Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk till dawn episode 1




🌻 James POV 🌻

Love……. Such a simple yet complex word

Once upon a time I was in love, Andrea was my life, she was 10 and I was 16 yet against all odds, I fell in love with her and we had such a beautiful connection
You could call it a childish love but she was my life and I promised to marry her when we grew older but fate’s old cruel hand intervened and took her from me, she died right in my arms and it was my fault

It’s being 12 years already but no day passes by without me thinking of her, I remain unfeeling towards anyone and everyone, Andrea’s death broke me and I became a loner, am not capable of loving anyone anymore

I just got a job as a high school teacher at the Westview Highschool and that faithful day, I went for my first class and there she was, seated among my students and looking as beautiful as ever. It’s been 12 years but she looks so much like my Andrea

Has fate finally brought my love back to me even though she died right in my arms? Or is it trying to play games with me again?



🌊 Sea of Troubles 🌊

🌻 Jame’s POV 🌻

……….12 years ago………

I heard some footsteps in my room and I slowly opened my eyes

“Happy 16th birthday young master!!” Nanny screamed as she blew a whistle and I hugged her

“Thank you Nanny, you are the only one that always wish me a very happy birthday” I said

“Come on young master, everyone always wishes you a happy birthday” she said and I scoffed

“Everyone except Dad, he has never wished me a happy birthday and I don’t think this year will be different”

“Ohh young master but everyone else wishes you happy birthday, everyone loves you young master, even your Dad”

“Forget it Nanny, the only thing Dad loves is money and yes everyone wishes me happy birthday but it’s not because they love me, it’s because am the son of the a very big business mogul, you are the only one that really loves me Nanny” I said and she smiled

“Enough of who loves you and who doesn’t, I made a small cake for you” she said as she picked up a cake with a candle from the bedside stool “Make a wish and blow the candle”

“I wish to meet someone, someone that loves me not because of who I am but because am me, because am James and not because am James Whistler the son of a business mogul” I said as I blew out the candle and Nanny looked at me sadly

“You always make that wish every year”

“And each year, my wish isn’t granted” I said as I cut some part of the cake and fed Nanny

“It will be granted one day young master, be hopeful” she said as she fed me too and we finished the cake together

“There’ll be a birthday party for you as usual, the party will be starting 6pm so you should invite all your friends from school” Nanny said

“I’ll invite the girls” I said with a wink and Nanny shook her head with a smile

“You and girls, how can you be such a player at this age?”

“Well I’ve got to do something that takes my mind of my sadness”

“And shouldn’t studying be perfect for that?” She asked

“Am already good at studying, you know that” I said and she smiled

“You should go bath or you’ll be late for school, I’ll go return this plate to the kitchen, be ready before I come back” she said as she walked out

I sluggishly stood up from my bed and went to the bathroom to get ready for school

“Great, you are all ready for school” Nanny said as she walked into my room to meet me all dressed

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“Yeah, aren’t I so perfect” I said and she laughed

“Right, go greet your Dad first, then have your breakfast before going to school”

“No Nanny, he’ll ruin my mood” I said but she gave me that ‘you know you must go’ stare and I sighed

“Fine!” I said as I walked down the stairs

The maids greeted me as I got downstairs and I went straight to Dad’s house office, he’s always there

I knocked and then opened the door

He was on his seat working on some files

“Good morning” I greeted

“Morning” he replied without looking up at me

“Am off to school” I said but he didn’t reply

I sighed and walked out of the office

“Told you he’ll ruin my mood” I said to Nanny who was waiting for me outside the door

We heard some commotion outside and we quickly went to see what’s happening

There’s a woman with a luggage and a small boy at the gate and she was struggling with the gate man

“What’s going on?” I asked as I walked up to them

“Sorry for disturbing you young master but this lady is forcing her way into the house claiming she’s your father’s mistress and the boy here is his son” the gateman said and I looked at them

I do remember the lady’s face, I’ve caught her making out with my Dad countless of times in his office, Dad makes out with lots of ladies but I recognize this one

“What are you doing here?” Someone asked in a grumpy voice and I turned to see Dad standing behind me

“I’ve come to stay where I belong and I’ve brought our son with me” the lady replied

Dad stared at them, huffed and walked back into the house silently

“Let them in” I said to the gateman

The lady walked in with her luggage but the son tripped trying to follow her and I caught him

“Thank you” the boy muttered with a smile and I smiled back

“Let’s go Michael” the mother said as she looked back and he ran to meet her

I sighed and then turned to Nanny

“Are you okay?” She asked

“I think this is Dad’s birthday gift for me this year, an unexpected step brother” I said with a smile

“Young master…..”

