Sisterhood episode 60 – 61




It was late and Nkem stood up to leave. She made her intentions known but uncle Tobi didn’t want her to go. He walked up to her to stop her. “Why are you leaving? This is the first time you are so free with me, why do you want to run?”

“I have to attend to the children in the morning. And leaving your room so late will send a wrong signal to others in the house.”

“There is no one in the house except the kids and their nanny. Every other person sleeps outside the house. The nanny cannot see my wing from theirs. Stay, I was enjoying your company.”

“Uncle Tobi, I don’t feel comfortable anymore…” Before Nkem could finish, uncle Tobi had her in his arms. He kissed her. Nkem was shocked. She couldn’t believe what was going on. He stopped and looked up at her. He looked her in the eyes and then he kissed her again. Nkem was motionless. She couldn’t stop him. The kiss extended from her mouth to her neck and then further. That was when she tried to stop him. He lifted her and carried her to the bed. She didn’t say a word. It was as though it wasn’t real. It felt like a dream or an out-of-body experience.

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He continued to kiss her. She was in her nightie with no underwear. His hand wandered into her nightie while still kissing her. She tried to wriggle out of his embrace and kiss but he wasn’t letting go. It was like both of them were possessed. He took charge of her body and she couldn’t move. He touched her in ways that gave an involuntary reaction. He stood up to search for a condom. This was an opportunity to escape but she couldn’t move. He found one in his office bag. He wore it and came between her legs. She didn’t want him to take her virginity but seemed helpless. When he tried to penetrate, he couldn’t. He was being gentle but he immediately guessed why and he stopped.

“Why didn’t you tell me you are a virgin?” he asked. He sounded disappointed.

Nkem still couldn’t answer. She had never been close to having sex with any guy not even Demian. But she would have given her virginity to uncle Tobi if he didn’t have a conscience. He went into the bathroom and then came out. He asked Nkem to go clean up. She stood up like a zombie and cleaned up. When she got back in the room, uncle Tobi said, “I apologise for my behaviour tonight. For a long time, you have been on my mind. I have desired you but I didn’t take advantage of it because I am your mentor. I know you might not want to speak to me again after tonight but consider the fact that my feelings towards you are genuine. I don’t want to use and dump you, it is for keeps. I mean it”

Nkem nodded and he saw her off to her room. She opened the door to enter but he stopped her and wanted to kiss her again. She woke up from whatever trance she was in. She rejected the kiss and entered the room. He came in after her and said, “I am sorry. I misbehaved tonight. This is the closest I have been with you and it triggered the crazy feelings I have for you. I will like us to talk some more about this but not now. I am highly emotional, especially with my wife’s illness. Please, allow me to right my wrong.”

“I have heard you, please leave.” She glanced at her phone as she got a notification. “Demian is calling me. We can talk about this later,” he left immediately and she locked my door. She sent Demian a message asking that they speak the next day as she was tired from attending to the house. He agreed.

Nkem wondered what just happened. She least expected it from uncle Tobi. She couldn’t believe she had sexual relations with uncle Tobi, she never thought about him in that way. She tried to understand why she didn’t stop it, say no or even aggressively fight him off. She concluded it was the respect she had for him. What else could have made her so defenceless? She had to leave the following morning.

The following morning, she got ready for work. She supervised the children. The oldest was eight while the youngest was four. The driver was ready to leave with them. Uncle Tobi asked the driver to take them to school with the nanny while he offered to drop Nkem off at the office before going to the hospital.

The ride to the office was quiet for some minutes before he asked, “Are you still pissed at me?”

“No. I am partly to blame, I should have stopped you.”

“It won’t happen again, I promise you. I want us to remain friends.” She didn’t respond. “Please, forgive me. I was emotionally unstable last night.”


“It won’t happen again. I will not take advantage of you. I swear to you today.”

She accepted. But then she realised the extent Demian hadn’t gone, uncle Tobi had. She had betrayed Demian by allowing another man to be first. She knew she had to accept his proposal if he asked again otherwise someone else will take over.

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The night Demian arrive in Abuja, Nkem was ecstatic. They hadn’t seen each other for more than eight months. He was all over her from the airport. They went to her flat. He loved it and what she did with it. She served him a good meal. He was tired from the trip so he took a bath and went to bed. She joined him in bed later.

Demian didn’t make any moves for days. Nkem wondered what could have happened. Did he find out what happened between her and uncle Tobi? But how would he have found out? She had never mentioned it to anyone. She blocked it from her mind. If she had told her mother, she would have lost all the respect she had for him. The same with Funke. Since he apologised, Nkem decided to let it slide. Her body betrayed her too. She didn’t want to think about it.

Demian was home with her and the most he had done for two days was kiss her. She had never desired to be touched as much as she did since his return but she didn’t want to make the move, she expected him to make the move. He didn’t. He seemed very busy and complained about the slow internet service.

