Dream chapter 68 – finale

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Summer Gold R.


“Hurry up Gary!” Nancy screamed out as Gary drove toward the airport

“Hey hey,you shouldn’t be shouting at me okay? You should have called your Boyfriend instead” Gary scoffed

“Now I regret it” Nancy rolled her eyes

“Then I will turn back” Gary said

“Are you serious right now?” Nancy laughed and Gary stepped on the speed.

“We need to hurry up tho,can’t miss the court for anything” Nancy muttered

“Me too” Gary said

It’s been a month since the whole saga,Today is the final prosecution and the judgment also.

Nancy’s cousin came for a visit and they are on their way to pick her up.

Nancy and Gustavo started dating three weeks ago,Henry and Teresa also got together even though the twins doesn’t really like the idea but they were happy for their sister at least. As expected,Xavier and Tatiana also became couples and everything was going on perfectly,only Gary is single out of the five friends.

Minutes later,they arrived at the airport and immediately Nancy caught a glimpse of her cousin

“There she is!” Nancy screamed out as she got down from the car

“Honey!!” Nancy screamed out as she ran toward her

“Nancy!!!” Honey also called and the two ladies hugged each other tightly while Gary leaned on the car staring at them

“Wow,you grew even more beautiful” Honey said

“I should be saying that,” Nancy smiled,taking her bags

“But….who’s the hot guy you came with?” Honey asked in a whisper and Nancy smiled

“Gary,a friend.” She replied

“One of the S5 guys you told me about?” Honey asked and Nancy nodded

“Is he single?” Honey asord

“Yeah” Nancy winked and Honey immediately arranged her hair properly

“What are you doing?” Nancy asked

“What else? He’s totally my type,I think it’s love at first sight” Honey said and Nancy laughed

They finally got to Gary

“Here she is” Nancy smiled

“Hi” Gary said

“My name is Honey” Honey smiled

“Honey? For real?” Gary asked and Honey nodded

“You look really pretty” Gary said as they both exchanged a friendly hug

Nancy cleared her throat and Honey shot her a glare which made her laugh

“Let’s go guys,remember we have somewhere to go Gary” Nancy said as they all entered the car. Honey immediately got in the front seat

“Hey! I’m supposed to sit there!” Nancy yelled

“What’s your name?” Honey asked Gary,ignoring Nancy

“Gosh I hate her” Nancy scoffed and entered

“Gary” Gary answered Honey and she smiled

“Cute name”

“Yours too” Gary winked and Honey’s cheeks turned red

“Don’t you dare flirt right in front of me,don’t dare” Nancy said from the back

“You can just get down Nancy” Gary said and Nancy hit his head

“Flirt” She said and Gary chuckled

Some minutes later,they are in court.

“Gosh,I think we are late Gary” Nancy muttered

“Yeah” Gary muttered after checking the time.

The judge was already speaking when they entered the courtroom.

They found somewhere to sit,they could see others in front,Xavier,Tatiana,Oliver,Jocelyn,Teresa,Henry,Gustavo,Mr James and Mrs James,others are also present.

The courtroom was so silent as the judge proclaim his judgment

“The criminals shall all be sentenced to….” He stopped and the silence grew more deeply

“Twenty years imprisonment each” He said and there was loud murmurs immediately

Soon,Everyone was dismissed

Leah screamed out in tears as they were dragged out instantly

“Thank goodness” Nancy muttered

Jocelyn immediately hugged Oliver tightly

“I’m so happy right now” She muttered

“Me too” Oliver said and pecked her cheek



“Open,ahh” Rachel said as she brought the spoon close to Tyler’s mouth

He ate from her hand and she smiled

“How is it? Taste good?” She asked

“You’re so good” Tyler smiled out dimples and Rachel chuckled

“So who do you like most? Me or Jocelyn?” She asked and Tyler chuckled

“Is the food ready?” He asked,changing the topic

“Hey! I just asked you a question” Rachel said loudly

“Is this really necessary?” Tyler asked

“Yes,because…I am your mom now” Rachel said

Well yeah,Rachel adopted Tyler already.

“You know I love you right?” Rachel asked and Tyler faced her

“The first time I saw you,I fell in love with you at first sight and I wish to have a cute boy like you. I can’t wait for you to start calling me mom…. ”

“I love you too” Tyler cut in and Rachel froze

“You do?” She asked and Tyler nodded

“Since I’ve been growing up,It was just I and barbie doll. I never got the chance to call anyone my mom” he said and Rachel smiled

“I promised you right? I will be the best mother in the whole world,if you give me a chance” She said,stroking his hair

“I will be the best son in the world too,Mom” He said and Rachel’s eyes widened

“You just called me…Mom?”

