COZY (episode 6 -the end)

© Oby Chinyere
I became angry as I watch her cat walk and just when she was about to walk pass us i shouted out at her to stop, she quickly pause and looked at us, everything in her body was pointing towards me but I was already boiling from whatever anger that suddenly crowded my mind, she must have thought that we don’t have money to patronize her and we are not her types, she gave me a heavy sigh after looking up and down at me and Kaka,
she wanted to keep going but I hushed her to stop with a stronger voice this time, she was shock even Kaka was surprise at my action, he whispered to my ear that I was looking for trouble but I don’t care, Kaka thought I was insane but something got into me, maybe a holy anger and I needed to address the issue and let it out of my chest. Kaka will not understand.
no one will understand what that girl made me go through
“taaaah…what are you even carrying that you can’t dress up properly or walk normal…do you see a range rover parked here, oh…you probably shakes your asset more anytime you see a potential customer, but we are not even interested in you, so i wonder why you are shaking uncontrollable like agama lizard…how many men have you sent to their doom, I would have being a victim but here I am, I’m saved from what could have killed me, I also hærd that your big boys customer…the one that’s into fraud…yes…he is hiding from the police…I guess market has not being so good for you this period…that maybe because God is giving you another chance to change for better…I know this is a very good business for you…you make lots of money with your body…but years from now you will look back with regrets…when your body began to sag and your beauty start fading, when men will no longer look at you with pleasure in their eyes, you can no longer make money from your endowment because is all shrinking off, no matter the cream of plastic surgery old age can never be hidden, then loneliness will creep in, …just then you will realize that is all vanity…there is still time to make haste while the sun shine…there’s still time to turn a new leaf, the clock is ticking, do not allow had I know to be your last cry, I am not a preacher I’m even struggling with my own faith but I don’t want to give up trying to be better, I don’t judge you because am not better off, but at least I am not how I use to be before, I have my own weakness but after a terrible encounter…I had a rethink and I can look at you and feel nothing, despite the flesh is weak but I’m in control of my body now and I will not allow it to mislead me, make haste now…stop misleading innocent souls…the devil is working through you maybe is time to tell the devil to get behind you…that’s all I have to say…
I was expecting her to start raining insult on me, it was very normal for her to even walk to me and give me a slap but she didn’t do anything…she just stood there and suddenly bent her, I thought she was thinking of the insult that is befitting for me but I saw water fell from her eyes and she looked up at me with a clouded eyes before turning back, she did not continue her journey to wherever she was going before, instead she turned back and with a speed walked away.
A month later Kaka came in,side where I was doing some personal study on my laptop, he told me that somebody was looking for me so I came outside and it was same lady, standing far distance from my flat, she wore a fine gown that covered her up properly and she look quiet different
I don’t know what to expect so I went to her and she said she came to say thank you, I asked her for what exactly, because I was truly shock, she explained that no one has ever spoken to her the way I did, she said my words touched her so deeply, that I may mean it as insult but every word I said to her that day was like a sharp knife cutting through her, they were all true and she was frozen at my words and since then she has decided to make haste while the sun shine, just like I have suggested, all she wanted to do was to show her gratitude, that she was truly grateful as she even plan to open up a cloth line so that she can make more clean money, no more selling her body for money, she crave to be better, she has always wanted to better, all she needed was just a push and my word pushed her forward to come to repentance, she has promise not to go back to her old life again and has burned up everything that always make her want to do that, she needs to renew her mind and purify her soul from every stronghold that has made her a captive to such act.
I was in shock as she kept talking, and I was really speechless, because I said what I said to her that day out of anger and bitterns, but God used it to speak to her and I was happy.
I couldn’t utter a word, she handed me something in a pack and said it was token from her, just a thank you gift, she wanted me to say something but I was puzzled, I did not have anything to say because I was surprise, she understand, as I watch her smiled, she nodded to me before walking away, this time no more cat walking, she quietly took every step according.
I quickly open the gift pack immediately I went in,side, Kaka was also eager to know what was in,side the gift pack, and it was cloths, four colorful t-shirt, a jogger with its singlet, a face cap and two packed shirt.
I gave Kaka two t-shirt and one corporate shirt he was very happy.
Well, she came back again after a week and we sat outside and talked, Kaka was also there, I exchange contact with her and also thanked her for the gifts.
She eventually opened her cloth line and even called me to come and check it out and it was lovely, she deals with unis€× cloths, it was like a boutique.
Her name was Gabriela, everyone calls her Ella, we became very close, she doesn’t hide her likeness for me, she tells me everything and anything, I never expected the way things turned out, never in my imagination did I expect to be close to her, but I’m glad it turned out the way it did, Ella is actually a nice girl, who was a victim of some bad circ-mstances, her journey was a rough one which lead her to doing what she found herself doing
She was determined to be better and even after a year she was still working hærd towards achieving that, Ella never went back to her old life, now she prays and doesn’t joke with God, even before she open her shop in the morning she will pray first, she was really beautiful and she encourages me with her action and I fell deeply in love with God, God can use anyone and anything to change anybody, situation and circ-mstances
After almost two years of knowing her, we started dating, well I fell in love with her and it took me so long to make my intentions known to her, she has expected it long before thenr.
I don’t know what the future holds for us, but God who
saved my wretched being and also saved Ella through my unworthiness will perfect the future for us.
Do not judge a book by its cover, the content of the book maybe more interesting than what the cover appears to be. i love and respect Ella, and I also worked hærd to support her in any way I can.
I still have not forgotten my torture in the hands of those soldiers that night, I told Ella the story and she felt like crying for me but we ended up laughing over it, without the torture I may never have that boldness and anger to stop her that day and speak to her.
My name is Cozy, I still laugh at my past because my stupidity was a ladder to my breakthrough and today I have Ella, she means so much to my life as I also means alot to her.
Knowing that alone brings fulfillness to me and is enough to close the chapter of this my story.
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