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Crazy In New York City episode 41

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Episode 41

By 👑 Q.M.B 👑

💖 💖

Cel!ne’s Pov

I rega!ned my composure and put on an [email protected] look.

“Adrian what is go!ng on with you. You are leav!ng your mansion for h£re, that’s absurd” I stated uncalmly with my arms under my ch£st.

“Th£n come home with me, please Cel!ne”
I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

“!n your wildest dreams” I turned to leave fl¡pp!ng my hair on h¡s face, next th!ng I felt was a [email protected] grip on my [email protected] yank!ng me [email protected]¢k to Adrian and allow!ng me rest my [email protected] on h¡s ch£st for support.

“What are you do!ng, let go of me th¡s !nstant” I ordered firmly, I had to raise my h£ad d©wΠ due to th£ audience Adrian’s drama was gath£r!ng.
h£ smirks and trails h¡s d©wΠ to my [email protected]¡$t ₱v||!ng me closer to h¡m, my ch£eks turned red under th£ onslaught of h¡s gaze but my stubborn look rema!ned.

“You see Cel!ne am Add¡¢ted to you, you are my drug and I j√$t can’t let go of you”
I sigh and ₱ush h¡m away, giv!ng h¡m a stern look
I walk away from h¡m but my steps falter due to th£ fact that I felt h¡s eyes burn!ng a h0l£ through my [email protected]¢k.
I could vision that silly smirk on h¡s face, I shake it off and h£ad to th£ grocery store.
I got my stuff and took a cab home, fortunately th£ jobless audience had already dispersed leav!ng th£ street des**ted once aga!n.
I carried th£ two bags and got !n th£ build!ng, walk!ng upstairs and to my apartment.
I opened th£ door and dropped th£ bags !n th£ kitch£n.
Th£ thought of Adrian and I stay!ng !n th£ same build!ng s£nt $h!verys to my sp!ne, not that it was th£ first time but th¡s time it was different.
Th£ door knocked and I walked to open it, my face [email protected] see!ng th£ image at th£ door.

h£ stands at th£ door and rests h¡s [email protected] on th£ wall fold!ng h¡s arm and cross!ng h¡s legs.

“You look beautiful today, You know I made th£ right choice. Am proud of myself” h£ smiles proudly walk!ng |ns!de th£ room. I take a step [email protected]¢k.

“You have no right to enter my house, please leave now” I stated. h£ takes my [email protected] and places it !n h¡s embrac!ng me !n a warm hug, a hug that dissolve all th£ anger build!ng !n my h£art.

“I always thought I was not s¢ar£d of anyth!ng. I had all th£ wealth I needed and didn’t need aga!n. Until I met you and I found ©vt that my biggest fear was los!ng you. You stayed away from me for one week and everywh£re seemed empty. My home and my life is empty with©vt you” I closed my eyes and let myself feel th£ warmth of h¡s hug.
I do love th¡s guy so much, what if h£’s really be!ng s!ncere, should I forgive h¡m.
I opened my eyes but closed it immediately and th£ words h£ told me that day ₱|@yed [email protected]¢k !n my h£ad.

“We both signed a ownership deal that whoever gets Cel!ne Greene’s signature on a marriage Certificate gets to become th£ owner of th£ rival’s company. Trust me I was ready to marry you but Deandro had to be forward, h£ knew I was w!nn!ng and h£ was los!ng patience so h£ kidnapped you and forced you to sign th£ marriage certificate. That gave me an opportunity to get you to sign th£ certificate with©vt gett!ng to marry you, God am so blessed”
I ₱u$h£d Adrian away immediately, my eyes almost clouded.

Adrian’s Pov
I thought it was over, until $h£ ₱u$h£d me away.

“What’s wrong? Talk to me love -”
$h£ ₱u$h£d me away from apartment and practically leaped ©vt, h£r shoulders stiff with tension.

“Love? Really Adrian?” $h£ scoffed, wip!ng at fresh tears.

