Deep Affection

Deep Affection – Epilogue

It was a week later after the unforgettable proposal of Richærd everyone was sitting in the sitting room wutg different wines and drinks placed on the table,
they were all sitted in pairs,..
Richærd and Sandra
Clara and David
Paul and Mara
Cole and Joy
chief Daniel and Marie
then Lucy who was the only person sitting alone without a pair,
everyone was all smiles, their Joy really knew no bound as they all enjoyed their drinks together,.
“so Clara are u ready to come and ask for forgiveness si we could make it up for each other?” Sandra asked with a little smile
“uhm, well, I don’t stress up myself fir something that wouldn’t earn me anything” Clara snapped gulping down the wh0le wine in her glass before resting her head on David’s shoulder,.
“okay well, I’ve forgiven you even without you asking for forgiveness.. I have just found out that all that had happened was just out of our own different temperaments and thinking so I decide to wave it all off my thought and take you back like my dear sister” Sandra said and Clara couldn’t just help the huge smile that escaped her l-ips that moment.
“thanks for your unique understanding, you’ll really make a good wife ti Richærd” Clara said with a grin while the others chuckled
“Omg!!!!!!!!!! what I’m I seeing?!!!!!!” Marie suddenly blurted making everyone turn their gaze to her,.
They trailed her gaze and found it to be on David’s ear, that was when they saw the mark there
“David you are not brother!!!!” Richærd squealed in excitement leaving David befuddled
“I don’t get you all, what..”.
“David you’re my lost son” Marie said emotionally with her eyes glittering with passion
“that mark at the back of your ear shows you’re my lost brother” joy said with happiness exuding her wh0le body.
“really? omg I never knew.. I’m si happy now” David said and hugged Richærd and joy warmly with line of tears dripping down his cheek, this was what he longed for, meeting his real family…
chief Gabriel and the other two Angela and Dr Mike was tied up in a standing position, they had their wh0le body covered with bruise and cuts, excruciating pain was all they felt, the sort of torture they had gone through was really severe that they feel like dying,
The room which was dim lighted got much more brighter making them all look up to check who just entered,.
They all really got the shock of their lives as they saw Sandra, Cole, David, chief Daniel, Marie, Lucy, Clara, Paul and Mara staring at them from the door post where they stood,.
“How do you feel now?” Sandra said to Angela in tears coming closer to her,.
“Sand..ra.. please help me out, I’m dying.. the pain is too much, i..I..” Angela stuttered with her legs quivering as dark red blood drip down her th-gh, there was no doubt she has been brutally raped,.
“I can’t save you out of this because you caused it for yourself, it is the punishment for your sins so find the way to absorb it” Sandra mumbled emotionally and turned away
“hey dude what’s up” Cole said to chief Gabriel with a smirk
“please find a place in your heart to forgive me and release me from the severe pain.. I’m so..rry for everything I did to you.. please..” chief Gabriel pleaded.
“this moment is you all turn ti suffer, so enjoy it the way we did ours” Cole said and laughed loudly
“I’m handing them to the cops” Clara said
“oh no I don’t trust those police of this country, they may set them free secretly when they are bribed with money” Richærd interjected
“I’m handing them to the inspector general of police in Nigeria” Clara said and they all stared at her confusedly
“inspector general? do you have his contact? do he even knows you are existing?” chief Daniel said in a sarcastic tone
“looking at me, I look small and common to you guys, but I tell you, the inspector general of this country is like a servant to me, I mean,,he respects me like his master even the president himself” Clara said with a lopsided smile
“none of us is gonna believe until we see with our eyes” Lucy ch¡pped in making Clara smile a little bit
she brought out her phone and dialed a number, it was picked up immediately,..
“Hello IG I need you to come to my mansion this moment, dint waste time” Clara said into her phone in a bossy tone.
“okay.. expect me there in a jiffy” the husky voice of the IG was heard.
“I still don’t believe till I sees him come this very place” Joy said and shook her head
“even me” Cole added .”
“no problem guys wait till he comes” Clara said and walked out heading to the sitting room while the others follows.
In not less than an hour, a convoy drove into the Clara’s compound and the IG hopped down from his car and walked into the building hasty,.
The sort of shock Richærd and the other felt was inexplicable on seeing the IG in Clara’s building
“haha Clara I’m here, hope I was not late” the IG said with respect ignoring the stares of Richærd and the rest,
“Go to my torture room, take those bastard out of there and make them suffer very much terrible, I’ll send the video of their crime to you later, use it against them and make them see hell, they just not come out alive” Clara said and the IG bowed and left,