“Am off to school” I said cutting her short

“But your breakfast…..” She said but I ignored and entered the car and the driver drove me to school

“James!” My friends, Stefan and Tyler, ran up to me as I walked into the school and I smiled

All my family problems stays in the Mansion, when am out of the house, am just a carefree guy trying to be happy

“Happy birthday man” they said as they hugged me

“How are we gonna celebrate it this year?” Tyler asked

“You know the usual, there’ll be a party at my place by 6” I replied

“Great, am sure it’s gonna be one hell of a party” Stefan said

“Of course, he’s the heir to the Whistlers Enterprises after all” Tyler replied and I smiled

“Who will be your birthday date this time?” They asked and I sighted Rachel walking towards me and I smiled

“You know me, I always go for the best girl, am James Whistler after all” I said with a wink and they all smiled

“Happy birthday James” Rachel said as she stood in front of me beaming a smile

“Thank you Rachel, you look ravaging today, how do you manage to look more beautiful each day I see you” I said and she blushed

“You such a sweet talker” she said and I chuckled

“Am holding a birthday party tonight, mind being my date? It will totally make all the guys jealous seeing you by my side”

“Do you want me to be your date just to make other guys jealous? Or because you like me?” She asked staring at me

“What do you think?” I said with a wink and she chuckled

“The Whistlers Mansion right?” She asked and I nodded

“I’ll be there and…” She moved closer to me and whispered “We’ll definitely make everyone jealous” she said with a wink and walked away

“Woah man! You just got the hottest girl in school to be your date!” Stefan yelled

“You’re such a player man” Tyler said

“Well, there’s nothing I can’t do, remember who I am?” I asked

“James Whistler!!” They all screamed and I smiled

A girl suddenly bumped into me and her books fell to the ground

“Watch where you stand! The hallway isn’t meant for you alone blockhead!” She yelled as she bent down to pack her books

“What?” I asked taken aback

“Am so late for my class now” she said as she picked up her books and ran

“Who’s that kid?” Stefan asked

“Don’t know” I said with a shrug as I watched her run

“She’s rude, I mean how could she say that to you?! I bet she doesn’t know who you are” Tyler said and I laughed

“Is it funny?” Tyler asked but I continued laughing hard

“James?” Stefan called

“She….she called me a blockhead” I said amidst laughter

“And what’s so amusing about that?” Tyler asked as they stared at me like I was crazy

But they don’t understand
Even when I offend people, they always pretend to be okay because am James Whistler, this is the first time someone actually scolded me for doing something wrong, it felt good, really good…….

We had two classes and it was lunchtime

“Let’s go to the cafeteria” I said to Stefan and Tyler

“You know we can’t” Stefan said

“Yeah, Stefan and I are on detention during our lunch hours remember?” Tyler said and I nodded

“Yeah I remember”

We skipped school for parties some days ago, we got busted, Tyler and Stefan were given detention but I was pardoned because am James Whistler

“Let’s go meet the homeroom teacher Tyler, see you later James” Stefan said as they both stood up and walked out of the classroom

I sighed and walked to the cafeteria alone

I have a table near the window where I always sit with my friends, no one else sits there without without my permission
I sat on the seat and the waiter came to serve me

I started eating in silence as I thought about my life

What a really happy birthday am having

Someone dropped a food tray on the table and sat down
I looked up to see who it was and I was surprised

“You?!” I said and she looked up “You are the kid that bumped into me this morning”

“Ohh, it’s you, blockhead” she said and I scoffed

“Blockhead? You bumped into me, you didn’t apologise but insulted me instead”

“I was in hurry and I wouldn’t have bumped into you if you weren’t standing in the middle of the hallway like you own the place” she said and continued eating

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“That aside, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Can’t you see? Am eating” she replied absentmindedly

“I can see that, I meant why are you sitting here?” I asked

“I can see you are really a blockhead, did you expect me to stand while eating?”

“Okay, you’re too rude kid, how old are you?” I asked

“Doesn’t matter, now let me finish my lunch in peace” she said

“Don’t you know who I am?” I asked astonished

“Of course I know, am 10 not stupid”

“Then how……”

“I know who you are, you are a blockhead” she snickered

“Are you kidding me?!”

“No am not, eat your food before lunchtime is over” she said and I sighed

“By the way, you literally just told me your age, you are 10” I said and she gasped

“That was a slip of the tongue, it’s probably because I talk too much right?” She asked and I nodded

“Yeah, a lot”

“Well, that’s how I am, I told my Dad this morning that I’ll definitely make some friends today though it’s my first day at school” she said

“So you are a new student?” I asked and she nodded

“No wonder” I muttered

“What grade?” I asked

“Grade six”

“Wow, you’re fast”

“That’s because am smart” she said with a wink and I smiled

“So have you made any friends yet?” I asked

“Of course, you” she said and I looked at her surprised

“Me?! Why am I your friend?”

“Well we aren’t enemies are we?” She asked and I smiled

“No we are not”

“Good, as my first friend here, I have a great news for you” she said

“And what’s that?”

“Today’s my birthday!” She exclaimed


“So wish me a happy birthday”

“Today’s my birthday too” I said and she looked at me surprised

“Really?! This is amazing, it’s the first time am having a birthday mate as a friend” she said with a smile

“So are you celebrating it?” She asked

“Yeah but am not really anticipating it” I replied

“Why not? Birthdays are happy occasions and am celebrating mine too, Dad is making the cake though am not really anticipating that, Dad sucks at baking, Mom was much better” she said

“Then why isn’t your Mom baking it for you this time?”

