Crazy Affection

Crazy Affection episode 25 – 26

(His Rules, Her Roses…)

THEME; Perfect Chemistry.


Gbemi Writes ✍️


“What’s going on here?”

Theo and Carolyn both turn as soon as they heard that question and at a distance away stood Cynthia watching the both of them in shock.

Theo lifted Carolyn down on her feet before facing Cynthia.

“I can explain if you give me the chance to” Theo said.

“What’s there to explain, I saw you two kissing each other and….can you leave me alone with Carolyn” Cynthia said.

“I won’t” Theo refuse wanting to protect Carolyn but a pleading look from her made him leave them alone.

“Cynthia I….”

“I have no problem with you being with Theo infact am happy to see him smile even if it’s with his god sister but you made a promise to his father, remember?” Cynthia said reminding her of the promise she made to her god father a week ago.

“You promised him that you wouldn’t get involve with Theo. The plan was for you to give him a reason to live and also for you to help him fall in love which you agreed to and now this…one thing the boss hate is those that go back on their word, let me tell you that things won’t be easy for you two if you keep up with this and so, I suggest you focus on the deal you made with his dad and end whatever it is between you two, it’s for your own good” Cynthia advise and left Carolyn there.

A week ago, she had been willing to do whatever it took to make Theo fall in love and it all back fired when he fell for her.

She can’t say that she’s in love with him but she care about him and the thought of having to stay away just….

Her thinking was cut short when Theo walk back into the kitchen.

“Tell me that everything Cynthia said now is a lie?” He demanded.

“You heard us?” She asked in shock and he didn’t bother to reply. He took hold of her hand and pulled her with him upstairs, going straight to her room.

“Answer me, Carolyn” he demanded again as soon as they were in her room.

“It is true ” she gently reply.

“You being friends with me, wanting to get close was all because my father asked you to do it?”

“At first that was how it went but then, I really wanted to be your friend, I wanted to get close to you and that is why I did my best in achieving it”

“Then you deserve an accolade since you really played me ” he said looking very angry.

“I wasn’t playing with you, Theo. I would never do a thing to hurt your feeling” she said as she took hold of his hand but he pulled away and left the room.


Carolyn was waiting downstairs for Theo to show up when she was told by the gardener that he already went to school.

Through the whole morning,Carolyn couldn’t stop thinking about Theo, she kept wondering how she will make it up to him which got her brooding all day.

A smile finally appeared on her lips when she stood with her friends at the notice board checking out the team she was placed in for the sport festival.

“Can’t believe I was placed in team diamond!” Scarlett said making a sad face.

“What’s wrong with the team?” Carolyn asked.

“The only thing they are good at is coming last during the sports festival” June mock.

“I need to see the person in charge, they need to change my team” Scarlett said softly.

“Stop exaggerating, I was also put in a bad team” Roxanne said as she kept grinning from ear to ear since Liam is also in silver team with her.

“At least they have a sport athlete, with you there, they are bound to take the second or first position ” Scarlett said.

“That is if I participate” Roxanne muttered softly.

“Don’t you plan on doing anything during this sport festival?” June asked.

“I do. I plan on showing someone that apart from being boyish there’s still a girlish side in me. Am going to be a completely different person on sports day” Roxanne stated.

“And all this for that someone” June tease.

“I would love to see Roxanne girlish look” Carolyn added.

“And I would love to swap team, who’s going to swap with me?” Scarlett asked starring at her friends.

“It’s time for me to go, see you after lunch time” Roxanne said as she quickly went off.

“No can’t do. Carolyn and I are perfectly okay with our team, even the name compliment our beauty. Gold team” June said as Carolyn laugh while Scarlett hiss at her.

On the other hand, Terry and Theo were making their way to the notice board while talking, ignoring the admiring look sent their way by other girls.

“Don’t you think something is up with, Holly? She hasn’t been herself” Terry asked which got Theo nodding in reply.

“Give her a call ”

“Why don’t you do it, she’s your girlfriend” Terry said earning a angry look from Theo.

“Fine, I will do it” Terry rang her thrice but she didn’t pick.

“Seems like she’s avoiding us” Theo said nonchalantly as they got to the notice board to see Carolyn and her friends there.

While Carolyn gaze lock with his, Terry and June stared at each other, remembering the hot kiss they shared just the other day.

“Its best I come back another time” Theo said as he left without saying a word to Carolyn and on the other hand, June who couldn’t face Terry yet, slip off wanting to escape but Terry notice and went after her.

June stayed hidden under a desk in the science lab when Derek who was passing by saw her.

A smile left his lips as he went to crouch in front of her.

“Don’t tell me you are hiding from me?” Derek asked.

“Definitely not. Just pretend you didn’t see me and go away” June said hotly.

“Do you need my help?” He asked and before she could reply, he pulled her out and lifted her by waist onto the table.

“What are you doing?” June ask starring at him with wide eyes.

“Helping you” he said and slam his lips on hers before she could move away.

That was how Terry met them when he got to the lab. It infuriated him seeing June kissing someone else, the first thought that came to his mind is that June lips belongs to him and no one else.

Walking towards them, he pulled Derek and punch him on the face.

“I told you to stay the f^^k away from her!” He shouted and immediately,Derek stood up to return the punch but June got in between.

“Stop it! What’s wrong with you two?” She yelled starring at both of them.

