Black Marriage

Black Marriage – episode 32

black marriage episode 32

“Calm down sir, your wife is fine. We only moved her to another room
where she can be more comfortable. I went to the waiting room to
inform you but you had already left for this place. I am sorry if we
scared you in any way”
Andy swallowed, trying to control his skipping heart. “I need to see
her right now”
Doctor Bright nodded. “Please, come with me sir”
Andy heaved a huge sigh of relief as he entered the room and saw
Jessica. He quickly went to the bedside and checked her breathing. He
sighed again and sat down, noticing that the room was definitely cozier
that the former, with less machines hanging around.

“I am sorry for the inconvenience sir” Doctor Bright said.
Andy looked up. “I am sorry I shouted doctor, this room is definitely
much better”

The doctor smiled and left. Andy could not sleep again even though he
had been drowsy. He opened his eyes and watched Jessica, not wanting
her to vanish but after some time, the fatigue and tension he had
been through set in and he felt bone tired. He could not keep his eyes
open any longer, so he put his head on the bed beside Jessica and dozed

Jessica woke up almost an hour later, feeling better than she had felt
the other time she opened her eyes. The room looked different and
smelt better than the she remembered; also looked bigger. Or was her
calculation correct the previous time? The room still smelt like
hospital though. She turned her head and saw Andy sleeping with his
head beside her. He looked so handsome but on his forehead, she could
see some worry lines. She wanted him to sleep because she had a
feeling that he really needed it. She raised her hand, happy that it was
responding now, even though it hurt slightly. She placed her palm
slightly on Andy’s head gently, not wanting to wake him. She played
with his hair, stroking him slightly. Andy sighed sleepily and his
shoulders seemed to relax. Jessica smiled and stroked his hair, loving
the feel of the tiny strands. Andy’s eyes opened gently and Jessica
wished she hadn’t touched him. He smiled lazily, drawing a smile from

“Hey beautiful” He murmured, capturing her hand and k-ssing her
knuckles. He raised his head to look at her. “How are you feeling
She tried to speak and could not until she cleared her throat. “I am
better” she reassured him, smiling, then frowned. “But I need to sit
He frowned. “Don’t move” he warned and pressed the button beside the
bed. “I need to be sure that it is Ok for you to do so. Wait for the
Her frown deepened. “It is not as worse as that Andy, I am fine”
“I am not taking any chances Jess, please stay still”, he pleaded.
Jessica did not want to give Andy anything to worry about so she
stayed where she was. Andy relaxed and k-ssed her cheek. “Oh Jess, you
don’t know just how worried I have been.”
Jessica put her hand against his cheek. “I can’t leave you husband,
can’t give the other women the chance they have been praying for, to
take you away”
Andy grinned. “Oh, no one is taking me from you wifey, if she is not
Jessica, she cannot be like Jessica”
Jessica chuckled then remembered something. “How come Kanu was
your idol?”
Andy’s eyes w¡dened as he stared at her, completely awestruck. “You
Before she could respond, the door opened and Doctor Bright entered.
He smiled brightly at Jessica and she smiled back. “Mrs. Williams” he
greeted. “How are you feeling now?”
“Better. Thank you doctor… I would like to sit down but my
overcautious husband would not let me. I am sure he was overreacting.
I am a doctor and should know if I can or cannot sit down” she
frowned at Andy, who raised an eyebrow at her.
“He was right to be cautious ma’am, he has been extremely worried
about you” the doctor responded. He took out his torch and checked
her eyes. “Where are you hurting?” Jessica pointed out some places and
he nodded. “With time, you would be fine” He and Andy assisted her up
even though she talked endlessly about not needing assistance. She
smiled her appreciation and winced slightly as a sharp pain took hold
and vanished.

“Are you Ok? You sure you should be sitting?” Andy asked worried.
“I am fine” she reassured him with a smile. “I need some water”
everyone trouped into Jessica’s room to greet her, everyone carrying
either provisions or flowers. “Oh Jessica” her uncle’s wife called
immediately she entered. “You had us all worried. How are you”
Jessica had barely answered when questions started pouring in from all
angles, with everyone asking about her health and so on. She felt so
special and loved. She tried to answer everyone as much as possible.

Andy had stepped aside for everyone but as they fussed over her, he
had the urge to tell them to be careful but kept quiet.
Jessica saw her father-in-law standing some steps away and smiled
softly at him. He walked towards her. “Daughter, it is so good to see
you. Can you forgive me? I have really offended you”
Jessica smiled. “It is I who have offended you sir, I should not have
done what I did with Andy and should not have deceived you too. I
understand what you did sir, you are a father, and God knows that you
have carried quite a responsibility on your own for a long time. It is
natural that you would protect your son”
“Even at that, I should not have done what I did, I am sorry dear”
Jessica smiled, nodded and hugged her father-in-law.
“Yes Jessica, your father-in-law did nothing wrong. The b—h is that
Sonia of a girl, I can’t believe she had the audacity to come here for
forgiveness” Lizzy said and Paulina shot her a warning glance.
Jessica gasped. Sonia was here? What did she want? Jessica was not
ready to dwell on Sonia. Instead, she looked around, seeing different
colours of flowers.
“Oh My God! This place looks so beautiful, if you keep beautifying this
place, I won’t want to leave”
Everyone laughed. Andy went and sat beside her on the bed and she
leaned her head against his shoulders. The feeling of happiness filled
his heart. He knew that for this woman, he would do anything. He
turned to smile at her and met her staring at him. They were in a
world of their own as they stared at each other. The people in the
room were forgotten as Andy leaned towards Jessica and k-ssed her
with all the love in his heart.  Vaguely, Jessica heard the squeals of
people but she shut them out as she held on to her heart – Andrew


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