“Don’t even go th£re, Adrian. You can lie ab©vt anyth!ng, j√$t don’t dare lie ab©vt your feel!ngs for me. Because, you know what? I don’t believe you.” F!ni$h£d, $h£ spun @r0vnd and stalked to th£ room, slamm!ng th£ door shut [email protected] enough to rattle th£ w!ndows.
Stunned, I could only stare at th£ closed door, my m!nd struggl!ng to come up with a reason for th£ unexpla!ned ©vtburst. ₱v||!ng my thoughts togeth£r,I opened th£ door and walked !n.

“Cel!ne?” I called

“Please go away Adrian!” $h£ snapped.
My phone rang rem!nd!ng me with a jolt of th£ meet!ng with my board.
Shit! Shit! Shit! Of all th£ bloody afternoons for th¡s to happen, it had to be today wh£n I could f!nally wr*₱ up th£ plans for ask!ng Cel!ne’s forgiveness, leav!ng me free to carry ©vt my future plans…which !ncluded th£ surprise trip to th£ Maldives wh£re I planned to w!ne, d!ne and b£d my lovely wife till $h£ f!nally gave !n and agreed to marry me aga!n.
Th£ door to th£ bathroom was yanked open and Cel!ne stood th£re glar!ng at me, h£r gaze slid!ng to my phone on my [email protected] h£r l¡ps curled !n a sneer.

“You should get that, it’s your precious bus!ness. That’s all you ¢ar£ ab©vt, isn’t it? Your goddamn bus!ness.”

“Cel!ne you’re be!ng unreasonable -” It was th£ wrong th!ng to say. h£r eyes narrowed to slits, every nerve !n h£r b©dy lett!ng me know I had j√$t crossed an !nvisible l!ne and was ab©vt to get eviscerated.

“Unreasonable?” $h£ repeated through clench£d teeth.
I opened my m©vth to apologize, but $h£ cuts me off with a raised [email protected]

“Don’t even go th£re, I wasn’t th£ one who left my wife at th£ altar” $h£ had muttered before disappear!ng [email protected]¢k !nto th£ bathroom. I had only caught a trace of a little water work runn!ng d©wΠ h£r ch£eks. And it had s¢ar£d me, will Cel!ne ever forgive me.
I had never been th¡s vulnerable !n my life, I loved th¡s woman so much it s¢ar£d me.
Not giv!ng up, I shrugged th£ meet!ng away and walked [email protected]¢k !n h£r apartment.
h£r shower was still runn!ng and I saw h£r sitt!ng on th£ floor, eyes closed.
I smiled and got !n w€tt!ng my b©dy but I didn’t m!nd.
I ₱v||ed h£r up and h£r eyes opened !n alarm but $h£ didn’t resist my touch !nstead $h£ let me carry h£r bridal style all th£ way to h£r room.
I dropped h£r on th£ b£d and got a dress for h£r.

“You should ₱v|| that off and wear th¡s so you don’t catch a cold” I said and turned to leave, I hoped for h£r to call me [email protected]¢k but $h£ didn’t. I swear it hurts.

Cel!ne’s Pov

I looked at Adrian has h£ left th£ room, my h£art wanted h¡m to stay and never leave, grab h¡m and make !ntense love to th£ only man I love.
But I didn’t trust h¡m.
I picked my phone and rang Russell, I was go!ng to th£ airport to pick h¡s son Ryan.
I can’t wait to meet my Cous!n’s son, have seen h¡m I pictures but not reality.

📞Dude its past 1, aren’t you pick!ng up Ryan aga!n📞

📞Snookums. I’ll be at your place !n 10📞

I threw my phone and looked at th£ calendar, it’s been a week s!nce I got to work.
Several missed calls from Cordelia and I know that old woman won’t let me h£ar th£ end of it wh£n $h£ sees me tomorrow.
Russell came !n less than 10 m!nutes, we hugged and had lunch.

“Girl, are th£ rumors true. Adrian is liv!ng h£re” h£ asked while I was putt!ng on my sandals.

“Someth!ng like that”

“Wow, girl you lucky”
I frown at h¡m and pick my bag.

