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When love happens episode 19 – 21

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💞Wh£n Love Happens💞
Chapter 19 – 20
By Authoress promise.
Jennie POV
I receive a call from an Unknown number that Jay was abducted.
Th£ lady over th£ oth£r side of th£ l!ne told me that Jay was kept !n an abandon old School.
$h£ told me th£ certa!n location th£ old school is located.
” What do you guys need a ransom. I will pay you any amount of money needed. j√$t don’t harm!ng h¡m ” I yelled over th£ phone.
“Don’t yell. Or you will loose ya darl!ng husband ” $h£ chided.
” okay what do you want as a barga!n !n order for you to release h¡m ” i muttered !n fear. Already shak!ng for th£ thought of loos!ng h¡m.
I don’t know if i can live with©vt h¡m.
How will it be. $h£ told that $h£ want be th£re not!ng else.
I was dazed and i started panick!ng.
I hurried ©vt of th£ car and drove to th£ certa!n location and alighted.
I went !n to th£ old school compound.
I meant a guy with a gun, obviously h£ is one of th£ hoodlums that abducted Jay.
I will not spare any one if th£y harm my husband.
h£ took me !n and we both went to a place i a$$ume to be th£ school hall.
I spot a smirk!ng lady. I recognize h£r to be th£ same lady that klzz Jay. $h£ was Jay ex Nora accord!ng to what Jay told me.

I required to know wh£re Jay is. Am $h£ told me th¡s was all part of h£r devious plan for me to come h£re. And have me murder. Jay was never abducted.
” You bitch Jay will never accept you,even if am dead” i snarl and $h£ and $h£ gave a mock!ngly laughter.
Which trigger m©r£ anger !n me. I fell chok!ng th£ life ©vt of th¡s bitch.
” h£ will wh£n h£ can’t differentiate b£tweeΠ th£ me and you ” $h£ responded with h£r smirk.
And i my facial countenance was all register with confusion. What th£ fv¢k do $h£ mean.
” Am gonna have a duplicate of ya face thus that expla!n your eager countenance ” $h£ stated.
” Bitch fv¢k!ng a$$ h0l£. Your dirty game will catch up with you ” i said feel!ng loath£ and $h£ smiled deviously.
I felt rage stumbl!ng on my ch£st all of a sudden.
I dash to h£r. Seize h£r by th£ neck and started chok!ng th£ life at of h£r.
$h£ w!nced try!ng to yanked my [email protected] away from h£r neck. I fell like kill!ng h£r.

Next i felt someth!ng [email protected] landed on my h£ad from beh!nd.
I [email protected] my h£ad hurt. I fell to th£ floor and my eyes became h£avy. I fear my vision was ab©vt to fade away.
“God job Danny. You did well or else th¡s bitch would’ve killed me ” Nora said and i was h£ar!ng h£r as if !n a coma.
Every well went blank.

Nora POV

Th£ bitch wanna choke th£ fv¢k!ng h£ll ©vt of me.
But $h£ was knock ©vt by one of my goons.
Now $h£ laid on th£ floor unconscious.
I laugh£d mock!ngly see!ng h£r !n such a state.
I raised my gun and po!nted it at h£r.
j√$t as i was ab©vt to fire. I h£ard someone warn!ng .
” Don’t dare ” i h£ard th£ voice say.
I raised a brow and [email protected] ©vt th£ sight of th£ th£ person.
I froze to a spot as i was shocked beyond bones.
” Jay ” i muttered as i leapt [email protected]¢k a little.
h£ came closer and level to th£ floor.
[email protected] h£r on h¡s lap and drop of got fluid stream d©wΠ is ch£ek.
I can’t catch my breath. How did Jay came to know ab©vt th£ plan.
How did h£ f!nd th£ place.
” Ja…..Jay how did you fi……nd ©vt” i stuttered and h£ raised h¡s h£ad and th£ look on h¡s face was horrify!ng and made me s¢ar£d.

h£ facial expression shows h£ was mad ,damn mad.
” How dare you th!nk of murder!ng my wife you slut ” h£ roared and i fl!nch£d.
” i want you Jay. I love you. $h£ is th£ one stand!ng on our way. $h£ is m!ne and accord!ng to [email protected]¢kground $h£ is a low life. How could a billionaire like you even get married to h£r ” i responded and h£ stern.
h£ came closer an seize me by th£ neck.
I w!nced !n pa!n.h£ was chok!ng th£ h£ll ©vt of me.
” How dare you. I will s£nd you to h£ll. Allie is my love and not you ” h£ po!nted ©vt with h¡s growl!ng voice.
” Ja………Jay le…let go…..of me…..you’re hurt……!ng m…e ” i stuttered because of h¡s pa!nful grip on my neck.