Tyler nodded and immediately she hugged him tightly

They were still hugging each other when suddenly they smelt something burning,Rachel immediately broke the hug and turned off the cooker.

“I wonder how everything went” Tyler said as Rachel began serving the food

“I’m going it went well,and I can’t wait for tonight get together party.” Rachel smiled

“Oh gosh! I forgot about it!” Tyler gasped and Rachel laughed

“Don’t worry,I got a surprise for you” She said

They suddenly heard the door bell

“I will take that” Tyler said and Rachel nodded,staring as Tyler walked out of the kitchen

“Cutest son” she grinned cutely and began setting the table


Tyler opened the door and almost immediately Ariana jumped on him out of the blue

“Ana?” Tyler called as she kept on hugging him

“I missed you like mad” she whispers and kissed his cheek soundly

Tyler closed the door

“Get down Ana” Tyler said

“No” Ariana pouted,wrapping her arms around his neck

“Mom is home” Tyler groaned

“So what? You should just introduce me as your girlfriend already,how could you even tell her that we are just friends??” Ariana came down

“I’m sorry about that” Tyler muttered and pecked her lips.

They both turned and were shocked to see Rachel standing right there watching them

“Mom” Tyler called

“So you’re his girlfriend?” Rachel smiled at Ariana

“Yes mom” Ariana grinned

“You’re so cute,come on give me a hug” Rachel opened her arms and Ariana moved into her immediately

Rachel winked at Tyler and he smiled shyly.

“We just finished preparing lunch,how about digging in together?” Rachel asked

“Sure,I will love that” Ariana smiled and walked away with her while Tyler followed behind them

They all settled down on the dinning,eating

“So,you two have been dating since when?” Rachel asked

“I think……”

“Two months ago” Ariana cut Tyler off

“Seriously Tyler,you’re still thinking? That’s bad” Rachel said and Tyler chuckled

“I think I love him more than he does” Ariana said

“That’s not true,I love you more” Tyler said

They kept on arguing while Rachel watched with interest

“Can you two stop and eat already?” She asked

“Sorry mom,she’s really too hard to handle” Tyler said

“You guys are so cute” Rachel said and they continue eating.

They were still there when Trent arrived

“Hey Tyler” Trent smiled at him

“Uncle” Tyler also smiled

“Hi Uncle Trent” Ariana waved at him and he returned the wave

He already stopped working for Rachel but they are still good friends

“Guys,I will be back” Rachel said and excused herself,she left with Trent.

Ariana and Tyler finished eating and do the dishes together

“Why are you here anyway?” Tyler asked

“I missed you” Ariana replied and he smiled

“Come here” Tyler grabbed her hand and took her upstairs

They entered his room

“Whoa!! Your room is so……” Tyler slammed his lips on her own before she could finish and she immediately reciprocated.

In a minute,they are already on the bed. Tyler on top of her as they make out hotly.



The get together party was held in Rachel’s house and everyone invited seems to be present already,each with their dates.

Tatiana and Jocelyn are both wearing matching outfits,Oliver and Xavier also putting on the same outfits. The guests couldn’t take their eyes from the identical twins dating each others.

Mr and Mrs James were also invited and they met with Rachel already.

Teresa and Henry also arrived together,Gustavo and Nancy in their couples wears. Gary and Honey sat down together.

“Seems like we are the only single ones here” Honey muttered staring at the teenage couples also

Rowan and Monroe came in together with Tyler and Ariana,Gianna and Jaxon also followed,Shalome and Davian are also dating already after their daily fights,

“Yeah I guess” Gary chuckled

“But I don’t mind mingling you know?” He winked and Honey blushed

“Then,can I get a kiss then?” She asked

Gary got up and placed a soft kiss on her lips which made her smile

“Let’s go on a date after this” Gary said

“Sure” She nodded

The party was going on well until the projector was suddenly turned on and everyone’s attention was taken. Suddenly Trent came on the screen,he was looking so handsome like a complete gentleman

Jocelyn and Tatiana winked at each other,they already know what was about to happen

“Finally he decided to do this” Xavier chuckled

“I guess I’m the only clueless one here” Oliver said

“You decided to be clueless,not anyone’s fault” Tatiana chuckled

“Sorry to disturb your fun everyone” Trent said

“But,I need to do this….For the woman who lives in my heart” He said

πŸ—£ Awwwnn!!!

“Rachel…..I’m sorry I have to say this,but I keep it anymore.” He said and Rachel kept on staring in shock

“I’m in love with you….please…be my girlfriend” He said and Rachel got up from her seat

The projector went off and Trent walked into the party hall,walking toward Rachel.

πŸ—£ Say Yes!!

πŸ—£ Say yes!!!

