful banters. Our arguments on his favourite football club and players. But now, now it felt like it was mocking me as my sobs filled the room. I heard his faint screams and things crashing about in his room, but was too absorbed in my tears

I don’t know for how long I stayed there sobbing but at some point I left the living room for my room, my eye lids heavy as I rested my head on my pillow and drifted away to a dreamless sleep

The next day, I got up, made breakfast, not caring if he hate or not as I have had just about enough of it. I prepared and went to church on my own, not bothering to tell him since, even if we weren’t talking he still maintained going to church with me. But today, I didn’t feel like seeing his face.

When the service was over, I got up to leave having not paid attention to the teachings cause my mind were occupied with thoughts. I was about entering my car when the pastor called out to me

“Sister Regina?”

“Good afternoon Pastor”, I turned to greet him with a smile and he answered also with a smile

“How are you?”

“I’m fine Pastor”

“Okay, that’s good, but what about your husband? He’s not here with you today?”

I had to lie that he wasn’t feeling well so as to avoid more questions from him and he finally let me go after praying with me for Daniel’s health. I drove home and John opened the gate for me.

“Did my husband drive out?” I asked John as soon as I got out my car. He shook his head and I thanked him and went in. I got in taking in the quiet house and headed straight to the kitchen after dropping my bible and taking off my heels. I checked the food I made before leaving and it was still there, untouched. I sighed, covering the pot. That was the first time he had actually stayed long enough to see my tears. He always walks out on me before I actually break down

I got to my room, freshened up and changed to comfy clothes before going down to eat something. But I didn’t even have the appetite. I waited around to see if he’ll come down, but he didn’t. I went back to my room when it seemed he wouldn’t come down and just let the past events wash over me as I drifted off in sleep

The next Day, I woke up early as usual, mostly because I was starting my new job. I got out my room door, closed it and was about walking past Daniel’s when I heard the crashing sounds again. I halted, unable to move and I felt my heart break a little, and then there were silent sobs. My hand was already on his door knob but unable to turn it. My hand left his door knob and I made my way downstairs, swiping the tears of my face. Why was he taking it hard when he wanted a divorce. I guess I have to grant him his wish at some point, I sniffled as I turned off the gas cooker

I got dressed later on and left for work. My first day wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The director welcomed me and urged me to not make him regret his decision to hire me. I thanked him and was shown my cubicle. I made a new friend, she was also a new employee as she started working the week before. At the end of the day she gave me infos on some of the things she had already picked up and I thanked her for her help

I got home that evening, and John told me Daniel went out and isn’t back yet. I nodded and got in. After freshening up and tried to eat a little something, I went to his room to clean up the mess he might have made. I got in and took in the damage. Broken picture frames on the ground, littered broken glasses all around. I sighed, placing the broom down, and stepped in, avoiding the broken glasses so as not to be injured and started by picking up the things worth saving. A scrunched paper on the bedside caught my attention. I picked it up a was about throwing it away in the waste basket but decided to open it to see if it’s important. I straightened the crumbled piece a bit hoping to see some kind of docvment of some kind, but instead saw a doctor’s report with my husband’s name on it.

…To be continued

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