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Q.M.B stories
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“I’ll break your teeth and feed it to you” I threatened h¡m and h£ laugh£d, what exactly was funny.

“You see sweetb¡t£s that’s gonna be impossible, first of all you can’t eat teeth and it would be impossible to ch£w after you’ve broken my teeth” I said and h£ ₱u$h£d me to th£ chair.
I hated th£ fact h£ was stronger than me.

“First of all you destroyed my car, you threw a gum at my face, you ru!ned a billion dollar deal for me th£n you stole my house keys and made a mess of my house. Hmmmmm Miss Greene I have to punish you [email protected]” h£ said and I chuckled.

“Well you have to catch me first” I smirked and kicked h¡m wh£re th£ sun doesn’t sh!ne.
h£ grunts !n pa!n and goes d©wΠ, I stand up to make up a run for it but th£n I turned [email protected]¢k and put my gum on h¡s foreh£ad.

“Perfect” I chuckled and ran away.
I knew I was gonna pay for th¡s.

Meet Cel!ne Greene, not your typical k!nd of girl. Th£ 23 years old NY terror with 5 arrest records, one !nclud!ng b**t!ng up a policeman. $h£’s all sort of crazy and you won’t wanna mess with h£r. h£r h¡story is not someth!ng $h£ likes to talk ab©vt.
But soon everyth!ng changes wh£n $h£ meets th£ hostile, unfeel!ng yet wickedly magnetic billionaire Adrian Vandermir. Th£ir meet!ng is said to be co!ncidence but fate keeps on br!ng!ng th£m closer.
Cel!ne is a lock and Adrian swears to f!nd th£ key, beh!nd those icy blue eyes is a young man amazed with how dar!ng Cel!ne is.
h£’s gonna make h£r pay and h£’s gonna enjoy th£ ₱1ea$vre of mak!ng h£r pay.
Sit [email protected]¢k and enjoy th¡s funny but romantic ride


Episode 1

By 👑 Q.M.B 👑

Cel!ne’s Pov
💖 💖

So I j√$t got bailed from jail for th£ 5th time, I promised my sister th¡s would be my last time but $h£ wasn’t gonna have it, immediately we got ©vt of th£ station, $h£ got !n h£r car and threw some dollar notes and a small bag at me.

“I don’t want to ever see you aga!n” $h£ yelled and drove off.
Well I don’t blame h£r but it’s not my fault eith£r, how was I supposed to know that th£ man wear!ng a police uniform was a policeman, I mean.

I had no place to go.
Madam Mia had put a restra!n!ng order on me after I broke h£r daughter’s leg but it wasn’t my fault, I was gonna break h£r h£ad not h£r leg. $h£ slapped me and nob©dy does that to me.
I would go to my boss’s house but $h£ fired me j√$t because I served h£r customer my ur!ne !nstead of apple dr!nk, well it still isn’t my fault. Th£ old fool slapped my a$$ and my boss said it was noth!ng, no one slaps my face or a$$.
Th£ last option I had was Julia my sister but $h£’s had it already.
I was stranded, I would probably go [email protected]¢k to th£ station.
I walked |ns!de and th£ first person who saw me [email protected] !n annoyance.
Th£re was a bandage on h¡s h£ad and a cast on h¡s [email protected]

“Cel!ne what do you want aga!n” h£ asked and I rolled my eyes dramatically.

“I have no place to stay” I said and h£ chuckled with fear.

“No problem” h£ said immediately and brought ©vt a pen and scribbled someth!ng on th£ note.

“You can spend th£ night at th¡s address, h£re’s some money for you to get buy, you can go now”

“Oh thanks” I said and walked ©vt of th£ station.
I wasn’t comfortable sleep!ng at th£ subway not because I was s¢ar£d but because I felt I would put myself !nto m©r£ trouble, no matter wh£re I am trouble follows me, it was someth!ng I couldn’t avoid.
I looked @r0vnd and laid d©wΠ, not soon after I noticed some m©v£ment, at first it seemed normal until I realized th£re were do!ng someth!ng th£y didn’t want anyb©dy to know ab©vt.
Curiously I walked to a corner and hid beh!nd a pole.
I noticed a van and th£ men seemed dangerous.

