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Deep Affection – episode 39

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Written by Humble Smith
Morning came very fast and Richard woke up with Sandra still lying on his chest dozing, he carefully shifted her head so that she now sleep on her own, he stood up, twisted his body making a cracking sound then walked out heading to the washroom,
He took his toothbrush and cleaned his morning breath, he took a quick bath and walked out of the bathroom,
on reaching the room, Sandra was already fast awake,
“Hey good morning Sleeping Beauty” he complimented kissing her cheek which forced out a smile from her lips,
“Good morning my Prince Charming, how was your night?” she said and stood up
“It was so glorious because you were beside me, my angel” Richard answered smiling,
“Uhmm okay, I see you’ve just taken your bath, seem you are heading somewhere?” Sandra questioned
“ohhh, just decided to go out for merriment today you know it has been long we did such” Richard replied slumped on the bed
“And you are going without me?” Sandra asked in a childish tone,
“Haaa, over my dead body, you know you’re just like my breath, how can I do without you beside me.. I took my bath so as to wait for you till you wake up, you know I can’t wake you up from sleep” Richard explained with a shrug,
“Okay is it only the two of us or are we going with Cole and Joy?” Sandra inquired,
“We all are going, today is Saturday, when we comes back we would discuss on engaging ourselves in different business of our choice, you know we have stayed so long without working” Richard said with a little smile,
The word ‘work’ drifted her mind into her dream last night, she couldn’t help but feared that what happened in her dream was fast approaching, her heart quickly flipped and beat faster,
“oh no God please..” she thought
“are you okay?” Richard’s voice jerked her back to reality,
“You look lost, what is the problem?” Richard asked again,
Oh nothing just a little headache, let me go take my bath” Sandra said and rushed off immediately,
tears was forming rapidly in her eyes so she could not allow Richard see it so as to avoid multiple questions, she was not just ready to tell him all these, she loved and trust him so deeply that she felt he would feel bad if she tells him, it would not happen, that’s what Sandra kept in mind,
Not long afterwards, she was done bathing, she died her body with a towel then dressed up into a red fashioned and classy gown which it’s length stopped above her knee, the gown was so beautiful and clung her tightly bring out her killing figure eight, she make up and packed her hair up in a bun tying it with a red ribbon then wore a gold like stiletto then took her purse which had the same colour with the stiletto she wore,
She stared at the mirror and smiled to herself, her beauty could not be foretold, it was simple and natural, all her asset in the right proportion, she was just the complete description of beauty, still staring at the mirror she sighted Richard walking towards her wearing a red fashionable tuxedo with a red bow tie, his hair curled, he was looking as handsome as ever as the cloth adorned his body with an attractive look that would really get the attention of any woman he passes by,
He wrapped his hand around Sandra’s waist and placed a soft kiss on her neck,
“You looks exceptionally beautiful and genuinely gorgeous, I feel like eating you up” Richard compliment
“you’re also damn handsome, I’m sure everyone would be jealous of me because I’ve a Greek god like you beside me” Sandra said with a cool smile,
“so do we look like married couple?” Richard asked grinning,
“Yeah..how about Cole and Joy?” Sandra asked
“They are already dressed up you can’t imagine how much elated they are” Richard said and locked his arm with Sandra’s own while they walked out heading downstairs,
The uproar of the word ‘wow’ filled up the sitting room that moment,
Cole was dressed in the same tuxedo but has his own blueish in colour, Joy was also wearing a fabulous, sophiscated tightly fited gown which stopped above her knee, her feet was adorned by a gold like stiletto and on her hand was a golf like classy medium sized purse, her dark hair was left straight downward reaching her below her shoulder
They all stared at each other amazingly with saying anything,
“you look so beautiful” Joy said breaking the silence,
“you are much more awesome today, all men would really drool over out there” Sandra complimented Joy smiling broadly,
“Hey Cole, so you can really dress this way?” Richard asked
“What do you mean?” Cole asked with a raised brow
“Who helped you in dressing, I mean who told you what to wear because I’m sure you are not yet matured to.. “
“Hey hold it there before I pour out my wrath upon you, I don’t want to ruin today with filthy talks” Cole said while everyone turned at him with a questioning look,
“Hmmm, okay ooo sorry” Richard smiled
“Wait ooo you didn’t called Clara?” Joy asked
“She is on her way here, in no distant time she would come so we wou..ld” a knock was heard that moment, Cole rushed at the door and opened it,
what he saw threw him off balance, he stood stiffed gazing at her with his mouth agape, what he saw was more of an angel than human,
“Woah..you look so sumptuous” Cole praised opening the door ajar while Clara walked in after muttering a thank you to him,
“Woah!!!!!” everyone exclaimed in unison making Clara chuckle,
“What is it?” she primped
“Gosh..you look so breathtaking” Sandra uttered immediately
“Really?? I never knew” she said with a sweet smile,
Her dressing was unique, it was a long ash gown which reached down to her her ankle, shining crystaline objects hung in every part of the gown, it was bright and attractive, her wrist was adorned by a golden bangle, her face was something to behold, she has a light make up which made her more beautiful, her long black hair was made dark brown, fitting he so perfectly, her gown hugged her closely showing off her own figure eight, on her neck was a shiny necklace with a gem as its pendant, to be precise, she really beat both Sandra and Joy in being beautiful, s£xy and gorgeous..she look rich and classy to the highest,
“i love your attire” Joy said smiling sweetly
“Thanks” Clara muttered smiling
“So can we leave now?” Richard chipped in while Clara glanced at him
“yeah they all answered and walked out, Richard had his hand wrapped around Sandra’s waist while Cole held both Clara and Joy’s hand softly as the entered the car smiling and chatting to themselves,
Heavenly Paradise an amusement park Knowned in the whole country as the best and famous, it has a conducive environment with everything in it rich and great, just it’s exterior view would make a poor man dream of entering, it has many enjoyable game and swings, it was really a great asset to behold, it is a place for wealthy people, the inside was sparkling with bright chandelier which was filled with crystals, the tiled floor was shimmering, looking at every where inside one would be truly convinced that billion of dollar is at work,
Sandra, Clara, Joy, Richard and Cole stepped out of their car and walked into the park gaining the gaze if everyone they pass by,
This wasn’t the place they prepared to go to because everything is so costly but Clara had insisted telling them she would pay the bill, this had marveled everyone to the core except Richard who was aware of how much rich she was although he couldn’t tell what she was doing as a job,
On entering the building, they occupied an empty seat, a female waiter dressed in a classy uniform walked to them and gave them a device to place an order,
The device was like a pad with a medium sized screen showing different series of meal from different locality around the world,
They all choosed the same meal and in haste it was offered to them, a rice and stew with different types of meat, the aroma of the food alone was capable of making spittle drop from someone’s mouth, it was so great and delicious, they all are in silence without saying a word, after they were done, the plate was taken while they drank water, not long afterwards, different wine filled their table,
“So guys let play the truth and dare game” Clara said sipping her wine,
“Yeah I love that game so much, let’s do it” Joy said
“okay Yea let’s do it” Sandra chipped in
“Hmm, as our besties has agreed, who are we to say no” Cole said to Richard while they all laughed heartedly..
