Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 15

Sandra stood up from the bed and head outside with the mindset of surveying her new resident,
She gasped in surprise as she saw how beautiful and rich the house was, the sitting room had all the type of expensive furniture you can think of,
She kept on walking around the house till she reached the kitchen,
A young lady which would be the same age with her stood in front of the sink watching the plate while a pot was placed on an electric stove with vapour rising into the air signifying that there was something being cooked..
“Hi” Sandra greeted
The lady turned sharply in fright as she never knew someone was standing on the doorpost..
“Good morning ma” she curtsied
“How are you doing??”Sandra asked with a smile
“I’m fine, and you too?” she asked with a smile also
“I’m feeling great, so whats your name?” Sandra asked as she moved in,side the kitchen..
“My name is Joy, and you?” she asked
“Mine is Sandra..what are you cooking?” Sandra asked as she came nearer
“Fried rice, i hope you like it?… and please ma you have to go to the sitting room while i finish up with the cooking, you are not suppose to be here, please” Joy said facing her
“What are you insinuating??” Sandra asked as she washed her palm,
“Please, i’m the cook here and i will never allow you join me in doing my job” Joy said shaking her head negatively,
“What if i insist, would you force me out??” Sandra said maintaining her usual smile, Joy stared at her surprised at her caring behaviour,
“Okay fine but you have to go for today, you know your sole injury had not yet gone well, and moreover, i would be skinned alive if my master comes back and finds you here, please go and rest okay?” Joy said in a pleading voice,
“Okay oo, no problem, but please don’t see me superior over you, treat and see me as your sister” Sandra said
“Yes ma” Joy answered
“No, please i beg you in the name of God, remove that ‘ma’ of a thing, my name is Sandra,after all we are even age mate, so i don’t see the reason for adding such personality for me, i would be waiting for you in the dining” Sandra said and head to the door
,”Okay ma… Sandra” she stammered as she tried removing the ‘ma’ Sandra let out a calm smile and left, she head straight to the sitting room which was chilled due to the air conditions applied in it, she slumped on the sofa which at mere view one would notice that it was the costly type,
She turned on the large plasma tv and ins**ted a Nigerian movie
Not long after, Joy walked in carrying a tray containing a plate of the fried rice garnished with a large size of chicken lap,
The aroma of the food filled up the room, immediately, Sandra dropped the remote on the centre table and went straight to the dining table where Joy had kept the food,
She sat down to eat while Joy made to go, she called her back
“Joy” she called
“Yes” Joy answered
“Go get your cutleries, we are eating this food together” Sandra said leaving her very surprised
“You can’t be serious, you are really surprising me with this your acts” Joy said spreading her arm widely
“Please, i feels bored eating alone, and lest i don’t see anything wrong in you eating with me, or is there something i need to know” Sandra said staring at her in her eyes
“There is nothing wrong….but its just amazing, i’m so surprised…i mean. what brings about all this your friendly manners toward me?” Joy asked clasping both of her hands behind her back
“I just feel like…as you said there is nothing wrong with it, so please do it” Sandra said uncovering the plate of food which gave space for the enclosed vapour to rise freely around the air feeling their nostril with the delicious and inviting aroma of the well cooked fried rice with a different species of meat..
“Okay, if you said so” Joy muttered then head to the kitchen to get her cutleries as being told
“So what bring about your kindness to me” Joy asked curiously as they settled down after eating the meal,
“Well, i can’t really say, but maybe we can say my heart just led me that way but seriously why did are you this surprised is it something rare to you??” Sandra asked staring at her,
“Lets say, not really, but who are you to chief Daniel??” Joy asked
“Hmmm, that question does not have an answer for the main time, till chief comes back,
“Okay, so would you mind knowing about me??” Joy asked
“Yes, i would love to, please tell me” Sandra said happily
“I am a 19 years old lady without a parent, whether they are dead or alive i can’t tell, i was abandoned my the both at the age of 5, luckily for me i saw chief who helped in training me up, after my secondary school he made me a cook here, this building isn’t his main house where his family lives, here is just where he satisfy his s€×ual urge with young women which he always brings here, some always lives here for weeks and months then i will not see them again, all of them had treated me so badly, so i was very surprised at your difference among them, can you tell me your own life events” Joy asked
But as Sandra made to begin, the door crept open, chief Daniel with two security men walked in,
“Haa, how are you Sandra?” he asked with a broad smile”I’m very strong, thanks for your kindness” Sandra said smiling
“Okay, just came to know how you are coping, i would be back later” he said and made to walk out when Sandra called him “Sir!!” she called
“Yes?” he answered turning back abruptly
“I would like us to discuss something” Sandra said
 “When ?” he asked after staring at her for some minute,
“Now” Sandra said walking to her room upstair, chief Daniel watched her for sometime then stared at Joy with a questioning look before climbing upstair following Sandra.
David was woked up by the sound of the cell which was being unlocked, two police men came toward him,
“Hey man, follow us” one of the police men commanded,
He stylishly took the phone which he had hidden and followed the police men, they walked through the passage and came out from the prison building, they entered into a car and head out immediately, David could not understand what was going on but he just decide keeping shut, they drove hastily till they got to a large building which was gigantic and beautiful,They got down and headed into the main building, they reached the sitting room and took a seat on the sofa, Just then the door at the corner of the building swung open,
David turned to the direction and w¡den his eyes in shock, he could not believe who he just saw, it was just like a dream to him, he scrubbed his eyes and pinched his skin to be sure of his consciousness,Walking towards them was his uncle who had led him to the wrong way, the man who had made his life useless, Chief Gabriel walked in and sat at the sofa staring at David with a smirk,
“How are you faring??” he asked David who was still dumbfounded by the wh0le event
“Are you surprised seeing me?” chief Gabriel asked letting out a chuckle
“What do you want from?” David asked slowly still resting his gaze on him,”Hmm, that’s a nice question….i want you back to work for me, like you do then, i really need you in my present condition, you have no choice, you have to agree or be ready to face the law by being killed by hanging” chief Gabriel said in a serious tone,”But why did you want to kill me then?” David asked
“Hmm, i just felt like, because i thought you were no more useful to me, but thank God you escaped, so are you in or not??” he askedDavid stared at him in confusion, he could not just believe that this was real, he had wanted to change his life he given the chance to leave the prison and also avenge on his uncle, but what was happening, he was going to start afresh in his evil act again, but that would be better than to be shamefully killed, he thought for a while then gave in ” I agree” he muttered
“That’s my guy, so you would be updated about the mission i have for you after you have gotten fit” chief Gabriel said and left
To be continued

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