“We have to get th¡s to NYC as soon as possible, Boss is gett!ng angry” A guy said and opened one of th£ sacks |ns!de th£ van, at first I thought it was dry leaves until white substance starts to ₱0ur ©vt.
Is that what I th!nk it is, I have to leave h£re right now.
I turned to leave but th£n someth!ng strucked me, anytime someth!ng hits me I end up gett!ng !n trouble but fv¢k it.
I can go to New York City start a new life s!nce nob©dy wants me !n Brooklyn, I j√$t have to f!nd a way to get !n that van with©vt th¡s fools know!ng.

Adrian’s Pov

I did my buttons and watch£d th£ lady dress up,it was obvious I was angry and if th£ lady was close to be!ng a smart woman $h£ won’t make me m©r£ angry than I was.

“Adrian you are so good” $h£ said with a fake British accent, anyb©dy would know $h£ was fak!ng it.

“Your ch£que is on th£ table” I said not show!ng any concern.

“You know I could give you anoth£r go for free th¡s time @r0vnd” $h£ suggested and made a go to touch me but I was quick to stop h£r, if th£re was anyth!ng I hated it was hav!ng to fv¢k th£ same girl twice and th¡s one was already gett!ng attach£d. I hate attachments, let’s j√$t fv¢k and forget we existed.

“Your payment is on th£ table” I said and walked ©vt.
I walked pa$$ed th£ receptionist but turned [email protected]¢k.

“Make sure you clean th£ room thoroughly and sanitize it if needed, I’ll be [email protected]¢k by even!ng” I said and $h£ nodded.
I know exactly what was go!ng through h£r m!nd, what k!nd of manwhore is th¡s.
Don’t blame me though, women and even [email protected] would do anyth!ng j√$t to have a night with me !nclud!ng th¡s receptionist who doesn’t waste time !n flaunt!ng h£r b©©bs anytime I was @r0vnd but I don’t j√$t fv¢k @r0vnd, th£ lady I fv¢ked is th£ daughter to a drug mafia although $h£ lied ab©vt h£r fath£r but Adrian always does h¡s research.
I drove to my company Vandermir’s Corp, I was angry at th£ fact that th£ Ch!nese !nvestors I had a bus!ness deal with canceled th£ir deal. And it’s worth billions, I know th£re must be a reason beh!nd it and am gonna f!nd ©vt why.
I got to my office after receiv!ng greet!ngs from my workers, my anger went d©wΠ immediately I saw my moth£r sitt!ng on th£ chair opposite m!ne.
fv¢k I should have j√$t stayed !n th£ h°tel, I know exactly why $h£’s h£re.

“Moth£r you are h£re” I said smil!ng and hid!ng my fear, Moth£r should be proud of h£rself. I don’t fear anyone except h£r, $h£ has a way of mak!ng a Lion squeal,wh£n I was younger I called h£r a witch,my closest friend Romeo understood why I called h£r that.

“Adrian you promised me you were go!ng to come visit dur!ng th£ weekend, it’s been three weekends now, do you ¢ar£ to expla!n young man”
Dur!ng th¡s weekends, I was busy fill!ng my desires with different women each day.

“I was busy mom, work got me….”

“fv¢k!ng anoth£r woman, you th!nk I don’t know th£ man I gave birth to” $h£ said and rummaged h£r [email protected] bag.

“I have a new proposal for you, you would like h£r” $h£ said still search!ng h£r bag.
Exactly why I didn’t want to see h£r. $h£ [email protected] me a picture of a woman, yes $h£ was beautiful but $h£ wasn’t Adrian beautiful. $h£ looked short and that was a turn off for me
My type of woman must be tall 5’9, 5’10 feet, cla$$y, extremely gorgeous, fits !n parties, social friendly, not too big b©©bs and a moderate a$$.
Th¡s one wasn’t th£ type I would want to spend th£ rest of my life with that is even if I want to spend th£ rest of my life with one woman wh£n billions are die!ng for a night with me.
But if am ready for commitment my woman must be perfect.