Trent stopped in front of Rachel and a tear of joy fell from her eyes

“Yes….I will be your girlfriend Trent,I love you too” She said and the next thing,their lips are on each other

“Ouch” Jocelyn and Tatiana looked away

“The feeling of seeing your mom kissing” Xavier said and they laughed

“So romantic,awwwn” Tatiana gushed happily as everyone started clapping for the new couples.

Jocelyn’s phone buzzed,she checked the message and groaned out

“Who is it?” They asked at a time

Jocelyn showed Tatiana the message and Tatiana sighed

It’s a message from The president

“Me too,my phone is filled up with his messages already” Tatiana said

“I think you two should really go see him” Oliver said

“I don’t want to” Jocelyn and Tatiana said at a time

“You don’t have a choice,He’s still your dad” Xavier said and Jocelyn sighed out

“Fine,maybe later” She muttered and Tatiana also nodded

“Good girl” Xavier stroke her hair

“Okay like seriously,your brother is romantic” Xavier said and they all turned to see Tyler and Ariana,Tyler was feeding her.

“What do you take my brother for? He’s a romanticist of course” Tatiana said and Jocelyn chuckled

“Obviously” Oliver said

The party continued.

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β€’β€’A YEAR LATERβ€’β€’


“What am I supposed to wear right now?” Ariana groaned out loudly

Her whole closet was upside down already

“Come on,you look good in anything trust me!” Tyler said from the bedroom

“Come pick for me!” Ariana said and Tyler came in

“You got the right person” He winked at her and Ariana chuckled

After searching for a minute,he brought out a short gown perfect for the day.

Ariana immediately put it on

“Perfect” Tyler smiled as Ariana turned in front of him

“Thank you snowdrop” She said and pecked his lips.

They both returned to the bedroom and immediately their phones buzzed at the same time.

They picked it up at once

“Message from Oxford” They said at a time

“Oh no!!! Can’t see this!” Ariana immediately dropped her phone and Tyler chuckled

“Come on” He laughed

“Stop laughing,this is not funny,what if you get in and I don’t get in?” She scoffed

“Then I won’t go without you,but I’m sure you’re getting in. Here,check mine and I will check yours” He gave Ariana his phone and then took Ariana’s own

“Let’s check at the count of,one..two..three go” Tyler said and checked Ariana’s message immediately

“You got admitted!!!!!!!!!” They both screamed at the same time and Ariana jumped on him happily

“Yesss!!!” Tyler shouted,holding her tightly

“We need to celebrate this” Tyler said and Ariana nodded

She immediately got ready and they both ran out of the room

Getting downstairs,they met Oliver,Jocelyn,Xavier and Tatiana

“Oh,when did you guys got here” Ariana asked

“What’s going on?” Xavier asked

“We just received our admissions into Oxford” Ariana said

“Whoa!!” Jocelyn immediately hugged Ariana and then Tyler

“How about a celebration?” Oliver smiled

“On you” Ariana and Tyler said at once

“Sure,let’s go” Xavier said and they all left the house at once



“So finally,my two cuties are college students? Oh my gosh,oh my gosh” Tatiana said,touching her chest dramatically which made them laugh

Only Xavier and Oliver are absent at the moment

“By the way,Xavier and Oliver,where are they?” Tyler suddenly asked

“Who knows? Those two are unpredictable you know?” Jocelyn said and they continue eating.

All of a sudden,they heard murmurs among the other customers

“What’s going on?” Tatiana asked

“Oh mine” Ariana gasped and Tyler’s eyes widened too since they are the ones facing the entrance

Jocelyn and Tatiana immediately turned and they also gasped in shock to see Oliver and Xavier coming in together. The wall was glowing out a question



Oliver and Xavier slowly approached them.

Oliver knelt in front of Jocelyn and then Xavier in front of Tatiana

“Marry Me…Tatiana” Xavier said staring into Tatiana’s eyes intensely

“Will you be my wife?” Oliver asked with a charming smile

“Yes,yes I will,yes!!” Tatiana said loudly and Xavier immediately pushed the ring into her finger,hugging her tightly.

Jocelyn also nodded slowly

“Yes..Of course Oliver. Yes” She said emotionally and Oliver smiled

“Hun hun” Tyler and Ariana said at a time,watching as Oliver also shoved the ring into Jocelyn’s finger

Some customers are making videos already

πŸ—£ so cute

πŸ—£ Oh my gosh! Identical twins getting married to identical twins??!!

πŸ—£ Most cutest thing in the world right now

Tyler also turned to Ariana

“Will you be my wife?” He asked,showing her his imaginary ring which made Ariana laugh

“Yeah sure,I will marry you” She said

“I love you so much” Tyler said and they both laughed.



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