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🎀Codelia 🎀

(Oops $h£’s a s€× worker)

Genre:- Romance

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 49

Authoress P.o.v 💕

” over my dead b©dy” Anna said and spate on th£ floor. ” I will start from you” Anna said and po!nt h£r gun at mike and Chad stood up from th£ chair.

“Anna drop your gun” Chad said. “will you keep quiet, you don’t talk wh£n am talk!ng” Anna said and Chad burst !nto laughter.

“Sh°t th£ gun and let me see what you’re capable of do!ng” Chad said. “And you th!nk I can’t shoot you,I guess you will be th£ first person to die” Anna said and sh°t at Chad.

$h£ looked at th£ gun and was surprised that th£ gun didn’t affect h¡m. $h£ sh°t th£ h¡m aga!n and Chad burst !nto laughter.

“I can see you don’t wanna change, I gave you enough time to change but you don’t wanna, I th!nk today will be your last day on earth” Chad said.

” Chad please don’t kill h£r, let [email protected] h£r over to th£ cops” madam Ca$$ie said.

” No one should beg me, am gonna kill h£r and Know one can stop me, can you imag!ne a moth£r shoot!ng a gun at h£r own son.

Anna isn’t a humans and I must kill h£r” Chad said.

” please don’t kill h£r” madam Ca$$ie said. ” mum don’t beg on h£r behalf, Chad must kill h£r. I will kill h£r myself if Chad refuse to kill h£r” rose said.

and Anna burst !nto laughter. ” you guys can go to h£ll for all I ¢ar£, And am sure you aren’t that h£artless to kill your moth£r” Anna said.

” you’re don’t know me, I have been look!ng for a day like th¡s to kill you, because I don’t like see!ng your devilish face” Chad said.

” Go ah£ad and kill me” Anna said. ” I asked one of my boys to open th£ door and put a gun !n your room th!nk!ng you will change, I gave you a second chance but you missed used it, I don’t wanna sta!n my [email protected] with my [email protected] it my boys that will deal with you” Chad said.

” I am not th£ only one you will punish you should punish mike as well” Anna said.

” I can’t punish mike because h£’s m©r£ wiser than you are and h£’s not like you” Chad said.

” really?” Anna asked and burst !nto laughter. ” How sure are you that Mike is a change person, mike don’t th!nk you have escape death, my spirit will torment you and kill you because we are lovers” Anna said.

” John!” Chad called. ” Yes boss” John replied. ” take Anna to th£ torture room, make sure you torture h£r until $h£ give up th£ ghost, make sure $h£ doesn’t escape because I will kill you myself if $h£ escape” Chad said.

“Alright boss” John replied and drag Anna away. ” Chad you should have given h£r a third chance” madam Ca$$ie said.

” th£re’s noth!ng like third chance madam, I don’t need h£r !n my life $h£’s not useful s!nce $h£ gave birth to us and m©r£over we have you” Chad said.

” but…” madam Ca$$ie wanted to talk but Chad cut h£r off. ” No but, you haven’t eaten s!nce morn!ng, so let’s go |ns!de so you all can eat” Chad said.

” I will get go!ng” mike said. ” no you can’t go like that you need to eat before go!ng and m©r£over we have many th!ngs to talk ab©vt I have missed you” rose said.

” Alright” mike said and went |ns!de with th£m. ” Aunt I and codelia are go!ng ©vt, we will be right [email protected]¢k rose will give you a room to sleep !n !ncase we came [email protected]¢k late” Chad said.

” Alright my son” madam Ca$$ie replied. ” Honey let go [email protected]¢k to our house, you can see h£ doesn’t wanna give us room h£re” Nancy said and th£y all burst !nto laughter.

” Am very sorry, I don’t really know you guys so I can’t allow you to spend a night !n my house, you guys are like a stranger to me” Chad said.

” I was plann!ng to give you my daughter before but I guess you don’t need it” doctor Steve said and Chad look at codelia.

” I can take h£r by force if I want h£r” Chad said with a smile. ” you can’t take me by force” codelia said with an eyeroll.

” let go” Chad said and carried codelia ©vt. h£ placed h£r on th£ [email protected]¢k seat and Walked majestically to th£ driver seat.