Cel!ne’s Pov
I bought ©vt a magaz!ne from my bag, my sister was on th£ cover.
Yes $h£ was a model and perfect at whatever $h£ does, and really !ntelligent unlike me.
Julia had been th£ perfect one while I was j√$t th£re. $h£’s really gorgeous and tall while I looked like I was from th£ trash and I was short, dur!ng our family gath£r!ngs everyone would talk ab©vt how beautiful and well kept Julia was while I was scolded for be!ng a silly girl. Th£re was a time my parents had asked me to dress like a maid for th£ir guest, yes th£y were ashamed of me.
I didn’t receive a lot of love from my parents wh£n th£y were alive, I was th£ negative one. I guess that’s why I was treated like I was a mistake.
I wasn’t used to receiv!ng love, th£ word I love you hasn’t been said to me before not even from my own parents although th£y know how to s!ng it to Julia.
Although am really happy th£y treated me th£ way did, th£y taught me to be strong and hide my pa!n.
Th£ van stopped and I was brought [email protected]¢k to reality.
I hid beh!nd one of th£ sac and watch£d th£ van open.

“Br!ng d©wΠ th£ goods” Th£ same guy said.
Was I !n NYC already.
I cough£d ©vt and covered my m©vth immediately.

“Who’s th£re, come ©vt now”
I took a deep breath and jumped ©vt of my hid!ng place.

“I said take me to Paris, I want to see C!nderella” I said with annoyance.

“Who’s $h£” h£ asked and I frowned.

“You don’t know me, I am th£ Queen of England, Queen of England” I yelled jump!ng @r0vnd.

“How did you get !n th£ van” h£ asked aga!n and I knocked h¡m.

“Bow before th£ Queen” I said and h£ got mad.

“I would shoot you d©wΠ now” h£ threatened but anoth£r guy stopped h¡m.

“I th!nk $h£’s mentally ill” h£ suggested.

“Or $h£’s a spy” h£ said gett!ng distracted.

“Spy??, am spider girl” I said and chuckled, immediately h£ faced th£ oth£r guy I grabb£d h¡s gun and po!nted it at h¡m.

“I like th¡s toy” I said fak!ng ignorance.

“h£y drop th£ gun, it’s not a toy” h£ said, I jumped ©vt of th£ van and looked @r0vnd.
Yes I am !n NYC , now time to run Cel!ne

Adrian’s Pov
Few hours after my moth£r left, Romeo walked !n. Romeo is th£ closest person to me after my moth£r, we’ve known each oth£r for 28 years and I’ll be 29 th¡s year. Dur!ng our high school years, h£ was m©r£ of a ₱|@yer while I was th£ v!rg!n boy until an !ncident happened and every th!ng !n skirt made me go frenzy. Although h£’s married now, th£ irony.

“Your moth£r called and $h£ was not happy” h£ said sitt!ng d©wΠ. I take a deep breath and ₱|@y with th£ pen.

“Look let’s j√$t forget ab©vt that”

“I don’t blame h£r though, dude it’s been 12 years s!nce that !ncident happened, you don’t wanna torture oth£r girls because one broke….”

“I s£nt someth!ng to your phone to h£lp me ch£ck on, have you done that” I asked !nterrupt!ng h¡m and chang!ng th£ topic.
h£ smirked know!ng what I did, I didn’t want to talk ab©vt my high school love life and betrayal.

“Well I did , turns ©vt your Ch!nese bus!ness partners were given a better deal that made th£m call yours off”

“I knew that, and who’s beh!nd that?”

“Who else??”

“Judah Deandre” I said with a growl and broke th£ pen.
That bastard has always been jealous of my achievement and would do anyth!ng to see me break d©wΠ, I don’t know how h£ got to know ab©vt th£ Ch!nese !nvestors.

“We have a mole” I said and watch£d Romeo nod.
Whoever was !nvolved won’t go scotfree.

Cel!ne’s Pov

Okay I must admit I should have thought th¡s well before com!ng to New York but all th£ same I came h£re for a new beg!nn!ng.
So next step f!nd food, Gosh am starv!ng.
I walked @r0vnd !n search of a restaurant, luckily th£re was one d©wΠ th£ street.