Two days before they travelled, uncle Tobi came to the flat unannounced. He just came in from a trip and he brought original honey for Nkem to send to her mother. He also brought a carton of dried fish from the north. Demian was in the room when he arrived and heard his voice. Nkem was forced to introduce them. She asked Demian to come out so she could meet him. She introduced uncle Tobi as her mentor and Demian as her boyfriend. Demian was glad to see him.

Uncle Tobi was shocked when he saw Demian. He was tall and was more handsome in person. No wonder Nkem wanted him. He didn’t stay because he felt uncomfortable and he left. He wondered why this guy hadn’t scored with Nkem all these years. He suspected it was Nkem keeping her virginity for marriage. That was the only possible reason. He had reminisced on that night for days and it drove him nuts. He could still feel her body in his hands. Her skin was like silk. Her lips were soft and succulent. He couldn’t get over how beautiful and sweet she was. He wished he could have her, he wanted to have her if it was just once. He has had girlfriends but he knew never to get anyone pregnant and to respect his wife. He never felt like this with any of them. He didn’t feel like this with Nkem until she began this relationship with Demian. Now he knew what he felt for her and he also knew she would never leave Demian for him. She wouldn’t give herself to him once Demian is in the picture. She almost did that night but he knew such an opportunity will not come up again. She will get smarter and avoid it.




Seeing uncle Tobi stirred something in Nkem. She couldn’t look him in the face and she hoped Demian didn’t notice. Demian was back to work within minutes. Nkem was a bit restless. She came into the room and stood by the door. Demian was still busy. He observed he was being watched and looked at her. She had a look on her face he had never seen before. It was daring and seductive. He dropped his laptop and beckoned her to come to him. He kissed her and then went deeper. His phone rang continuously he had to pick it up. It was from work. They asked him to close his video, so they could see him. He was embarrassed. He apologised and closed the video and audio.

“Baby, I want to clear my table so I won’t have to work the entire holiday. I’m sorry if I behaved in a manner that suggested I didn’t want you, you know I do. Let me round up this meeting and I will be all yours.”

Nkem wondered what had gotten into her to make them embarrass themselves in the presence of strangers. She asked him to go ahead and work. She would wait until they leave Lagos. She wanted him to give his full attention immediately after they leave Lagos. She packaged the honey and fish for the trip. She let her mother know uncle Tobi brought them for her.

After talking to her mother, she saw a message from uncle Tobi. It said, “Now I see why you are in love. I hope he makes you happy. You have my blessings. Are we still friends? Before he goes, please bring him over to the house for dinner, I want to get to know him. I sent you some money for shopping when you travel. Enjoy your holiday and your man.”

Nkem smiled. She had a good man in Demian, she shouldn’t desire another. If he insists on going all the way, she will let him. It is about time.


Demian dropped Nkem off at her home in the village. He brought gifts for everyone. They were all so excited to see him. Her two brothers had graduated and were working too. One was working in Port-Harcourt, and the other was serving in Akwa Ibom with an international company. They were doing well. Uloma was at home. She had lost even more weight than the last time Nkem saw her. She spent most of her time at home studying. Her mother was worried about her but Nkem asked her not to worry, Uloma was focused on excelling and she would.

Nkem hadn’t had a one-on-one conversation with Uloma since the incident. She talked to her. She asked her how she was faring in school and she responded positively.

“What of boyfriends?” Nkem asked her.

“No boyfriend. I will wait until I graduate then I will consider.”

“How can a fine girl like you, no boy is saying hello or hi to you? That’s not possible.”

“They do but I am not interested. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.”

“Very good, that is what I want to hear. Don’t give in to their advances. Keep your eyes on the ball.”

“I understand, sister.”

I hope you do. The focus should be on your success and every other thing shall be added unto you.”

What Nkem didn’t know was that Uloma was in a relationship with an older guy. She had confessed to the guy she got pregnant and she didn’t want it to happen again. She was on contraceptives. The man had a good job and took care of her. She used her education as an excuse not to visit Funke and her family. She spent most weekends with the man. She loved him.

The problem was the way he treated her. She could never do anything right. He called her names and then apologised to her. He found fault in everything she did including lovemaking. But he was quick to apologise when he could see she was offended by his comment. He called her fat and shapeless and that was why she went on this diet to lose weight and look nice for him. He still called her fat and she was determined to look like a model as he desired. They talked every day since she came back home. He was very nice to her when they were apart. He didn’t want any guy coming close to her.

Mama Nkem felt her daughter, Uloma’s weight loss was unhealthy. She was too thin and she didn’t like it. Even though Nkem believed it was the way most girls liked to look, her mother didn’t buy it. She forced Uloma to eat. She had a strong conviction something was wrong. One day, she sent Uloma out and then she quickly picked up her phone before it locked. She saw the chat between Uloma and her lover. She read where the guy asked her not to come back fat and shapeless. This made her read more conversations between them and she was dismayed. She understood why her daughter was wasting away her life. She was holding the phone when Uloma came back.