“Let’s go” I tell h¡m, h£ looks at Adrian’s apartment and a boyish gr!n ₱|@ys on h¡s face.

“I see you people hav!ng great s€× on th£ staircase !n th£ nearest future” I hit h¡m with my elbow shunn!ng h¡m.

“Ouch” h£ cries rubb!ng th£ part I hit.

“Let’s go” I said and walked d©wΠ

“Daddy Daddy Daddy” A little boy s¢r**med excitedly, I felt different !n a way I didn’t understand.
With amaz!ng quick reflexes , Russell caught h¡s son and hurled h¡m over h¡s h£ad, elicit!ng anoth£r squeal of delight from th£ six years old.

“h£y shortbread, how are you”
I stirred a look of confusion at Russell, honestly short bread.
h£ really can’t stop giv!ng people silly nicknames, me Snookums, Julia BWNB, and now h£ didn’t even exclude h¡s son.

“Am f!ne Dad, I missed you so much”

“I missed you too” h£ said proudly
h£ looks at me and smiled.

“Hi Aunt Cel!ne” I smiled and ₱|@yed with h¡s ch£eks giv!ng h¡m th£ toy car I got for h¡m.
h£ squeals happily obviously excited ab©vt th£ gift.

“How are you” I asked, A brunette lady comes forward.
I notice th£ tension b£tweeΠ Russell and h£r, I saw Ryan’s features !n h£r. With©vt a second guess I a$$umed $h£ was h¡s moth£r.

“Russell Ryan is still a kid. h£ deserves to be with h¡s moth£r”
Russell opened th£ car and let Ryan |ns!de, I guess h£ didn’t want h¡m to listen to th£ discussion.

“Not a moth£r who is a drug and s€× Add¡¢t, it took me h£aven’s grace, your parents !ntervention and a wh0l£ team of security personnel to let me leave h¡m with you”
$h£ lowered h£r gaze and murmured.
So th¡s was why Russell refused to talk ab©vt h¡s wife.

“But am still h¡s moth£r Russ”

“Martha th¡s boy saw you hav!ng s€× with anoth£r man, you almost ru!ned h¡s !nnocence”
Russell was try!ng to keep calm.

“And I changed”

“I thought you did, but th£n you knew how much I paid j√$t to br!ng your s€× tape off th£ !nternet. Am sorry but my son will stay with me now”

“Cel!ne let’s go”
I nod and leave

Adrian’s Pov

I looked @r0vnd, th£ faces of everyb©dy !n th£ conference room, Deandro was th£re too with an unpleasant confused scowl on h¡s face, h£ had no idea why I summoned h¡m, I didn’t even know h£ would come.

“Good afternoon,” I began, my voice filled with quiet authority.

“first of all, let me thank you for mak!ng it to th¡s impromptu meet!ng, I understand a lot of you would rath£r be do!ng oth£r th!ngs than to sit !n a stuffy meet!ng…”
A murmur of polite laughter rang ©vt.

“Still,” I cont!nued,

“I believe it is important to make th¡s announcement h£re, before th£ media gets a hold of th£ latest developments.”
I paused and glanced @r0vnd th£ room, tak!ng all th£ expectant faces.

“As you are all aware, I made a recent purchase of a majority of stocks of Deandro and co, claim!ng ownership to h¡s company…a m©v£ that well…none of us were expect!ng. However, !n th£ past two days, I have been !n negotiations with th£ CEO, Deandro m©r£tti…” I nodded !n Deandro’s direction, I stopped and looked @r0vnd exam!n!ng everyone’s faces.

“Very well, Vandermir Corps will be giv!ng Deandro and Co th£ option to buy [email protected]¢k m©r£ than half of th£ acquired shares at less than th£ current stock price, which will leave th£m with an impressive profit !n th£…..”
I droned on and saw th£ excited face on Deandro, everyone was surprised at th£ news.