” you wanna murder my wife. Why should i not hurt you ” h£ Gnawed and i try free!ng my self from h¡s hoarse grip.
j√$t th£n i spot some police who already had some of my goons [email protected]
” Jay let go of h£r ” a cob said and came closer with and [email protected] h£ took my [email protected] and was ab©vt [email protected]!ng me.
I can’t afford to be !n police custody.
I struggled to free myself from th£ cob.
But h¡s grip was far too t!ght. h£ was ab©vt [email protected]!ng me.
Wh£n i kicked h¡m close to h¡s pelvis.
h£ let go of me after that and w!nced hold th£ place.
I made for a ran and escape th£ cobs chase after me.
I found a place to hide. Luckily for me th£ school was large and so many room.
I hide !n one of th£ cla$$room,under a desk.

I saw th£ cobs runn!ng to anoth£r direction.
Wh£n am sure th£ coast was clear. I tip toe from th£ cla$$room.
And ran to anoth£r direction. I saw a door and open it.
It was th£ school [email protected]¢k door. I ran ©vt and th£y were bu$h£s surround!ng every wh£re. I ran !nto th£ bu$h£s.

Jay POV.

I took Allie to th£ hospital and th£ doctor told me $h£ only susta!n a m!nimum !njury on h£r h£ad.
And i was glad that it was not!ng serious.
Th£ doctor said Allie as rega!n consciousness and i was !n a ecstasy state.
I ran !nto th£ room. Allie saw me and gave a baby doll look.
I sat beside h£r and ruff h£r hair. $h£ was j√$t star!ng ©vt me. Th£ not yank my [email protected] way.
I don’t if i will ever survive if i loose Allie.
I cosseted h£r and $h£ didn’t compla!n.
” Thanks for sav!ng my life” $h£ thanked with a smile curv!ng th£ edge of h£r l¡p.
” I would’ve die if any happens to you ” i found myself say!ng with tears of joy stream!ng d©wΠ my ch£ek. I didn’t know wh£n it came ©vt.
I caught h£r confuse countenance.
” Why did you say that ” $h£ required to know.
” Is not!ng.How is ya h£ad.Does it hurt ” i said try!ng to wave h£r m!nd off from what i said. Chipp!ng !n anoth£r topic.
” Am gonna be better, what ab©vt Nora ” $h£ required to know ab©vt Nora.
” $h£ escape. h£r wh£reab©vt is not known yet” i responded and h£r expression sadden.

Nora escaped oooooo.

💞Wh£n love Happens💞

Chapter 21

By Authoress promise.

“Don’t worry put your m!nd and at ease am gonna always protect you at any course ” I a$$ured h£r and a smile curve th£ edge of h£r l¡p.

Allie was discharge from th£ hospital.
I board my car and Allie and I went home.
I alighted and saw mum com!ng ©vt of th£ house.
Mum rush to me and took Allie !n. I trailed beh!nd.
We expla!n to mum all that as be transpired today.
Mum as be!ng away for two days. $h£ visited one of h£r friend and decided to stay th£re for two day.
I took Allie to our room and [email protected] h£r on th£ b£d.
Mum went to th£ kitch£n prepare some food for Allie.
I pecked Allie h£ad and sat beside h£r ruff!ng h£r h£ad.
“Why th£ solace “$h£ question !nquisitively.
And I arch£d a brow. I wanna tell h£r that I felt th£ need to protect h£r, because I’m madly !n love with h£r.
But no am try!ng my best to stop my h£art from lov!ng h£r. Did m©r£ I try to stop my h£art from [email protected]||!ng love with h£r th£ m©r£ my h£art tremble !n h£r love.

How long will I keep on pretend!ng. My h£art carve for h£r love. I want to feel th£ ecstasy of lov!ng h£r.
Jennie POV
I want Jay solace. I want badly to [email protected] on those muscle ch£st h£ gat.
I want to always be by h¡s side. I don’t wanna end th¡s marriage.
I th!nk am !n love with my husband.
But all men are th£ same. But Jay saved my life.
h£ h£lp me ©vt of my problem. h£ got mum ©vt of jail.
h£ is also h£lp!ng me to build my restaurant.
I know h¡s said th¡s is all for a deal. I don’t know am confuse ab©vt all th¡s.
Jay left th£ room. I wanna call Melanie and ask h£r some question relat!ng to th£ way I feel towards Jay.
I’m gonna do a video call. I sat !n a sitt!ng position and search for my phone.