“One burger please ” I said to th£ blonde haired dummy, am sorry I j√$t don’t like anyb©dy.

“That’s 30 dollars” $h£ said [email protected]!ng me th£ bag.

“30 dollars for one burger??, what a rip off, I can’t buy th¡s” I stated. $h£ smiled but I knew it was a fake smile.

“Excuse me”

“I said I can’t buy th¡s for 30 dollars, I’ll give you 5” I said and dropped five dollar notes on th£ counter and took a b¡t£ from th£ burger.

“Excuse me ma’am, you haven’t paid completely” $h£ said but I ignored h£r and walked ©vt.

“Security grab that crazy woman” $h£ yelled and I took to my h£els.

“So you bought a burger for 30 dollars and paid 5 dollars” th£ cop said fold!ng h¡s sleeves.
I rolled my eyes disappo!nted at myself, I can’t believe I got arrested for such a petty th!ng.

“Th£ burger wasn’t even worth it” I said angrily.

“Young woman you will pay for that burger wh£th£r you like it or not” h£ said with a very serious demeanor.
I looked away upset.

Julia’s Pov
I feel bad for Cel!ne, I know $h£’s not gonna [email protected]¢k home even though th¡s is our parent’s house.
$h£ has a way of attract!ng trouble to h£rself and nob©dy really likes h£r until you get to know h£r very well. I know my younger sister very well and $h£’s a very k!nd h£arted person and a very beautiful woman although $h£ believes $h£’s th£ ugliest person !n th£ wh0l£ of universe, unlike me $h£ doesn’t need surgery and make up to be beautiful, $h£’s a natural.
Th£ sound of my r!ng tone broke my thoughts.

“h£llo” I said to th£ phone

“h£llo Julia, I need your h£lp” I rolled my eyes and shake my h£ad.

“Which police station” I asked and got a shock!ng response.

Cel!ne’s Pov
I woke up after h£ar!ng a voice yell my name.

“Julia” I squealed !n joy and stood up to meet h£r.

“Your sister already paid your debt, you are free to go” Th£ cop says and unlock th£ gates.

“Really Cel!ne NYC what has come over you aren’t you even s¢ar£d” Julia asked

“Am !n NYC, NYC should be s¢ar£d of me” I said with confidence.

“You really are crazy” $h£ said and ₱v||ed me ©vt.

“We are go!ng [email protected]¢k home now”
I released my [email protected] from h£rs .

“No am not go!ng anywh£re with you” I said and walked away.

“Cel!ne enter that car now and let’s leave” $h£ said po!nt!ng at a black car.
So $h£ bought a new car.

“Am not go!ng anywh£re” I said angrily.

“Cel!ne you have no choice” $h£ said and I notice a big wood lie!ng on th£ floor.
I smile and look at h£r.

“Watch me” I said and $h£ becomes s¢ar£d.

“Cel!ne don’t do anyth!ng crazy” $h£ says.

Adrian’s POV
I noticed Romeo was busy look!ng d©wΠ th£ w!ndow and someth!ng had caught h¡s attention.

“You seem busy” I said and h£ nodded.

“Th¡s two chics j√$t came ©vt of th£ station and th£ taller one is h°t, danm”

“Dude you are married” I said.

“Adrian wh£re did you park your car?” h£ asked and I frowned at h¡s question but th£n I remembered I was so upset I didn’t park th£ car !n driveway but ©vtside th£ company opposite th£ police station.

“Dude th¡s chick is bash!ng your car” h£ said but it didn’t come ©vt well.

“What do you mean” I said and walked to th£ w!ndow.

Cel!ne’s Pov

I h£ld th£ wood victoriously proud of what I did to my sister’s car, I put all my anger that have been bottl!ng |ns!de for years !n destroy!ng th£ car.

“Your car is gone, now you can’t take me [email protected]¢k home” I said.

“Cel!ne are you crazy that’s not my car” $h£ said and I looked at h£r shocked.

“You say what now” I dropped th£ wood immediately.
Whose car is th¡s, I was confused. Next th!ng I knew was my sister ₱v||!ng me away.


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