Sandra and the other were stunned to the core..
“stop being surprise, that’s how great I’m” Clara said proudly before walking away with David following her behind
“good day the great nefary clan.. standing in front of you all, I want to make you all aware of something, well as the new boss, I am setting a new rule which alters the first one made by Rex who has been killed and forgotten…” Clara paused and look around the wh0le crowd carefully,
“if you know that in our mist there are two secret lovers, I want the both of them to walk out to this podium” Clara said sternly and almost everyone flinched,
They glanced at eachother with an inexplicable expression,
“does it means there aren’t any lovers!!!!” Clara barked making many of them shiver
A guy and a lady stared at themselves with their eyes glistened with unshedded tears, they were long time lovers who felt so much for themselve, they had been secret lovers right from the first day they came into the clan, all they had kept praying for was the day they would find their way out of the clan so they could live their life together like other human beings,
Thier heart were really pounding faster and loud immediately clara said those words, they felt that she had found out their little secret and now they were sure she would take their life as that was the punishment for anyone who allowed love or affection take over him or her,
Both of them walked forward with their hands locked together, one could sense true love in their eyes as they climbed up the stage ready for any consequences which would be placed on them,
everyone felt like crying as they gazed at the two lovers who took courage to go up, what they expected was an order from Clara for them to be killed but what she said left them overwhelmely astound
“uhm.. that’s great, I love u guys courage and that shows that you both are truly in love, now I know you may be afraid that u would lose ur life but I wanna tell you that I’m proud of you both, I’m never going to kill anyone but I’m gonna set a new rule which is the approval of falling in love with anyone you wish, I give you all the go-ahead, feel free to express your feelings, any of you who want to leave this clan is free and those who are still interested in being here, i want to tell you that we are no more assassin trained to kill but we are now trained human who would fight against corruption and terrorism, we would go into the society and put a step to every heinous act dune by people of this country” Clara said and everyone leaped in great joy and happiness, many of them who had been secretly dating hugged themselves in glee, it was just like an answered prayer,
They all chanted the song of praise to Clara feeling all elated,
Sandra was lying on the bed with her eyes shut, she was fast asleep as the day was still dawn, Richærd was awake and was peering his eyes all over Sandra’s body, his heart was beating with joy and happiness as he gazed at her amazingly beautiful face,
He couldn’t help it any more and found himself placing a k-ss on her l-ips which really sent a pleasurable s-nsation down Gus spin. the k-ss woke Sandra up and she smiled on seeing him above her body,
“what Is it?” Sandra asked softly
“since we fell in love, he haven’t made love..i always wanted our first s€× to be when we had been assured of a peaceful future and that time is now, all our oppressor had been handled so I want us to do it.. let’s make a baby” Richærd said with a smile of passion and love,
“okay..let’ it” Sandra agreed shyly,
Richærd placed a deep k-ss into her l-ips and just immediately the fire of passion and desire circled them, they k-ssed and car-ssed their body which without much time led them to having a great s€× m, It was type of s€× that leaves you craving for more m, the feeling was so much delighting that Sandra couldn’t just stop, they both couldn’t help but mo-n and gro-n in pleasure, their heart beating in the same pace as their affection for each other grew wild and uncontrollable, at last after close to an hour, Richærd released in,side her making both of them smile happily,
“I love you”
“I love you too”
“I so so so much love you
“I am widely in love with you dear”
“you are my life”
“you are my heart which gives me life, don’t leave me or I’ll die”
“Awwwwwn that’s so sweet, I can’t love you less”
they both resumed their k-ss endlessly,
Love is not just a feeling but also a choice, love is not just something defined by words but something shown by our act, it is something rare to find as we human sees it difficult to defer lust from love because the two are things of the heart..
Love brings pain but also brings joy to those who stood strong to bear the pain,
the best thing that would happen to anyone I’ms finding his soul mate, someone who will understand him or her,
What makes love stronger Is the commitment and determination to stay still and keep loving even in times of odds,
Although sometimes love life doesn’t end well but still at that it isn’t forgotten….

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