“She died of liver cancer 3 years ago, so you see thats why am like this, am the only one my Dad has now, I had to stop being a kid and grow up”

“Yeah I understand, my Mom is dead too, never really knew her, she died while giving me birth” I said and she looked at me sadly

“Do you want to come to my party instead? Since you aren’t really anticipating yours” she said

“Nah, am sure my party will definitely be more classy than yours” I said

“What’s classy if you aren’t happy?” She asked and I just stared at her

“Well it’s not like am forcing you but if you change your mind, the party is holding at 6pm, No. 12 Glovers Lake road” she said

“Thanks but I don’t think I’ll change my mind, I’ve already invited my friends to my party so I have to be present” I said and she nodded

“Ooh wait, we haven’t exchanged names yet, am Andrea Jones”

“James” I said

“No last name?” She asked

“Just James”
For some reason, I don’t feel like telling her that am a Whistler

“Okay” she said with a shrug

The bell suddenly chimed for end of lunch break and she stood up with her tray

“Gotta get to my class now, see you another time” she said as she started walking but then stopped and turned back

“Happy birthday James” she said with a charming smile

“Happy birthday Andrea” I replied and she chuckled and went off

“Andrea” I said silently with smile

I can’t believe we clicked so much just the first time we talked, there’s something about her, she’s fascinating, she’s different, makes me want to get closer to her….

School ended and the driver drove me back home

The Mansion was already being decorated for the party

The maids and workers greeted me as I walked in

I met the little boy, my step brother in the sitting room alone

“Where’s your mother?” I asked

“She went shopping” he replied and I chuckled

She hasn’t spent up to 24 hours here and she’s already shopping, wow

I started climbing up the stairs
“Young master” the kid called and I turned back

“Happy birthday young master” he said

“Why are you calling me young master?” I asked

“Everyone calls you that” he replied

“Just call me James” I said and continued climbing up the stairs

“Am Michael!” He screamed and I smiled without turning back….

“You look amazing young master, you are slowly growing into a young handsome man” Nanny said as I came out of my closet well dressed and prepared for the party

“I’ve always being handsome from birth” I said with a smile and she scoffed

“Gimme a break, I took care of you since you were born and you weren’t handsome back then at all”

“Really?” I asked surprised

“Well…. Maybe you looked good, just a little bit” she said and I smiled

“Thanks Nanny”

“Your guests have already started arriving but I haven’t seen those two friends of yours, Stefan and Tyler” she said

“They’ll be here soon” I replied

“And which girl is gonna be your date this time?”

“It’s a secret” I winked and she scoffed

“Lemme go check on how things are going outside, I’ll be back” she said and walked out

I stood up and walked to the shelf in my room
It’s filled with books and quotes of William Shakespeare, I fell in love with his words since I was a kid, he’s my mentor

I took one of Shakespeare’s book and started reading and a line caught my attention

β€œTo be, or not to be; that is the question; Whether β€˜tis nobler in the mind to suffer; The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles” I read aloud

What choice would I make? Will I rather suffer in silence? Or will I take shelter in a sea of troubles
Is my happiness worth a sea of troubles?

The door suddenly opened jerking me out of my thoughts

“Dad” I called as I dropped the book and stood up

“Your birthday celebration today is really important James, some prospective investors for the company, are coming to the party and I’ll be introducing you to them before before we sign the papers of investment, you’ll be finishing highschool soon and I plan on involving you in the companies dealings from now on” he said

“So that’s what makes my birthday important? The investors coming to my birthday party is what makes it special?”

“Yes, you are the heir to the company, you need to be familiar with everything going on with the company, and just so you know, the investors won’t invest in our company if you aren’t here because no one will put their money in a company with an irresponsible heir so be prepared to meet them and don’t dissapoint me” he said and walked out

I scoffed as I sat down and tears welled in my eyes
I’ve always longed for the love of a parent but I got none from my Dad, why does my life have to be this way

“What’s classy if you aren’t happy?” Andrea’s voice echoed in my head

The door opened and Nanny walked in

“Oh my God, what’s wrong young master, why are you in tears?” She asked

I looked at Shakespeare’s book on the table “To be, or not to be” I muttered

I cleaned my tears, stood up and took my wallet

“Where are you going? Your party is about to begin” Nanny said and I looked at her

“What’s classy if you aren’t happy?” I said with a smile and then ran out

“Young master, your Dad will be angry if you leave!” Nanny said but I didn’t look back, I ran out of my room and out of the house

I made my choice, I won’t suffer in silence, I’d rather take comfort in a sea of troubles, I don’t know what the troubles might be and I don’t know if I’ll regret my choice later on but I’d like to be happy at least for a while, before the sea of troubles arrives…..

………to be continued……..


Is James happiness worth the sea of troubles that will come later on?

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