Twins With Differences

Twins With Differences – episode 5

Episode 5

Sonia’s pov

  It’s been a month now since the incident that occurred at Enoch’s apartment. And to be honest, things have been bad for me. I was happy I fell in love with Enoch but am regretting it now. Isaac has been trying to cheer me up. He act more like a brother to me
    The next day after school, Isaac drove me to his house. His house is not big but at least I’ll be more comfortable . just a two bedroom flat. I sat on the couch in the small living room
Isaac: am sure you are hungry, lat me prepare you lunch
Me: do you know how to cook?
Isaac: mmmm…… You can call me a chef after you taste my meal.( he went to his kitchen and prepared coconut rice. He placed it on a stool close to the couch I was sitting on. The aroma of the food alone woke up the worms in my stomach. In less than five minutes, I devoured the wh0le plate of food. I must confess, be is really a good cook.
Me: bravo! I wish I know how to cook
Isaac: you don’t know how to cook?
Me: I don’t know how to boil common water. Am not good at anything. Am just useless
Isaac: I can teach you how to cook
Me: really?
Isaac: yes! If you are willing to learn. Flawless I know you have lots of dreams but you can only achieve them when you are willing to. You talked about being a famous musician……..
Me: am no longer interested in being a musician. I don’t have a nice voice
Isaac: and who told you that? Do you know the meaning of flawless?
Me: perfect
Isaac: yes! You are perfect. You just can’t see it because you listen to what people say about you. You can be the best in your department you can prove to the world that you are not useless. Look at me, am a secondary school graduate but that doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals. I read books that even a lecturer find it hærd to explain. Do you know Eric Anderson?
Me: yes! He was my mentor.i wanted to be like him
Isaac: you can still be like him. Have you ever imagined yourself singing with him?
Me: countless times. But I know itz not possible
Isaac: it is possible if you believe. You just have to start training yourself from now. I have a friend that works in his company NEXT INNOVATION, he can introduce you to him. But before then,you’ll have to prove to me that you are useful. I’ll teach you how to cook starting from tomorrow
Me: how is that possible? My dad don’t want to see me close to the kitchen
Isaac: then tell him you want to leave his house
Me: what? Are you crazy? I don’t have plans of leaving my dad’s house
Isaac: you’ll come live with me. As you can see I have two rooms. The reason why you don’t come out with good grades is because of the problems you face at home. It causes distraction. You need a breathing space Flawless
Me: okay! So what if he refuses?
Isaac: there is no harm in trying

        Ya, he is right, there is no harm in trying. I’ll have to try and convince my dad. But how am I going to do that when he is always angry with me?

        When I got home that night, I went to his study, he was going through some files
Me: good evening dad,
Dad: yes, what do you want?
Me: I….I…em….. I want to……I want to leave the house
Dad: what did you say?(raising his voice)
Me: no! Dont take it the wrong way. What I mean to say is that…. I want to be staying alone , away from all of you so I can concentrate on my studies
Dad: are you trying to call us distractions
Me: uhmmmm….. No! That’s not what I mean to say
Dad: whatever!!! I don’t care where you go. I will continue to send you your school fees and allowance. But don’t come back to this house until you’ve succeed
Me: okay dad!

        I left the study and went to my bedroom. I called Isaac to come pick me up because I want to leave that night. I packed some of my belongings and kept them in my car booth. I went to Shania’s bedroom, I was about to knock when she opened the door
Shania: what?
Me: am leaving
Shania: leaving to where?
Me: to somewhere. Since I won’t be coming anytime soon, please take very good care of the family
Shania: we will be fine without you. Thank God you are finally leaving

      Do you think its a good idea for Sonia to leave the house?


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