Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 14

“Thats him, the guy who brought Cole to my hospital” Dr Mike said immediately they walked in,
“hmm, so whats your plan with him?” Chief gabriel asked
“He can help us get Cole’s parent out of their hiding place easily and faster” Dr Mike said with a calm smile
“How??” Chief Gabriel asked confusingly
“He is the only one Cole trust, so i think if he could work with us, he could help us convince Cole to say his parent hideout without much stress,” he explained
“Woow, thats true you cannot just stop amazing me with your wisdom and initiatives, i love that” Chief Gabriel commended in excitement
“I will never work with you wicked fellows, never it’s better you do your worst because nothing would ever make me agree to put hand in you guys evil acts, and as for you Mike, the earlier you leave this evil you’re doing the better for you, because i promise you, you must pay for all this” Richærd blurted angrily
“You have no other choice, so why are you trying to make things h-rder for you” Dr Mike said calmly squatting in front of him,
“How do you intend to convince him? it seem he is strong headed” Chief Gabriel added
“I think Angela would be the one right for this part, you and i know she doesn’t take mess from anybody, i’m sure by the time she is done with this young man, he would quickly join us without any resistment” he explained standing er-cted
“So i think i have to call her now” Chief Gabriel said bringing out his phone from his pocket, quickly he dialed her number
“Hello, where are you right now, your presence is needed in my house” Chief Gabriel said immediately she picked the call
“There is a little problem…. Sandra is missing….i don’t even know how it happened but i only saw the body of one of the soldier, a knife dugged on his chest, that means Sandra had finanlly escaped” she explained…
“Okay, we would treat that one later, just come to my house now” Chief Gabriel said
“Okay, i would be there in a jifty” she said
Not long after, Angela walked in majestically wearing a cool smile,
“Ah, you’re already here, so thats him” Dr Mike said pointing at Richærd who was fuming in anger,
Angela turned her gaze to him, just immediately her heart stopped beating that moment, she starts admiring every part of Richærd’s body, his fairness in complexion, his pink l-ips, pointed nose, everything about Richærd was so amazing to her,
At that moment her heart melted, she felt pity for Richærd’s condition, the cuteness of Richærd made her had the urge to hug him.she can’t really explained what was going on but she knew she felt something for the young guy being tied in her front
“Angela!!, are you alright” Chief Gabriel asked bringing her from her realm of thought,
“Erm…i…” she stammered leaving them in confusion
“I don’t think you are okay, we had being talking to you since but your mind weren’t here, what are you thinking of?” Dr Mike asked staring at her keenly
“Nothing really i just think i have
seen this face somewhere one time” she said
“Where??” they both asked in unisonshe stared at Richærd for some minutes then just immediately it struck on her mind where she had saw him before,
“I have remembered where i saw his face” she announced
“Wow, tell us” Dr Mike said
“He once drove Sandra back home one time ago when there was rain outpour”she said
“Hmmm, this is getting really interesting, so this guy know about the both party” Dr Mike said happily,
Richærd stared at them in total confusion, the lady they were saying he brought home was just the same lady he had long to see, the lady that had stolen his heart at first sight,
“So her name is Sandra??….but what connection does she have with these people, wait oo, is she not the one said to be missing, oh my God please save her for me, i want to set my eyes on her once more” Richærd thought
“Angela, the reason you were called here, is for you to make this young man work with us, he can help up easily convince Cole into exposing his parent whereabout” Chief Gabriel explained
“There is no big deal in it, just consider it done” Angela said
“Okay,we would be leaving now, start now so that we wouldn’t run out of time, you know we still have one of our captive out there, so try as much as possible to make this not take much of our time” Chief Gabriel said in an authorative tone
“There is no problem” she answered,
They both left leaving Angela and Richærd in,side the room, Angela brought a chair and sat opposite Richærd who stared at her with a digusting look
“Why that stare??” she asked immediately she sat down,
“What do you bunch of fools want from me??” Richærd blurted.