” why did you carried me, did I told you I can’t walk” codelia said. ” you should have told me I shouldn’t carried you, wh£n I wanted to and am sure you love how I carried you” Chad said. ” I don’t like it” codelia said with an eyeroll.

” Br!ng those people to th£ sitt!ng room” Chad said and sat !n th£ sitt!ng room with codelia.

h¡s boys brought th£m to th£ sitt!ng room and th£y went on th£ir knees immediately. ” no you guys can seat d©wΠ, Jeff I will like to personally apologize to you, am very sorry for dragg!ng you !n th¡s mess” Chad said.

” Th£re’s no problem thank God $h£’s [email protected]¢k and safe” Jeff said and smile at codelia. ” Vivian right?” Chad asked.

” yes” Vivian replied and nod h£r h£ad. “Am also sorry, but why don’t you !nform rose wh£n you knew Anna is plann!ng someth!ng like that?” Chad asked.

“Anna asked me not to tell anyone, $h£ threatened to kill me and my love ones if I tell anyone that was why I decided to run away, I tried to !nformed codelia ab©vt it, but it was too late am sorry” Vivian said.

“you don’t have to be sorry, am also sorry you’re free to go [email protected]¢k to your house” Chad said.

“thank you very much” Vivian said and carried h£r bag, $h£ was ab©vt to run ©vt before Chad stopped h£r.

“Am I forgiven?” Chad asked. “Sure” Vivian replied and walked ©vt. “can I go [email protected]¢k to my house?” Jeff asked.

“no I have someth!ng to tell you” Chad said. “Am listen!ng, because my sister will be dawn worried ab©vt me” Jeff said.

“I wanna !nform you that codelia lost th£ pregnancy” Chad said. ” That’s not possible!” Jeff said.

🎀Codelia 🎀

Episode 50

Authoress P.o.v 💕

“Am listen!ng, because my sister will be dawn worried ab©vt me” Jeff said.

“I wanna !nform you that codelia lost th£ pregnancy” Chad said.

” That’s not possible!” Jeff said. “it’s very possible it wasn’t h£r fault it was my moth£r that kidnapped h£r, you can vent your anger on me” Chad said.

“Codelia is it true?” Jeff asked and codelia nod h£r h£ad. “thank you very much” Jeff said and stood up.

“is h£ angry?” codelia wh¡spered to Chad. “yeah, h£ has every right to be angry” Chad said.

“Mr Chad, bye and have a nice day” Jeff said and went ©vt. codelia stood up and ran after h¡m.

“Am very sorry it wasn’t my fault” codelia said. “Am not blam!ng you, did I” Jeff said.

“I am very sorry” codelia said and burst !nto tears. “you don’t have to cry it’s obvious you don’t want th£ baby” Jeff said.

“Jeff why are you talk!ng like th¡s, did you th!nk I am happy to lose my baby” codelia said cry!ng.

” Am sorry I was j√$t hurt” Jeff said. ” Jeff be a man, am sure th¡s happened for a reason” Chad said and touch£d h¡s shoulder.

” Thank you” Jeff replied. ” wait let me drop you off” Chad said. ” neverm!nd” Jeff replied.

” I !nsist, that’s my little way of apologiz!ng to you” Chad said. ” Alright” Jeff replied. ” codelia stop cry!ng” Chad said and clean h£r tears with h¡s thumb.

Chad dropped Jeff off at h¡s house and drove to h¡s house. Priscilla sat ©vtside th£ compound cry!ng and wait!ng for h¡s broth£r.

$h£ raised h£r h£ad up and was happy to see h£r broth£r. ” broth£r” $h£ called and ru$h£d to hug h¡m.

” hope th£y didn’t hurt you?” Priscilla asked search!ng h¡s b©dy for any wound.

” no th£y didn’t, but my baby is gone” Jeff said and burst !nto tears. ” what did you mean by your baby is gone?” Priscilla asked.

” let go |ns!de” Jeff said and walked |ns!de th£ compound with Priscilla. ” welcome boss” th£ security guy greet and Jeff wave h¡s [email protected] at h¡m.

“Oh am very sorry, you need to take h£art, th¡s is anoth£r chance for you to look for someone else” Priscilla said.

“it’s not easy” Jeff said. “I Know, but you need to take h£art, $h£ won’t lose th£ pregnancy if you’re dest!ny to be togeth£r” Priscilla said.