Cel!ne’s Pov
Russell didn’t talk ab©vt Martha dur!ng th£ drive home and I knew not to ask questions.
Ryan is a wh0l£ lot of fun, although h£’s talkative j√$t like h¡s fath£r.
We got to Mary’s who was really excited and happy to see Ryan, $h£ even baked a cake.
I noticed th£ way Russell and Mary threw glances at each oth£r.

“Aunt Mary is sooo beautiful” Ryan complimented earn!ng a blush from Mary.
It was gett!ng late and I had to leave.

Th£ trend!ng news got me stunned.
What th£ h£ll was Adrian do!ng
h£ was return!ng th£ shares? If Deandro repurchased those shares at less than th£ current price…it would mean a h*g£ ga!n for th£ h¡m and an appall!ng loss for Adrian.
Why would h£ someth!ng so stupid, What was h£ try!ng to prove to me?
That h£ would will!ngly lose everyth!ng j√$t to [email protected]!$fy h¡s guilt.
I decided to text and talk to h¡m even though I knew h£ was opposite my room.

Adrian: I missed you wifey

Th£ words coaxed a smile, which I quickly squa$h£d, and typed a reply.

Me: Thanks. Why did you sell those shares? That was eith£r a very brave mood or a stupid one.

Adrian: What do you th!nk?
I thought for a m!nute, a small smile ₱|@y!ng across my l¡ps.

Me: I don’t th!nk it was a very wise choice.
Th£ phone rang, dis₱|@y!ng Adrian’s name.

📞h£y📞I said, proud of how cool I sounded. I leaned [email protected]¢k !n my chair, cradl!ng th£ phone to my ear, feet up on th£ table.

📞h£y yourself📞 Adrian said.

📞So Romeo th!nks I should see a shr!nk after th¡s stunt. h£’s conv!nced I’ve f!nally lost my m!nd📞

📞h£’s not go!ng to be th£ only one, wait till th¡s hits th£ !nternational news. Seriously Adrian, you shouldn’t have done that📞

📞 “I know you th!nk you have to make amends, but ru!n!ng your company isn’t th£ way to do th!ngs📞

📞I made a conscious but stupid choice to destroy someth!ng that meant a lot of th!ngs to a lot of peopl. My mom always said if you want someth!ng bad enough, you have to be ready of let go of someth!ng equally mean!ngful.📞

📞That’s….very !nsightful📞.I murmured, ch£w!ng my l¡p as I reach£d an impromptu decision.

📞Cel!ne can I see you tonight please don’t say no📞

📞Okay📞 I twitch£d my m©vth.

I knocked on Adrian’s door and h£ opened it, h£ looked ecstatic and really happy j√$t to see me.

“Come !n” h£ offered. I looked @r0vnd h¡s room and saw how beautiful and neat h£ made it.
A part of me got jealous.

“Nice place you got h£re” I said and dipped my [email protected] !n my coat pocket.

“Thanks” h£ says and coughs. I look at h¡m and squ!nt my eyes.

“You have a cough?” I asked.

“No j√$t a one time th!ng”
h£ sneezes and I walk closer to h¡m, I noticed h¡s pale face and tired eyes.

“Adrian are you Okay” I asked.

“Sure why not”
I touch h¡s foreh£ad and [email protected]

“You have a fever, God” I ₱v|| h¡m to th£ [email protected] and sit h¡m d©wΠ.

“I’ll be f!ne. God” h£ [email protected] and stands up. I look at h¡m and face h¡m.

“Adrian please sit d©wΠ”

“But I am okay, I swear. Its j√$t th£ weath£r. Noth!ng much”
I frown at h¡m.

“Young man I am not talk!ng to you as a random person, I AM TALK!nG TO YOU AS A WIFE AND YOU BETTER SIT d©wΠ NOW OR ELSE”

“F!ne F!ne…” h£ sits d©wΠ rais!ng h¡s [email protected] up !n defeat.

“Am seated already” h£ complied.

Let’s get our f!ng£rs busy

What’s your take on Adrian’s decision on giv!ng Deandro [email protected]¢k h¡s company

All Rights Reserved®

© Q.B.M

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