“You dare ask me that after kissing him? Are you really like this June? You share a kiss with me and then hop to him for another, you make me think that you are no different from the bimbos I f^^k and dump” Terry said and got a slap on the face.

“How dare you compare me to those girls! If you think me to be like them then you know nothing about me at all” June said looking hurt.

“Then explain this scene to me? Why did he kiss….”

“You deserve no explanation from me! You’ve already think the worse, so go to hell…I mean it Terry, don’t ever come close to me again” June said wanting to leave but Derek held onto her hand and she pulled away.

“Same goes for you too. Leave me alone!” She yelled and left the lab.


Holly had just finish dancing to one of her favourite singer song ‘Nicki Minaj’

She was packing up her stuff when she saw Terry’s missed call but she didn’t feel like calling back since she felt pain inside of her.

It kept getting worse as she walk out of the club room and when she could no longer take it, she knelt on the floor, clutching her stomach. The last thing she saw before blanking out was Xavier running towards her.

Holly woke up to find herself in a room, she was trying to figure out where she was when she heard Xavier say.

“It’s the school Infirmary. You fainted” she sat up starring at him doubtfully.

“What’s wrong with me?” Holly asked.

“Malnutrition. The doctor said you’ve not been eating well and just the other day I noticed you were eating spoilt food”

“Are you stalking me?” Holly asked.

“You could say that and it led me into finding out things about you. For one you work part time, I know you have three part time job since I saw you myself and there’s the fact that you don’t have enough money to buy yourself food, you sometime skip lunch which leads me to one conclusion, you aren’t who you claim to be” he said.

Holly hate the fact that he found out things about her, she would love to hit him right now but she couldn’t afford what will come next and so, she got off the bed.

“Aren’t you going to answer me?” He said holding onto her hand when she made a move past him.

“What do you want me to say? You’ve found it all out. Am poor, am not the rich girl you all think me to be, I work my @ss off just to pay debts and tuition fee that I don’t have enough to feed myself. Now that you know my dirty secret, you might as well leave me alone, I don’t have the time and luxury to be involved with a rich heir ” She said and left the infirmary just as Brandi and Danica walk in.

“I heard she fainted, what happen?” Brandi ask.

“Nothing important” Xavier said wondering why he chose to keep quiet about Holly’s secret.

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“Are you sure?” Danica asked, giving him a intent look.

“I am and I think it’s time we end this. I already did my part it’s time you do yours” Xavier said starring at Brandi who gave him a smile.

Walking towards him, she wrap her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.

Weird, he has always dreamt of kissing Brandi and now that it’s happening, he feel nothing.

“That’s a sample. You can choose a date and time and I will be there to give you more” Brandi said as she turn to leave, stopping at the door way when Xavier spoke.

“What do you plan to do with that picture of Holly?”

“I plan on causing chaos with it, don’t worry, you will see it soon ” she said and left the infirmary with Danica trailing behind her


“So then, I will leave you with your senior to pick a sport you are good at. Remember, everyone needs to participate during the sport festival” the teacher in charge said before leaving.

Carolyn saw Theo whispering something to Terry before leaving the hall and quickly, she went after him.

He’s been avoiding her and it’s time, she put an end to it.

She ran up to him and stood in front of him.

“We need to talk” she said and when he tried to leave, she held his hand and pulled him into an empty class.

“I already apologise, why do you keep on ignoring me?” She asked.

“You think am ignoring you?” Theo ask in return.

“If you aren’t ignoring me then what are you doing?” She half yelled.

“Thinking! Am thinking of a way to end the stupid promise you made to my dad”

“How….how could you make such a promise to him, didn’t it ever occur to you that I might fall for you?” He added lightly.

“Back then, it didn’t occur to me. I didn’t even think myself worthy enough to get your attention and I wasn’t expecting….” She stop talking when he pulled her into his arms.

“Then it’s best you begin to see me in another light cause there’s no way in hell that I will let you go, I love you so damn much to do that” he said, resting his forehead on hers.

“Let’s stop talking about it and talk about something else” he said softly.

“What?” She asked and felt him lift her on the desk while he stood in between her legs.

“It’s about the sports festival. Let’s make a deal” he began softly.

“I will be participating in the male marathon race, if i win then you get to do whatever I want you to”

“Can I ask what that whatever entail?” Carolyn said.

“You let me kiss you, you let me seduce you, you let me give you love bites and shower you with love ” he whispered into her ear making her shiver.

“And if you lose?” Carolyn asked.

“I let you be until you realise your feeling for me” he said kissing her throat lightly.

“What do you say? Is the deal on or not?” He asked now kissing her cheek, her eyes, her nose and then her lips.

Brandi who was outside and have been listening on them, tightened her fist in anger before walking off unnotice.

Ross who have been waiting in the school lab for an hour let out a frustrated sigh as he made up his mind to leave.

As soon as he took the first step, Brandi walk in.

“Why the f**k are you just getting here!” Ross yelled at her.

“Relax, I was hatching up a plan which I think will be of interest to you”

“Save it, am no longer interested”

“Even if it’s a way for you to get Carolyn” she said and that stopped him in his track.

“An hour ago, I saw Theo and Carolyn kissing each other. If you leave now then you will end up losing Carolyn for good” she said and that made him turn to her.

“What’s this plan of yours?”



  1. Our dear author,good job to you. God will continue to increase your knowlege. Pls we can’t wait to read the next episodes. Please anxiousness and curiosity has eaten me up.

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