“okay we start with you Cole, you would ask Sandra beside you, Sandra would ask me while I will ask Richard then Richard would ask Joy then Joy would ask Cole.. good to go?” Clara asked
“yeah!! ” they all chorused
“Failure to do what is asked of would incur the punishment of drinking from this liquor” Clara added while they all nodded,
“Truth or dare?” Cole asked
“Have you ever had s£x with Richard?” he asked getting a killing glare from Richard while others laughed out softly waiting for her answer, Clara was the most curious of all..
“no just romance” Sandra answered while Clara exhaled heavily..
“Truth or dare?” Sandra asked
“Do you still wish to have Richard back as your lover?” Sandra asked calmly with a cool smile, this is Richard’s time to become curious,
“Uhmm, well..to be truthful I want him but you know fate has his way, I think I’m not meant for him so there is no need for struggle” Clara answered while Richard smiled
“Were you once wanting to get Richard for yourself?” Cole and Joy asked at the same time,
“In the past” Sandra answered,
“So truth or dare?” Clara asked Richard with a smile,
“the same with you guy, truth”
Clara breathed
“What can ever make you and Sandra stop loving eachother?” Clara asked while they all stared at her totally surprised at her question,
“why the surprise look, it’s just a normal question for two teen like you? I mean..” Clara huffed
“yeah it is nothing” Cole said while they all nodded,
“Uhmm, if you ask, I will say nothing on earth can do make it happen” Richard answered
“awwwwwnnn, lover bird” Cole said with grimace,
Clara just smiled broadly with her face calm as ever giving Richard and Sandra no cause for suspect,
“Joy truth or dare?”
“uhm, has Cole ever suck your b***st?” Richard asked with a smirk at Cole
“Ohhh. what kind of question is that?” Cole added immediately while everyone laughed waiting to hear the answer,
“Ask yourself” Richard answered
“Well, the guy here named Cole is a [email protected] sucker, he can’t do without it, so yes is the answer, infact many times” Joy answered making then burst into hysterics laughter,
“Ohh ohhh, cole so you are this corrupt, haa my brother has killed me” Richard said amidst laughter,
“so that equally means he has had his way with you?” Clara said while they laughed the more,
“Yeah, but hey you guys should stop those laughter because I love him that way” Joy defended fluttering her eyes pecking on Cole’s cheek,
“Cole truth or dare?” Joy asked Cole
“dare” he answered while everyone glanced at him with a straight gaze,
“what?” he asked spreading his hands
“nothing” they all chorused
“okay, I dare you to kiss me deeply” Joy said with a glowing smile making Cole amazed
there and then at the presence of everyone, cole drew her up, wrapped his hand around her neck and kissed her deeply with his eyes glitted with passion and love, their kiss did well in erupting a wow from the lips of those who saw it, some were even taking the picture of it,
“Woah, teen lovers”
“love at work”
“I love their romance”
“great lovers”
compliment could be heard around everywhere, people started clapping their hand and that made Cole and Joy break the kiss and stared at the crowd in amazement, everyone was staring at them,
Just unexpectedly, Cole knelt down with one leg and in a loud voice he said to Joy,
“I thought my life would always be miserable, I thought I will never find love, my life had always been dark and I never thought of ever falling in love. everyone around me had hated me all through my growing up, but coming to meet you, I found my heart flip, how we met was a coincidence, I saw you and saw my future, I saw everything I need in a woman, you make me smile and today I had decided to openly ask you if one thing which had been harbouring my heart and that is..” he paused then brought out a sparkling ring..
“Will you marry me?” he asked while everyone stared in desperation,
Sandra, Clara and Richard was totally dumbfounded, no-one expected this,
all gaze was on joy waiting for her answer,
she was stunned to the core, she never saw it coming and that alone had made her heart beat increase its pace, happiness eloped her, she couldn’t help but shed tears of joy,
in her little tiny and angelic voice she screamed an ‘I will ‘
everywhere was filled with uproar, clap and sound of shutter from cameras…
Cole took her finger and insert the ring slowly then hugged her tightly, another set of clapping began again,
just then the DJ started a music and everyone began to dance, the place turned romantic as every guy started making theirs happy either with a kiss or fondling,
No one talked to each other about it till they reached till they reached home..
To be continued

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