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“Uloma, when a man puts you down all the time because of your looks, weight, complexion, or anything, he doesn’t love you. A man sees something in you that makes him come to you. When he wants to change you condescendingly, he doesn’t love you, he wants to own you. That is the worst thing you can do to yourself. You do not look nice being this skinny. Look at Nkem, she added some weight and she looks so good. Both of you are alike. She is more beautiful with some flesh. Not overweight but having body. He knows it which is why he doesn’t want any other man to desire you and you will be at his mercy. How old is this boy? He sounds and looks like a mature man.”

“He is thirty-three.”

“What are you doing with a thirty-three-year-old man? He doesn’t love you at all. I read most of your conversations and I was shocked. Take it from your mother, end the relationship or you will be in bondage for life. I have said my piece.”

Uloma was in tears as her mother concluded. She knew in her heart her mother was right. Why she had to put up with all this was because of her low self-esteem. She needed help but didn’t know how to go about it. Since the birth of her child and Nkem finding out about it, her life had never remained the same. She cried most of the time especially after being humiliated by her lover. She had no one to talk to. She needed to confide in someone who could help her. For now, she would eat and make her mother happy, she didn’t like the sad look in her eyes.


Demian was a regular in their home. He came to see Nkem every other day. They spent time talking with everyone but they couldn’t have the privacy they craved because Nkem didn’t want them to make out in her home. She felt it was a disrespect to her mother.

“Then come to my place. If you don’t want them to see you, they wouldn’t. I have my house in the compound. Come spend a few days with me before the new year. Please, I have missed you. We shouldn’t lodge in a hotel as if we are hiding. Consider it.”

Nkem discussed this with her mother and she encouraged her to go with Demian home. She didn’t agree for her to be hidden in his apartment, she must let his family know she was there with him. Nkem wasn’t excited about it but she agreed to it. Demian was excited. She packed a small luggage to go with him. He thanked Mama Nkem for her support. Mama Nkem packed some foodstuff, fruits and cooked food for them to go with and also for his parents.

They went together to Demian’s village. Demian was so excited that he held her hand in the vehicle on the way to the village. It was like a dream to him. He placed her hand on his heart so she could feel how fast it was beating. She was shy. His excitement made her uncomfortable. She felt like a sheep being led to the slaughter.

When they arrived, Nkem stepped down from the car. She had changed into a stylish long ankara dress with her braids packed in a bum (Demian loved her braids). She removed her sunglasses as she walked into his father’s mansion. At first, she was amazed at the edifice in the compound. Five brothers built their country homes in the same compound. The houses were the same. Demian’s father was the middle son so his house was in the middle of the compound. But, there was a general obi where all the men gathered and conversed with visitors. They had seen Demian come in with a lady they were not familiar with and it attracted their attention.

They called out to Demian and he went to meet them still holding Nkem’s hand as he led her to the obi. He said to her, “Do not panic, smile and be polite. They will love you.” It didn’t calm Nkem down, she wasn’t ready for this. When they got there, she greeted everyone present. Demian’s eldest uncle answered her, “Nwanyioma! Demian, you brought a ray of sunshine into our compound. She is so beautiful and graceful. Let me not leave out well-mannered. Is she the one we have been waiting for? I saw your excitement to introduce her to us.”

This made Nkem smile and she had such a beautiful smile. Another uncle said, “My daughter, you are welcome to this home. Demian is tongue-tied and can’t respond. We are glad he has brought you at last. The women are in Nne ukwu’s house. She should meet them there.” Nkem thanked them and Demian, still holding her, took her to the house of Nne ukwu.

His mother sighted them first and she was surprised to see Nkem. The surprise turned to excitement as she came closer. Nkem smiled when she saw his mother’s face. She greeted everyone while his mother opened her arms to her. She hugged Nkem tightly. She introduced all the women present to Nkem. Then she followed Nkem and Demian to their house. The driver offloaded what they brought from Nkem’s house while Demian’s mother danced. She was happy to see the items. It was thoughtful of Nkem’s mother.

“Where will you be staying?” his mother asked Nkem.

“I will be staying with Demian,” Nkem responded.

“We don’t do that here? Since you are not married, you can’t share a room.”

“That’s fine. I will stay in a hotel then and visit from there,” she wasn’t ready to stay in a strange room around people she didnt know.

“Why? Demian came back earlier and he has been with you. Why can’t you stay on your own this period? You should associate with the females in the family to understand our ways. Shouldn’t that be the focus?”

“I agree. What ritual happens at night?” she sounded worried.

Demian came in and said to his mother, “She is staying with me. She is not sleeping in your room for you to monitor when we are together, we are together. She is staying in my apartment with me. We want to spend as much time as we can together; any family bonding will have to wait.”

His mother replied, “You know the rules.”

“Those rules are for kids not for me. Come with me Nkem.” That was when the animosity began.