I remember wh£n I receive th£ call. I left my phone somewh£re !n th£ room and ran to board my car.
Wh£re did I put it, I wondered.
I search th£ wh0l£ room and found it laid at th£ corner of th£ b£d.
I pick it and sat d©wΠ on th£ b£d and made for a video call with Melanie.
Honestly I fv¢k!ng need h£r advice on th¡s.

Vivian POV

Oh my God who !nfo th£ cobs ab©vt our plan.
Nora call me and told me everyth!ng.
$h£ said $h£ was hid!ng !n one of h£r dad warehouse.
Who could’ve done th¡s. My m!nd drifted to Roy.
Am sure all th¡s mess we’ve is all Roy do!ng.
Oh my word! What if th£ cobs start look!ng for me sure am Nora accomplice.
As Roy said anyth!ng ab©vt me to th£ cobs. I we’ve to do someth!ng ab©vt that fool of a fv¢k!ng broth£r.
Let h¡m come [email protected]¢k from school first.


Roy arrived [email protected]¢k from school. Mum went to h¡s room to question h¡m.
” What th£ h£ck are you do!ng !n my room ” h£ yelled and I glared.
” Are you th£ one who !nfo Jay and th£ cobs of our plans “I required with hoarse visible on my tune.
“Yo, I did ” h£ admitted boldly with©vt h£sitation.
“But i only !nform Jay not th£ cobs” h£ po!nt ©vt with a mock!ngly smile.
“And should thank ya stars. I didn’t tell h¡m ab©vt you. “h£ said.
“So th£ you also tell h¡m ab©vt my name and supply h¡m !nformation on wh£re I live ” i !nquires and h£ smirked.
” like I said thank ya stars bitch”h£ responded sarcastically.
I was !nfuriated, I came close to me h£ gave a confuse countenance.
“You wanna kill also like you killed many ” h£ !nquired.
” I can’t kill my own blood. Thank God ya fv¢k!ng blood run through my va!n or else I would’ve u murder”
I came closer to h¡m and wh¡sper on h¡s ears.

I brought ©vt an !njection. h£ didn’t notice wh£n I brought it ©vt.
I !njected h¡m on h¡s arm before h£ could say a word. h£ fell on h¡s b£d.
Th£ !njection will make h¡m loose some of h¡s memory.
Am sure h£ will not remember all ab©vt th¡s.
h£ hasn’t !nform th£ cobs or Jay ab©vt me yet.
But what of if th£ cobs sees h¡m one day and !nquired ab©vt everyth!ng and also get to know am is sister.
But at least wh£n h£ as loose is memory h£ will not be able to tell th£m am Nora friend. And not to worry of mum and dad th£y are at Ireland.
I will tell all th£ servant h£re not to mention anyth!ng ab©vt Nora to th£ cobs.
Am safe. Roy rega!n consciousness and h£ couldn’t even remember h¡s name.
I don’t wanna make h¡m loose is memory like th¡s but h£ brought it upon h¡mself . If only h£ wasn’t a fool. But I can’t afford to be a jail.

I will lie to mum and dad that h£ as be!ng !nto an serious accident that why h£ couldn’t remember anyth!ng.

I had a servant look!ng after h¡m. And board my car and drove to meet Nora.
I get d©wΠ and alighted went !n to th£ warehouse and saw Nora.
I told h£r th£ mess was because of Roy my broth£r.
” Your broth£r we’ve us ru!ned one day. And how are we gonna get h¡m ©vt of th£ way ” $h£ said and I frowned.
” Do you wanna kill my broth£r. I will never let you do that “I fired [email protected]¢k sternly.
“No I we never do that. Chill girl am j√$t ask!ng what to do ab©vt h¡m”$h£ expla!ned and my fiscal expression light!ng a bit.
I told h£r that I’ve tak!ng ¢ar£ of h¡m. I expla!ned furth£r to th£ !nquisitive Nora.
” I gat a new plan and th¡s time it will go smoothly ” $h£ announced and a$$ured and I became !nquisitive.

Jennie POV
I expla!ned everyth!ng to Melanie ab©vt that bitch Nora wanted to do to me.
$h£ was furious i told h£r th£ tale th£ tale.
$h£ wi$h£d to rip off Nora neck.
” I wanna ask someth!ng Melanie ” I mention to h£r.
” what that ” $h£ !nquired.
I h£avy a sigh and w!nked my brow.
“Nora don’t dare mock me after i say th¡s “I said.
” what that ” $h£ responded curiously.
” I th!nk I’ve [email protected]||!ng !n love and I stole a glance at h£r.
h£r facial expression was all register !n shock.

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