COZY (episode 5)

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I got home and freshened up, Kaka was not around, he went to work, we work at same place, I quickly sent a test message to my manager at work letting him know that I had a terrible car accident yesterday and landed me in a hospital, the accident left me with deep bruises that was why I was absent at work, he replied me immediately, as he wished me quick recovery and that I should take a week off and heal up before resuming back to work. I was happy that the lies worked out.
That’s the only thing I can think off, I can’t even tell anybody the real story, how do I even start such sad tale, I’m so ashamed of myself already, so talking about the trouble I went through is like opening a fresh injury, I cheated on my girlfriend with another woman, who I fell for because of her endowment, my girlfriend was not well endowed so she caught me red handed and broke up with me.
I feel bad that I cheated on her but I know I will still cheat again if she eventually forgives and return back to me and i happen to see another bigger lady I will still fall. This was very shameful act, it was already turning into an addiction and I was trying to break free from it after a car almost knocked me out.
I have promised myself never to look at any woman lustfully again and I was working hærd on becoming free until I saw the yesterday girl and followed without thinking, last night was a night to remember, I have learnt in a very big way, if I fall again it may end up taking my life, I have being warned through the torture, in the hand of those heartless soldiers without sympathy.
I can’t even tell anybody what happen, what if my ex girlfriend hears of it she will call me a serial cheat and I already know what her judgement will be so I don’t need that.
my head was aching heavily, my wh0le body was still in pain and swollen, I checked my face in the mirror and I looked so unrecognizable, my left eyes was blood shot, I look pale and slim down over night, the beating, the chaining of both my hands and legs and leaving me under the cloud and mostly the mosquitoes bite, those wicked insect drained half of my blood just in one night.
I look terrible and I feel terrible, I checked if my flat mate, Kaka made any food, I saw that he cooked beans with plantain, he is not a good cook, the face of the food looks so attractive which shows that he wasn’t the one that made the food, is probably his girlfriend who comes around ones in while to visits, beans with plantain is one of Kaka’s favorite food, I don’t like it and I only eat it sometimes when I don’t have a choice and Kaka being a terrible cook, I am better than him and I mostly do the cooking.
i will rather go to bed with an empty stomach than to eat beans, I decided to check for food in the fridge, there was always bread in the fridge so I took it out and made a hot chocolate drink, I fried three egg and spread mayonnaise on the bread, I sat and devoured all the food, i used a can of malt to step it down.
All I was trying to achieve is to see if I can recover all the blood that the mosquitoes drank out of me,
After my heavy meal, I went to bed to lay my aching head to rest, I called Kaka, who was filled with question, as he kept asking me where I went to since yesterday, I ignored his question and asked him to kindly buy malaria drugs, antibiotic and blood tonic for me on his way back, and he should buy more milk and malt too, I promised to pay him back when he returns and he agreed.
I don’t joke with my health and I don’t want to be totally down before I treat myself from any form of sickness,
When Kaka came back I was already asleep and I was even too tired to even stand up
“Cozy, what happened, since yesterday…where did you go to guy, my girlfriend visited yesterday and we were both worried as the day turned into night, your phone was off, she was the one that made that food in the pot…you didn’t even call to let me know that you will not be coming home…I just hope you didn’t visit a pr-stitute’s house and you refuse to pay they decided to beat you up, those ones with big back side…hahahaha…you know what I am talking about…but on a serious note…where did you go…see your face…what happened to you Cozy…
“I was kidnapped…I know it may sound unbelievable to you…you may think I’m lying but is true…some men kidnapped me, they beat and chained me up in the cold all night long, they collected my phone from me, they even wanted to use spanner to remove two of my teeth but…aaah…it was terrible Kaka, at the end all that matters is that they released me and I’m home…
“yes, it really sound unbelievable because I don’t believe you, you told the manager at work that you had accident now you are telling me that you were kidnapped….is a lie…you are lying guy…what kind of kidnappers that did not call for a ransom to bail you… you were kidnapped yesterday and you are back today…I don’t believe you… you are not saying the truth Cozy…why will you be kidnapped, is not like you have too much money or were you caught with another man’s wife or girlfriend…say the truth…I am the last person you should be lying to…you know i read you like book, so what really happened…
I ignored Kaka as he kept on disturbing me, I know I will still end up telling him the truth but I wanted to do that when I feel willing to do so, but with the way he kept on disturbing I ended up telling him everything that happened, I know he will laugh at me and just as I have expected, Kaka was rolling on the floor with laughter even before I finished my sad story.
After one week I was fully recovered and I resumed back to work, my mind was focused, i will never fall a victim again, I was praying for God to help me overcome every temptation, because I realized I couldn’t do it by my power.
Months later I hærd that police raid the house opposite the soldier’s wife shop, same house that the charming lady went in that day, I did not care to know more because I detest anything that will remind me of that night, I know I will never be a victim of such nonsense again
Well, that’s what I thought, I have already went back to beg my girlfriend with different gifts, asking her to forgive me as I promise not to hurt her again, but she was already into another serious relationsh¡p so she made it clear that she has forgiven me but there was no way she will ever come back to me because she love her peace of mind, and her present man makes her feel that way, so I moved on with my own life, I was serving my punishment for my numerous sins.
A weekend came I was within my street again with Kaka, at one small kiosk eating groundnut and chilling with the cool breeze, same place I was sitting the day I met the strange girl.
I saw the same lady, she wore a colorful tight short skirt and a white transparent tan top, so most part of her body was revealing, the cle-vage was popping out right into my eyes, the buttocks still shakes even much more, she faced the same way as that day, and I wondered within me where she was going to since her boyfriend’s house was closed down.
She cat walked towards our direction, the old Cozy would have followed her again but the new me sat there and watch her as I try to stop my brain from any negative signal
Kaka saw her and looked at me, he knows that she was my kind of woman, plus size.
He tapped my shoulder, I gently turned and told him that I was fine, he started laughing at my composure, I wondered what he was expecting, maybe I should jump up again and follow her without thinking so that she will finally kill me at last,
Kaka didn’t know that was the same lady that mislead me, so I told him, he laughed even more, it wasn’t funny to me, he was only laughing because he was not there that night when I was being tortured.
The lady saw us and began to shake her backside seriously, i pulled at my bears as i watch her, this was a temptation I was determined to overcome, so help me God.
 To be continued…
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