Cold episode 30

Cold episode 30
“Hey bro,” August said and shook hands over the counter with Garvey. He was handling the drinks.
“How is it going?” he asked, filling a glass with Vodka and handing it over to him.
“Just came in,” he replied and took a sip from the glass. He offered it to Mary and she shook her head.
“I hate alcohol,” she whispered and August smiled. She picked the glass of orange juice Garvey was handing over to her. They were soon surrounded by a bunch of giggling girls, Mary’s friends who had their eyes on her date.
“Hey ladies, this guy is not free tonight,” Garvey said with a smile, patting August on the shoulder as he sipped from the glass. “But me here, I sure need company.”
They giggled more and Mary excused herself, walking away with her friends.
“I saw Victor say something to you there.”
“Yea, I got in a bloody fight with Matt,” he said and dropped the empty glass on the counter. He raised the cap to reveal the scars to Garvey. His eyes bulged and he leaned closer.
“Tell me about it bro.”
“Well, Was over at Genevieve’s house and saw him trying to beat her up and you know, things moved so fast. Next thing, we were both bleeding,”
“Tell me, who bled more?” he asked with a smile.
“He hit me with a bottle, need I say more,” he replied and picked the refilled glass off the counter, gulping it up at a go.
“Well just want you to know bro, I’m here at the counter. In charge of the drinks. Should anything happen, I could help you with bottles.” he leaned closer. “That is if you don’t have a gun.”
He laughed at the look on August’s face. He was drunk already.
“You would permit me to crash your sister’s birthday party?”
“Anything for a brother and I haven’t seen a good fight in a long time.”
“You are mad bro.”
He stood up from the bar seat to gauge how drunk he was. He swayed in different directions and caught himself.
“I’m still good,” he muttered and thought he heard someone call his name. “Well maybe not so good. I’m now hearing things.”
The voice came again.
“Hey, they want you to help Juliet cut the cake bro,” Garvey whispered to him.
“What?” he asked.
“I’m sorry bro, told her your birthday was few days ago. So they want a fellow celebrant to help her with the cake.”
August looked at him and thought his head was split in two. He looked again and decided he was drunk.
He held himself and walked to where Juliet and the cake stood. He saw her in her immaculate white gown and neatly made blonde hair and decided she was more beautiful than she was the previous days.
“You are dazzling baby,” he whispered to her and held her hand.
“And you are drunk baby,” she replied and they placed their hands on the knife.
“You will cut the cake when the champaign pops, okay?” the microphone boomed and they nodded. They waited for it and it came. August put an unusual force to it and the cake split wide apart. Everyone clapped and the bright lights went off. The disco light came back in its stead followed by a loud ear piercing music. The teenagers paired and the groove kicked off. Mary found August before Genevieve could get to him. She pulled him to the centre of the dance floor and led him on.
“Apart from being a wild one, you are also a good dancer,” August said to her as they walked out of the floor to the bar soaked in perspiration.
“I love you Mary,” Garvey shouted as they both sat. She laughed and said thanks.
“No need to thank me, you sure showed them girls what they do on a dance floor,” he said and poured them both a Tequila. Mary took a sip and frowned.
“Might as well get drunk,” she said, closing her eyes and holding her breath. She upturned the glass and guzzled its content.
“That’s my girl,” August yelled being propelled by the liquor.
“Wanna dance again,” she scre-med in excitement. August drank up his tequila and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
“Wait for me baby,” he said and dropped the glass on the table.
“No, with the girls this time,” she said and k-ssed him hærd on the l-ips.
“I’ll wait my turn,” he whispered and she left him with a smile.
“Ain’t you gonna climb out of that bar and come do something out here,” he said to Garvey and he shook his head.
“You won’t understand the joy of watching drunk people because you are also drunk.”
He laughed and turned to meet Genevieve staring at him. He was going to dismiss her but on turning to see Matt staring at them, he changed his mind.
“Where is the ladies room Garvey?”
“I have a bedroom and you are asking for the ladies room?”
“Keys,” he asked impatiently and Garvey tossed the over. He grabbed her h¡ps and lifted her off the ground, all the way out of the hall to the house.
Victor made his third attempt at k-ssing her l-ips and she moved her face away again. He hissed from frustration and fell back on the chair.
“The hell is wrong with you Jeane? Why are you playing me like this?” he asked and she looked away.
“Nothing,” she answered.
“What do you mean nothing?” he asked furiously, wounding his big arm around her neck and forcing her closer to himself.
“I said nothing and get your hands off me,” she yelled, wriggling free from him. She stood up and walked away from their company.
August banged the door behind them and threw off the white sheets from the bed.
“I don’t want the sheets getting soiled,” he murmured as Genevieve grabbed him and k-ssed him ferociously. He put his hands on her buttocks and squeezed them hærd, lifting her off the ground. She put her legs around his wa-ist and they k-ssed each other out of breath.
He dropped her and pulled his belt open, letting his trouser fall. She got a feel of what was in,side by sizing it up by the bulge it made in his p-nts.
She slid off her red p-nts and pulled her br-ast out of her b-ra, revealing the dark inviting n-pples.
“S-ck it,” she commanded and he obeyed rather too quickly.
“Yea baby!” she mo-ned as he flicked his tongue on her tips. He worked on her for as long as it was enough for her to ask for the main thing. He threw her on the bed and pounced on her with a ferocity that scared and excited her.
The party had moved from in,side the hall to the poolside. There were more people on swimming suits than there were on clothes. A quarter of the merry makers were already on the water and the rest just showed off their amazing body. In the crowd, Mary was able to make out Jeane where she stood, looking all lost.
“A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be alone in a place like this,” she yelled above the sound of the blasting music. Jeane turned to her and a smile forced out of her l-ips.
“And you, where’s your company?” she asked, looking around for August.
“That boy is nowhere to be found. A minute he was at the bar, the next he is MIA. Which ever way, let’s have fun.”
“Hey bro, what are you down out of the bar?” August called from behind Garvey.
“Hey dude, it’s my sister’s party. Might as well crawl out of the liquor base and catch myself a chic,” he said and gave him a side hug.
“How did it go? You and the Chic?” he asked in whispers. August winked and he laughed hærd, throwing his head back.
“Crawl back to that bar and get me something to drink, I may have done something I’m going to regret for the rest of my life and I need to get drunk.”
“You got it bro.”
His hands on August’s shoulder, Garvey walked back to the bar with him.
Mary took another look at the direction of the bar and heaved a sigh.
“There he is, let’s move over there,” she said to Jeane as they waded through the crowd.
“Hey baby. I love you,” Matt yelled out to Mary as they got to where he stood. He went on and slapped her buttocks. Her hand went up involuntarily and landed a dazing slap on his cheek. Everywhere seemed to go silent for a moment. Mary stood staring him in the eyeball as people watched.
“Bitch,” he muttered and gave her a shove that sent her reeling back into the pool, all dressed in her party wear.

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