” Alright thank you for th£ advice I wanna sleep” Jeff said and Walked to h¡s room.

Chad parked th£ car at th£ garage. h£ came d©wΠ and open th£ car door for codelia.

codelia came d©wΠ from th£ car and th£y both walked [email protected] !n [email protected] to th£ house. Madam Ca$$ie sat d©wΠ !n th£ liv!ng room watch!ng movie with rose.

” welcome my darl!ngs” madam Ca$$ie said. ” thank you mum” codelia replied.

” hope Jeff isn’t angry?” madam Ca$$ie asked. ” h£’s not happy ab©vt it, h£ cried” codelia said.

” oh poor boy” madam Ca$$ie said. “come and sit d©wΠ with me” madam Ca$$ie said and codelia sat d©wΠ near h£r.

” wh£re’s mike?” Chad asked. ” h£’s gone” rose replied. ” I will be right [email protected]¢k, I need to fre$h£n up” Chad said.

” boss” John called. ” John what happen?” Chad asked. ” Anna is dead” John replied. ” so f*st, $h£’s not even strong, I thought $h£’s stronger than that” Chad said and walked to h¡s room.

” oh, may h£r soul rest !n peace” madam Ca$$ie said. ” I really feel bad ab©vt h£r death, I really wish $h£ change” madam Ca$$ie said.

” moth£r forget ab©vt Anna $h£’s a nob©dy, I and Chad will have th£ rest of m!nd we are look!ng for all th¡s while now” rose said.

Chad came ©vt from h¡s room with white s!nglet and a short, with a towel @r0vnd h¡s neck and water dripp!ng from h¡s h£ad.

h£ went to th£ sitt!ng room and sat near codelia. “you’re sleep!ng !n my room tonight” Chad wh¡spered to codelia.

“for what?” codelia sh©vted. “why are you sh©vt!ng, I don’t want anyone to h£ar” Chad said.

“I will sh©vt, why did you want me to sleep !n your room” codelia said and sh©vted aga!n.

“bullshit!” Chad said. “Why did you want h£r !n your room?” rose asked. “it’s none of your bus!ness, so m!nd your bus!ness” Chad said with an eyeroll.

“wow I can’t m!nd my bus!ness” rose said. “Chad, why did you want h£r !n your room, tell me and I will h£lp you talk to h£r” madam Ca$$ie said.

“f!ne, I don’t want h£r !n my room anym©r£” Chad said and stood up from th£ chair. madam Ca$$ie, rose and codelia burst !nto laughter.


“Chad what are you do!ng h£re?” codelia asked. “Am h£re to take you ©vt” Chad said.

“What are you celebrat!ng?” codelia asked. “I am not celebrat!ng anyth!ng, I j√$t feel like tak!ng you ©vt today” Chad said.

” okay, were are you tak!ng me to?” codelia asked. ” Am talk!ng you to somewh£re you will like” Chad said.

” Alright let me go |ns!de and change my cloth” codelia said. ” no you’re beautiful like th¡s” Chad replied.

” Alright let me !nform Pamela” codelia said and went |ns!de th£ house. $h£ came [email protected]¢k m!nutes later with h£r bag and Chad open th£ car door for h£r.

$h£ get |ns!de th£ car and Chad drove off. ” Why don’t you come with your driver?” codelia asked.

” I j√$t want us to be alone” Chad said. ” oh, ₱|@y music I feel like danc!ng” codelia said.

” Alright” Chad replied and ₱|@y music. ” I feel like sitt!ng with you at th£ driver seat” codelia said.

” Alright” Chad said and codelia went to meet h¡m at th£ front. codelia start danc!ng and shak!ng h£r a*s to th£ music as $h£ get to th£ front seat.

“I might lose ¢©Πtr0| if you keep danc!ng like th¡s” Chad said. “how?” codelia asked.

“don’t worry I will show you wh£n we get to wh£re we are go!ng to” Chad said. Chad parked th£ car and ru$h£d to open th£ car door for codelia.

“perfect gentle man” codelia said and burst !nto laughter. “rem©v£ your facemask” codelia said.

“Alright ma” Chad replied and rem©v£d th£ facemask. let’s go” Chad said.

codelia step on banana peel and lose h£r balance. $h£ mistakenly ₱u$h£d a woman and th£ woman gave h£r a resound!ng slap.

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