“Well, just answer my questions first…who are you to Sandra??” she asked with a serious tone,
“What sort of question is that??” Richærd asked staring at her
“What is your name???” she asked in a soothing tone
“What is wrong with you,ehn? have you good nut??…you are asking of my name and you think i will tell you, aren’t you ashamed of yourself, at your age you still follow those wicked men in doing evil, just look at your life, can’t you just see, you are old enough to…..” the remaining unspokened words hung on his throat as Angela pointed a pistol straight at his skull
“A word from you now will lead you to hell, don’t just try me” Angela warned with a serious tone
“Now answer my question, who is Sandra to you??” she asked again this time with a rised voice
“Just a passerby” Richærd answered bluntly,
“Stop lying!!!… say the truth or i would be forced to send you into your early grave” she barked furiously,
Richærd stared at her confusely, firstly he doesn’t know who she is to Sandra, the word Sandra told him that day rang into his mind…was it because of this woman that she said those word to him, he remembered that sadness that covered her face that day she was saying those word to him in his car, he could not help but wished Sandra had pour out her problem to him, he could have knew how to tackle this present situation,
“She is just a friend” he answered
“A friend???…that means you would know many of her secret” she said
“What do you mean?” Richærd asked. “Sandra escaped from my house yesterday night, and as her friend you are bound to know her whereabout, so tell me where did she went to??” she asked
“To be sincere i don’t know where she is” Richærd answered
“Shut up!!!…so you still had the mind to cover her up, hmm, that is good sha, but mind you, i wouldn’t hesitate to drop her dead if i find her” she said with a stern face
“What did she do to you that would warrant her death, ehn” Richærd said with a calm voice, he have to find a way to save Sandra,
“Do you care to know??” she asked with a sed-ctive smile,
“, but why are you staring at me that way” Richærd asked surprisely
“Do you know you are such a handsome guy every woman will long to be hers??” she asked rubbing her palm on his face,
“Are you out of your senses??” Richærd asked shaking his head sideways,
“I don’t know how to say this, but i think i have got attracted to you…. once in my lifetime i had found another guy who my heart chooses after so many years of heartbreaking, i have found a guy who i long to spend the rest of my life with, a guy whose handsomeness had made me lose my sense of thinking. and that guy is you, it may sound strange but that is just the main truth, i can’t suppress it, i don’t mind doing anything to let you be mine, i’m ready to kill any person who would try being an hindrance, even you……”
“Shut up, you old fool, aren’t you ashame of those nasty words coming out of your smelling mouth, what age are you?.. shameless irritating woman” Richærd scre-med
Angela quietly stood up and left, the shame of what she just said had now clouded her mind, pains and regret filled her heart to the brim,
Not long after she came back with three able body men.
“I want you guys to beat him up to stupour, make sure he feels terrible pains all over his body” she ordered and immediately left,
She rushed down to her reserved room in the building and slumped on her bed,
All the words Richærd threw at her started resounding in her ear, she felt very angry with herself for stooping so low to the extent of receiving such an insult from a small boy like him,
She went closely to the large mirror hanging on the wall beside her bed, she smiled widely as she saw her reflection, although she was in her early forties but it didn’t show in her appearance as her face was still smooth with no form of wrinkle,
Her young beauty was still glowing, her killing figure was exposed well with the tight red gown she wore, she was really beautiful and can really gets a husband to herself if she really wants, but how can she enter into a family when the shade of revenge had clouded up her mind,
Although Chief Gabriel had promise to marry her but she hasn’t see any sign of seriousness that he would really carry out his promise,
She layed down on the bed and closed her eyes, just then the image of Richærd popped into her mind, she began admiring
everything about him, his beautiful and charming eye, his body status,
She felt her heart beats for him, something she had not experienced for a long time, she found herself regreting why she sent those boys to beat him, the sound of his scre-m and pleading filled her ear, he knew what those boys wher capable of, they are ready to pluck out both of your eyes without caring for the pain you are passing through, she surprisely found herself praying silently for Richærd,
She tried rushing into that room to stop them from beating him further but her ‘ego’ could not just let her,
It was really out of anger due to the words Richærd’s said to her that pushed her into calling on those men, in every scre-m from Richærd that reverbrate all over the building her heart leaps in fear, she wished those men would just leave him alone
She had just fell in love with Richærd and she knew it well..there is no doubt, but how can she make him understand… what she want was him being her husband regardless of the age difference,
no matter the time it would take her to make him love her she was ready to wait till then,she would never allow him to be taken away from her like her first love which was taken away by Sandra’s mother,
“You are mine already, despite the fact that you are in this building, i would do everything possible to make you love me alone, no matter what it may cost me” she said and dashed out of the room heading to where Richærd and the boys were.

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