Tears Of A Child

Tears of a child episode 4 – 5


Tears of a child


Chioma their elder sister was there cleaning emeka’s feet . I was shocked Wondering how he managed to stepped on a glass for I could remembered carefully that I swept out the broken glasses to the dustbin .

” How did you managed to step on the glass, cutting yourself so deep like that? Ada asked in amazement.

Emeka was in tears as he couldn’t answer to her questions all he does was cry like a months old baby .

” Ben , I thought Mom asked you to sweep out the broken glasses ? Chioma asked.

” Yes. And I swept all the glasses and dropped them in the dustbin” I replied as my heart pound for fear .

” If you said you swept the kitchen ,how comes emeka got cut ?” She asked .

I kept quiet couldn’t answer to her questions . Chioma and her younger sister Ada only showed care to their younger brother emeka as they all focused on his wounded feet.

I was touched as they all cared for their brother alone . I walked out of the kitchen and sat outside.

My head hurt , my feet hurt as well . I was only a child who doesn’t have a brother nor sister that could show love to me just as emeka sisters did .

Grandpa and Grandma are the only family I know I have in this world. Their love towards me is beyond my parents love .

Each and every night I pray to the most high to answer grandpa’s prayers . For I know when his prayers are heard and the government pays his retirement fee he will come and take me away from aunty Amara’s house . Praying for grandpa has turned my every day job in aunty Amara’s house .

I was in thought when I heard aunty Amara shouted my name .

” Am a dead boy already ” I said to myself , as I walked in to answer to her call .

She was sitting on the dining table with a bottle of swan on her hands . I saw her deadly looks as I approach to the dining table .


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was on the floor crying and holding his feet , Chioma and Ada were standing by the door side . My heart beat increase as I walked to aunty Amara.

” You are a wicked boy ” aunty Amara shouted at me with anger .


I asked you to sweep out those glasses you broke in the kitchen instead you swept some and left some for my son to step on right ? Look at his feet ,look at what you have done to my only son. I swear to the god’s of this land if anything happens to my son , hmmm, I will not only beat you but will kill you ” she sparked.

I kept quiet as a child . For I could remember what grandma had told me back then in the village . She said;

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β€œBen my son, always respect your elders when they talk. Take the blame to yourself even when you are not at fault for you are too young to speak and will be heard”

” Am taking emeka to the hospital. By the time am back just make sure you commit suicide because I will personally deal with you . You always act like a spirit . Are you a spirit ?” Aunty Amara asked .

” Am not a spirit aunty ” I replied with a cracky voice .

She gazed at me in confusion and took emeka to the her car . I watched as she drove out of the compound.

” Where is mom taking emeka to ?” Ada asked in confusion.

” She is taking him to the hospital for treatment” Chioma her elder sister replied.

” She should’ve taken Ben along with her as well, because he is seriously injured both on his head and feet compared to emeka’s wound ” Ada added .

I walked out of the room in tears . There I knew that life without parents is useless. Life without grandpa and grandma is hell to me..

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Episode 5.


Some hours later, I was fetching water in to the big drum when I heard aunty Amara’s car horn, I quickly ran to the backyard to hide myself .

She drove in to the compound, I was peeping at her from the backyard as she carried emeka on her back to the room.


hurriedly ran in to my room and remain quiet. I was inside when I heard Chioma asking her mother aunty Amara how her trip to the hospital went .

Aunty Amara remain quiet as I didn’t heard her answered to her daughter Chioma .

” Where is that idiot boy?” aunty amara asked, shouting to the top of her voice .

” The last time I saw him, he was fetching water outside the compound. Am sure he is still fetching water outside” Chioma replied .

I was inside listening to there conversation.

” Call the idiot boy for me . For making me spend a lot of money in the hospital , I will make sure I show him some pepper so that he won’t try such next time ” aunty Amara spoke wrathfully .

Chioma left the sitting room to the compound to look for me but later came back simply because she couldn’t find me outside.

” Mother , I can’t find him outside ” Chioma said to her mother Aunty Amara.

I wanted coming out from my room to the sitting room , but I thought of the beating that I will receive from aunty Amara so I kept quiet and remain inside my room covering myself with a blanket .

” What do you mean you can’t find him? ” Aunty Amara asked .

” I have searched everywhere in the compound but couldn’t find him nor his shadow around the compound” Chioma replied.

” Biya , where is Ada ?” Aunty Amara asked Chioma.

Immediately Ada walked in to the sitting room.

” Biya, Ada have you seen that idiot boy?” Aunty Amara asked .

β€œAaaaaaaah, mother , that boy is just four years . You should treat him with love. Beside you said he is your sister’s son, so he should be treated as a family as well ” Ada replied to her mother .

” How dare you speak to your mother like that ? Come here!!!” Aunty Amara shouted to Ada with anger and landed two dirty sound slap on her face .

The sound of the slap created a new fear in me , as I began to pray to the most high silently in tears .

” The next time you tried to raise your voice at me again, I will not only slap the devil out of you , but I will make sure I kill the devil in you . Will you disappear from my front before I land you another slap” she sparked at Ada like electric light .

β€œGrandma, why did you brought me here to wallow in the hand of a woman that never care for my well-being? Grandma why? ” I thought to myself in tears .

I was in thought shading tears when I heard aunty Amara telling Ada to check me in my room .

Ada walked in and found me on my bed crying .

” Why are you crying ? She asked .

” I am not crying ” I replied .

” You are crying , tell me what is it?” She asked one more time .

I raised my head towards her as she wiped away the tears from my eyes .

” Talk to me Ben , you know am your sister and will do anything to help you in my power ” she added.

I looked at her in the eyes as tears continue to dropped from my eyes to the bed and said ;

” Why do your mother hate me this much ? Is it because I don’t know my biological parents?”

My question touched her as she kept quiet couldn’t answer to my question . I looked at her in the eyes as tears slowly dripped down her chin.

” Have you seen him?” Aunty Amara shouted from the sitting room.

” Mother wants to see you . She has been looking for you all over . Go and answer to her , no matter what ,don’t be afraid the Lord will surely see you though ” she spoke in tears .

I walked out of my room, leaving her behind as I slowly walked to the sitting room in fear to meet aunty Amara. When she saw me, she sparked;

” So you have been inside all this while that I have been looking for you? You this boy you must be a spirit . No wonder your parents didn’t take you along with them ”

I was touched with her words as a child . I shade tears as I stood in front of her .

” I haven’t even lay my hands on you and you have start shading those corocodile tears . I won’t touch you because if I should use the anger in me right now on you for making me spend too much money in the hospital , hmmm, you won’t live to tell the tail. For making me spend money, you will fast in this house for 7days . No food for you till I decided ” she spoke and walked out of the sitting room to the kitchen.

I watched her dish food to her children and left me in hunger .. I was in tears as I watched emeka garnishing a chicken laps to himself alone ..

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