Deep Affection – episode 16

David stood firmly in front of chief Gabriel, putting on a black polo on a black trouser with a black shoe, on his face was a dark glass with made it impossible to see his face, he had an AK47 gun held tightly in his hand,
He stared at chief Gabriel with a mean face as his mind wandered away in thought,
It seem hard for him to believe he was on the same job he had decided stopping, but that was just his fate so he was ready to face it,
“The mission i have for you is two, but i would be telling you the most important first then the second one, you would first accomplish the first one before the other…. so listen well to avoid mistake,
You are to kidnap one chief James, i will send all you have to know about him to your email, we need to traffic him, i want the job done before this month runs out….the second one is the same kidnap but this one is a lady, her name is Sandra i would also send her information to you….is there any confusion in it?” he asked “None, send the information and the job would be carried out in a jifty” David said “Ok you can go…expect it in no distant time” chief Gabriel said while David walked away,
“I am married with two kids all outside the state, but they would be back next week, my first son is at the age of 27, my daughter is at the age of 20, my wife is aged 47,
her name is Marie my daughter name is Jane while my son name is Paul,
They would all be back to this town, i would be glad to introduce them to you, i hope you would like them….so can you tell me everything about you, who is your parent? tell me about your biography” chief Daniel asked,
“My parent are both dead, so Angela is my father’s second wife which made her my step mother….” Sandra explained everything to him all her life event and experience,
“Am so sorry for all you passed through, I promise to make you happy and make sure Angela pay for all the pain she made you pass through” Chief Daniel said in a soothing tone,
“God would fight for me” Sandra muttered as she rested her head on Daniel’s shoulder with drip of tears falling off her eyes,
“prepare yourself,we are going to my house now, I believe it would be safer there” Chief Daniel said as he stroked his hand over her hair
“Thanks, God bless you for your kindness to me” Sandra said with a broad smile,
“But if i would leave here, I want Joy to go with us please” she added in a childish tone
“Anything for you, I can’t disagree your plea” Daniel said
“Thanks, I love you ” Sandra exclaimed excitedly
David sat on his bed with his laptop resting on his lap his gaze was on the screen, his mind was really in deep. thought as he tried thinking of the best way to carry out the mission, according to the information given to him James would be coming a house which he was about to buy, so the only way to accomplish his mission was. to kidnap him on his way, as for Sandra’s case he had found out where she was living, through the picture and biography given to him he had researched on her, and through the street camera he had got to find her location, he would attack her at night and kidnap her, the task seem so simple to him, as it doesn’t need the death of the person,
He stood up and head to the restroom to clean up as. his body was. stenched due to the sweat drizzling out,
After he was done, he wore a white shirt with a black penciled trouser and head out to see his new environment, as he made to walk out the thought of finding out all the room in the house crept into his mind,
The wh0le building was as quiet as a. grave yard, it seem as if there were nobody living the building, he climbed upstair as his room was situated downstairs
He found five rooms there, he just stood there thinking of which one to go first,
He opened the first door and peeped in, the room was scanty, he silently closed it and head to the other door he tried opening it but it was locked, as he made his way to the other door he heard a creaks sound in it, he placed his ear nearer to get the clear sound, he heard a deep grunt, the sound was of someone in deep pain, anxiously he took a tiny rod and unlocked the door, he gasp in shock and surprise as he stared at the figure tied tightly on a chair, he was moving slowly on the chair weakly,
He moved nearer to get a clear view of the guy, he was moved in compassion as he stared at him, he raised the young man head and stared at him keenly, his both eyes were tightly shut, his breath were heavy, he tapped him lightly to awake him,
Cole opened his eyes weakly, his eyes was bloodshot and bulgy, he squinted his eyes at the figure in his front, the face was not familiar making him thought deeply on what could be his mission there,
“Who are you?” Cole asked weakly,
“My name is David, I just sneaked into this place as I heard a noise from outside, who kept you here….i mean what was your crime to incur this sort of punishment on you?” David asked in a calm voice
“Please save me from this past pain….I Am dying slowly, please help me” Cole sniffed as stream of tears drop down his eyes
“Okay calm down…i promise to help you, but I can’t do it now we may end up in danger, I have to set out a good strategy for us, stay strong I will get you out in no distant time” David said cleaning the tears flowing down from Cole’s eyes
“Okay…but please be fast before they kills me” Cole said
“I have to leave now before i get caught, I will come back and save you, all you have to do is having courage” David said and left with a burdened heart, he had suddenly developed a kind of zeal to save him,
“Ehen what is your name?” Cole asked as David made to leave,
“David, and yours? ” he asked
He rushed out locking the door the way it was, he went back to his room as the urge to flirt around his environment had suddenly died,
Sandra and Joy gasped in surprise as they saw the building they were heading into, they had never seen such a beautiful house before, especially Sandra who hasn’t had the chance to walk around freely after her mother’s death,
“Welcome to my house” Chief Daniel exclaimed gesturing his hand toward the building
They both smiled widely as they entered into the house,
Chief Daniel was inside the sitting room with Sandra and Joy chatting happily as they watched the movie going on in the plasma TV hanging on the wall
“Do you have any idea of who would be the next president?” Sandra asked
“That is just what I can’t answer, the both parties are just drawing crowd to themselves” Chief Daniel answered sipping the drink resting on the table
“If I should say I think PDP would be the people to w…. ” her statement was cut short by the doorbell which rang that moment
“That must be my family” he exclaimed happily heading quickly to the door,
“Woooow” he scre-med as he saw his wife and children at the doorpost,
They gave their selves a warm hug before entering in, Paul eyes locked on Sandra who was standing elegantly, her beauty radiating like a sun flower, he could not just divert his gaze off her, he suddenly felt something deep within,
Sandra on the other hand saw the stare and felt somehow shy,
“Dad, Who is this damsel we have here?” he asked with a broad smile still staring at Sandra making her feel unease,
“She is a friend and the other lady standing with her is my cook on your departure, her name is joy while this other one is Sandra” he said then turned to Sandra and Joy
“This are my family, my beautiful wife name is Marie while my daughter name is Jane then my son name is Paul” he introduced
“Nice to meet you all”Sandra and Joy said in unison as all shook hand together, but as Sandra shooked hand with Paul he held her hand refusing to remove his hand he stared at her smiling widely,
Sandra withdrew her hand forcefully from his, she was already hating his behaviour, he doesn’t look gentle in her sight, although he was handsome but he doesn’t just look well for Sandra, the way he sniff shows he was a drug addict,
“You guys should excuse is a little let’s get your food ready I’m sure you people must be hungry” Sandra said and left with Joy following her,
Paul stared at her butt lustily as it swayed left and right in her tight fitting gown she  wore, he let out a shrug and left heading to his room.

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